Why Everyone Should Have A Part Time Mlm Business Seo Services And Why They Are Important Are Your Rates Right Step By Step Guide To Setting Your Prices

In the world today it is not wise to rely on your employer or the government for a comfortable retirement.

Although the stock market average returns have historically been positive, it is not guaranteed to continue to be a “safe” place for your retirement savings.

What you can do now to have a comfortable retirement is to start a part-time business that generates a residual income.

So that when it is time to retire, you can rely on the income of your businesses rather than the stock market.

Residual income is income that continues to be generated after an initial effort has been made.

For example, if you write a best-selling book, or record a hit song, you would receive royalty checks for each copy of your work sold in the future. Even though it may have taken you a couple of months to write the book, you will continue to get checks for years to come, every time your book is sold.

But not everyone has the writing or creativity talent to write a best-selling book or record a hit song.

Everyone though has enough skills to recommend quality products or services. And that’s why I suggest everyone should get involved in a part-time MLM business.

Recommending products is something you probably do already but just do not know it.

If the MLM company you get involved with provides excellent products or services, you can recommend their offerings and make a sale once and get paid on it residually for years to come. Just like if you wrote a best-selling novel!

What makes the MLM business model even better is when your customers begin to recommend the product or services to others, your income can double and triple without much new work from you.

The hardest part is making the initial sale but if the company you are involved with has a good marketing and training system in place, it makes your job easier.

There are various MLM business opportunities and many different products that you can offer. The list includes nutritional products, cosmetics, toys, motivational training, books, house ware, home cleaners and clothes.

You can use a search engine to find MLM business opportunities or you can go to a site like www.MLMConnections.com to get information on MLM businesses from independent distributors.

To be successful, MLM business opportunities still take work. You will have to set aside time to run the business like any professional business person. And set some short-term and long-term goals along with a marketing plan to make those goals realistic.

Lets say you got started in a MLM business and there was a required monthly product purchase of $200. In a worst case scenario, you did not make anything during your first year with the company and during the second year you averaged $1,000 a month.

So you paid $4,800 ($200 x 24 months) for your business expenses and made only $12,000 ($1,000 x 12 months) giving you a profit of $7,200 after 2 years.

If you were to invest $4,800 into the stock market and average an excellent 20% return, you would have about $5,800 after 2 years. So as you can see this worst case MLM scenario beats out a best case stock market scenario.

If you are to get involved with a MLM business on a part-time basis (10-15 hours a week), consistently make product sales and find and train 2 to 4 new associates every month, in most MLM companies you will be making a five figure monthly salary within 2 years.

This for most people would be a very comfortable retirement income!

What makes SEO services so important that most online businesses make it a point to hire one as part of their marketing strategy? The importance of SEO services rely heavily on the fact that 91% of online users use search engines to find the information that they need. SEO or search engine optimization is all about finding means to get your site noticed by online users.

There are over 350 million searches everyday with over 8 billion websites indexed that come up in search engine results. More importantly, almost 75% of all online transactions are initiated through a search engine, wherein 87% of online visitors view those on the first page of the search engine results. These figures will surely give you an idea of just how important it is to be on top of search engine rankings.

SEO Services to Get Your Site Noticed

Services related to search engine optimization aim at achieving the goal that many websites have which is to gain maximum exposure. SEO services help websites get higher rankings in search engine which simply means making them appear on the first few pages on the search results. When sites appear on the first few pages, they are more likely to be clicked on. The purpose of SEO services is then to increase traffic generated by a website.

SEO Services to Make Your Site More Significant

SEO services make it possible for a site to become favored by search engines. Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and AltaVista usually rank websites depending on their importance. To do this, they evaluate websites using programs which they term as search engine spiders. These programs scan through different websites and collect as much information as they can about them. Based on the collated information and their algorithm, these spiders rank them according to significance.

SEO Services to Maintain Traffic

Search engines are much like people in many ways. In fact, search engines behave the way people do. Search engines, for example, like information that is substantial and relevant. The best sites usually rank high in search engines because they are liked both by people and search engine spiders. When you rank high up in the search results, you are assured of a pool of online visitors who will visit your site. Consequently, SEO services will not only generate traffic into your site but maintains the traffic as well. How the search engine regards your site is indicative of how much people value your site and visit it.

SEO Services for Targeted Traffic

SEO services will be able to get you in front of your target audience making it one of the most effective online marketing strategies. People will find you based on the particular keywords. Once they type in keywords or keyword phrases related to your products and services, they will be led into your website. SEO services then has the power to segment your target market and connect you with the right audience to achieve the most chances for conversion into a sale. It is unlike any other marketing strategies which can lead to irrelevant traffic or leakages in terms of attracting the right audience.

The Need for SEO Services

Search engine optimization is unfortunately not as straightforward. It involves complicated principles and getting your site right into the top page of search engines is not easy as you might think. It is for this reason that many companies prefer to hire SEO services to do the dirty work for them. Providing SEO services involves a lot of technical expertise and a lot of strategy trials to determine which is most likely to work on your site.

When hiring outside SEO services, your work becomes easier. However, you must invest time in choosing the SEO services provider to work this. Factors such as pricing, quality of service, experience and reliability have to all be considered. If SEO services are provided properly, SEO will be a very cost-effective method of getting more people to know more about your business, as well as your product and service offerings.

SEO is very important for online businesses because it determines how the site performs in comparison with its other competitors. SEO services do not only effectively generate traffic from targeted audience and increase sales, but is a very cost-effective way of optimizing an online site compared to pay per click advertising.

One of the most difficult things to establish when you’re setting up any kind of service business is how much to charge for your time. Get this right and you should have plenty of customers and a business that pays you well. Get this wrong and your new business may never get off the ground.

If your prices are too high, your customers will go elsewhere – but, if your prices are too low you could end up working all hours for months on end simply to break even. Or worse still, to lose money!

One of the most frequent mistakes made by new businesses of all types is to think that people are only motivated by price in the buying decision. Consequently, a common initial approach is to find out what others in the same line of work are charging and undercut them… don’t fall into this trap.

Give the matter a bit more thought, after all, this is to be your livelihood and it’s essential that you’re paid a proper and decent amount for your time and expertise with the proviso that both you and your customers feel you are giving value for money.

The following method may not be the simplest in the world, but it is probably one of the most dependable. Use these guidelines to establish what your true market value is for the service you are offering.

What would an employer pay for your time?

Firstly, research what you would earn if you were working for a local employer in a similar field. If you’re a freelance bookkeeper check out large companies with their own accounts departments. If you’re a car mechanic, check out local vehicle repair companies and if you’re a private tutor, check out schools and colleges or adult education centers and training companies.

Spend some time looking at job vacancies online and in the local newspapers and get a good idea for the average annual salary for your line of work in your area.

Important Note! As most full-time employees get 4 weeks’ paid holiday per year, in effect they are only working for 48 weeks out of 52 – and you’ll need a break too. This is taken into consideration in the calculations below.

I work as a freelance Personal Computer Tutor for adults and in my local area the current annual earnings for full-time college tutors and those working for private IT training companies is around $51,000. I’ll use this figure as an example by calculating how much I should be charging for my services.

How much is this per working week?

$51,000 divided by 48 weeks is $1062.50 per week.

Business running costs

Unlike an employee, you will have to cover your business running costs. You will have to establish a figure for your own business expenses according to the service you are offering. Fortunately in my business these are comparatively low as I don’t need premises or expensive equipment. My biggest expense is my car. Your business may be different so make sure you take everything into account here, right down to envelopes and paperclips.

(At this stage do not include purchases for specific jobs such as replacement parts for a vehicle as these would be charged to the individual customer on top of the charge for your time).

General business expenses may include:

Gasoline / vehicle running costs (not including any proportion for your private use)

Advertising and promotional activities

Office supplies and stationery

Computer (hardware, peripherals, software, consumables)

Training costs if you need to keep your skills up to date

Telephone, cell phone and internet charges

Insurances including business insurance and personal health insurance

Professional membership subscriptions and trade magazines

Miscellaneous (parking costs, postage etc)

Tools of your trade

Premises costs, etc

Although it may be difficult to be precise when your business is just starting, try to measure as accurately as possible how much your overheads will come to each year, then divide this figure by the 48 weeks you will be working.

My own business expenses come to about $15,300 per year, so continuing with our example:

$15,300 divided by 48 weeks is

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