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All websites have one thing in common. They all need traffic, and lots of it. Millions of searches are performed every day on the internet for any topic you can think of.

Would you like a share of that traffic? Optimizing your site will give you better search engine placement and more traffic. Better yet, “free targeted traffic.”

So how do you get this free targeted traffic to your site? First, and most importantly, you must submit the URL of your website to the search engines so that it will be included in search results. After your site has been indexed by the search engines, it is time to implement simple SEO techniques so that your site will get better search engine placement. SEO, known as Search Engine Optimization, is an important step to take when building a website. When optimizing your site, it is best to make little changes over a period of time. Search engines like to see improvements to websites, and it keeps them coming back to crawl your site for new content. Making little changes at a time to enhance your optimization strategies will go a long way with the search engines and will give your site better search engine placement as well. When done properly your website will receive traffic from users searching for the topic that is related to what your site has to offer. This kind of traffic is called “targeted traffic” because the user is already interested in what you are offering and will be more likely to make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter or whatever else you have.

Make SEO a priority when building your website and work hard to achieve better search engine placement. Free targeted traffic will slowly begin to make its way to your site. Remember though it is important that your site has been submitted to the search engines before you tackle SEO strategies.

Spider bots creep through websites slurping up keywords and phrases. They check for back links to other sites and work to properly evaluate the site for ranking in their search engines. This process is taking place on a continual basis and demonstrates something potentially exciting for those who are participants in affiliate revenue programs.

The fine strands that hold the web together for search engine data is representative of the multiple fine strands that can be created in a networking environment for affiliate revenue businesses. One strand is never quite enough so when many strands combine the overall effect if positive for all involved.

When you are able to establish aggregated inbound links from affiliates your primary website can receive a higher trust ranking in search engine placement. The greater the trust factor in your site the greater the trust factor for customers and prospects. The greater the trust factor among customers the great conversion rates you will find.

For the affiliate this scenario still remains a positive especially if they place a concerted emphasis in developing their affiliate revenue website with keywords and phrases that are in keeping with the primary thrust of the product or service.

There are many sites that are developed without paying any attention to keywords or knowledge based articles that can enhance the visitor’s opinion and understanding of the product. In essence their approach is a bit like a fisherman who throws his line in the water, but never bothered to put any bait on the hook. The fish gaze at the bare hook, but the call to action (bait) is missing and the fish eventually move on to something more inviting.

Too many sites are like that hapless fisherman; they want customers, but lack any meaningful bait (call to action) for the customer to consider. Without that the customers tend to venture off elsewhere wondering why they dropped by in the first place.

You don’t have to be hard sell to initiate a call to action. The call to action can be as simple as “Let’s get started,” or “The next step”. Simple or elaborate – a call to action is imperative.

When you sign on as an affiliate it is similar to agreeing to be a salesperson for the product you’d like to receive commissions from. It would be nice if the money would come in without really having to work for it, but the truth is this scenario is very rare. You have to work at marketing the product – and your website. Proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are one of the best long-term ways to get your site noticed.

Affiliate revenue works for many individuals because the Internet is based on the cyber-quilt concept of various computers and servers making up a network of receptive computers that is increasingly friendly to online commerce.

If you want more affiliate revenue from the affiliate program you work with then you need to be willing to drum up some business. What can you do to make that happen?

I stumbled across a website with a unique marketing angle. The use of ecological interests has resulted in improved marketing capabilities. In the case of the site I visited it was a jewelry company that specializes in recycled gold and diamonds.

The premise seems to be that there are significant gold and diamond supplies available so the need for the mining of these precious gems and ore may be reduced or even unnecessary. The reasons are many, but one of the key arguments has to do with the human deaths that result in battles over the ownership of the gems. Similarly this jewelry company considers the use of extensive gold mining to be a hindrance to solid ecological practices.

It is their contention that there are enough current supplies that no more gold or diamonds need be mined for decades. Existing gold supplies can be melted down to create new jewelry products and recycled diamonds can find a home in new settings.

Their philosophy appeals to many different consumers. For some this philosophy of ecommerce just makes practical sense. For others, this is a matter of ecological stewardship. For still others, the potential to reduce human rights abuses make this strategy worthwhile.

I am not calling into question the sincerity of the mission of this company. I am simply analyzing their strategy from a marketing standpoint. My assessment is that the premise is brilliant because it markets to a variety of interests without focusing heavily on any of them. This company even provides exceptions for local villagers who may currently pan for gold. They agree these villages should be allowed to continue to do so in an effort to improve their economic condition without harming the environment with mining.

In the mind of the customer they can draw conclusions about the benefits of the process and can make a purchasing decision based on their belief about the product and premise.

In ecommerce you need to find a unique premise that will allow your online business to be recognized as unique. For some ecommerce business owners this means a unique product, for others a unique presence and, in the case of this jewelry company, a unique approach to an existing business model.

You may have an existing ecommerce business. What do customers perceive to be unique about your business? What makes your site or business philosophy stand out in ways other businesses don’t?

Take some time to evaluate what makes your ecommerce store unique. If you can’t find that uniqueness consider what you can do to make your business philosophy something that stands out to consumers.

Working from home has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many people enjoy the freedom of working from home and this has prompted several of them to join the ranks of freelancing and operating small businesses from the comfort of their own homes.

But for those who think that working from home is an easy stress free way to earn a living they may want to delve a little deeper. While working from home does offer many benefits it’s not always as simple or luxurious as some may imagine. Some people may have a mental image of making money while sitting at home in pajamas sipping morning coffee, being done with the workday by noon then going out to play golf after lunch. Anyone who works at home knows it’s not that easy.

Working at home does have its perks and if you choose to work few hours you won’t be making much money. Basically what you put into a work at home career is what you get back. It also depends on the type of home business you venture into and your area and level of expertise. For example, freelance writing, as with most other freelance jobs can be unpredictable. You may experience high and low periods where you may have more work flowing in than you can handle and other times when there is barely enough to make ends meet.

Making the decision to open your own business, even a small work from home business may take some time and investment. Depending upon your career choice, you may need to purchase equipment, build a list of clients and invest in advertising. You may also need to check and see whether a zoning permit or other license is required. Word of mouth is a good form of advertisement; it doesn’t cost you anything and the results are usually quite positive. You can also utilize the internet as a no or low cost form of advertising as well as the local newspaper. You may also want to invest in some sort of sign and if you will be having clients come to your home office you may want to set up your office in a room of the house that allows access to a private entrance so that people are not traipsing into the living areas of your home.

Working at home has become very popular among stay at home moms but many others have decided to make the change as well. Working at home is ideal for parents who want to remain at home with their children but doing so can be stressful when trying to work amidst distractions. It may be helpful if there is someone else at home who can assist with the family duties and tend to the children during work hours. If this is not possible it may be best to try to schedule work hours so that they coincide with school hours or nap times for younger children.

Work at home jobs have touched on a variety of professions from medical billing and consulting services to childcare and pet sitting. It has also become an avenue for bringing out creativity in many individuals. People have taken hobbies such as candle making or pottery and turned them into fairly lucrative businesses. Others have taken their knowledge and concern for health and well being and combined them to create items such as natural soaps and skin care products. Many environmentally aware individuals have found creative ways to recycle old products into reusable merchandise. They have found ways to give new life to old items, help the environment and earn a living at the same time.

If you want to work from home but aren’t sure how or what to do, put some serious thought into your decision. Ask yourself a few questions and jot down your thoughts and ideas. What do you do best? What do you enjoy doing? What training, experience and education do you have? What type of jobs have you held previously? Be honest with yourself. Are you good with children? Do you have a unique and gentle way with animals? Do you have a special area of expertise? Do friends come to you for help when planning a party or decorating a room? If so, you may want to consider those possibilities. Perhaps you have a knack for sewing or maybe you enjoy refinishing old furniture. The possibilities are endless. Once you’ve made your decision, do a thorough amount of research so that you are well prepared to launch your new career. Being informed and prepared are the first steps to success.

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