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Have you ever been around a poet that knows so much poetry by heart that they annoy you every time the subject of poetry comes up? They are passionate about their love for poetry and are emotional as they explain the complexity of the poems they recite.

Certainly you have heard techno-geeks spouting off the specifications for the latest computer gadget, software program of external device. They know computers and computer language seeps from them unbidden.

These people are enthusiastic about the things they love. Their passion is brought to a laser focus as they allow what they know to permeate their life and lifestyle.

Believe it or not, this is exactly how you should be in relation to your business. You web branding is a direct result of how intimately acquainted you are with your online business. The more you know about your business, and the more clearly you have defined the facets of the passion of your business the better you will be at web branding.

Web branding isn’t simply developing a slogan, it’s understanding your business so well that you can help your website breathe the same air as your business. Web branding provides the glue you need to not only put your online business together, but to keep it together.

When we get married we want to learn as much about our spouse as we can. We want to learn what makes them happy, what topics should be avoided and how to best serve their interests. As odd as it may sound this is the premise of web branding. The only difference is in marriage you may keep certain things between you and your spouse whereas in web branding you take everything you’ve learned about your business and help online consumers catch a vision for what you do and who you are.

You may need to look at your business more as the culmination of a love story and less as a manual for operating your DVD player. The difference is based in emotion.

Marketing your website may require calculated non-emotive strategies, but web branding requires you to become involved in learning to express who you are as a business and allow emotion to be a driving force in the casting of your vision.

I came across a bottled water company recently that is involved in saving the rainforest. Part of their branding is that they don’t just sell water they are able to preserve 90 square feet of rainforest with every bottle of their water sold. They know that not everyone is interested in saving the rainforest, but the branding helps set them apart from every other water bottler. They have expressed passion in their branding.

There is a lesson in that bottle of water.

Shopping Cart abandonment is the process of a customer adding things to their shopping cart with intent to purchase then never finalizing the purchase and if you’re running an eCommerce store it’s likely to be costing you lost revenue. Some online store see figures up to 68% abandonment, over three quarters of their customer who place products in their cart do not finalize pay. This article is going to look at how you can minimize the impact of shopping cart abandonment on your sales.

Like all problems, In order to tackle the problem we firstly need to know what causes it. There are a multitude of reason why people abandon their carts, speaking to online customer and store owners we have pin pointed what we think at the top ten reason people doing finalize a purchase and we’re going to give you some guidance on how to avoid each one.

1. Cost of Shipping too high and not shown until checkout: Sticker Shock does not just happen on products, it’s as much a problem with the shipping costs on your store. Especially if you sell low priced items. The best way to limit this is to make sure your customer know how much the delivery is going to cost them as soon as possible. Make sure you shopping cart page has a good estimate of the final shipping cost, and if possible place estimated shipping cost on your product pages.

2. Changed mind and discarded cart contents: If your customer genuinely changes their mind and decides not to purchase there is not much you can do about that. But you can try and minimize the chances of them becoming distracted. Removing all unnecessary links from the checkout process stops customer from clicking away from the checkout process. This can include removing site navigation during the process.

3. Comparison shopping or browsing: The popularity of shopping comparison sites is increasing all the time and there are really only two ways you can deal with this. The first is to undercut all your competitors and make sure you come up on the comparison sites as being the cheapest. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible and the only other solutions is honesty, explaining why your products are at a higher price help, also more and more sites are beginning to include price comparisons with their competitors on their own site, if you show your customer you have nothing to hide then they’re more likely to trust you and purchase from you.

4. Total cost of items is too high: Make sure that your customers are aware at all time of the value of the products in their shopping cart whilst they browse. Placing a simple running total at the top right of your store will make sure the customer is aware of the prices adding up and won’t get sticker shock when they click on the ‘what’s in my cart’ button.

5. Saving items for later purchase: Make sure your customer can do this easily, more current shopping cart software provides you with a facility to allow customers to save their carts and come back and checkout at a later date.

6. Checkout process is too long: Make sure your checkout process is as short as possible, and don’t ask for information from your customer that they don’t need. Don’t make then enter their postal address multiple times for shipping and billing if they’re the same. Also as stated above make sure there are no distraction in the checkout process.

7. Out of stock products at checkout time: Like shipping costs make sure you customers are aware as soon as possible that your products are in or out of stock as soon as possible. The best place to show this is in your product listings and on the product pages themselves.

8. Poor site navigation and long download times: There is nothing more infuriating than a slow loading site, make sure you work with your host to provide your customer with the fastest loading page possible, make sure you shopping cart software code is optimized and delivers pages fast.

9. Lack of sufficient product or contact information: Information = Reassurance, the more information your site contains about your company and your product the more reassurance it provides to the customer that they’re going to get the products they want, and the products they ordered. Make sure that your product descriptions contain as much information as possible and they you include pages about your company including contact information. It’s always good to have a phone number, most online shoppers will never call you, but a large number will be reassured that you are reachable on the phone if something goes wrong.

10. Site unclear on delivery times: Just like the above point, make sure you have all the information about your delivery times visible and easily accessible at all times, in an age when customer can get all the information they need at the clicking of their fingers they increasingly want their real world products just as fast.

In today’s busy world the internet is a major necessity when it comes to doing business. Especially for large corporations.

Many times, most corporations have affiliate business partners over seas and have to hold conferences, board meetings, etc. in order to make or close deals. Many times the meeting needs to be held in a timespan that is not conducive to traveling half way around the globe. That’s where a web conferencing call, or an internet conference call would be a major time saving asset, as well as being less expensive, and as they say, “Time is money”.

Let’s look at how internet conference calling can save you money.

By using a web conference call service you save big bucks on the cost of air travel. With air travel you have the cost of tickets, hotel or motel accomodations, transport to and from the conference site, and to and from the airport. Then there is the extraneous expenses that your company spokes man, or entourage may add to the expense account; such as food, room service, rental car, etc. The cost can easily run into the thousands of dollars. Then there are always the unexpected problems cropping up causing long lay overs at the airport which can cost you a business contract if you, or your spokes-person do not show up at the time specified.

Then there are the long, drawn out, 12 hour road trips to get to a 1 hour conference in another state. With the rising gas prices this option, while less expensive than air travel, is still much more costly than conducting a web conference call. You still have the expenses of at least one night of hotel, or motel accomodations, food, car rental, etc. The cost can still easily run into hundreds of dollars, possibly more.

The cost involved with an internet conference call depends on the company you choose to use, but to give you an idea on price it can average anywhere from $25 to $5000 for long term rentals. When comparing these prices to the yearly travel expenses, one can easily determine that the savings you and your company would receive when opting for a web conference call is substancially lower. That means hundreds of thousands of dollars saved every year, perhaps even millions.

There are many companies out there that offer Web Conference calling services and in the fast paced world of commerce every edge you can get for your company is a bonus. Next time you have to set up a meeting, or in the event of an unplanned meeting that has to be done on the spot, a Web Conference call is the smartest option, time wise and financially.

Whether your office is in your home, or in a warehouse, all you need is internet access and the requirements for the web conference call program, and the program itself. Internet Conference calling is the new way to do business in the high tech world of today.

Now, we’ll take a look at the different ways to conduct a web conference call.

Video Web Conferencing: This option allows you and your clients to see each other while you speak. By using this method one can interact with over a hundred people at a time, provided they have the video apparatus for their computer systems.

Audio Conferencing: When participating in an audio internet conference call one can speak directly to the client, in their board room, or office, without the clients needing to see each other. Audio conferencing can be done directly, or with the assistance of an operator for the really large multi-way audio conferences. The cost for the audio conference call varies depending on the amount of people involved.

In the high tech, e-business world of today web conferencing is the way to go, whatever option you choose. Whether it’s just one on one, or a 12 hour seminar consisting of multiple people, web conferencing is inexpensive, time saving, and reliable.

The possibilities are endless.

The web is huge. Just like the universe it’s too big to contemplate. Even narrowing your search on the topic of making money online will generate enormous results too large to sort through. So, where do you start?

There are many eager people looking for income opportunities on the internet. Most of these people fail before they even start their search online. Why? Because they’re looking for get-rich quick programs. Having this mindset from the beginning is almost guaranteed to produce failure. There is no such thing as a get-rich quick program. Any website promising to easily earn you thousands a day are always overexaggerating or are scamming you. The simple truth is, earning money online is like earning money in your current job. It takes work. To a lot of people, this may sound discouraging. However, it doesn’t have to be. You can make a lot of money on the internet, but it takes a little time, investment and knowledge to build up a steady stream of income online. You can’t get rich quick, but you can get rich if you know what your doing and you do the right research. The truth is, once you do know how to earn money online, you will discover that it doesn’t take as much effort, time or money than you expected it would. In fact, you can find yourself working less hours than your regular day job but earning just as much pay.

There are tons of free information online to help you in your quest for earning income online. Finding all of this information and compiling them can be pretty tricky with all of those get-rich quick scams out there overshadowing your efforts…but I have discovered a perfect source for anyone who is searching for valuable information on online moneymaking. There is a free ebook available for anyone to download that will share with you 325 pages of exactly how to make money online using various different techniques that successful people use everyday to make money on the web. Before you invest your time or money into anything, you must take a look at this book first: https://www.coolwebtips.com book is called “Dotcomology” and is written by an online money making guru by the name of Stone Evans. It will be the most important ebook you read on how to make money online. Best of all, it is free.

Just remember these tips before you invest any money online:

1. There is no such thing as a get-rich quick program. If it sounds too good to be true,

chances are, it is.

2. If you find a program you are interested in, make sure you research it on the net first before you join. You may find some negative feedback from other people who have tried it.

3. Read the free ebook “Dotcomology” for tons of tips and ideas on how to make money online.

4. Make sure you start out with the right attitude and mindset, keeping in mind that developing a steady income online is not an overnight achievement. Be willing to put some effort into it and you will be rewarded.

Just follow these guidelines in your quest to find the right idea or program best suited for you. Good luck in your search and to your success!

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