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You invitation is a reflection on the type of wedding its going to be weather it be formal, informal or themed this will be transparent in the invitation. The invitation is the only essential stationary required everything else is optional.

Save the date

This card is sent several months in advance to guests that have a long distance to travel, it is simple courtesy to let them know your plans so they can start making their own.

These cards only need the Bride and Grooms names and the date and location of the wedding. It’s a good idea to include “Invitation to follow” so they don’t keep calling for the details that are not available yet like reception location and time.

The Invitation

As before these will reflect the type of wedding to come so chose the style accordingly. Most people spend between 1-2% of the budget on the stationary. When ordering your stationary remember to include 10 extra to provide for mistakes and late invites. This will be cheaper than having to reorder a new batch. It a good idea to let another person check the invites before they go out to make sure all is in order and spelled correctly. The invitation will include the names of the hosts; the brides name the grooms name, the ceremony location, date and time, the reception location and the RSVP address. If children are being invited include on the invitation if not leave out.

Reply Card

The reply card is an optional but efficient way of getting the guest list finalized. You can also include a menu option so that guest with dietary needs can be catered for. Don’t for get the stamp so that guest can reply promptly.

Wedding Service Programme

Similar to mass booklets but contain more information. They may include the whole wording of the ceremony, which will provide for a lovely memento of the day especially if the couple has written their own vows. This also offers the scope to mention deceased loved ones or to give a little background on the wedding party or to explain any unfamiliar rites. You can even go further by including poems, photos etc.

Place Cards

These are traditionally small cards engraved with guests name and each seating place. Now more couples are finding creative ways to replace these. One option is to carve the names into small pebbles or stones and offer to guests as a memento you imagination is the limit with this so don’t be afraid to let it run riot.

Thank you cards

These are absolutely essential to thank each guest for his or her attendants and gifts you received. You can opt to match these to the invitation cards or pick up a pack of pre-printed cards from your local card shop. Take time to write a hand written note to each on the card to each guest as it is only courtesy and will be remembered.

Special Touches

Besides the choices of text, type, paper and design there are lots of ways to personalize and add that special touch to your cards. Trimmings can range from feathers to pearls, shells flowers or ribbons each design can be unique.

Another option can be the original watercolor of the church where the ceremony is taking place or the coat of arms of the bride and grooms family branded on the invitation.

Photogenic designs and laser cut monograms of the couple’s initials on the front of the card is a hot new trend.

Information packs

In addition to the invitation itself you can include directions to the church and reception, local tourist attractions for distant relatives and even details of the wedding list. Such details will be appreciated by the out of town wedding guests who will be unfamiliar with the place your getting married and be interested in favorite bars, restaurants and tourist attractions if any.

DIY Stationary

One way to save money and add that personal touch to the stationary is to make your own. This is more popular than ever and there is an abundant choice of card paper and trinkets to choose from including high quality hand made and floral paper.

You can add organza ribbon, feathers, shells the options are limitless all you will need is a printer to add the script or why not try your hand at some DIY calligraphy to add a definite personalized touch. Although this method of creating your own stationary takes time it can be highly rewarding.

At a wedding, glass LOVE coasters are a good way to thank guests for their attendance. Glass LOVE coasters are a wonderfully romantic, yet practical wedding favor.

The 3.5″ x 3.5″ or 4″ x 4″ coasters feature a bold design spelling out LOVE, a letter in each quadrant of the coaster. Two of the four quadrants are white, and two are clear. A free-form heart in the center ties the letters together. The design is frosted on the underside of each coaster. With proper care, it will last through years of use, reminding friends and family of your special occasion.

At your wedding, glass LOVE coasters can be separated out of the boxes, and presented individually to guests. This works well if your wedding favor budget is limited. Guests often receive only one coaster as a wedding favor, and will not be offended. Simply discard the boxes and place a LOVE coaster at each table setting with a note. Or scatter LOVE coasters around the room for convenience.

With a larger budget for your wedding, glass LOVE coasters can be presented as a set of four. They are packaged in sets of 4, nestled in a clear box, and tied with white ribbon. Even as a full set, glass LOVE coasters make an affordable wedding favor. We found them online for just $1.75 USD per box of four.

Glass LOVE coasters are not just wedding favors, of course. They are good anywhere love is the theme: bridal showers; anniversary parties, Valentine’s Day parties, and more.

For a wedding, glass LOVE coasters fit easily with any color scheme, any theme, and any season. They are elegant enough to be formal wedding favors, yet casual enough to be informal wedding favors. They are available in clear or mirrored glass finish.

Unique Glass LOVE Coasters

Glass LOVE coaster wedding favors are so popular that no one would call them unique. Variations, however, may be unique where you live. Here are examples of glass LOVE coasters we found online.

1. AMOR glass coasters: In Roman mythology, Amor was the god of love. You might say he was Cupid. These wedding favor coasters use the four letters of his name in the quadrants of the square glass coasters. The quadrants alternate between clear and frosted glass. These wedding favors come four in a box.

2. Asian LOVE glass coasters: These unique wedding favors announce your love in several languages. Framed by clear lines around the frosted squares, an Asian calligraphic character for LOVE is “subtitled” in English with the word “Love” in script. This wedding favor comes two to a box.

3. Heart glass coasters: These coasters are clear, heart-shaped pieces of glass, each etched in beautiful fonts with words of love: joy, bliss, hope, faith, honor, forever – and “love” itself. Each wedding favor contains a set of 2 coasters. If guests come as a couple, each receiving a wedding favor, they go home with a set of four. These are great for occasions other than weddings.

4. Cherry blossom love coasters: These glass LOVE coasters feature beautiful pink cherry blossoms on frosted glass, with the word “LOVE” inscribed beneath. The use of a heart for the letter “O” makes these wedding favors a mix of sassy style with classic elegance. Tempered glass coasters are packaged four to a box. A couple receiving a wedding favor each will go home with 8 glass coasters – a practical reminder of your love.

Photo Glass LOVE Coasters

A more personal touch for a wedding, glass love coasters sometimes feature a photo of love.

Heart design glass photo coasters begin like other LOVE coasters. The tempered glass square is divided into 4 quadrants. On these wedding favors, however, the quadrants alternate between black and ivory. Each quadrant bears a free-form heart in the opposite color. The center of the coaster holds a card or photo. Present these wedding favors with place cards or notes in the center, and send photos later of the bride and groom. You might also insert a casual pre-wedding photo, or simply a card with the couple’s names and wedding date. These wedding favors are packed two to a box.

“Capture My heart” photo coasters are romantic, heart-shaped glass love coasters. They feature a frosted glass rim with a photo frame center. Insert photos or cards and create an instant memento of your wedding. These wedding favors come in boxes of two hearts.

Finally, plain glass photo coasters come in a variety of sizes and styles. Insert a photo or message of your love, and they become glass love coasters. They make beautiful wedding favors.

At any wedding, glass love coasters are certain to be a fitting wedding favor. Before you present them, however, be careful to check for breakage. You don’t want guests receiving broken wedding favors.

When you are thinking about the wedding bouquet you want for your wedding, the first thing you need to consider is whether you want to have fresh flowers, or silk flowers.

Don’t just assume that you should get fresh flowers!

There are many good reasons for why you might choose to get silk flowers instead…

Probably the biggest benefit of silk flowers, is the cost. Usually, a silk flower bouquet will end up being considerably cheaper than a fresh flower bouquet. It’s much cheaper to make a silk flower, than it is for a farmer to carefully grow a fresh flower in their garden, and then for a florist to look after it!

Another benefit of using silk flowers in your wedding bouquet, is that after you are married, you can keep the bouquet, as a reminder of the happy day. You can also keep fresh flower bouquets, but to do this they will need to be preserved, which can be quite expensive.

Finally, with silk bouquets, you can actually try making the bouquet yourself! Although it’s quite easy to make bouquets, it can be hard with real flowers, and it’s much easier for beginners if they are using silk flowers instead.

There are a few benefits to using real flowers though…

The main benefit is the smell. Even if you spray them with perfume, a silk bouquet will never smell as nice as a fresh flower bouquet.

Another benefit of fresh flower wedding bouquets is that there are a lot more places to buy the flowers, and it can be easier to get more variety. This depends on where you shop though. If you can find somewhere local to you that sells silk flowers, or you buy them online, then silk flowers can be just as easy to get as fresh.

But wait a second…

Aren’t I forgetting the most important thing? That fresh flowers LOOK a lot better than silk?

Well, this may have been true once, but these days, it’s quite easy to get beautiful silk flowers, that are indistinguishable from the real thing. I’ve personally made quite a few silk-flower bouquets that people have tried smelling, because they thought the flowers were real!

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide what type of wedding bouquet you want. All I can suggest is that you don’t jump into it, and give silk-flowers serious consideration, as they have many benefits. After all, the smell from a fresh-flower wedding bouquet will only last for a few days, anyway!

You have finally said, “Yes.” This is the start of your life as a couple. And prior to that much-awaited big day, you, both the bride and groom have so many decisions to make and wedding-related tasks to complete.

Preparing for your wedding day need not be stressful. On the other had, it should be fun and memorable. And to do this, start off by putting together a wedding timetable.

A short list of wedding-related tasks as well as a rough estimate of when the activities should be done follows. It presents tips and guidelines to keep you organized and help you think of all the matters that you must take into consideration in the course of planning for your big day. Of course, these are mere suggestions. All activities and schedule are still up to the couple to decide on depending on their priorities.

At the Time of the Engagement

– You must tell your parents the happy news as soon as possible that is if they don’t already know. If you were having an engagement party, it would be good to keep your close friends and relatives in the know, too.

– An organizer would be best to have in handy. This will help you keep track of all the appointments, payments and other wedding-related activities that you must attend to.

– Have your engagement photo taken. This would be nice to have as a keepsake of this wonderful occasion.

6 to 12 Months In Advance Before the Big Day

– The couple should have already picked and decided on the wedding date. Do the reservation for the venue where the ceremony and reception is to be held.

– Set an appointment with the wedding officiant.

– Establish a budget for the wedding, and try as much as possible to stick to it.

– Prepare a wedding guest list. You wouldn’t want to leave somebody uninvited unintentionally.

– Look around for a photographer, florists, musicians, and a caterer. Obtain estimates for these services.

– Register at the bridal gift registry.

– Pick a wedding dress and accessories to go with it. If you are having a seamstress make you one, this is the time to have it arranged. Several fittings may be required for this.

– For the bride, select your bridesmaids. Set a date for ordering dresses for them.

4 to 6 Months In Advance Before the Big Day

– Have the invitations, stationeries, and thank you notes ordered.

– The photographer, florist, musician, and caterer should have already been chosen. Go over details with each of these services to make sure that everything is as agreed upon.

– For the groom, select attire.

– Honeymoon reservations should be made already at this point.

– Confirm the delivery of the bridal gown.

2 Months In Advance Before the Big Day

– Plan your rehearsal dinner.

– If you are having out-of-town attendants, arrange for their lodging.

– Make an appointment with your chosen photographer for the shooting of the bridal portrait.

– Order the wedding cake.

1 Month In Advance Before the Big Day

– The couple should decide on a wedding band set.

– Mail the invitations.

– Check the apparel for the wedding party.

– The couple attends showers.

2 Weeks Before the Wedding.

– It is time to apply for marriage license and attend to other legal matters, especially for the bride – name and address changes on bank accounts and other official documents.

– Plan a wedding hairstyle and make-up with your stylist.

– Check with the caterer and the reception venue for last minute changes.

1 Week Before the Wedding

– Do your honeymoon packing.

– Wrap gifts for the groom and attendants.

– Schedule the wedding rehearsal.

– Remind the wedding party of the exact time and place for the occasion.

On Wedding Day

– Take breakfast! Fainting on the aisle wouldn’t be cool.

– Have your hair and make-up done.

– Shake off all your wedding details worries and enjoy your day.

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