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The human body is incredibly complex. Every second, millions of physiological and chemical reactions take place in order to maintain good health. The body both creates things (eg.

heat, muscle, proteins, RNA, hair, nails, enzymes, fat tissue, bones) and breaks things down (food, stored fat, etc.). These anabolic and catabolic processes, along with all organs and systems, need fuel to enable them to function. The fuel or energy that the body uses, comes from the food and drink that we consume in our diet. In a nutshell, food is human gasoline.

Carbohydrate is one of the three macronutrients, the other two being protein and fat. Carbohydrates provide essential energy for the brain, red blood cells and a growing fetus. Carbohydrate is also the principal fuel source for strenuous muscular activity. The carb food group includes many foods that are packed with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (disease-protective plant chemicals). A healthy diet must include carbohydrates.

The brain’s favorite fuel is carbohydrate. If absolutely necessary, the brain will utilize fat (in the form of ketones), but it performs less efficiently on this type of energy. Current evidence demonstrates a clear association between intellectual performance and the presence of carbs. For example, better performance was observed in all types of age and social groups after a carbohydrate meal. Although research is ongoing, it seems that for optimum intellectual activity, we need a regular intake of carbs.

In terms of chemical structure, the two main types are Simple Carbohydrate (or “simple sugars”), like Monosaccharides and Disaccharides; and Complex Carbohydrates (or “complex sugars”), like Oligosaccharides and Polysaccharides. Carbohydrate comes mainly from plant-food, such as vegetables, fruits, beans, and cereal grains, although the simple sugar lactose is found in milk and milk products.

Simple carbs include: glucose, fructose and lactose. Common sources include table sugar (sucrose), boiled sweets, syrups and honey.

Complex carbs comprise starches or fiber. Good sources of starches include, bread, pasta, rice, beans and some vegetables. Good sources of dietary fiber include: vegetables, fruits, beans, along with the indigestible part of the grain, like wheat bran and oatbran.

Our food fuel comprises the protein, carbohydrate, fat and alcohol we eat. But the exact mixture our body uses typically varies according to circumstances (eg. our physical activity, our last meal etc.). There is an “order of priority” that dictates which fuels are burned first. Alcohol calories are burned first. This is because we cannot store alcohol energy. Next, we burn protein, then carbohydrates, then fat. In practice, however, we typically burn a “mixture” of carbs and fat, with the ratio being dependent on meals. Just after meals we burn mainly carbohydrate, while between meals we burn more fat.

Green Tea Extract Increases Metabolism, May Aid in Weight Loss

In a study reported on in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was found that green tea extract resulted in a significant increase in energy expenditure (a measure of metabolism), plus also had a significant effect on fat oxidation. Whilesome of the effects were originally theorized to be due to the caffeine content of green tea, the researchers discovered that the tea actually has properties that go beyond those that would be explained by the caffeine.

The same amount of caffeine as was in the green tea, administered alone, failed to change energy expenditure in other studies. This led reseachers to believe that there is some interaction going on with the active ingredients of green tea that promotes increased metabolism and fat oxidation.

The researchers indicated that their findings have substantial implications for weight control. A 4% overall increase in 24-hour energy expenditure was attributed to the green tea extract, however, the research found that the extra expenditure took place during the daytime. This led them to conclude that, since thermogenesis (the body’s own rate of burning calories) contributes 8-10% of daily energy expenditure in a typical cubject, that this 4% overall increase in energy expenditure due to the green tea actually translated to a 35-43% increase in daytime thermogenesis.

Reprogramming the Overweight Mind 7 Steps to Taking Control of the Subconscious does not follow the usual weight loss and diet book formula. There is not even a diet in the book. Instead the primary focus is on the behavior of eating and over 20 years have been spent perfecting the clinically proven program contained within the book. Every other book on weight loss has taken the position of attacking the body to try and change the mind.

The health of your body is dependent on your mental health and taking control of the subconscious is the key to lasting permanent change of any behavior. The subconscious mind is like a car without an off switch and an unknown driver. If you decide not to drive because you do not know how, it is going to drive itself. To give you an idea of the power of the subconscious, you can speak at a rate of about two to three hundred words per minute. Your subconscious runs at a rate of about one thousand to twelve hundred words per minute which is about four times faster than you can speak. This is why you can talk on the phone and perform other tasks like typing on the computer or driving a car because the subconscious is already programmed to do the other tasks.

You can look at the conscious mind and the subconscious mind like a tug of war with a vat of mud in the middle for whom ever loses. The conscious mind is one person on one side against the subconscious, which are four people on the other side. If the conscious mind decides to move in a different direction like changing your diet, losing weight, increasing your fitness program or any other change in your behavior, it is usually a losing proposition because you are simply out numbered with information. The only way you can insure permanent behavior change is take control of the subconscious.

The Audio/Data CD included with the book is what makes this book the Best Weight Loss Program and Ultimate Self Help Book for the New Year? The audio portion of the CD is a guided meditation that is based on information collected in the first six steps of the program as opposed to using generic information. The Data portion of the CD includes all the documents necessary to perform a study that measures the dramatic improvement of the emotional state of the person using the program. The program process is based on the reality that all behavior is emotionally driven so if you understand how an emotional state comes about you can intervene and change the behavior. This is the foundation of the book and why it works for the full spectrum of behavior, not just weight loss, fitness motivation and eating disorders. All of this would not have much meaning if the book did not answer the most fundamental question first. What determines human (your) behavior? I have worked with people who have been in therapy for 20 years and can not answer this question. They can not answer the question because the therapist they are working with can not answer it. How can you help someone change a behavior if you do not know what brings a behavior about to begin with?

Many people have reported that just the first two chapters of the book have made a significant difference in their lives. Because of this response Kelly has released the first two chapters for distribution free of charge.

Regardless of weather your health goal is a change in diet for weight loss, an increase in your fitness program or to take control of an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. In the end the question you need to ask yourself is…Am I completely happy with the mind running itself or do I need to take control of it? If your answer is I need to take control of it, then Burris MIND/FITNESS is the answer.

For the growing number of obese individuals, weight loss surgery is a reality that must at some point become a real consideration and alternative. Today, in the United States, obesity is quickly becoming our nations’ number one health issue. The staggering affect of obesity on the rest of our health is unequaled. This is due to the fact that when our bodies our obese, every part of the body is affected. Not just the limbs, not just the heart, but every organ, tissue and cell.

There are many advances being made in the treatment of obesity, and the option that most people look to solve the initial obesity dilemma is surgery. Once your body reaches a certain weight, you’re no longer able to exercise; performing simple hygiene tasks often becomes impossible. Exercise and mobility are not options for bringing about weight loss. The only other alternative available is through surgical procedures that cause the body to take in less food. The procedures actually prohibit the ingestion of large quantities of food. You simply won’t be able to eat. This causes the body to begin to feed on itself. Using up the stored fat, in order to keep body processes functioning. This is a drastic way to induce weight loss, but for many it has become the only option

But is this safe? Does this allow our bodies to safely lose weight and come back to normal levels of body mass? Sometimes it is safe, and sometimes a person’s body just cannot adjust. The medical profession continues to work diligently to ensure that all weight loss surgery patients are safe from deathly side effects, but it does happen. No surgery is fool proof, every time you must submit to surgery, of any kind, there are risks. The risks associated with weight loss surgery are often less dangerous than the risk associated with continued obesity, especially for persons who have reached the morbid obesity levels (More than 100 pounds over the recommended body weight).

The traditional options available today are minimally invasive surgeries that directly restrict the body’s ability to take in food or slow the food absorption rate. Both surgeries are minimally invasive, meaning there is no need for major incisions, and most of the surgery is completed using laparoscopic technique. If the United States continues to see obesity rates climb, these surgeries and other techniques under development will become more commonplace for our generation.


Obesity is not as simple as we think. It is not just putting on weight by eating too much. Being obese is a chronic disorder that refers to having excessive weight or fat than normal and it can cause major health issues. Obesity is one of the fastest growing diseases in the global population today. If you are obese you can take Acomplia or Xenical to get rid of obesity.

Being obese and being over-weight are two different aspects. You are over-weight if your BMI is between 27 and 29.9 and you are obese, if your BMI is 30 or above. You should take it seriously if your BMI goes higher than 30. There are many prescription medications such as Acomplia and Xenical that can give you a kick start, but should be taken only if you were unable to have significant results from low calorie diet programs and physical exercises.

Acomplia – It is the most awaited weight-loss medication available now for sale in the UK and many other countries of Europe. Manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis, Acomplia has proved highly effective and carries major success stories along with it. Although widely asserted, this drug has depressive side-effects. Acomplia works on the Endocannabinoid system that affects the energy balance, glucose levels and lipid metabolism of the body. Acomplia blocks the receptors in the brain and makes you feel full.

Xenical – It is an obesity treatment and can be purchased only if you have a valid prescription from a registered doctor. Manufactured by Hoffman-La Roche, Xenical can help people to lose significant weight if taken with physical exercises and a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals but low in fat. Xenical works directly in the stomach by preventing the breakdown and absorption of fat that we consume in our diet.

Acomplia and Xenical are prescription-only treatments and can be purchased only on a private prescription. There are many online clinics and pharmacies that can provide you Acomplia and Xenical online, but you need to choose the right online clinic. 121doc.co.uk provides free consultation online with registered doctors from the UK and the EU.

You just need to fill in an easy consultation form and give us as much information as possible. Our doctors will review your consultation and prescribe Acomplia, and Xenical if it is right for you. Our pharmacies are registered in the UK with the MHRA and assure to provide branded and genuine treatments. 121doc.co.uk provides discrete and speedy delivery service within 4 to 5 business days.

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