Tips And Tricks On Organic Mlm Lead Generation Lessons Learned From A Website Design Gone Wrong Seo Brainstorming On What You Sell Before You Start Your Home Business

There are two main things you have to learn to insure organic MLM lead generation. One is how to generate targeted leads and two is how to qualify these leads. If you can master these two essential functions of proper mlm lead generation, everything will follow.

You will have a daily flow of targeted leads and prospects hitting your website.

One of the first things you must understand about MLM lead generation is that it is all about the numbers. Specifically, the number of qualified people who enter your site. Your goal is to gain a daily flow of prospects from organic search engine results. Google, yahoo and MSN are the most popular search engines. This is because these search engines have millions, if not billions of people that enter their sites regularly looking to find information or research topics. With that sort of audience, it simply is not difficult to implement an organic mlm lead generation plan, no matter what product or business you are offering. There is always someone looking for what you have.

You will not be able to compete with the Internet goliaths but if you set-up your site to be search engine friendly, within a few months you will start seeing daily traffic hitting your website. With just a few thousand people visiting your site each month, you can consider your site optimization efforts a great success. In fact, if you can average 5000 people visiting your site each month, you will probably earn as much money from a “one-off sale” affiliate product as you do with a network marketing program.

Lets breakdown the two things you can do to get started with your MLM lead generation efforts:

First, you must learn how to generate leads. You need to have a web site optimized for the search engines and learn the strategies to get people to give you their e-mail address by joining your newsletter or ezine. By building your opt-in mailing list you are insured success in the long run. You can provide related content, swap links with merchant partners or friends, write an article and submit it to directories and place classified ads in ezines and ads services. These basic, usually free or low cost advertising methods will generate a large future client base.

You can also try paying other people to advertise your site or paying leads companies to mail to their subscriber lists. However, generating organic, free leads from search engines is much easier than you think. A few days of research and a few tweaks to your website will result in huge traffic down the line. It takes 3-6 months to really see the effects due to the time it takes for the big search engines to crawl and index your site. However, there are hundreds of smaller ones that will index you the same day. Check out for more on this. They provide a great paid submission service to the big search engines and hundreds of others.

Secondly, qualify your mlm leads. You don’t want people who are interested in dog training coming to your site. You want people who are looking for what you have to offer. If you run an MLM online business, this should be less of a problem, as long as you have created a site that is related to your online MLM venture and product. If you sell vitamins develop a site that is content rich on vitamins and offers real information. Not a bunch of hype on the business aspect. If you have succeeded in creating a site that is interesting and unique, it will usually guarantee some of the people who visit will be interested in the potential business opportunity.

In a recent research study it was shown that only 2% to 4% of people who visit a website will click on a link that generates money for the website owner. As the Internet grows and more and more advertising is thrust upon the Internet community, people are less apt to buy right away. Another intersting fact is the already-small number shrinks further to .5% when it comes to those who will actually buy a product on the first visit. This is why developing a long-term relationship with your client base over time with an newsletter or ezine will eventually result in a growing business and daily sales.

The failure most people fall into is they see the Internet as a sprint and not a marathon. The Internet is about developing a reputation for quality content and pre-selling. Not selling! Pre-selling with good content and a personality, you will start to see results.

The name if the game in MLM lead generation is eventually making sales. By getting your website search engine friendly and taking the long-term approach you will gain ground. So many people start their websites and then stop. Very few gain the popularity necessary to produce quality mlm lead generation process. If you take a two-year approach to building the same site, adding quality content and building a name for your self by writing articles and posting responses is high traffic forums, you will be blown away within a few months at the traffic your site is generating.

I was talking to my partner the other day and he told me about a conversation he had recently with a photographer friend. They were catching up on what each other was doing, having not seen each other in several years and. After talking about what my partner and I were doing, she said that he wished she had known about that as she had a website recently built to promote her portrait photography business and would have rather worked with someone that she knew then picking the lowest priced website design company out of the phone book. She asked us to take a look at it and let her know what we thought.

What I found in reviewing the site is what is common in most artist websites. The website does not have a clear call to action of what the visitor needs to do. In this particular instance, the goal of the website should be to drive visitors to make appointments to get portraits taken. Instead, it highlights four galleries to showcase example photos taken (which is a good thing to do) but forces the customer to search throughout the website to fine even the location of this company, pricing information, how to schedule an appointment, etc. In other words, all of the things that make the artist money are extremely difficult for a potential customer to find on their website.

If that was not bad enough, the website was not designed to be found by the major search engines. In this web site’s instance, the only way you could find this person’s website would be if you knew the company’s name. This might be fine if you already have great name recognition in your industry, but otherwise the only way that your website will be found is through online advertising, print marketing, and word of mouth. This really misses the boat to all of the free customer leads that the search engines can bring to your photography business.

The good news for her is after she asked us to do a full assessment of her website; that we are now starting to work with her to correct these shortcomings while still leveraging the existing framework of the website that she had built.

Whether you are looking for a website to just showcase your artwork, attempting to market your work to publishers, or trying to run a full blown photography business – it is important to know that not all web design companies are the same in what they deliver and in most cases, you get what you pay for. In the coming weeks, I hope to follow up with another article discussing how these changes positively impacted her business and how you can do the same with your website.

Brainstorming is simply a way to help you come up with an idea for what to sell on a website. It is also a valuable skill when it comes to helping you decide what keywords should be the focus of your SEO copywriting including the all important first lines of your pages as well the in context and out of context titles.

To brainstorm simply develop the habit of asking and answering the following questions whenever you feel stuck:

– What exactly is my product or service?

– Who exactly is my customer?

– Why does my customer buy my product or service?

– What is it my customer considers to be valuable about my product or service?

– What would I expect if I wanted to buy this product or service?

– What is it that makes my product or service superior to that of my competitors?

– Why, as a prospective customer, would I personally NOT buy my own product or service?

– Why does my prospective customer buy my competitor’s products or services?

– What value does she or she perceive in buying from my competitor instead?

– How can I change that perception and get my competitor’s customers to buy from me?

– What one thing must my customer is convinced of to buy from me, rather than from someone else?

Once you’ve asked and answered these questions, your next stage of planning is to decide on a plan of action that helps address the situations created by these questions as the answers will no doubt influence everything from the money you invest, advertising costs, marketing, distribution and SEO copy on your web site. Remember having a firm concept of what you want to sell in the first place is crucial to your success as an entrepreneur in the first place. Just having some common sense counts for a lot.

The health and wellness industry is one of the largest markets, but in order to make a profitable business, it is imperative to find your own niche, or specialized field. There are many fields to choose from in this wide and interesting market. There are even multiple forms of business models for you to choose from. You can have a simple website selling products and e-books, either your own or affiliate programs. Or you can have a cyber store, selling products, like vitamins and food supplements. You can offer a Q & A site or even offer a service like fitness or health consultation, however by far the most popular are the Network marketing and MLM programs.

Finding your niche:

The most important step when choosing a business in this field is to find a niche market. Finding a niche is not as hard as it sounds. As mentioned there are many markets within this large and growing Industry. Choose a few and then check out supply and demand. Whichever ones have a high demand and low supply will be your profitable niche market. You can use the overture search tool to estimate demand, (amount of searches), and look on Google for supply, (amount of web sites).

Tools you will need:

Autoresponder: In order to send mail to more than one person you will need an autoresponder. This will take care of your newsletter, and manage your subscriber list. It will also take care of your other lists like leads and customers. Mailers con be sent out with this valuable tool. There is usually a nominal monthly subscription fee.

Website: Your own website is important to the development of your business. To set this up you will need to build a theme content website. This is a website built around a special field. With your own website you will be able to build multiple streams of income all from one central website.

Newsletter: You should add a newsletter to capture visitors email addresses and gather leads and prospective customers for your opportunity and other products.

Multiple streams of income: Your next step will be to gather opportunities and products that are related to your market. You can start with an MLM business and add streams of income like products, e-books and services, which you can use affiliates to market.

At first start with one opportunity and try to work it for 3 months at least. As you develop your opportunity and start to make money you can then start another stream of income. Gradually you can build up until you have many streams of income in one market. After this you can expand into related markets and duplicate your successes.

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