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Like most organizations, schools in the United States are subject to constant budget stress. Important athletic and scholastic programs are subject to budget cuts as demographics change and taxpayers become increasingly budget aware.

As a result, schools include fund raising resources in their planning for programs.

Education should rank high on the list of tax payer funding. With exception of defense, it is hard to imagine a governmental effort that is more important to our country than good education.

Education and schools focus on our future leaders and it is in the schools where lessons in character are coupled with the development of skills required for success in a modern society.

Fund Raising and Healthy Products

Schools, both public and private, have turned to fund raising to help fund sporting and educational events. Where large number of people have gathered, schools, through sports teams, booster clubs and scholastic societies have raised funds by selling products for a profit at events or by using team members to sell products to friends and family..

Historically a number of products were sold that generated revenue and these were mainly food products like carbonated soft drinks, cookies, pizza and candy. As a group these products were not considered healthy by many.

Recently, for example, an agreement was finalized to discontinue the sale of carbonated soft drinks in schools and this is a landmark effort to help reduce obesity and create a healthy lifestyle for students.

Many schools are now exploring fund raising with healthier products. As a result private label water is becoming increasingly popular as a healthy alternative method to raise funds.

Private Label Drinking Water

Private label drinking water is an effective and healthy way to raise funds for a number of reasons:

The most important of all direct response tips I could give you is this… your list is the most important part of your entire direct mail campaign. Who you mail to is much more important than what you mail them. So if your campaign has proven successful, mail to other lists that are similar to your target market.

Here is another one of the more important direct response tips that you should be aware of… it’s to change up your offer from time to time. If you change it up, it will be constantly fresh and the same people won’t be getting the same offer time and time again, thus diluting your response rate.

Improve upon your creative. Perhaps your rate of response is suffering due to the fact that your package is not so attractive. Why not try something completely different? Next time, mail out a post card instead of a letter. There are so many ways you can change things up and keep your offer fresh.

You may also want to try and mail out a different time from what you were previously doing. Are you sending out the offers at the same time of the week, month, year, etc.? If so, change up the frequency, mail more, mail less, just change it up.

Here is a must, of all the direct response tips, this one can have a great impact, because it’s the ability to offer your clients other payment options. Decades ago all we could accept were checks and MO’s. However, today just about any business can get a merchant account and accept credit cards. Give your customers more options and they will use them.

Another one of my favorite direct response tips is to offer a premium. Such as a free Apple iPod as opposed to a cash discount.

Give something away for free, you’d be surprised… FREE is still a very strong word – for as overused as it can be sometimes.

Offer a money back guarantee. This will put your customer at ease and actually increase your response. Sure, you may get a refund here or there, but imagine those orders that you would have not gotten because you did not show confidence in your product to offer a guarantee?

Be credible. Know what you’re offering from top to bottom, convey that on paper and you will appear as an authority. Your customers want what you have… why should they get it from you?

Make the order process as easy as possible. Kind of like the payment options above, let them mail their order, call it in, fax it in, order online, etc.

As for the order through the sales process. Put in your call to action. You’d be surprised how many offers don’t have a call to action. That’s direct marketing 101.

Add more content to your package if results are slowing down… Change it up and see what happens, track it, test it and improve upon it.

I just gave you a few direct response tips. This is not all and everything having to do with direct response, just a tiny fraction of it. I hope to have given you an eye opener with these direct response tips, use them and increase your business today.

In order to improve search engine rankings in your web site it is proven that the idea of theme related quality links is what pushed the rankings. Not only must you target theme related links, but your content on your web site must be sticky and add a better user experience.

Most web site owners do not understand why they cannot rank websites. The simple fact is your web site may just simply not be interesting enough for your users. There are two ways you can go to improve search engine placement for better rankings.

The first is method is focusing on some highly target link building methods. These link should be theme related and must have content that relates to your web site. If you are trying the achieve better search engine rankings gathering links from site which are not entirely relative to yours, you are wasting your time.

Also, remember link exchanges are really a waste of time now-a-days. It has shown that link exchanges with sites and even three way links are not increasing search engine rankings. With the Google algorithms changing and modifying you must be kept up to speed. The foundation of search engine optimization and better search engine rankings is about learning the correct methods. Lot’s of times, marketers who are looking for better placement, are doing all the old ways of ranking a site. Building a link exchange directory, doing reciprocal linking, and possibly black hat SEO.

Ever Wonder Why People Are Exchanging links?

This is because there site is not good enough for better placement. So they are inclined to get you to link up with them. Take a bit of page rank from your site and boost theirs. Now, linking is not bad, but a non-judgmental link from another site is really what is all about. There are ways to improve search engine rankings doing correct search engine optimization. Better linking strategies are available, now the social networks are so huge and everyone loves good content. Stick to trying to increase the user experience and you will be fine.

So if you still want to build better search engine rankings to speed up the process a little… no problem.

To improve search engine rankings is all about correct search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a tedious project, but following the correct guidelines will help your business exponentially.

To start in ranking your web page, the links that you gather from your web site must be theme related and you should not have ownership of the domains. There is a way around this which Monopolizing Marketing
Running a business opportunity from home takes a lot of work and effort. A person has to be dedicated and they have to recognize the demands of working at home.

While working at home has many perks it also comes with many demands. Working at home, especially with a business opportunity, requires a person to be organized, dedicated and willing to work hard.

A business opportunity from home is going to need plenty of attention in the beginning. A person may find they are working two or even three times more hours on this then they did in their job outside the home. This is normal in the beginning, but once the business is established the time requirements will ease up.

One of the greatest things about running a business opportunity from home is that a person can set up their business entirely on the internet. This provides a great opportunity for sales around the world and at any time of the day or night. It also requires a business owner to understand and implement automation tools.

Besides automation tools, a business owner needs to understand various aspects of how the internet works and how to use certain types of software. This will help them to be able to set up their business website and keep it running smoothly.

Another part of running a business opportunity from home is learning how to market effectively. A home business owner may advertise online, offline or a combination of both. For the most success a business owner should master online marketing. This is critical to the survival of any online business.

Running a successful business opportunity from home is a big accomplishment. Many people do not realize what all goes into running a business opportunity from home unless they have tried to do it themselves.

Are you using your time and talent well? Have you targeted those skills you have and used them to your very best advantage?

One of my favorite motivational speakers, Zig Ziegler tells a story about one such man who did not. There are lessons to be learned for anyone who is serious about succeeding in their work on the internet.

For the sake of brevity I will paraphrase much of the story about a man who failed to use his time and talent well.

He tells of a man who lived in a small southern community and was well-known and respected in the area.

One day he was trading at the local general store purchasing some food and other items. The clerk had been washing some vegetables and her hands were still wet when the customer gave her a bright, new twenty-dollar bill.

She noticed that some of the green ink came off on her hands, and just for a moment she wondered if it might be counterfeit. She had known the man well for many years and dismissed the very foolish idea from her mind.

But later after he had left, her concern grew and she called in the local sheriff to examine the money. They decided to pay a visit to the man’s house. There they discovered in the attic his equipment for making counterfeit money.

There was an easel, some paint brushes and a can of green paint. This man was a brilliant artist who was hand painting twenty-dollar bills so well that they could be passed undetected unless the receiver had wet hands.

They also discovered several beautiful paintings in the house that were later sold for very large amounts of money at auction following the conviction of the counterfeiter.

The paradox is that it took him about the same time and effort to produce one of these valuable paintings as it did to make one fake twenty-dollar bill.

So as you can see he could have been a very successful artist if he had only used his time and talent well.

It is my hope that this article will give you pause to assess your use of time and talent as you work on line. Use your talents and develop those other skills you need by reading, studying and practicing.

Best of luck with your promotional efforts.

Note: (This article may be reprinted in your newsletter or on your site by leaving the resource below box intact.)

Are you a business owner who would like to see an increase in your business profits? If you are, your focus is likely placed on acquiring new customers. When it comes to doing so, it is important that you take steps to set yourself apart from your competition. You need to remember that any business can offer sales. What you may want to think about doing is “spicing,” things up at little bit. You can do this with premiums and incentives, which are also known as promotional gifts.

As nice as it is to hear that premiums and incentives and promotional gifts can help to improve your customer count and your profits in general, you may be interested in learning exactly how that is done. In most cases, promotional gifts allow your customers to receive something free for buying a product or a service that they would otherwise buy anyways. Free products or incentives or even just simple discounts are sought after by many consumers. It is rare to find a consumer who would pass up something for free. Even those in good financial standing enjoy receiving a promotional gift.

When it comes to offering premiums and incentives, like promotional gifts, you will find that you have a number of different options. For instance, you have the option of deciding exactly how your promotional gifts are handed out. It is common for promotional gifts to be award solely to new customers, returning customers, or both. You also have the option of making your promotional gifts only available to those who purchase a particular product or service, as well as those who spend a certain amount of money.

In addition to determining how you would like your promotional gifts handed out, you also have the option of handpicking which promotional gifts you would like to make available for you customers. Two of the most common pieces of promotional gift types include those of travel incentives and popular merchandise, like media items. When choosing which premiums and incentives you would like to offer your customers, you will want to keep the current state of the economy in mind, as this may have a determining factor in what your customers want and need the most.

One of the most highly sought after promotional gifts are those of travel incentives. What is ideal about travel incentives is that they come in a number of different formats. For instance, it is possible for you to offer your customers hotel certificates, all inclusive resort certificates, airline certificates, gasoline certificates, cruise certificates, and so forth. In addition to free travel certificates or free travel arrangements, travel coupon books are also highly sought after.

Although promotional gifts that include travel certificates or travel discounts are often regarded as the most popular types of promotional gifts, traditional merchandise is also popular as well. When it comes to offering your clients merchandise, instead of travel certificates, you may want to focus on popular products, ones that will catch the eyes of your prospective customers. These types of products often include media products, such as camcorders, computers, and digital cameras.

The decision as to whether you want to offer your customers premiums and incentives for doing business with you, in the form of promotional gifts, is yours to make. With that in mind, however, it is important to remember the benefits of doing so. In addition to an increase in sales, promotional gift programs are easy to implement. There are a number of promotional gift companies and incentive program companies out there that can offer you assistance. When choosing one of those companies, you will want to take the type of rewards offered into consideration. You will want to look for promotional gifts that you feel cater to the needs of your business and your clients.

For a large selection of promotional gifts, including travel certificates and popular merchandise, like media items, you will want to examine the Infinity Incentive Group. The Infinity Incentive Groups has promotional gifts that are designed for a wide range of businesses, both large and small, including those that sell products, services, and both.

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