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The use of appropriate key words is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Selecting and targeting pertinent key words and phrases is crucial for building web traffic and getting the audience you want for your web pages. Like any other type of advertisement, your key words must be carefully chosen to ensure that you achieve both high page rankings and relevant traffic.

Achieving high page ranks is useless if the traffic it brings you is not the right audience. For this reason, many experts believe that the target key word list used for a site can mean either success or failure for a web site or online business.

It is no longer enough to simply choose a relevant domain name for an online business or web site. Choosing the right key words for the site is now equally if not more important. The majority of people who visit a site get there by using a search engine. They will type in two or three words that describe what they’re looking for, scan the resulting list generated and pick one that seems relevant until they get the answer or product they need. This is where target key words are utilized. Key words are what enable people to find your site; choosing the right key words for your site will ensure the right people find you.

With this in mind, identifying your target audience is the first step in creating relevant key words and phrases. Again, this is not dissimilar to targeting television advertisements. Consider location when you are developing your target market. For example, if you own a used car dealership in Hayward, California, any traffic you get from outside a very specific area is virtually useless to you. Similarly, if you operate an online business that does not ship outside the USA, generating traffic from other countries will not help you make sales. By adding key words that are specific to your location as well as your product, you will better hone into your target audience, improve your rankings, and achieve a better conversion rate, which will help increase your site’s page ranking, in turn.

Keyword competition should also be taken into consideration when developing a site’s key word list. Going back to the used car dealership example, let’s say a potential customer types in the word “cars” into a search engine. They’ll never find what they need, because it’s far too general
If you are looking to get rich or just to make some extra money you may want to look into buying digital products with resell rights. You may be thinking to yourself you should have said selling instead of buying? Well that is the next step. You see when you buy a digital product and it has resell rights you can resell that item many times over and generate a profit by doing this.

That is why I said you should look into buying digital products with resell rights, not selling digital products with resell rights. You first have to purchase such items and then you can sell them. In this article you will find out more about buying digital products with resell rights and whether or not you may want to get into this sort of business that is making many a lot of money.

First you might be asking yourself well what are digital products? Digital products are products such as e-books, software, e-courses, learning programs, tutorial, consultation, multimedia, and many, many other digital products are available to sell as well. So you may be asking yourself why would I want to sell digital products?

Well that is a great question that I will answer for you. You see most of these digital products are all about information and information is what people search for most when they get on the internet. So selling digital products on the internet is the way to go because people want to learn and they crave information. People for example are looking for ways to get out of there dead end jobs, and selling digital products are a good way to do just that.

Now you may be asking yourself well what are resell rights? Well let me break it down for you. You see when you buy digital products with resell rights. You are not only buying a digital product, but you are buying a product that has resell rights, or a product that you can resell for profit. How cool is that. It is even cooler that you can buy these digital products with resell rights and you do not have to pay a royalty or a commission to anyone.

You buy it once and you can sell it as much as you can. There are very little expenses in this business except for buying it the first time. For example you can buy a digital resell product for twenty dollars and you can sell it just once for 20 dollars and you have made your money back. But you sell it 10 more times and you have just raked in two hundred dollars straight profit. Sell just twenty five and you rake in five hundred dollars. You see if you were doing this part time you could earn serious cash and finally pay off those bills that have been sitting on the table piling up.

This is why at the beginning of this article I said buy instead of sell. You see you have to first buy it and then you can sell it for profit. This is such a cool concept it is important for people to check into it. Why not all you have to learn how to do is sell these products on e-bay or if you already have your own web site then you can market your digital products that way.

Remember at the beginning of this article I said we will discuss whether or not you may want to get into this type of business. Well that is completely up to you. You can basically run this business for free and with very little time all you have to do is be able to market a product. So check out buying digital products with resell rights and start making money today.

Daron Babin-Daron is the CEO of Webmaster Radio. Daron has been teaching and lecturing on search engine optimization since 1997. Daron got his start in television by working for NBC, but eventually found his way into the world of search engine marketing and optimization. His goal from the very beginning has been to create tools that benefit the community. According to an interview with the Online Marketing Blog, Daron is currently developing a pod cast search engine. He also mentions that Yahoo is his favorite search engine, while Google comes in second on his list.

Matt Cutts-Matt Cutts is a software engineer for Google. He began working for Google in January 2000, and is currently the head of Google’s Webspam team. Thanks to the popularity of his blog, Matt Cutts has become a celebrity within the search engine optimization community. With an Alexa ranking of 1,262 (at the time of writing), Matt’s blog is one of the busiest on the internet. Because Matt has become the unofficial ambassador/liason between Google and the search engine optimization community, he frequently attends search and web master conferences. No matter where he goes during these conferences, it is guaranteed that he will have a flock of SEOs following and watching his every move.

Rand Fishkin-Rand Fishkin is the owner of SEOmoz. SEOmoz specializes in providing companies around the world with search engine optimization services. SEOmoz is currently made up of nine different people, including Rebecca Kelley and Si Fishkin. At the end of 2006, Rand and SEOmoz made the decision to release their financial statements for the past year. According to these statements (which were only rough estimates), SEOmoz earned a total of $600,000 during 2006. At the end of the year, they had $64,000 in the bank. Only a year early, they had less than $4,000 in saved in the bank.

You can save a lot of time not commuting to and from the office. By missing the traffic jams first thing in the morning and last thing at night you will be able to spend a lot more time with your children when it matters.

Working from home is definitely more cost effective. You save money on parking & fuel bills as well as having the luxury of rustling up a quick snack in your own kitchen. Forget about buying expensive tasteless sandwiches. Why not take the opportunity to learn some basic cooking skills and start eating well and feeding nutritious food to the children? If you have a headset you can still make & answer important business calls whilst cooking some delicious food.

Make sure that you have a decent dishwasher though. It is amazing how much mess you can make when cooking! Another idea is to get used to emptying the dish washer as soon as the washing cycle is finished. This means that you will always have a place to throw the dirty pots and pans in. Do not wait until it is absolutely full before you start the machine otherwise you will end up with dirty dishes in the sink.

So you have finally decided that you are fed up of boring office meetings that seem to last forever and a boss that does not appreciate you, but how do you find the right opportunity to get started?

The best way to find out new ideas is to talk to other people who are already successful working from home. They can give you hints and tips on how to get started.

There are also many websites that specialise in this field. Why not subscribe to a few of them? They will be more than happy to fill up your mail box with some good ideas and a lot that are just rubbish.

Weed out the ones that sound plausible and then start your research. Remember the reasons why you decided to work from home in the first place. Do not go for ideas based on profitability alone. Choose something that you will enjoy doing because if your work is also interesting you are much more likely to stick with it when the going gets tough.

Speak to people you know that are already in business and ask them what they think of your ideas. Find out if anybody in your area has already tried this idea out and check how they are faring.

Just before you commit or hand any money over, speak to an accountant with the few remaining ideas and you should be able to narrow the list down even further.

But be careful though; working from home means that you spend a lot of time close to your family. This could lead to many more demands for lifts, shopping expeditions and the like.

Web forms are not necessarily highly complex codes that boggle the mind. But if you are just starting out, there is likely some room for improvement – and you may even welcome a helping hand. You have likely encountered web forms that did not function properly or were poorly designed, but do you know why? When you begin to write your own form, you will see how easy it can be to fall into some of the common traps of creating web forms. There are some things that you can do, however, to make your forms cleaner, more efficient and much more user friendly.

Avoid Large Drop Down Menus

Drop down menus that go on forever are distracting and annoying. You don’t need every conceivable option available. A scroll bar for a large drop down is not very convenient and can annoy your visitors, possibly even discouraging them to click away from your site. Let your visitors’ type in their information instead.

Offer Suggestions

One of the best things that you can do for your visitors is to help them with their decision making. You can do this with usernames, domain names and passwords. For instance, when a visitor selects a name that is already taken, instead of informing them that it is not available, give them some choices to help the out with their decisions.

Help Out the Double Clickers

Some people just naturally double click on buttons, particularly when they are labeled “submit.” Adjust your form to work with the person who commits this blunder instead of punishing them. One option is to use Java script so that the submit button is grayed out and disabled after the first click.

Do Away with Confusing Formats

Keep it simple when it comes to your web forms. One type of format that tops the list for annoying formats is the birth date that insists on the entering the information exactly as “dd/mm/yyyy” and when it isn’t entered per specifications, the form rejects it and demands it be changed. Keep your forms simple and avoid too many confusing formats. This is much kinder to your users.

Modify your Display Warnings

When a form is not filled out correctly, one of the most frustrating things that your visitor can see is a blaring pop up demanding that the user fix something on their form. A better way to accomplish this is to use red font or a red border within the page to highlight the areas that need attention. Dialog boxes that require you to click “OK” are a waste of time and a turn off for your visitors.

International Respect

When you are creating your web form, keep in mind that you will be reaching to many different types of people from all over the world. If your web form ignores the rest of the world, then you are severely limiting yourself in the type of response and amount of responses. You would do better to leave an area that allows your visitors to designate their country, postal code and other identifying information.

Short Web Forms

Your web form will be more attractive to your visitors if it is kept brief. Stick to the information that you need to complete the form and save the extra requirements for another form or an optional activity. People don’t like it when you waste their time, so keep your forms short. Also, many people will be more inclined to complete a form that has optional information (and often they provide the optional info!).

If you can stick with these tips you will create web forms that are more user friendly and much more appealing your visitors.

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