The Power Of Positive Thinking And Your Business Watch Out For The Red Fraud Alert Flags Approaching Business Strategy Analysis Just How Badly Do You Want To Succeed

You may not realize this but your thoughts and thought processes have an impact on how you run your business and its inherent success. The way you think has an effect on your business and thinking positively or negatively may make or break you. How does a person’s thought processes affect a business? What is the correlation between the way your mind works and how successful your business is and will be?

The way a person’s mind works is so intricate that digging deep into it to figure it out may be a pretty tough call, however, there is evidence that proves how positive thinking often brings positive results.

This positive thinking equals positive results phenomenon is brought about by the possible solutions one can come up with when faced with a problem.

Every now and then, when a problem arises within your business organization, how you deal with the problem can either help your company move forward or backward. With the positive results that can be had with positive thinking, you will do well to make your mind run on that path. An example of such positive thinking would be when your business experiences temporary losses due to seasonal fluxes and instead of buckling under the pressure of such losses, you go with the flow and calmly assess the situation to come up with countermeasures to counteract such losses.

Having the proper positive mindset when running a business not only helps you realize your company’s potential but helps keep things in the proper perspective. If you keep thinking positive about your business in the proper context and within the boundaries of reality, you save yourself from a lot of headaches that needless negative thinking may generate. Looking at the brighter side of the situation will also help you come up with timely solutions for certain business problems you may not have been able to solve had you faced it negatively.

Positive thinking can be cultivated in a person’s psyche through hypnotherapy or self-hypnosis. Making yourself think in a better light about how you can run your business and how to solve the ever emerging problems associated with running a business will not only help your money making ventures but your personal life as well.

Find out how you can benefit from thinking positive and how you can train your mind to think in this light and you will eventually be reaping the positive rewards positive thinking brings.

When considering any online business venture there are certain flags that fly freely, warning you that your money could be wasted and there are a few other flags that may not be as prominently displayed. Of course, as more people begin to recognize the warning signs of fraudulent business practices, the designers of these sites are become more adept of shielding them from view until it is too late.

One of the most prominent of the warning signs is contact information. Names and email addresses are usually dominant in online advertisements, but if you call the number during normal business hours and the phone is answered by a six-year-old there’s a good chance the owner of the business does look at it as a professional operation. How the person answers the phone can be a good clue as to how they operate and whether or not it is a legitimate business.

Now, everyone knows that home-based businesses run the risk of having a child answer the phone, during normal business hours that is typically taboo among true professionals. You may want to have website in front of you when you do call the person listed on the site, and focus your queries on the business, attempting to determine how prolific they are. After all, they will be the one training you to operate the business.

If there is no phone number or physical address, it is best just to close the ad and move on to the next one. If there is a physical address, you can verify its authenticity through the postal service’s online service and quickly determine if it is a legitimate business address or something someone made up just to make people think they have an address. You may then through the online phone book, attempt to find the phone number for the address and if it is not listed on purpose, you will want to ask why they do want to be contacted.

If there are different program levels to choose from, with the higher costing levels paying high commission rates, you have to wonder why you have to pay a monthly fee in order to work for them. Sure, many companies charge a franchise fee, but what do you get for that fee? Training by the person who let their six-year-old answer the phone? Any support in advertising the site that does not make you sign up and pay for another service?

After reading the entire site, if you do not know what it is you will be doing, chances are it is not a legitimate business. Most real businesses will be up front about their product or service and won’t make you buy it in order to become a distributor. You may also want to consider the legalities of requiring someone to stock merchandise in order to earn sales commissions as well as having to pay a recurring membership fee in order to be eligible to earn an income. The higher membership fee may earn more money, but probably will not be returned in the form of more sales.

Many people talk about business strategy but have a great failure to realise exactly what this is – is it surprising that a great deal of business people have a huge problem discussing this when they do not exactly know what this is!

Questions that should be asked may include the determination of the fact that is there even a strategy in existence or if so, is this the correct one? Additionally, how do we determine what a strategy is and how does one go about developing one?

It is important when developing strategy to look at some of the issues and why a chosen path can go wrong-if one keeps doing the same thing, one will get the same results.

Many complaints about strategy range from the fact that it is difficult to determine, it gets messy and unfinished, and many people involved either do not contribute or attempt to dominate proceedings and a general feeling of the future and the failure of any future chosen path.

Broadly speaking, some schools of thought hold with notion that there are three main reasons for a failure of strategy.

Managers often fail to realise what these differences are; business schools talk about corporate-centre strategy and business-unit strategy. Business-unit strategy is for controlled organisations that may be part of conglomerates or single-business units whereas the other is for conglomerates planning growth through the use of single business units.

Another is often no clarity of purpose; for example there is no point in using models that are simply intellectually attractive when the purpose of the task is to discover options and directions and gather proof to support decisions about the future.

The business – unit level requires methods that are relatively straightforward and the only real obstacles are intimidation by “professionals” and their jargon. Most means of analysis are in excess of 35 years old but there is a general lack of understanding of them amongst business people and most of them do not know how to use them.

So how do we correct this anomaly?

Initially, the ground rules need to be set so participants need to arrive with open,clear minds. Strategy may be likened to seeing everything around, from every angle available and even into the future and the following requirements must be met to be successful: Customers are paramount and form the basis of market uuderstanding, practicality must take priority over theory, the business needs of now and the future need to be thought about and the strategy needs to be measurable.

It is worth at this point to touch on the philosophy behind a strategy.

The best place to start is to take the old adage of begin with where you want to be and work backwards to where you are now.

If, on the other hand, one believes that strategy is an analytical process then start with where you are and work forwards. However there is a difficulty with this approach as straightforward arithmetical thinking stifles creativity.

Perhaps, in the real world, a combination of both methods is probably a necessity.

This is all, of course, driving towards growth of the business and that is largely down to marketing. So why are not all growing firms good marketers and why have not they developed a good strategy?

Very briefly, this begins with a failure to understand the difference between selling and marketing – marketing is about developing products or services that customers will want where selling is about simply getting people to but the product.

The rest, for the moment, I leave you to ponder on.

There are a billion people per day claiming that they want a larger piece of the pie. Some get it, some don’t. The odds say that asking a billion people (repeatedly) to buy into your opportunity will always produce more sales than merely asking ten people. That’s where you come in. Even though you already possess the resources to ask a billion people (starting with the internet) for whatever you want, you have, for some reason, refused to ask more than a few people, and even then you ask them only once or twice. Persistence does pay off in the world of sales.

Let me ask you this question; If a fellow you knew had a long-time day job driving a local delivery truck, suddenly says, “I’m moving to Hollywood, I’ve got to go for it,” you know that most people, including you, would think that this guy was a nut. So when we see a Michael Clarke Duncan, born without a dollar, reaping millions of dollars after winning an academy award for his first-ever acting part ( The Green Mile ), please don’t think it was a fluke. This man did not get to the top of his profession by luck. Hard work, a plan and a burning desire fueled his dreams. A man with a goal is powerful force.

USE YOUR DESIRE intentionally… the more you focus on your desire — the more your brain produces methods to get there. It is vital for you to understand that this is brain science. You are the creator of your own future. Making good decisions and being persistent is the key to being the successful person you choose to be.

Stop allowing other people to guide you in your daily activities! Take control!! This is your life, friend, and if you don’t work at making your own dreams come true, then we, the world, can see that you’ll spend your remaining good years working for someone who has willfully taken control of their destination.

That doesn’t mean quitting your job this instant; it means MAKING two, three, even four hours per week to pursue YOUR passion and interests. As with every great power, whether or not you get to taste the sweet fruits of magnificent accomplishment is determined far less by outside events than by the choices that you have in front of you at this moment and mostly every moment of your life.

You’re constantly saying that you don’t have time to pursue excellence as a part-time sideline, not even one percent of your time. If you committed yourself to your dream for just one percent of your time would be life changing. You’ll spend thousands of minutes folding clothes and doing other mundane things in your life. Much of it will be time well wasted. That explains why you don’t have much in the bank.

You’ve said many times that you just don’t have time. Tell me, if, God Forbid, you needed dialysis three times a week or you’d be dead, would you MAKE time to go the hospital three times per week? Make time for your dreams as if your life depended on it

and watch your life change for the better!

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