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Sunday, August 5th is Friendship Day. As far as the history of the Friendship Day is concerned it is said that in 1935 the first Sunday of August was proclaimed as the Friendship Day. Since then the celebration of the Friendship Day became an annual event in United Sates.

Slowly this tradition spread to other countries too and they also started celebrating this day with much excitement.

This is a day for us to spend time with our friends and let them know how much they are loved and appreciated in our lives. Friendship Day is a celebration of those in our lives who give us meaning and joy. It allows us to pay tribute to our friends, new and old who have played an important role in helping to shape who we are today.

Having a support system of friends in today’s crazy world is so vitally important. Our friendships provide us the day to day outlet for social, creative and intellectual stimulation. Our friends can be a pillar of strength to us during the rough moments throughout our life. The bonds between true friends is so important. Having a close friends there for you through the good times and bad makes our lives much more meaningful. Many of us are living a busy and sometimes stressful life. We need someone to talk to and we need to be able to share our thoughts and emotions with a friend.

As with all relationships in our lives, we must nurture our friendships. Let Friendship Day remind you of that special person. Give them a call, send them an email, or write a heartfelt letter and let them know how much they mean to you.

Friendship Day is the perfect day to resolve to expand your circle of friends. Reach out the hand of friendship to your neighbors and co-workers. Consider explore the social networking sites on the Internet where you can meet others who share your interests. Web sites devoted to social networking have become very popular destinations for those wishing to expand their circle of friends. Most social network services are primarily web based and provide a collection of various ways for users to interact, such as messaging, email, chat rooms, blogging, discussion groups, and so on. Look for a social network geared to your interests and situation and one that you will feel comfortable meeting others. They may be the perfect place to find a loving friend that shares the same mutual interests and can be there for you when you need someone to talk to.

As the saying goes – “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.” ~ Unknown

Once the wedding is over then the partying begins, it is your reception and what happens there? You cut your cake. Many people order in cakes from large bakeries and wedding shops but they can be made just as nice at home or from a local baker. Many couples have tiered wedding cakes which usually consist of three tiers and a model bride and groom at the top.

When choosing your Wedding Cake Designer you should give at least 6 months notice. Not only does this give time for your fruit cakes to be matured but good cake designers do get booked very quickly. Some take bookings a year or more in advance. Some people stick to the usual fruit cake but others like to be a little bit more experimental and have maybe a flavoured sponge or even more daring than that, a carrot cake!!

The new trends in wedding cakes allow brides to have a cake that not only looks good – it tastes good too! Brides don’t need to settle for the traditional white vanilla cake with the plastic bride and groom on top any more. So go all out and get cheesecake or crumpets! All that matters is that it tastes and looks good.

Wedding cakes are a special part of the wedding, this is where the bride and groom do their first real action together as a married couple, they pull together and cut a cake, although it does not seem much to the ordinary person but its significance is highly relevant!

The wedding cake is unique to all couples, they choose their own decorations, style and taste. Usually most of the planning is left to the women when it comes to wedding so the cake usually matches her tastes!

Weddings are beautiful and wonderful places to be, they are full of happy thoughts and feelings. A wedding is a joyous time for family and friends to get together to celebrate the marriage of two people that they care for, so why not celebrate it with cake?! We celebrate everything else with cake!

Planning a wedding can be a stressful event. The last thing you need is to be ripped-off by an unscrupulous wedding vendor or planner. Here are a few tips to help avoid this problem.

Make Your Wedding Arrangements and Bookings As Far In Advance As Possible

Most facilities, vendors, and planners can be booked more than a year in advance. If possible, take advantage of this window of opportunity. Should something go wrong, it will provide you with more time to make alternate arrangements. Also, be aware that some vendors will actually charge you more if you order or book things at the last minute.

Shop Around and Deal With Trustworthy People

Before booking anything you should shop around and get an idea of current prices for each category of your wedding. Don’t just hire the first caterer you meet with. Ask around with family, friends, co-workers, etc. and get their recommendations about services they may have used. If you want to be extra safe in this regard, you could also call your local Better Business Bureau. They can provide you with any problem information they may have received regarding a particular company.

Get Everything in Writing

It would seem obvious to do this, but a lot of couples tend to go on “faith” of what a vendor says, then are shocked with the vendor doesn’t follow through. Get everything, down to the smallest detail, in writing and be sure both you and the vendor agree on all points before signing any contract. Include exact descriptions, such as if you are ordering flowers: how may bouquets, the exact type and color of the flowers, etc.

Be Aware of The Fine Print

Read any contracts over very carefully. Pay particular attention to their cancellation policy. You want to make sure it includes a provision for a refund of the deposit if you cancel or change your wedding date by a certain time period before your wedding. Of course, reasonably, you would not get a deposit back if you cancelled two days before the wedding. Be sure to also include a written statement on the contract that you will not pay for services and will expect a complete refund on any deposits if the company does not deliver exactly as specified in the contract. A reputable company will respect this clause.

Regarding Photographers and DJ’s

When booking these services with a company, often you may wish to have a particular photographer/videographer and DJ for your wedding because you have seen their work or heard their play style and really like it. Make sure this is detailed on the contract with the person’s name. Again, also include the clause that if that particular person is substituted, you will not pay for the service and will receive a refund on all deposits.

This happened at our wedding with the DJ. The one we were told was coming and who knew how our ceremony music was laid out did not show up, and the substitute DJ that showed had no idea how the wedding service was to proceed with the music. There was a mess up with some songs during the ceremony and we had no recourse, as we didn’t include that provision in the contract. So be aware of this. Don’t pay for a last minute substitute (unless you were thoroughly happy with their service).

As a professional, you often find your work wear and your career go hand in hand. Your choices may evolve as you advance in your profession, and the styles and choices are evolving so quickly there is always something new and chic happening. If you are a junior size man or woman, you may find that Landau junior sizing means you get the perfect work wear in sizes perfect for your physique.

In the fashion industry, the junior sizes are the sizes that tend to fall in between the missy sizes. Sometimes, junior sizes are intended for a younger audience, but this is not always the case. Junior sizes are, in a way, the half sizes between the sizes. There are a variety of differences with junior sizes that differ from missy sizes as well.

For instance, the build of the junior sizes tend to run slightly narrower than the missy sizes. There are a few minute differences that are barely recognizable unless you happen to require junior size work wear.

Landau junior sizing means you do not necessarily have to accept the “kiddy” look associated with many junior sizes fashions. Instead, Landau junior sizing work wear means you get the same styles and fashions as the missy sizes or plus sizes only that the sizes are junior sizes.

Junior sizes tend to run the odd number sizes such as size 1, size 3, or size 7; the missy sizes tend to run the even numbers such as size 2, size 8, or size 12. These sizes help distinguish the physiques from one size to the other.

Another benefit of Landau junior sizing is that if you have a young patient in for treatment either wanting or needing medical scrubs, you will find these junior sizes fit those youngsters perfectly. In addition, many patients will drastically lose weight with various treatments and having Landau junior sizing scrubs or uniforms on hand mean you will better be able to dress those patients.

Landau junior sizing work wear are tailor with the junior size man or woman in mind. These medical scrubs or medical uniforms offer something special to the workplace environment as well. When you look your best you feel you best. There are so many benefits of having Landau junior sizing if junior sizes are appropriate for you.

The wonderful thing about these is that you can depend on the same excellence and style offered by all apparel carrying the Landau label. You demand the best, and Landau provides you with the excellence and superiority you deserve and expect. No question about it, Landau simply offers more.

If you have experienced the “Landau experience” you can understand why Landau junior sizing work wear is such an interesting and intriguing concept. You get so much more than you expect with each purchase, and you are rewarded the first time you wear your new work wear.

You demand the best, and Landau wants to insure you get the best. You do not have to ask question; you do not have to search through a multitude of poor quality work wear. You get perfection the first time.

Arranging plans for your wedding will involve many things from hiring a photographer to selecting a good caterer and allot more in between. Whether you are having your wedding in sunny San Diego or breezy San Francisco, the average cost of a California wedding has just recently surpassed $40,000 with many couples electing to spend far more than that figure as guest lists expand and venues are upgraded. Regardless of your budget, you can control costs and enjoy your day without being saddled with tremendous debt. Let’s take a look at all that you can do to plan for your upcoming California wedding.

A Budget and a List

Planning for a California wedding will likely include the input of your parents as well as your significant other. Traditionally, the bride’s family paid for the entire event, but today’s couples sometimes prefer to foot the bill themselves or ask both sets of parents for financial contributions. Regardless, a ballpark amount of money should be budgeted before you begin the wedding planning process. Much of those plans will be centered around the total number of guests expected to attend the reception, so go ahead and begin working on the list as you scout out various venues.

The Ceremony and the Reception

Although you may have a date in mind, those plans will be quickly altered if either your church is unavailable that day or a favored reception hall is already booked. If your marriage plans include a wedding during the most popular months of June through September, you may encounter more difficulty on getting the date that you want. Conversely, if you marry during the four months of the year, you will have the best chance of seeing your plans come to fruition. Consider a Friday evening wedding if your Saturday plans cannot be worked out.

The Internet: An Indispensable Tool

21st Century couples are using the internet like never before to help plan their big day. You can do the same for your California wedding to help you search for vendors, compare prices, and purchase goods. Indeed, savvy couples can accomplish the majority of their work online 24/7/365 to save time and money.

Virtually every business has a web site these days and from the ease of your laptop you can accomplish the following tasks:

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