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You need to be prepared for the saturation of wholesale video games distributor phenomena that is going to take place and start appearing on the Internet in the following weeks when the Playstation 3 hits the stores in the first weeks of November of this year. Right now there are many buyers taking advantage of the eBay craze of selling Playstation 3 consoles at almost three times the current retail price that is due in launch day. The price of the Playstation 3 will be $600 for the premium package- can you believe what will happen when those PS3 consoles hit the market the hungriness that it will leave for many small based business online?

What I am trying to warn you about is that there will be hundreds if not thousands possible fake wholesale video games distributors that will try to start selling PS3 on the Internet at supposed wholesale prices and even below wholesale prices for such new consoles.

While their will be many wholesale games distributors for the purchase of video games and even PS3 related material, as a power seller myself- I will not recommend touching sites that say that you can get Playstation 3 consoles and games at 50-80% in wholesale prices for numerous reasons.

While you can certainly buy wholesale games at 40-95% below the market retail value- you should not be able to purchase legit wholesale PS3 items below wholesale for at least the first 2 years. If you have study this wholesale market- you can compare what happened with PS3 biggest competitor. If you understand what happened here you should know that such giant corporations are not launching a huge stock of consoles in launching dates for numerous marketing reasons. If you remember what happened a year ago with such PS2 and now PS3 competitor, you will know what I am talking about.

You will certainly know that you cannot buy at 50-95% Playstation 3 in any way with direct online distributors or offline distributors or wholesalers. Why? Ask yourself why a company like Sony will allow the sell of wholesale items on their upcoming best-seller at wholesale prices? It is virtually unreasonable to give a seller permit to distribute and sell PS3 at way below retail prices. How do you think that the fortune 500 retail companies will profit from this boom? How do you think that all the companies and CEO owners that hold major stocks at their distribution line will feel if they do not receive a clear cut commission out of the sell of in-demand new market consoles if their were wholesale video games distributors selling below retail prices?

Again, in the sell of wholesale items both online and offline I can honestly say to you not to look for this wholesale hype prices that are not true for at least the next 2 years. It is of my sole experience and in my opinion to give you- the no, no when it comes to buying PS3 at real wholesale prices for at least the first year. A Power seller who earns thousands selling wholesale in combined business on the Internet and offline can confirm this for you. Use this article as reference and never as wholesale video games distributor legal advice or as a buying guide for online or offline business.

Affiliate Programs has exploded on the internet. Thousands of people join them everyday. The Plug-in Profit Site is one of the best examples of such phenomenal success. If affiliate programs are so popular, so widely available and booming like mushrooms…Why do most affiliates have a hard time making them work? It could be that they’re not effectively marketing their business, or they didn’t develop a solid foundation for building their business. Nevertheless, some affiliates are making big bucks. Many successful affiliates easily bring in incomes of $100,000 or more per year. Making anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 per month is easier than you might think. Of course, many affiliates never make much money at all. They either fail or just plain give up.

So, why do some affiliates fail or just give up? Affiliates must set a solid foundation.


One of the most important things to do when trying to succeed with a Home Based Business is to have a compelling reason why you want to work from home or start a home business. Write your reason (WHY) down and refer to it often especially when you need motivation or just to stay focus. For example, if you wanted to spend more time with your family, make your own schedule, or quit your job…write these reasons down and make them apart of you life.


Many people fail because they don’t have a clear vision of where they want to go, how to get there, or even where to start. First of all, you absolutely have to know what it is that you want. Then do some research on how to get there. There is an overwhelming number of work at home opportunities and business startup programs that you can investigate online. Just type those or similar terms into your internet browser to see the results that you get. However, be careful about the programs that you choose to participate in; we will talk more about that later. Just take the time to research and ask questions before you jump in.


Another way for you to stay focus and succeed online is to set your goals. Goals are an important part of your overall vision. For example, if you wanted to quit your job in one year, you have to have a plan on how to aggressively replace your current income. Developing your why, vision, and goals with the right Affiliate Programs will absolutely put you on the fast track to replacing your current income, and quitting your day job. Once you set your mind and heart in the right direction you will succeed at anything you choose to do. So, lay the ground work for your future first by doing the things that I’m laying out for you here.


Lot’s of people don’t know how to design websites, or have the type of money to hire a professional webmaster. Even the ones who can design websites sometimes have poor content or poor designs ideas. One of the best things you can do to get a home business up and running, as quick as possible, if you don’t have the technical experience is find an Affiliate Program to plug into. There are programs out there that will design free money making websites for you with various streams of income form reputable Affiliate programs. Plugging into a system like this is a great way to go. Turnkey Affiliate Programs will provide you with the necessary tools, training and support you need to be successful online. All you need to do is plug-in and go.


It’s equally important to Choose the right types of Affiliate Programs to join. Subscription Affiliate Programs, in my opinion, is the best companies to join, because they offer immediate income possibilities. When someone signs up for a subscription program and pays their monthly or annual fee you will receive immediate residual income as long as they remain paid members. Subscription programs will pay you residual income for years to come. Some Multi-level Marketing Programs and what’s called Two Tiered Programs are also great to join. The important thing to remember is not to join a program that’s going to pay you only once. The program that you decide to join should provide recurring payments from your team members. That’s call leverage. I will provide some important website links that will give you excellent examples on the types of Affiliate Programs to join.

Public relations companies work closely with their clients to help them create a positive public image, manage public opinion and generate non-paid media and internet-based publicity.

When you hire a public relations company, it’s important to share information with your account services team about your company’s mission, business practices and marketing goals. The team of public relations professionals assigned to work on your account will utilize this information to create a public relations plan and strategy that is customized for your business.

Client Contact

Typically, a public relations agency will assign an account executive to each client. This person serves as the liaison between the team at the PR firm assigned to work on your account and your company. Your account executive will work with the firm’s team to create and implement a public relations plan that is aligned with your company’s strategic plan.

The plan will be submitted to you for approval and you will be able to ask questions, request additional information, and suggest revisions. Depending on your contract and your public relations needs, you may receive a new plan each month, quarter or year.

Account Services Team

In addition to the account executive, the account services team assigned to work on your behalf will generally include a copywriter, a publicist and a graphic artist. The copywriter will handle writing news releases, creating copy for your brochures, writing inquiry letters to media contacts and other writing tasks.

Publicists specialize in communicating with media representatives to help generate publicity for your company. The services of a good publicist who has strong professional contacts with reporters, talk show producers, and high-profile bloggers are invaluable. Publicists constantly seek new venues in which your company’s products or services can be promoted and they pitch relevant information to gatekeepers of media coverage.

The graphic artist assigned to your account will be responsible for creating and sustaining the visual aspects of your corporate image. This individual will handle layout and design for all printed public relations materials including letterhead, press kit folders, product packaging and more. The graphic artist can also design a new logo for your company if needed.

Selecting a Public Relations Agency

When shopping for a public relations firm, it is in your best interest to seek a company with experience in your industry. For example, if you are the marketing director for a publishing company, you will want to hire a public relations company with expertise in promoting books and authors. If you are looking for a public relations agency to help launch a new software application, it is in your best interest to select a company with technology and software experience, as well as new product launches.

Compensation for Public Relations Agencies

Some public relations companies enter into retainer relationships with their clients. The terms of the retainer agreement will specify the types of actions that are covered for a pre-determined monthly fee. Retainers usually cover all ongoing public relations needs, such as writing and submitting news releases, communicating with the media, designing brochures or other marketing materials and other tasks based on client needs.

Alternatively, many clients and public relations companies enter into a work-for-hire agreement, which involves paying an hourly or pre-determined fee for specific actions. Companies who handle many of their own public relations needs internally often utilize work-for-hire relationships with public relations firms to handle specific events or new product launches.

Every website needs to consider search engine optimization or SEO services. This will serve as a guide that helps in the improvement of the site, both in its on-page and off-page factors. Through SEO services, the site will be able to achieve an increase in traffic as well as it can also make the search engine friendly. Aside from this, you will also increase your link popularity and site’s visibility. These links can help you promote your products and services as well as increase your brand awareness. There is always a need for continuous SEO services even if you have already achieved your goal. This is because the Internet is a constantly changing environment and not a stable one. You need to update your site from time to time. You are also required to watch what your competitive because competition is always there trying to sharpen their SEO edge.

When you hear of the words SEO services, there are several services that may come into your mind. To make it simpler and easier to understand, it is better if it is broken down into smaller and more precise arrangement. Most of the service providers use these 4 basic SEO services and from there, they just expand to accommodate more work.

The first among the SEO services provided is the analysis of the website. This SEO service includes a detailed analysis of the site’s architecture, quality, and functionality. The providers will study the present approach of your site and visitors’ experience, if your site is seo friendly, nice to look at or if a visitor will get something in your site. The site should contain the information needed by the visitor in order for them to go back or take a specific action. The providers will also check on the keywords that you are using to promote your site, if these keywords are relevant to your site or if these keywords are really helpful to your site. One more SEO services that providers do is to consider the audience that you are catering to. That is if the audience is aware that they are your target and that you want them to come back for more. One more SEO services provided is to look at the search engines that you have submitted your sites to and those that are important to you like Yahoo, MSN, and Goggle.

Aside from the previously mentioned, SEO services also includes the analysis of your competitor’s sites. The providers work by researching on who your competitors are with regards to your target audience. SEO services companies include in their SEO services the search for the page rank of the competitors’ sites and they likewise check on the reasons why they have gained such high rankings. They will research on the major links that the competitors are affiliated with and they will try to include your link there as well. They will also search their ranks in several search engines they have submitted their sites. It is included in the SEO services that the company will gather as much information as they can about each of your competitors.

After studying your site and the sites of the competitors, the SEO services, you have hired will further work and present to you, their client, the possible steps that they will do increase the traffic to your site. They can tell you that they will repair and reconstruct in the site to give a better output. They make sure that your audience has a clear idea on the products and services that you are offering. Inclusive in the SEO services that the company offers is to create a good promotion and marketing strategy for your site to be noticed. They may change the look or the design of your page to attract attention, or they may consider revising the articles on your site to provide more information. Once they have achieved the look and feel that they wanted, they can now go to the next step. This next step for SEO services is to attract the right audience for your site. They can do this building links in sites where your target audience are and promote your site there. They can also start submitting your site to the search engines like Yahoo and Goggle, among others. They also check for the sites where your site was banned and tries to remove your site from there.

Lastly, the SEO services providers will inform you of the changes that they made and plan on making and how the website changed and improved since they handled it. They should report to you all the positive as well as negative feedback so that you are also aware of their progress. It is your right to know if the SEO services you hired have successfully increased traffic in your site. It could also mean that you have increased in your PR rank and standing in the search engines. This success is also made visible in the sales that you receive since they took charge.

The SEO services mostly operate in this pattern and provide the same goal their techniques may be different and their commitment and success rate is what will make them standout. It is advisable to maintain the same provider to make sure that your website is continually watched and improved. Internet ranking is unstable and constantly changing. You will really need SEO services on an ongoing basis.

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