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When considering any online business venture there are certain flags that fly freely, warning you that your money could be wasted and there are a few other flags that may not be as prominently displayed. Of course, as more people begin to recognize the warning signs of fraudulent business practices, the designers of these sites are become more adept of shielding them from view until it is too late.

One of the most prominent of the warning signs is contact information.

Names and email addresses are usually dominant in online advertisements, but if you call the number during normal business hours and the phone is answered by a six-year-old there’s a good chance the owner of the business does look at it as a professional operation. How the person answers the phone can be a good clue as to how they operate and whether or not it is a legitimate business.

Now, everyone knows that home-based businesses run the risk of having a child answer the phone, during normal business hours that is typically taboo among true professionals. You may want to have website in front of you when you do call the person listed on the site, and focus your queries on the business, attempting to determine how prolific they are. After all, they will be the one training you to operate the business.

If there is no phone number or physical address, it is best just to close the ad and move on to the next one. If there is a physical address, you can verify its authenticity through the postal service’s online service and quickly determine if it is a legitimate business address or something someone made up just to make people think they have an address. You may then through the online phone book, attempt to find the phone number for the address and if it is not listed on purpose, you will want to ask why they do want to be contacted.

If there are different program levels to choose from, with the higher costing levels paying high commission rates, you have to wonder why you have to pay a monthly fee in order to work for them. Sure, many companies charge a franchise fee, but what do you get for that fee? Training by the person who let their six-year-old answer the phone? Any support in advertising the site that does not make you sign up and pay for another service?

After reading the entire site, if you do not know what it is you will be doing, chances are it is not a legitimate business. Most real businesses will be up front about their product or service and won’t make you buy it in order to become a distributor. You may also want to consider the legalities of requiring someone to stock merchandise in order to earn sales commissions as well as having to pay a recurring membership fee in order to be eligible to earn an income. The higher membership fee may earn more money, but probably will not be returned in the form of more sales.

If you are trying to search engine optimize (SEO) your site you are facing a lot of competition. Here is a breakdown of the top ten search engine optimization strategies to help get your site boosted in the page rankings of the major search engines. However keep in mind that s some of these strategies may not apply to every web site.

1. Write a free ebook and ask web site owners selling a similar product if they would like to give it away for free on your site. Of course the ebook will also contain your affiliate links.

2. Write a review of another site’s products or services and publish it on your website. This may encourage him or her to link to you, which boosts your rankings and increases traffic.

3. Submit articles to the website that you are hoping to exchange links with to boost business.

4. If the website has a forum or blog make sure you respond with comments and leave your link so people can visit your site.

5. Ask the webmaster about trading advertising or putting a free ad on your page in exchange for a link if they are a site with way more traffic than you.

6. Give the web site a testimonial for their product or service. Include a text link for your web site within the testimonial and ask if they want to include it their ad copy.

7. If the site has a free for all links page, post your text link on it. You may want to go back and post your link regularly so it stays towards the top.

8. Make sure you sign their guest book and leave a complimentary comment in their guest book along with your URL.

9. Answer a question for the site owner on his or her blog followed by your URL link.

10. Propose a cross promotion deal with the webmasters and mistresses of sites you like. You could promote each other’s products or services in a package deal.

Small business owners mistakenly believe that the size of their business negates the need for strategic planning but the opposite is actually true. Its inherent size is actually what makes strategic planning more important because it can be means for a small business to gradually evolve into a huge and thriving multinational corporation.

What Small Business Owners Need to Know about Strategic Planning

Planning is one of the five important functions of management, but it’s arguably the most important of all because it’s the first function that any manager or business owners should focus on. Planning sets the goals, mission-vision, and direction for the company. Without it, the other functions may be impossible to achieve.

A business can’t, however, benefit from just any kind of planning. It must be strategic in essence to be effective. Strategic planning is a methodical process of deciding where you want your company to be in a given time frame and what you propose to do to get there.

There are different ways to let your company benefit from strategic planning so don’t worry about following the so-called rules. Whatever works for your company is good enough.

Elements of Strategic Planning

Internal and External Assessment of Strategic Planning – A coach of a basketball team won’t be able to map out an effective play if it doesn’t know its players well, which team it will be playing against, and other related factors. The same can be said for any business manager. Before you can start working on the details of your strategic plan, you must first focus on compiling data about the external and internal environment of your company.

Outside your business, politico-legal, economic, and socio-cultural factors can affect how your business will fare in the next few years. Inside, factors such as management style and the type of workforce you have can also help or hinder your company from attaining your goal.

Setting Your Company’s Goals – Small or big, the important thing is for your business to have goals. If you’ can be satisfied with small and short-term goals then that’s good; if you secretly desire for bigger goals then that’s even better. To know if the goals you plan to work on are indeed workable, determine if they adhere to the SMART rule – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

Rule of Majority – Of course, as owner or manager of a business, you reserve your right to approve or naysay any suggestion but as much as possible, allow the rule of majority to stick. Plans can only come to fruition if everyone in the company works together and you can assure yourself of their cooperation by showing them that you care about what they think.

Devising an Action Plan – Finally, it’s time to concentrate on the nitty-gritty of your strategic plan. List down possible and specific courses of action then choose what all of you deem as most suitable. Make sure that you set a definite schedule or timetable for everything but give allowances for unexpected delays and concerns. Set a budget as well.

The Ever-So-Popular Plan B – Last but not the least, devise a Plan B in the event that your first plan doesn’t work and list down indications to know when’s the right time to put Plan B to action.

Good luck on strategic planning for your business!

Did you know that good customer service is the primary factor in determining whether your business will thrive or fail? In other words, someone may set up a business in a thriving community where there is lots of traffic, but if there is no customer support or if support is poor and unfriendly, this business may fold under within 6 months. On the other hand , someone may set up a business in a more remote erea and give excellent, friendly customer service and their business may thrive.

You must realize that a satisfied customer will bring repeat sales because this person knows exactly what to expect from you and your goods or services. They will recognize your business practices and will do business with you in such a way that will bring about a satisfying transaction to both you and your customer.

As you build relationships with your customers it will in turn establish a relationship with your customers family and friends. This can bring in a flow of long term valuable customers who will continue to shop with you and also tell others about your business services. This is free ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising which will result from loyalty and friendly customer service.

Yet another very important reason for quality customer service is the fact that many major purchases are not made during the first contact. Very likely the prospect is shopping for a good dependable provider to do business with. They may purchase a small item just to see the quality of the product and to see what kind of service they recieve. If they are satisfied with your services and products, then you have more than likely established a life long customer with the potential of many more.

Good customer service may include rewards in the form of a coupon that can be used for free or discounted items or some other kind of promotion that will draw people to visit your place of business. People like free and discounted items and will probably return for more at a later date.

You must be wise when it comes to the treatment of your customers. You have to understand that without your customers you will not be able to pay your bills or support your business. So, even the hardest and meanest customer service representative will admit the need of a loyal and friendly service provider.

Finding your own passport to wealth is easy. All you have to do is imitate.

How do you learn anything? From the time you were an infant to today, it is the same.

You watch, you learn, you do.

This is not different in the online business world. It blows me away at the number of people that think that they can waltz on into the internet, join a program and start making money by going at it alone. Sure, many are clouded by the hype, success stories, and claims that are made all over the net. But, one thing is certain. None of those claims made online would have been possible without imitation.

Think about this. Do you think you could say to your self one day “Hey, I want to be helicopter pilot.” Then go walk out to your local airport, jump into the cockpit and fly away without ever having any training. Of course not!

Thinking you can do that in the online world is just as ridiculous. What you need to do to find your passport to wealth is find somebody that knows what they are doing, is currently successful, learn exactly what it is that they do, and do the same thing. It’s that simple.

The cool thing about the internet is that is is a great leveler. While you could not be an expert pilot in a month or maybe even a year, you could very well be making big time money online in a month if you were learning and implementing the right things. But, you have to watch, learn, and do before any success is going to take place.

When people join me in my Passport to Wealth business, I give them immediate access to exactly what I do. I give the exact ads I place in the exact places that I place them. I give them my exact emails. I give them tips on resources and things that I do on a daily basis to grow my business. Anyone who watches, learns, and then implements will have success.

We have been taught our entire lives that it is bad to copy. While it is not so good to copy off of Johnny’s test in math class or plagerize Suzie’s paper in english class, the real world is different. If you aren’t copying those that are successful, how are you ever going to know how to succeed? How will you ever find that passport to wealth that will change your life? You may eventually find it, but you are going to stumble through a massive learning curve to get there.

In fact, if you ask me (and lots of other successful people), you MUST copy a successful person to be successful in whatever it is you are learning to do. Sure after you have learned the basics, you can put your own touch on it, test things, make things better. But early on, if you are just going at it blindly, you will stumble and most likely fail.

There are experts out there who have tested very carefully methods that have resulted in their overall success. Sure, they have failed at times, but they are succeeding now and that is what is important. In my marketing career, I have not always been successful and I am not afraid to admit it. But, I took the time to learn and when I did, my success came very rapidly and my passport to wealth was unlocked. I failed on my own for a long time before I came across the following quote:

“To be successful in life, simply find somebody who is successful at what you want to do and do what they do.”

That one sentence changed my life.

Find people who are successful at what you want to do, start imitating them today and your own personal passport to wealth will unfold before you know it.

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