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Ten Tips on How to Establish Lasting Weight Control

1. Walk a lot. Leave the car at home, catch the bus or train.

2. Try not to eat pork at least for three or four months, then decide.

3. Eat red meat only once or twice a month. Take your time and coach yourself. If red meat is a daily habit for you, take your time and coach yourself. Go off the red meat for 3 or four months and then decide what you want to do.

4. Take liquid vitamins (very important) try not to put undo stress on your digestive system by expecting it to digest massive vitamin pills.

5. Hold your stomach in and breath deep, as often as possible.

6. Eliminate waste from your body, often. In fact, learn how to give yourself a high colonic to clean your colon. (This alone can help you drop up to 10 pounds in a week)

7. Talk to your body; ask it if it’s OK to eat something – You will be surprised at how your intellect will respond over time to questions that you ask your inner self.

8. Love your body just as it is and it will change for you.

9. Do not covet your neighbor’s slim body, however, see yourself thin, and if you need a little help look at your neighbor’s thin body and know that in time, that will be you. Then believe it.

10. Do not diet. You loose the entire battle if you diet. I realize this may be hard for some of you to realize. To diet is in direct conflict with the “love your body just as it is” Use common sense when eating, however, do not diet.

Depending on how much weight you have to loose, it could take 3 months or 3 years. Take your time, meditate a lot and if you pray, then do so. If not, then meditate and listen to what the universe has to say. I cannot stress how important this step is.

As you stroll up and down the isles at the supermarket filling your grocery cart, you are armed with everything you need to make sure you choose your items wisely. Making good, healthy choices is the very reason you carefully put together your shopping list the night before. Now, you know that most of the snack food items are taboo and should be off limits, but maybe you could take a walk down junk food lane on the off chance you might find something acceptable to munch on later. When you see the words “low fat” or “fat-free”, your brain automatically gives you the go-ahead because these foods can’t make you gain weight, right? But, is that really all there is to it, or is there more here than meets the eye?

According to studies, Americans eat around 49,000 extra calories every year which translates into a grand total of 14 extra pounds of body fat per year. This is why an estimated 65% of Americans are considered overweight. In essence, Americans are slowly getting fatter, and it is largely from the consumption of “fat-free” foods.

The problem is, while “fat-free” foods contain no actual fat, many of them do contain high amounts of sugar. It is all this sugar that has been added to these products that allows them to be called “fat-free”. Consuming high amounts of sugar will cause you to gain weight because sugar makes your blood sugar levels rise rapidly, causing a large insulin response. Insulin, particularly in high amounts, will transport much of this sugar right to your fat cells for storage. With this in mind, is there anything you can do to prevent yourself from being lured into the labeling web of deceit?

Here are some things that will help clear up the blurriness of labeling reading so you can have a more clear view of what’s really in there.

To start with, always read everything on the label. Do not just look at the fat content then only skim down at the rest. Look at the sugar content and compare it to the overall carbohydrate content to see how much of the carbohydrates are actually sugar.

Always compare the calories from fat to the total calories. Fat should not be higher than 30% of the total calories at the absolute most.

Look at the protein content and try to make sure there is at least a decent amount of it in the item. Protein rich foods like granola make good, healthy snacks.

Also important is to look for the fiber content of certain foods. When you buy breakfast cereal for example, make sure it has at least 5 grams of dietary fiber per serving. Also try to buy whole grain items like whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta as these also provide decent amounts of fiber.

Aside from reading the labels, you should also read the list of ingredients. Here is where you get to see what is actually in each item. When buying any flour items such as bread or pasta, avoid anything with the words enriched, bleached, or white flour in the ingredients. The more enriched a product is, the less nutritious it is. White flour has a very high sugar content and therefore is not the best choice. Look for items with whole wheat flour instead.

One thing that gets hidden in the list of ingredients that you really need to be aware of is the trans fats. These trans fats are cleverly disguised with the words “hydrogenated vegetable oil”. These are oils that the manufacturer adds hydrogen to in order to transform them from their liquid form to a solid form. These fats are more dangerous by far than saturated fats and you know how bad saturated fats are. If you see the key word “hydrogenated” anywhere in the ingredients, put it down, back away slowly, then turn, run, and don’t look back!

Always remember to read everything on both the nutrition label and the list of ingredients before buying an item. Never let yourself be fooled into thinking an item won’t make you gain weight by the words “fat-free” so boldly displayed on the front of the package. It is this kind of deception that has been the cause of unwanted weight gain throughout the nation. Remember, the FDA requires all food manufactures to disclose everything in their products to you, but it is ultimately up to you to read far enough to find it all.

The next time you go food shopping, take these tips with you and ensure yourself that you are making the right choices for you and your family.

In continuation of part one of this article, listed below will be the list of other common items that should form the basis of a proper diet for a safe weight-loss regimen. Combined with proper exercise and mental attunements, these substances will make the drugless foundation for a quick and safe weight loss, naturally and without the dangerous and unnecessary side-effects of modern day concoctions and diet fads.

Moreover, you will experience improved health, delayed aging, increased flexibility, clearer skin, brighter eyes and mental sharpness to name a few of its many benefits.

These are the rest of the foods for a healthy diet when aiming for a safe weight loss as suggested in the first part of this article.

Safe Weight Loss Diet: Items for Consumption (D-T)

9. Dates:

NATURAL CANDY! They are loaded with tons of nutrients unlike their artificial counterfeits: candies in the store, but like them have to be eaten in moderation say 4-5 in the spring and summer times and 5-15 (medium sized ones) fall and winter times.

Try to eat dates 12 minutes or so after a mono meal of a sweet fruit say bananas or mangoes and 10 minutes before a stalk of Celery or lettuce. Barhi or honey dates are my personal favorites. According to Dr. Arnold Ehret they are excellent mucus absorbers as well. They are great sources of quick energy and surprisingly, proteins.

10. Figs:

When in season, these one of a kind fruits are powerfully cleansing and rank very high as detoxifying and body building elements. Buy them only in season (summer times) it’s the favorite of African Chimpanzees.

11. Grapes:

They are great sources of powerful antioxidants. Ensure to eat them organically and in season only (summer). Also try to get the seeded ones. They are one of the best foods to break a fast with. Dried, they make your raisins.

12. Lemons:

This is about the only non-sweet fruit that I personally include in my diet. It has ascorbic properties and when squeezed fresh in warm water first thing in the morning can be unrivaled in beating constipation and alleviating overall lethargy. It is one of the most alkaline forming foods in spite of its acidic taste and it’s available year round.

12. Lettuce:

The king of Vegetables. Even plain, they have an excellent taste to them. They are highly perishable though and thus need to be consumed soon after purchase. It is the basis of many a salad and is a great body building food. Mountain gorillas of the Plateau regions of Nigeria and Cameroon subsists primarily on leaves and look at how big and strong they are (of course that’s all they have access too in their habitats and they are much less active than the lowland gorillas of the south of these two African countries who eat mostly sweet fruits and a few leaves)

13. Maple Syrup:

Native to the First Americans, this food is a balanced form of positive and negative sugars. There are three grades of maple syrup A, B and C. My recommended grade is B. It contains sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper and silicon. Some uninformed operators of the sugaring of maple syrup do use formaldehyde pellets ran through polyethene tubing so ensure to use only organic maple syrup.

14. Mangoes:

As great as this fruit is, eat in moderation though and if you can organically grown and only in season. 4-5 should fill the average person up, but hey if they are too tempting it doesn’t hurt to enjoy.

15. Melons:

As a rule Eat melons alone or leave alone. They are one of the fruits that leave the stomach almost as soon as they are ingested and thus should not be combined with other foods, if you must, wait 20 minutes or so and eat Celery or Lettuce. I’m of the firm belief that in the summer times when they peak, a human can subsist on them for days on end. Ensure to get them ripe and enjoy as you desire. I’ve tried a watermelon fast to very rewarding results.

16. Nectarines:

Like its close relative, peaches, these stone fruits are excellent in the summer times when they are available and a mono meal of them for a restricted diet can be a camouflaged fast.

17. Pears:

A viable winter fruit. It is a sub acid fruit like the apple and is of course loaded with vitamins and minerals. Ensure to eat this fruit only when fully ripe.

18. Pineapples:

Look for varieties ripened on the leaves. I’ve not (as of this writing at least) been to Hawaii to taste their crop but, I’ve had the pleasures of them in Nigeria, they are simply great. Being an acidic fruit, ensure to consume them in the earlier part of the day.

19. Plantains:

At times known as the potatoes of the air, the varieties grown in Ecuador or the tropical countries are great. They form the staple of many so-called third world countries and can be enjoyed alone or with some plain raw leaves of parsley, lettuce or celery.

20. Potatoes:

Some authors have attacked potatoes as being unsuitable for human consumption. Though not the best food, nothing could be further from the truth though. I’ve read and have been in tribes who subsist on root vegetables only; its cousin the sweet potato actually ranks high as an alkaline forming food. In my estimation, boiled and mashed with avocadoes and a dash of sea salt after eating some celery, they are a welcome balance to even excessive sweet fruits and are very nourishing as well. They are also easy to digest and are better than even some so-called raw recipes. They of course are available year round.

21. Tomatoes:

Like the potato, it is a member of the nightshade family but unlike it, the tomato is a fruit botanically. Blended with Young Coconuts or Avocadoes, they are excellent for dressing. They are an acidic fruit thus should be eaten in moderation due to their high content of oxalic acids, 2 -3 should suffice and even then every other day.

As a rule ensure that all of the above (save for maybe mangoes and avocadoes) are grown organically only.

Better health and a safe weight loss need not be things you have to pay an extreme amount of money for. You really don’t need any special recipes, worthless and hazardous substances when trying to lose weight. By simply consuming the divinely ordained foods listed above and of course living an active lifestyle, you will be well on your way to a healthy, effective and safe weight loss that your body will appreciate for years to come.

(3 John 1:2 NIV) Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

Good Health is your birthright.

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