The Importance Of An Autoresponder To Any Home Based Internet Business In Terms Of Meaning Business Coaching Questions And Answers About File Transfer Protocol Ftp Rate Your Service Five Different Ways

An autoresponder is a type of computer program that automatically will answer any e-mail that is sent its way. An autoresponder can range from a very simple one to a more elaborate one. Autoresponders are most commonly used as e-mail marketing tools and they are particularly useful for people who choose to start a home based internet business.

In fact any type of home based business regardless of what it is can make very good use of an autoresponder.

Autoresponders are an excellent method for maintaining communication with prospective clients or customers and then to arrange follow up e-mail at specified times. Follow up autoresponders can be divided into two categories- the outsourced ASP model and the server-side. An outsourced ASP model works by way of the infrastructure of the service provider and it is configured by way of a control panel that is web-based. In this case the customer is required to pay a usage fee on a monthly basis. The server-side allows users to make use of the autoresponder system by way of their own server.

Some operators of internet businesses choose to use autoresponders to answer any number of questions that a customer has in regards to a service or product while others find autoresponders useful for making information about product descriptions, product services or prices available to interested parties. An autoresponder is an excellent way to foster positive communication as it is a friendly method of welcoming new people to an online group or website and autoresponders also work well for thanking people afterwards.

Autoresponders for a home based business are especially beneficial because they send the business owner a notification via e-mail every time a response is mailed out to an interested customer. This makes it possible to keep careful track of how successful your promotions are and it also gives you a detailed list of the e-mail addresses of people who have shown an interest in your products or services. With the e-mail addresses at your disposal it is very convenient to send out updated information about your business whenever the need arises.

With so many costs associated with developing an internet business, it is good to know that an autoresponder will not cost you a lot of money at all. In fact many autoresponders are free and can be obtained by way of a variety of different online sources. An autoresponder can help increase traffic to your website as well as sales. Research has shown that persistence generally pays off and that it can take up to seven contacts or messages before you make a final sale. In the business world this is known as the “rule of seven.” world of online marketing may often seem to be speaking en entirely different language. Let’s work at demystifying some of the terminology.


Have you ever heard of the term ‘disintermediation’? In online marketing this is a term that is an indication that the company providing the product for sale is doing so in a factory direct fashion. The elimination of a middleman allows for reduced costs and effective distribution.

First-mover Advantage

The term ‘first-mover advantage’ is an indicator that the first brick and mortar company that moves into a new area of online marketing will have an advantage over other similar companies through the adoption of a substantial ‘first-move’ into ecommerce.


A rather intense and often frustrating means of keeping a visitor on a site is through ‘mousetrapping’. This technique disables the use of a back button and keeps you locked into the site until you simply close the page. This technique is often adopted by website owners who believe they will not have a significant amount of return customers. By keeping the visitor locked into the sight the website owner feels they have the best chance of making a sale. Most legitimate online marketers generally frown upon the tactic described above.

Surround Session

Businesses that use a ‘surround session’ seek to connect with a visitor based with an intense site-wide advertising blitz. In effect one advertiser purchases the lions-share of advertising on a given site and allows altered ads throughout the site to make a significant impression on your visitor. Some ‘surround session’ are entertaining because the visitor can follow a storyboard throughout your site as a series of ads reveal a full story unavailable in other advertising structures.

Incentivized Traffic

When a visitor is paid to visit your site it is called Incentivized Traffic. Some companies promise increased traffic and they do so by providing a group of willing visitors with a certain amount of money to visit your site. While you will have increased traffic on your site it is highly likely that you will not see any change in overall sales. Those who agree to visit sites as a part of incentivized traffic generally follow links to your site and then move along. Their visit registers, but it is rare that they have any real interest in your site.

The above terms are just a sampling of the dozens of online marketing terms that are in common use today. As you can see there are some good ideas and others that really don’t pack the punch most online marketers are looking for.

I have this philosophy that I seem to live by lately. Since I am so busy working on or in my businesses, I really hate to sit down and figure stuff out. I am at the point in my life where I can live without that frustration. I would rather just someone sit me down and tell me to do this, then this, then this. Order or a check list is something I can relate to and would rather spend my time with. Figuring something out is dead time for me; I would rather pay someone else to teach me how to be an expert in something. Outsourcing talent like this is the mentality you need to absorb if you want to be successful in small business and in e commerce.

When I was a kid I loved sports. My father was not a sports guy, so throwing the ball around in the backyard and getting instruction was not in the cards for me. So I learned by myself and figured it out by trial and error. Is this a bad thing? It might be or it might not matter at all, depending on what your goals are. Today I enjoy teaching my son sports and giving him instruction. I think about the fact that if he learns some fundamentals and some good form now, he will be ahead of the pack later on. This may or may not be true if the boy does not show talent or is not interested. The same goes for business.

Think of all the research time you spend trying to figure something out. I have spent countless thousands of hours trying to figure out concepts or business models just to decide if something is worth pursuing or not. A lot of time is spent figuring out if the “guru” who is teaching me or guiding me knows what they are doing or are a legitimate example. I have seen so many products or eBooks claiming they will show you everything you want to know to become the expert in a certain area. Half the battle for me is deciding if this person is a real expert or someone that is just trying to con me out of my hard earned money. There are people who can teach and there are people who “do” I want the guy that can do both. Enter the business coach.

So what does this business coach do for you? Well for me, I like the practical approach. I say, here are my goals, what are the steps to attain it? Give me a list to check off and show me what I don’t know. I want to be reassured I am going in the right direction, not that the direction is worth following. I will gladly pay you money if you show me what to do. This should be your approach too. Do enough homework to know what direction you want to go in. Get educated in what the avenues are so that you can start down one when given instruction. A good example of this is search engine optimization if you have a web site. There is a ton of different ways to market your site, but which one is best? Get familiar with a lot of them and then hire a coach. Tell him what your goals are, if he is listening and has some experience they will know what to tell you. If they don’t, you will have just enough knowledge to know to move on to the next one.

The first question which needs to be answered is what is this concept known as FTP. FTP is a way to transfer computer files over the Internet between computers without regard to the type of operating system each computer has. For example, FTP will allow User A, who has a Macintosh to transfer files to User B who has a Windows system.

FTP is important as it provides easy access for computer users to send information to one another who may utilize different operating systems. Rather than having to upgrade one’s system to accommodate the file which was received, the individual computer user can access the information coming from another operating system due to the FTP.

FTP has a longstanding relationship with computer users. In fact, this type of operation method was instituted in 1971 in a very archaic manner as one would assume. Since that time the FTP protocol has developed into an exceptionally good file transfer method.

There are three main ways in which a computer user can access the FTP method. The first way to do so is through the browser’s FTP capability although there will be limitations on this method. A second way to use the FTP is by downloading FTP programs which will provide access to the individual and enable them to transfer files. Lastly, one who wishes to give FTP a try can do so by using command language relating to FTP through a DOS prompt.

Some individuals may wonder whether using FTP is easy to do. The general answer to this question is in the affirmative. Once an individual learns how to access FTP and maneuver through the steps in order to get FTP to work they will easily pick up the process. Every time a computer user accesses FTP, the whole process should get that much easier.

For those individuals who are new computer users and may need a little extra help with the concept of FTP, there is a wealth of information at their fingertips. One can go online and search for articles and websites relating to FTP. Many of these documents will provide step-by-step instructions for the individual to learn how to utilize FTP. Another wonderful way to learn more about FTP is through computer books. One who goes to the local library or bookstore will be met with a wealth of options regarding computer use in general and FTP information more specifically.

Learning how to use FTP will certainly come in handy for many individuals. It is not a hard process to understand and learn which makes it even more so why individuals should try to expand their knowledge with regard to FTP.

Have you experienced exceptional customer service? How did it make you feel? I do not know about you but it gives me a wonderful feeling somebody showing they really care. When I receive service as such, I try to let the person or manager know. In today’s world it is rare that you receive comments of satisfaction, much less for superior service.

I recently stopped at a Captain D’s fast food restaurant in Tifton, Georgia. As my husband and I were walking up to the restaurant, an employee was outside and greeted us with a friendly “hello”. We walk into the restaurant and we are greeted by many friendly “hellos”. The front counter and kitchen personnel were all wearing big smiles and welcoming faces. I asked them if a contest was going on within the franchise system to judge who the friendliest store was. I was told by the order taker that it was their job to greet customers in a friendly manner everyday. I also noted as I walked through the door, that most everyone was busy cleaning something. The counter, the floor, the tabletops, the bathrooms; you name it the employees obviously took great pride in their jobs and the store.

My experience at this location made me aware of how important it is that we not only give customer service, but that we exceed our customers’ expectations. These employees exceeded my expectation by the constant smiling faces, friendly conversations, customer care in a fast food environment, and cleanliness of the facilities. If I were that franchise owner I would be very proud.

Where do you rate with your customer service? Some of my recommendations on evaluating services are:

Do an email survey questionnaire. The answers you receive will be a huge benefit to you if you take heed to them.

Have Customer Service Representatives ask questions about the service to incoming callers. Some people will not want to take the time but others will be glad you asked.

Mail a survey via postal service. Do not leave out those who do not share the world’s enthusiasm with technology.

Adapt your survey or phone queries to your business model. In a franchise model, each owner would need to adapt their efforts to how they do business. Perhaps their only venues are fairs and festivals. Survey your customers as you supply their product. Perhaps give them so much off if they fill out your questionnaire.

Be creative and make it fun for the customer. This is just another form of exceptional customer service. How many times have you had fun telling a business what you thought about their service?

Most companies realize the need for customer service but successful companies strive for exceptional. Exceptional service is what makes you stand out from your competitor and if applied effectively you will not have to worry about the competition in the future.

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