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Fred owns a small comedy label. He knows many comedians are looking for a place to have their work heard, but he can’t take everyone on as a client.

Two years ago he made the decision to develop a comedy podcast that pays very special attention to a specific type of clean, family oriented comedy.

If you spend much time at Fred’s site you begin to catch a glimpse of his love for this brand of comedy. Everything about his site celebrates clean comedy.

His background in broadcasting was key to his interest in developing the weekly podcast. The response from listeners is what encourages him to continue his web based weekly podcast.

However, Fred also has a few business ventures that gain benefit from the growing fans of his podcast.

His online shop features products he has produced for comedians, but it also features the work of other comedians. Customers like the variety of clean comedy in one location and Fred is happy with the growing number of online sales that result in direct and residual income.

Fred is also a video producer so you can find links to his other businesses on the popular podcasting site. This is one site owner who has maximized the possibilities of online business by using a podcast.

This site provides a creative outlet for a guy who has many interests, yet wants to derive income from his creative endeavors.

What does this mean for other online business owners?

Do everything you can to make your online presence a destination, not a mistake. What I mean by that can best be explained by a story we all know too well.

How many times have husbands and wives played a game of mealtime teeter totter by saying, “I don’t know what I want to eat, What do you want” The other responds, “I don’t know, what do you want to eat.” This battle can go on and on until they simply settle for the restaurant of least resistance.

What this simple story illustrates is that far too often consumers aren’t excited enough about any choice to make a firm decision. As an online business owner you have an opportunity to make your site a ‘destination, not a mistake.”

Make your site something consumers are motivated to visit, make it fun, comprehensive and better than it has to be. Perhaps, like Fred, this could include the use of a podcast that may be tied to affiliate revenue programs, product use or audio from an expert in the field.

Podcasts do not have to be the result of vast broadcasting experience. In fact, the only limit to the possibilities in podcasting is your own sense of creativity.

No one disputes the fact that the internet is moving people from dead end jobs to true wealth in a matter of months.

Whether your idea of true wealth is $1 million, or a business with 20 employees, there are hundreds of people who have done it before.

The internet is a gold mine that makes some rich, but has one of the highest failure rates of any business – probably in the history of mankind.

Most people flounder around the net trying to run private shopping carts, buying SSL certificates, and finding traffic.

They try building their own content management systems and generating inbound links. The average online business quits in six months, or flounders for almost two years, before they learn how the ‘success stories’ make their money on the web.

Fulfilment Through Amazon.com

No one serious building wealth builds their own shopping carts, taking orders, and shipping product. That is what a fulfilment company is for. You all know a fulfilment company, but you have never realized what they can offer you – Amazon.com.

That is right. Amazon.com is not, just, a book selling website. Their fulfilment program lets anyone send product to their warehouse. The Amazon.com site takes the orders, packs and ships, collects the money, and then sends the web business their share.

Most fulfilment companies cost $.50 – $1.00 per item, or a commission based on size and weight. There is often a skid rental of $25 – $50 a month which more than covers the time needed to build and maintain a private website.


Everyone knows that Ebay is the world’s largest auction site. However, few people know that they own Prostores, a company that helps Internet Businesses sell their product. The power of Ebay selling. The credibility of a private store.


Security is the key to internet sales. Millions will buy from an Amazon store, or Ebay, who would never buy from a private website. The fear of Identity Theft and phishing have taken a big chunk out of small business income. That is why Paypal, an ebay company, works so hard to make their service appear to be part of the consumer’s website.


Do you need traffic? Then don’t worry about Social Networking, page rank, or Pay Per Click Programs. Buy the top spot. That is right, the first to ‘highlighted’ spaces on keyword searches can be purchased, sometimes for as little as $15 a month.

These two spots are not a part of the pay per click program. They are rented at a set fee.

Another way to increase traffic is to sign up with www.Adbrite.com . This type of company rents space at a fixed cost, or PPC, and expands to accept image, text, or even video ads.

Adbrite is an industry standard because it is the favourite of content management publishers, the big community websites.

Adbrite doesn’t have a sliding scale, like Google, or Yahoo. This means that the site gets the money earned, not what the ad company wants to pay.

A great internet marketing campaign needs a good product to sell. Without a good product, and a great distribution system, no business, no matter how much potential it has, will succeed – especially on the net.

To the serious and single-minded investor Gold, Platinum and Silver jewelry items are unlikely to come near the top of the potentially profitable opportunities that he or she will research.

It is reasonable to propose, that before venturing into this market, a tremendous amount of investigation should be carried out and knowledge assimilated that is not relevant to other investment vehicles.

Reliable contacts and dealers in the jewelry trade must be sought out and cultivated.

Perhaps most importantly the investor should treat jewelry as an all-consuming hobby so collecting aesthetically pleasing items that may, or may not, show a profit will still give pleasure.

This is as good a reason as any to explain why many savvy female investors take an interest in this market.

Silver jewelry as an investment, unless in the specialized antique market, is unlikely to provide serious investment opportunities unless sufficient volume can be purchased to produce a profit on the melt down value of the metal.

Investing in Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry as an Investment Vehicle.

Points to consider

Gold jewelry has been around for thousands of years, it has never gone out of fashion, never dates or fades. As a consequence there is a choice of two investment paths to take, antique or modern.

Antique jewelry with or without gemstones follows the pattern of other antique items in so far as age is not by any means the overriding factor.

There will be items of 100 years old or more that may not have a scarcity value to attract buyers into paying a premium over the basic value of the metal and gemstone content.

Entering this end of the market will therefore require an additional specialized knowledge of antiques and hallmarks. This will also apply to the antique silver jewelry market.

2700 tonnes of Gold is used annually in manufacturing jewelry.

Gold has a tendency to wear away over time and decrease in volume and weight when in use. It can also be subject to scratching resulting in loss of weight.

It is important to be familiar with the hallmarks and the symbols denoting purity. 18K means that the item is 75% pure, 14K = 58.5% pure. 1K is one twenty fourth part of 100% pure metal.

The balance is made up of other ingredients to make the item more durable or whiter.

It is believed that half of all the gold sold in the United States is stamped with a false

Karat weighting so only deal with established, reliable and registered merchants.

Trust is paramount; it is easy for jewelers to take advantage of unsuspecting investors who are not fully versed in the pitfalls of the market.

Investing in Platinum Jewelry

Platinum Jewelry as an Investment Vehicle.

Points to Consider.

Unlike Gold, Platinum has not got a long history of use in jewelry, anything earlier than 1900 is rare indeed.

Examples of Edwardian Platinum jewelry, often rings set with gemstones, can be purchased but beware of modern antique style platinum jewelry.

Studying antique platinum jewelry will need less application than studying gold antiques but it is essential to have a sound knowledge, particularly of the hallmarks, before entering the market.

Platinum is over thirty times more rare than Gold.

Approximately 85 tonnes of Platinum is used annually in the manufacture of jewelry.

Most of the Platinum used in jewelry is between 90% and 95 % pure.

The content is indicated in parts per thousand and not in Karats as in gold.

The properties of Platinum allow for more intricate and finer jewelry designs than possible with Gold.

Platinum is considerably more durable than Gold and will wear better and last longer in use.

Platinum is more resistant to scratching than Gold and if this occurs the metal is displaced and can be restored by a specialist and not lost, as is the case with Gold.

Platinum jewelry has become extremely fashionable and could be considered as the preferred jewellery of choice amongst the ‘glitterati’

In the US during the II world war Platinum was designated as a strategic metal and supplies were cut off from the jewelry trade.

Items that can be guaranteed as sourced from this period will have a considerable rarity value.

As with Gold, find a trusted and established dealer before parting with your money.

Bear in mind that the current value of the metal content of the piece and a view on the future direction of the price of the metal becomes an intrinsic factor in determining its’ potential as an investment.

Probably the best known of all diamonds is the Koh-I-Nor.

This gem is part of the British Crown Jewels and is set in Platinum.

It can be said that you get more for your money when investing in Platinum.

Palladium, which is recognized as a Platinum Group Metal (PGM) has overtaken

Platinum in the amount used in jewelry manufacture.

Both metals have considerable use in industry, particularly in automobile manufacturing where they are often interchangeable, so that usage can become dependant upon any price/supply differences.

When one has a price or supply advantage over the other a buying opportunity may occur in the jewelry market.


Investing in precious metal jewelry is to enter a highly specialized market with many hazards for the unwary and ill equipped.

Trust and integrity are priorities when buying or selling through a dealer in the market place.

There is no substitute for intensive research into all aspects, not only in the jewelry application, of the metal under consideration as an investment.

As an investment guru once said, ” If in doubt, stay out”.

Choosing proper business attire may seem simple, but as times and fashion change it can create some tough choices. When most of our grand mothers were in the business field clothing was modest. Longer skirts and suit jackets that covered up the feminine physique. A look that was bland and often uncomfortable. For most of our mother’s business attire began to take a change. Skirts could be worn on or slightly above the knee. The option to wear slacks and blouses was becoming more popular. For the modern day woman we are faced with numerous choices for a business wardrobe. So how do we choose?

Often business’ will create a business dress code to assist attire conflict. This can sometimes make your choices narrower. Some companies allow stereotypical business dress such as, slacks, blouses, skirts and suit jackets. These always allow an employee to look well groomed, and professional. Other companies will allow any clothing item such jeans, t-shirts, Capri pants to denim dresses. This allows a more casual laid back appearance. If you are given this freedom of choice ask yourself some basic questions to assist you in choosing proper business attire.

What does my attire say about me? Do I look professional? Do I show that I have put an effort into my appearance? Your appearance says a lot about you as a person. It is one of the first things that another person will notice about you. You don’t have to be a designer tag diva, or a modest maven. You simply need to take the time to choose clothing that reflects you in a positive light.

Another question would be, am I comfortable? Does your attire allow you to fulfill your daily job duties without interference? By the end of the day are your shoes causing you foot pain for a fashion statement? Can you bend down to pick up those fallen files, or would you reveal too much of your physique? Comfort can be very important in any job. If you are too focused on your discomfort from a clothing item, this can take away from your concentration on a job task. You choose fashion or focus.

Casual or Formal dress is another consideration. You can still look professional in a job environment if you choose casual business attire. Dark denim jeans, belted with a button up blouse can be very appealing. Still providing a clean and tidy appearance. If you wanted to be more formal Chino or Khaki pants with a blouse may suit your mood. The choice between these may be as simple as matching your dress to your job environment. If you are a banker, administrative assistant or have a job that a more formal appearance is suitable the choice becomes simple. Working in a call center, day care, or other similar environment may lead to a more casual dress choice.

By taking the time to ask yourself these questions you are prepared to make the proper choice for business attire. Appearance attitude, Comfort, Casual/Formal the choice is yours.

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