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Beyond carbon-neutral – a whole new state of green…

A new web hosting company, based on Salt Spring Island, is set to become Canada’s first carbon-free web host. Solar Energy Host is offering 100% carbon free web hosting that generates zero green house gas emissions. While consumers are familiar with the term carbon-neutral, many will be hearing the phrase ‘carbon-free’ for the first time.

Company founder, Aaron Handford explored the idea on a recent trip to San Francisco earlier this year. “I was really impressed with the idea of reducing the “carbon footprint” of the Internet. By using solar power to host the sites I saw an opportunity to make a difference in a real way. Instead of using the “carbon neutral” system where companies purchase carbon credits to offset their green house gas emissions, we offer a cleaner solution – websites powered by solar energy – nothing comes from the grid, it’s carbon-free.”

How much carbon is “the net” itself generating? According to Handford, “The Internet has a big carbon footprint. It’s estimated that globally it takes about 868 billion kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity per year to run the Internet, associated PCs, routing infrastructure, and phone networks.” ( notes, “Of this, about 112.5 Billion kWh are used to power ‘data centers’, which are the servers that store all the websites.”

It has been estimated that as of early 2007 there were about 108,810,358 of these websites in existence. (See the link below for further details. ( represents a lot of energy, and potentially a lot of CO2 emissions. What can be done to reduce the carbon footprint of the Internet? Handford has some suggestions for those willing to research the net itself for answers. “There are web hosting packages now available that are responding to the need to be ‘carbon friendly’. My company Solar Energy Host powers our websites directly with solar energy.” Handford adds, “If your website is currently sitting on a server powered by energy from the grid, then you are tied to a system where you can never be sure where that energy is coming from, possibly from the burning of coal or other greenhouse gas producing sources. Solar Energy Host offers consumers another choice – a way to get your website off the energy grid.”

What makes it possible is a state-of-the art server that is part of the only solar powered professional web server system in the world. The servers and technology are based in California where solar powered solutions are cropping up in dramatic fashion. A Salt Spring Island based company; Solar Energy Host presents a great hosting solution – and another way to make a difference in the fight to stop global warming.

Handford went on to explain that the data center used by Solar Energy Host stops the emission of the following gasses/toxins:

* 19,890 lbs of Carbon Dioxide (CO2/GHG) per year

* 5.9 lbs of Nitrous Oxide (NOX/smog) per year

* 0.45 lbs of Sulfur Dioxide (SO4/acid rain) per year

He is also following a socially responsible business model by giving back. “We donate five dollars from each account to the ‘Gardens of Hope’ Project,” says Handford. “This money funds the planting of one tree and helps link five communities in Lesotho, southern Africa, into a network of projects that share ideas, skills, resources and common purpose while supporting the educational needs of orphaned and vulnerable children.”

What are permanent text links? Permanent text links are links on a web page that are in the form of a text line or an image. They are links that are permanently available on the web site. They will always be there, they will always direct you to another site, and they will always have a purpose to serve on your website. What are examples of permanent text links and how do they help a web site?

If you are an online gaming site, then you would definitely want a permanent text link to your number one game provider. Take note that your number one game provider may change from time to time. There will be one permanent link on your website that states, “number one gaming provider.” This link will always be there, it will always direct you to the number one gaming provider, and it serves the purpose of letting your users know which game provider is doing an excellent job. If you are a user that is in the site of the number one game provider, then this game provider may have a web link to the online gaming site. The user will then be able to check out the online gaming site and may probably sign up for gaming services.

Some programmer sites have permanent text links to certain software or hardware companies. If you are programmer web site, then you will definitely have a permanent text link to a software or hardware provider. Let us say for example that you are a service provider that uses Microsoft excel intensively. Your programmer site will definitely have a permanent text link to the Microsoft web site since the producer of the Excel program is Microsoft. You may also have a permanent text link to a Microsoft Excel Software vendor in your area. People who look at your site and who may need a copy of excel may have to purchase a copy of their own. Your programmer website may also have a link to a hardware vendor. Microsoft Excel demands a certain level of processing power and the users might want to upgrade their systems if they want to process data much quicker. You may have a permanent text link to hardware providers in your area so that visitors in your site will not have to look so far when they are thinking of hardware purchasing.

Permanent text links are very useful nowadays. Some people have even turned it into a business. They provide a permanent text link that directs users to a specific site. The permanent text link service provider is the one that searches and links the site to its desired objective.

Have you ever thought about what your revenue potential is in just a month? If someone told you that, you could make $10,000 or more a month, would you believe it? You should – Giblink gives any entrepreneur the opportunity to not only make $10,000 or more a month, but to do it continuously month after month. Are you ready to make it a reality?

You should always work with a marketer that is good at what they do. Consider working with other marketers that have the same goals, objectives, and ideas as you so that you can share ideas, strategies, and systems that will generate leads. Giblink is such a place. Business networking here takes income generation to an entirely new level. It’s innovative, technologically advanced, and you’ll wonder how you missed such an excellent opportunity.

You need to brand yourself. When you brand yourself, you become recognizable, and when you become recognizable, your sales will increase. One method of doing that is by using articles and press releases to promote yourself. When you become a member of Giblink, you will be given the tools to do this successfully. You will brand not just your name but also your skills, beliefs, talents, and what makes you- you – your personality.

Brainstorming is important. Make sure you take time to brainstorm fresh ideas with others. Members of Giblink can brainstorm with each other. Some of the best ideas and concepts are a result of brainstorming.

Of course, you want to be the best you can be and one way to do that it so associate yourself with top earners. If you choose to lead then people will believe in what you have to offer and they will buy into it. If you saw the potential of Giblink and you are a leader others will sign up through you because you are sure of what it is you have to offer.

Risk takers are rewarded and you should never ever be scared to promote your business online. If you are afraid to spend money, Giblink offers enough free marketing tools that you’ll benefit but understand that if you opt for some paid advertising it can be very beneficial to your revenues.

Giblink will teach you how to write ad copy that will work. There are key words that cause action. Words such as love, dream, happiness, and freedom are just a few. With powerful ad and marketing tools at your fingertips in no time, you’ll see substantial revenue increases.

You have only so many hours in a day so you must learn to delegate tasks. Decide where your time can benefit you the most and then delegate some of the simpler tasks such as office tasks. Giblink has tools that allow you to automate many of the tedious tasks freeing you up to do some serious networking and thus some serious increases to your revenue.

If you are looking for incentives that are very effective consider special package offers. They are very effective in generating sales and referrals. For example, you might offer the first ten individuals that buy your product or join your online business two hours of marketing consultation. Don’t be afraid to be creative.

Giblink has a lot to offer entrepreneurs and small business. There are tens of thousands in more than 140 countries already enjoying the revenues. Isn’t it time you discovered just what it is that makes Giblink so unique?

No one ever starts a business not to make money. Every one hopes that their business will start off well, and will continue to do well. Most successful businessmen and women get there by tried and tested ways of working hard and long hours. None of businesses survived without acquiring new customers. None of the businesses became better than their competitors without converting a customer a willing and happy customer.

I have known many very successful business owners in my time. Whenever I asked them what put them apart from the rest, they almost mentioned 3 essential skills: manage your time well, learn to find good staff and keep it, and retention EVERY customer.

The last thing seems simplistic and obvious but is least practised by majority of businesses. Almost every successful business has had to overcome competition. Every one has to acquire more customers than every one else, and to acquire them from their fiercest competitors to become better.

Business owners who take necessary care to understand their customer and his psychology are almost always well placed to win more customers than every one else. A recent study done by a market research firm ‘discovered’ what every human being has always known for centuries: people like to have more for less. For example, if we had a choice between getting one widget or two widgets for the same amount of money, most will chose to have two. It is not greed; it is just human psychology that cannot be changed.

Business owners who understand this basic human nature find it easy to get more customers through their door than their competitors. Isn’t there the thinking behind ‘buy one get one free’ or ‘10% off today’ types of product promotions?

But smart business owners do not do what every one is does. They do it differently and they do it better. For example my own barber, John, who is very successful in his own right, and who I have known for years has adopted a novel way to acquire new customers. During lean times (e.g. periods when his business is quite) he asks his existing customers for introductions to friends in exchange for a gift that they cannot refuse. If existing customers are already happy with his service, they will have very little objection in referring their friends to him. When he is quite, john picks up the phone and offers a large discount just for trying out the service. Once they are in, they get another discount and an incentive if they come back next time. This is followed up with a reminder phone call.

So what is his success rate of acquiring new customers? It is phenomenally high. He almost never quiet and he does exceptionally better than his nearest competitor. He does not pay for any advertising and his promotions cost him just a bit less money for his time (which is the discount he offers). His customer acquisition costs are very little and customer retention ration is very high.

What does he offer his existing customers? He offers a gift that is perceived very highly by most of his customers but which hardly costs him any thing at all. His competitors wonder: how does he do it?

He is just creative… more than every one else. Creativeness is what differentiates most successful businesses from rest of the pack.

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