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In the next few years, some of the wealthiest people in the world will be created – and do you know what they’ll have in common? They’ll all be content publishers.

In this article, we discuss the potential in this industry, whether you really can be a one-man publisher, which niches are best suited for content and what you need in order to get started.

Why Individual Content Publishers Are Generating Returns That Border On The Realms Of Fantasy.

There’s two things you must keep in mind. First, we live in the information age, and nothing is more topical or in-demand in this era than quality information. Second, over the past decade people have moved onto the internet in their millions – and what’s the internet all about? That’s right – information.

This is exactly why online content publishers are supremely placed to take advantage of the massive information boom that we’re experiencing today. You see, information as a “product” is a beauty. It has a near 100% pro-fit margin, and with the technology today it’s possible for content publishers to employ several different in-come models to suit the market & prospect. Where once we only had standard affiliate programs, we now have a suite of monetisation options such as contextual (Adsense), pay-per-lead and so on.

How To Pick A Niche That’s Perfectly Suited To Information?

If only you could just pick any old niche, set-up a site and watch the green roll in eh? I’m afraid it’s not quite as simple as that and one of the most fatal mistakes aspiring content publishers make is in choosing the wrong niche to publish their content sites in. Even a really good content site in a poor niche will fail, while a terrible one in a red-hot niche will flourish. It’s sad but true.

Want to know the three niches that are the best I’ve ever seen for content publishers? The ones where a simple content or blog can generate truly sensational yields? Internet marketing is NOT one of them (it’s not bad, just not a top-five niche). In my view, the best three are:

– Finance & investment

– Real estate

– Travel

The reason for this lies mainly in the way that monetisation is possible within these niches. For example, finance & investment has some big ticket affiliate programs where commissions of $600+ per sale are not uncommon.

Travel is perfectly suited to Adsense while real estate has some wonderful pay per lead opportunities (this is when you get paid everytime a visitor does something like download a free ebook or fill out a free application form – the beauty being your visitor doesn’t need to pay anything for you to get a commission).

What Do You Need To Get Started With Content Publishing Immediately?

We’ve seen the potential, and the importance of cherry-picking only the most lucrative markets. Now comes the process of actually setting up the content website. Here are your basic options:

(a) If you’re technically sound and have enough time you can do this from scratch using a html editor like Frontpage.

(b) If you have the resources, you can hire a web-designer to create & publish your sites for you.

(c) Invest in a point & click type content publishing tool. The advantage here is you don’t need any coding knowledge and the tool allows you to create search engine friendly pages and easily add in advanced features like RSS feeds, opt-in form creation, affiliate code integration and so on.

The really exciting thing is that individuals like you and I are becoming wealthy beyond their wildest imaginiation by setting up as content publishers and developing websites & blogs that continue to bring in residual incomes while they focus on the next project. And they’re doing it on their laptops at home, while watching MTV.

Ask yourself right now if you are making the kind of money you at least think you deserve by marketing on the Internet. Do you believe submitting Internet marketing articles have not worked for you an inch? Have you started to believe that joint venture partnerships are just for the rigid gurus? Better yet, do you now believe it is not for you?

Think again. The number one reason many online marketers are failing to live-up to their expectations or to their approval standards is because in many of us, focus and goals are two words not continually mentioned every day. How many times have you been let to believe that success and making thousands of dollars a month on the Internet comes with some outrageous talent?

You may think that talent is one of the factors that separate you from many other Internet marketing millionaires. Guess what? I did the research and by surprise, there is no proof of talent without practice. Without what many of us call deliberate practice, there is no way you can achieve greatness in a certain niche, sport or in other activity without practice.

Study the life of Michael Jordan and better yet, study the life of the many already public sports and business celebrities, like Tiger Woods. If you compare Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, these guys had exceptional talent because they practice and started in a very early age. Michael Jordan before he was 10 years old, and Mr. Tiger Woods, he started playing with a golf club when he was just 4 years old. No wonder, right?

Can you achieve success in Internet marketing if you are instructed as a little kid to work and do kinder garden duties on your PC? Perhaps starting to understand the keyboard and the broad uses of the PC today in the 21st century can be the difference.

What are the possibilities of success if you are born between 4-12 years of age already interested in making money and 20 years later you are still interested in keeping money coming in from the Internet? Would you have great chances of being financially successful with all that experience? There are greater opportunities as a fact.

Would you be marketing an Internet marketing article and sharing us with your story? Or would you be working in the local K-Mart 8 hours a day at $5.25 an hour? I think the first one. So what are the reasons people fail in business?

There are many, however, there are three important ones that will always ring the bell today or overtime. They are Passion, Goals and Practice.

If you do not practice what you are doing, whether it is selling private label resell rights or publishing Internet marketing articles to expose your bargains and specials- how can you expect to find how good have you become on your field and industry?

An important point to always have in mind is that success never comes to you, you go look for success. I do not think 99.99% of lottery weekly players can confirm that for sure! If you do not find your passionate business, you will run out of enthusiasm and desire for keeping your business income sources afloat- go for a niche that you love working on.

With goals, everything that you write makes much difference than what you do not write- the tension on getting things done is quite different, always write your goals. Then surely, practice your business skills whether they are private label resell rights or publishing Internet marketing articles, it all comes to deliberate practice for achieving greatness in business.

When you are working form home, you know that being able to work on a schedule becomes one of the most important things. You’ve probably thought all about how great it will be to have the freedom to work whenever you want, but remember that when this happens you are actually going to be causing a lot of chaos in your own head. Working whenever you want might be great, but imagine if you don’t’ have a work schedule. The temptation to not get your work done on time is hard to pass by, and so is the temptation to work 24 hours a day, in order to either catch up or to do even more than you’ve been doing in the past. This is why having a concrete work schedule is a great way to make sure that you’re on top of things.

There are several ways that you can do this. First of all, the best thing to do is to figure out how much time each week you need to devote to your business. Are there certain things that need to be done every day, or only ever week? Can you get by with only working a few hours each day, or do you need a full work day in order to get things done? some people choose to have full work days two or three days a week, and take the rest of the days off. However, with some businesses you simply need to be at work each day, so this tactic would not work for you.

Once you know how much work time a week you need, you can develop a schedule. Make sure that you’ve got your weekly tasks and your daily tasks posted somewhere, so that you can keep track of things. Remember that even though you have a work at home schedule you should make sure it is rather flexible, because part of the joy of working at home or owning your own home business is that you can take time off when you want and you can build your own hours.

For the most part, the best thing to do is to set a schedule and stick to it. If you need 15 hours per week to do your work, set those hours and be sure that you stick to them. You might want to make allowances to give yourself time to do extra work, or to take on additional projects, but remember that allowing yourself to work longer hours is just one step on the slippery slope of allowing yourself to work each day and each night. Soon you’ll find yourself even more burnt out on your home business than you were when you worked in that office.

The internet is bursting with opportunity. You will find offers for just about any kind of job online that you can imagine. There is always the promise of more money, less work, more freedom then your current job. While this can be true for some jobs it is not the truth about all of the offers you will find online. How can you tell the difference and learn how to find the best offers?

Learning to discern what jobs are real legitimate jobs and what jobs are not can be a challenging thing to do. There are a few things you can do that may help you to discover if the online job is real or not. The first thing you can do is find out more about the company. How long have they been in business? How many people do they have working for them? What are you required to invest in this company in order to start making money? What is required of you to make money? Answering these questions before getting involved with the company can save you time and money as well as insuring that you will be able to actually make money with the company.

Another way to determine if an online business is a legitimate one is to contact the better business bureau. The BBB is a great resource for finding out about any company. You can find out what consumers have had to say about the company as well as if any complaints have been filed against them. Fraudulent companies pop up all over the internet everyday by the billions. Weeding through these companies can be difficult and exhausting. Finding the perfect internet business that works well with what you are trying to do as well as how you want to be able to do it can be one of the biggest frustrations for many people that are considering an internet based business.

Often one of the most overlooked things to consider when starting an internet business is your own instincts. You use them everyday for every other aspect of your life why should an internet business be any different? You need to trust what your first instinct about a particular business is. Remember that this is not something that is free or easy to get into. You will need to make informed decisions based on the information that you can gather. If you can not find information about the company or business there is a better chance that it is a fraudulent company and you likely will not make money with that company. Many times you will find that most online businesses involve selling. If this is not something that you are interested in doing then you will have to look hard to find a business that does not involve selling but that you can do online. You should also remember that a business that has been around for many years is going to be a safe bet and will have the potential to make you money provided that you have money and time to invest.

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