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Diamonds are formed under very specific conditions that require materials bearing carbon to be exposed to high pressure though low temperature (relative to most parts deep inside the earth.) The pressure should be somewhere at least 45 kilobars and the temperature a minimum of 1652 degrees Fahrenheit. There are only two situations that provide these settings in the Earth.

They are at the site of a strike by a meteorite or in the earth’s lithospheric mantle and where it is below continental plates that are relatively stable.

Diamonds are only formed deep inside the earth, at least 90 miles down, to a maximum of 120 miles deep. Of course, this depends on the geographic area as the rate of temperature change relative to depth is different in different regions. Under oceanic plates, for example, the temperature will rise more quickly as you go deeper in the earth. The only place where you will find just the right combination of pressure and temperature are the oldest, thickest and most stable parts of the earth’s continental plates where lithosphere regions called cratons are found. The longer the diamond crystals reside in the cratons the larger the diamonds that result.

The carbon that we find in diamonds comes from a combination of both organic and inorganic matter. Scientists have determined this by studying ratios of carbon isotopes, a method somewhat akin to carbon dating. Some diamonds, called harzburgitic, have been formed from carbon that is inorganic and found in the deepest parts of the earth’s mantle. Eclogitic diamonds, in contrast, contain organic carbon that comes from organic detritus being pushed by subduction from the surface of the earth. Diamonds that rise to the surface of the earth are at least one billion years old and may be over three billion years.

Sometimes diamonds form in other events that also have high pressure and low temperature settings. Nanodiamonds and microdiamonds, the very smallest of the diamond family, have been discovered inside impact craters, the result of meteors striking the earth. The shock of the meteor strikes actually creates the ideal temperature and pressure conditions that create these diamonds.

As a business coach on occasion I find it helpful to remind my clients to lighten up. I’ll say something like “It’s a game; this won’t matter on your death bed.” As business owners it can be tempting to lose ourselves in the issue of the day, week or month. We forget that it is not a life or death situation. Okay, we could be on the verge of losing our business or maybe a really big account but these are the moments that perspective may be our most powerful edge. Remembering that business is a game could give you the mental and emotional acuity needed to get you through the rough patches we all experience.

Let me say more about business being a game. Just like a game there are rules, lots of them, your rules, industry rules, cultural rules, government rules and more. In regards to keeping your perspective, your rules are the ones that matter the most. Here are some rules that I recommend;

1. Play the game of business to win “as if” your life is at stake and then toss your head, smile and laugh when it doesn’t work out.

2. Have fun whenever possible, smile a lot.

3. Keep your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental reserves full for the game by exercising, praying, reading positive books, nurturing your relationships and getting rest. Of all the rules, this is the most important. Would a world class athlete show up exhausted, spent and mentally unprepared?

4. Learn basic business principles in the areas of finance, marketing, organizational development and operations. Then master the basics.

In business we are essentially playing two games at once, the internal game (the real game) and the external game (the worldly game). The external game is your daily business practices and your business model. The internal game (invisible) is about being positive, having integrity, being focused; present and aware, expressing your vision and being mentally clear about what you want. As you can see, the rules I recommend are for both games.

The first three rules are for the internal game. Rule number 4 addresses the external game. If we play the external game and forget about the internal game we will be reactive, experience stress, get stuck, neglect our bodies and our loved ones and lose complete sight of the fact that it is a game after all. If we only play the internal game and forget about playing the external game we will neglect to master the basics of business and be very happy but unsuccessful in business. Unfortunately, I have noticed very few people have the latter problem.

So how do you start applying the principles above? I recommend that you sit down and write your rules for the game of business. You will want rules for the internal and the external game. Then create your ideal day, week, month and year on paper or in your calendar. You want to be able to see how a master would operate. This is your gap. Now what? Get a coach, mentor, teacher, guru, whatever is right for you. These concepts are simple not easy.

The main reason people set up a home business is to have low overheads, escape the daily traffic jams and be the boss. But working from home also creates a feeling of isolation and when motivation is low it evens become difficult just going through your emails.

If you have an internet business and you live alone the problems just get compounded. There will be days at a time when you do not meet another living soul. So how do you beat the business blues?

Here are some tips:

Join a fitness club and pop out every time your energy levels start sagging. You do not need to use the gym every time… sometimes you can go straight to the wet area.

Get into the habit of having lunch somewhere nice that is not too expensive. At least you will be see some (live) people and be fresh when you get back to the office. Meet a friend for lunch now and again. Chatting about something else apart from will help to break up the day.

Keep some plants in the office and have some fish in an aquarium. Alternatively keep a cat or dog as a pet. They make great companions and a dog will even accompany you when you go for a walk!

Make a collection of your favourite music and have a decent stereo in the office. You can listen to some soothing music when you are feeling low or something more upbeat if you are feeling motivated.

Try and take regular breaks. The great thing about working from home is that you can pop into the kitchen and rustle up a snack or if the weather is nice do a spot of gardening! In the military they did a test on soldiers who marched for hours without a rest.

They analysed soldiers who had a five minute break each hour. Guess what… the soldiers who had a short break every hour actually ended up marching further than the soldiers who did not stop at all!

Join at least one networking organisation. There are many different types. Some meat early in the mornings, others at lunch and some meet after work. Some meet weekly whilst others meet every month. Join the one that fits in with your lifestyle and get into the habit of attending it regularly.

You can now even network online with like minded people. There are many types of business networks on the internet. One advantage of being a member is that most people are more than willing to help if you have any questions that need answering.

Finally ensure that you have a dedicated office at home. Spend some money and buy new desks and chairs. Ensure that the lighting is soft so that you do not get tired so quickly.

Bear in mind that if you work from home you will probably spend a lot of time in your home and it is essential that you enjoy working there.

Do you have any tips on how to beat the business blues for people working from home?

Are you a retailer who is looking to buy new POS equipment for a new store that you are opening or are you an existing retailer who is interesting in updating your current POS equipment? If so, when buying POS equipment, like POS cash registers, you will likely examine cost, functions, as well as reliability. While all of these factors are important and do need to be taken into consideration, you will also want to look past them. You will also want to examine POS software, namely POS software updates.

Retailers with POS equipment are more likely to be successful and profitable, as POS equipment makes it easier to service customers, track sales, and track inventory that comes in and out of their doors. To successfully help a retailer, like you, POS equipment must be installed with POS software; however, POS software regularly changes. As technology advances, so does POS software programs. To keep your retail establishments, whether they are supermarkets, clothing stores, or department stores, profitable, you will need to make sure that your POS equipment is running the latest POS software.

Although knowing that updated POS software is important, there are many who want to know exactly why that is. What you may not realize is that running old or outdated POS software can actually be considered a danger to your business. If your POS software is not regularly updated, you may find yourself running behind in the game. Updated POS software makes it easier to keep track of your inventory, track your sales, and service your customers. Not having updated POS software can actually cause you to lose money, as it may end up taking longer for you and your employees to do relatively easy tasks; tasks that would be much easier with updated POS software.

POS software updates also help you get a larger return on your investment; the money used to buy all of your POS equipment pieces and supplies. As previously stated, when your POS software is regularly updated, it makes it easier to keep accurate business records, like sales and inventory, as well as service your customers in a quick matter. This automatically enables you to retain a larger profit, as your business is working to the best of its ability. What you may not consider at the time is that regularly updated POS software also helps to extend the life of your POS equipment. Updated POS software allows your POS equipment, such as a POS cash register, to function longer and better. Seven or ten years down the road, it may still seem as if your POS equipment is brand new!

As you can see, POS software updates are extremely important. That is why it is important that you always keep POS software updates in mind when looking to outfit your business with new POS equipment. When it comes to POS software updates and ensuring that they are available to you, you will need to carefully examine which POS supplier you choose to do business with. It is important that you purchase more than just a product. Look for POS suppliers that not only come highly rated and recommended, but ones that have outstanding POS software updating programs; programs that ensure your POS equipment will always be running with the latest technology; technology that can help keep your business the success that it is today.

For an even larger return on your investment, you are advised to think certified pre owned. Certified pre owned POS equipment pieces are reconditioned products, which look and function as if they were brand new, but for a fraction of the price. For a large selection of new and certified pre owned POS equipment pieces, like POS cash registers and POS scanners, you are advised to examine In addition to a large selection of products, also has a well-known software updating program; a program that will help ensure your POS equipment is always updated, as soon as updates become available.

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