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The internet is a source of income within itself if you know what avenues to go down in order to generate the interest. Most companies nowadays have their own websites which offer information around the globe on what they offer. Whilst you may already be expanding due to this type of advertising would it not make sense to utilize this space to the best potential you can get from it? There are a few extra business opportunities that can bring in some extra cash for you and your business.

Examples of Business Opportunities Online

More often than not you will be using an Internet Service Provider to host your websites. It also means that the domain name that is used is not yours, it will be one assigned to you which promotes their name and not your. Normally if this service is provided free it also means that all advertising that is placed on your website is generating profits for your provider and not for you. This is just one of the many ways that you can use your domain name to attract business and generate income from various avenues globally.

There are companies who will provide you with the guidance to getting your website recognized and utilize your domain name to attract more business your way, making you stand out amongst the competition. They will research you and your website and find the pieces of information that stand out that will attract interest in your clients from amongst the rest of the competition that will get returned from online web searches.

Another way of ensuring added exposure of your business is by targeting your advertising spaces. In this way you will be linked with products and services that are in direct relation to what you are doing. This means that users who search for your type of product may be directed to you for that little something extra that they may require after their purchases. This is why your domain name is important in its clarity and simpleness.

Many companies may not realize that they need to register their domain names with the big search engine companies in order for them to get picked up in user searches. Search engine companies will list your domain name on their server and use specialized software to scan your site for word combinations that may be entered into a search engine. In this way you are ensured of being turned up in an online search, exposing you to literally millions of users the world over.

Email is a virtually free form of advertising. It is easy to gather peoples email addresses from those who wish to receive further information on your product. These can be from existing clients, online users who may subscribe to your email news letters; however it is important that when you use this sort of advertising you are not breaking the laws by encroaching on peoples privacy rights. This could get you and your company into some serious trouble and incur hefty penalties and even law suits against you.

Using these types of online opportunities means utilizing your web space to its full capacity. It is also a relatively cheap way of exposing your name to the international market without having to launch into expensive ad campaigns around the world. There are many opportunities for you to use your domain name as an extra business opportunity and all the research information is readily available online. Become a part of the ever growing popularity of online marketing and expand your business globally.

Before you ask yourself this question, you should ask yourself whether any franchise opportunity would be right for you. Are you the sort of entrepreneur who would succeed in a franchise setting? There are many reasons you might say “yes” to this and many reasons to explore franchise opportunities, but here are the top ten according to

1. Franchising significantly decreases the amount of time it will take your business to turn a profit.

2. Franchise opportunities have a much lower failure rate than new, independent businesses.

3. Starting a franchise business does not require nearly as much time and effort as starting an independent business. This affords franchisees more time to spend with their families and more time to do the things they enjoy.

4. Franchising is federally regulated. There is a great deal of information that franchisors are required to provide to potential franchisees, so they can make an informed investment decision.

5. Franchise opportunities provide fast, easy access to financing. Some of the larger franchises even provide in-house financing.

6. Franchise opportunities include amazing training and support from the franchisor to ensure franchisees’ success.

7. There is tremendous potential for growth and expansion within the franchise system.

8. The wealth of franchise opportunities means there are many available investment levels. Some franchises only require initial investments of a few thousand dollars. This includes many franchises that offer an Internet-based business or home-based business plan.

9. The resources available to the franchisor translate into professional development opportunities for the franchisees.

10. Added benefits
Being self-employed takes commitment. Anybody can be successful if you are willing to set forth hard work and dedication. To be successful you have to be a self-starter, organized, confident, and persistent. Keep in mind you may not see much profit at the beginning, just be confidant knowing all that hard work and long hours will pay off in the future. With all that being said there are many advantages to being self-employed here are a few of the most important.

Money is a huge advantage to being self-employed. Working for yourself means you have greater potential to make more money then you will working for someone else. For example say you make $10 hourly. Your employer pays $20 hourly for your work plus materials, now the equipment you operate produces $60 of product hourly. The company just profited $40 an hour on your $10 hourly salary. You being an entrepreneur want that $40 profit in your pocket not somebody else’s right?

Accomplishment is another great advantage of self-employment. Knowing all the time and commitment it took to build a successful business that will provide for your family is a great accomplishment. Knowing your accomplishment is an example of what can be accomplished with hard work and dedication -now that’s a great feeling!

Flexibility is another great advantage of being self-employed. You are the boss, which means you set the schedule. You work when you want and take the time you need, when you need it. That’s why many successful business’s hire hard working employees so the boss can take off when ever he or she needs to.

Freedom is yet another advantage to being self-employed. You will have the freedom to experiment with ideas of your own. Bringing your hobbies and the things you love into your work will bring you joy and increase your profits.

Family is the greatest advantage of all. Being self-employed allows you opportunity to spend more time with your family. This goes back to setting your own schedule so, when your child has a baseball game, soccer game or ballet recital you will always be there. Oh! Lets not forget no more calling sick!!!

Making the decision to become self-employed comes with many advantages that can greatly improve your lifestyle.

In scouting for a web hosting company, always ensure the disk space and amount of traffic needed.

Amount of Disk Space

The requirement of a small or medium web site is between 10 and 100MB of disk space.

When looking at the size of HTML pages, you will notice that the average size is very small – smaller than 1K. But looking at the size of the pictures used within the pages, you will often find them several times bigger than the page itself.

5 and 50K of space on the server is the expected consumption of each HTML page which is dependent on the use of images or other elements that may consume disk space.

More disk space is needed for web sites that plan to utilize lots of images or graphic elements (not to mention sound files or movies).

Before scouting for your web host, make sure that you have knowledge of your requirements.

Monthly Traffic

Monthly transfer of data for a small or medium web site will take up between 1 and 5GB.

On the other hand, monthly traffic in larger commercial sites consumes more than 100GB.

Before the contract with the host provider is signed, be sure that the following is checked:

What are the limitations on monthly transfer?

Will your site be closed if you go beyond the volume?

Will you be the billing be higher if the volume is exceeded?

Will it cover future requirements?

Is upgrading easy?

Connection Speed

Your web hosting provider should offer a relatively faster connection for your visitors who often connect through a modem.

During the early days of the Internet, connecting using a T1 was considered a fast connection. However, modern speeds are much faster.

One byte is 8 bits long, and that is usual amount of bits used to transfer a character (a letter or a digit). 14,000 to 56,000 bits per second (bps) is the transfer speed for low speed communication modems. The range is within 2000 and 7000 characters per second, nearly 1 to 5 pages of written text.

Before making any deal with hosting providers, research some other web sites on their servers, to have a good background about the speed of their network. Likewise, compare the other sites with your site, to check if you have the same requirements. Getting in touch with other customers is another alternative.

Disk space and the amount of monthly traffic is not the only requirement in web hosting. This will depend on the web site you are planning to put up.

The whole concept of web hosting is quite interesting. When you visit a website a web page is shown. This web page is downloaded from the server where web site is hosted to your web browser. A website contains many web pages which are made up of graphic images and texts. These web pages are stored on the server and are downloaded to web browser when somebody needs to view them.

So if you intend to host a website then first thing which you must have is a web host who will be providing you the web space over the server for your website. The host proving this hosting facility is called web hosting company or provider. Once your website is on the server then the users can access it through internet and requested pages will be downloaded to his browser on clicking on the links.

A well established host can provide hosting facility to a number of websites. ‘Hostgator’, a well known hosting provider hosts more than 4 lakh websites on its servers. For this it requires many web servers for hosting these websites. After this these servers are connected to the internet. These servers are kept in a physical ‘data centers’. Since these data centers are needed to be functional all the time so these data centers are made fully secure with 24X7 power-backup. Proper arrangements are there to protect these from fire. These have virus detection programs and temperature control systems with proper data back-up facility. Arrangements for disaster recovery are also needed for these data canters in case of any major disaster.

Now as far a web hosting is concerned, it can be of many types- shared hosting, dedicated hosting, co-location hosting and reseller hosting. In shared hosting there are several websites which share a common space on the server. Since a server can host numerous websites people think that the performance of the server deteriorates with the increase in number of websites that are being hosted on the server, but this is totally wrong as servers are equipped with high end components to cater to such loads.

In case of dedicated hosting, a customer is provided with a specific server. Since the server is dedicated to one customer only, he can host as many websites as he wants on that server. In case of dedicated hosting the customer has the option of changing software configuration and he can handle large site traffic. The charges for dedicated hosting quite high and can range from $50 to $500 per month depending upon the facilities provided by the company. In case on co-location hosting, the customer can also own the hardware of the web server with all the facilities of dedicated hosting. It provides more flexibility to the customer in terms of maintenance and control.

In reseller hosting a web space is offered to a party at some discounted price by the provider and this party can resell this space to some other customer in order to make profit.

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