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There is a school of thought that almost one hundred per cent of businesses fail due to one main reason – the owner or management team. The highly successful have a fixation on three main things.

So this begs the question, “why do businesses fail?”

It is possible to hear a variety of reasons why the business has failed amongst conversations between friends in almost any pub in the country,e.

g.the bank pulled the plug, the product wouldn’t sell, couldn’t keep the customers, a key customer refused to pay etc.

The real reason, however, is managerial incompetence – it is the management’s job to look after the above, no one else’s. It is common for many businesses to blame everyone else but themselves for the unfortunate situation.

Conversely, the majority of business successes tend to take full responsibility. They don’t use victim language to describe their predicament – they watch, they decide and they take action.

So what are the three things that successful businesses focus on?




This does not suggest that other factors are ignored such as finance and product, but rather that these fields are isolated whilst the business makes sure it is good at the other stuff.

Business strategy

This is being aware of the external environment whilst forming your own plans of where you want to go. Part of this strategy may be deemed as the decision of where you want to be in one year, or three years and hence what needs to be done now.

Strategy may be seen as opportunity cost in economic terms, or trade-offs – you must decide what you want and what the consequences of that decision may be. It is not always possible to go for conflicting goals.

Strategic thinking is not easy but the clearer you are about what you are trying to do, the easier it becomes. Focus and simplicity breed success.


A very misunderstood word in the business world; it is often misused, and given different meanings depending on the situation and our present mood.

Marketing may be deemed to be as seeing your business through customer’s eyes. What problem does your product or service solve? Why should people buy from you? What benefits are you offering that your competitor does not?

In some cases, marketing is the same as communication. Marketing is about the selection of how and what you communicate to whom – the ultimate purpose of course is to win more of the business that you want.

Teams and people

Most businesses have people problems. It is a fact that as a business grows there will be additional pressures – to get more business, to do more work of a higher grade and inevitably – the pressure of working together which produces conflicts.

The raison d’etre of beginning many businesses is to get away from the traditionally organised organisations, with the irony being that most businesses require the very order and structure that they were designed to escape.

Thus successful teamwork requires the ability to motivate, lead and communicate effectively.

Often, the business’s ultimate often seems to be about looking for the latest management fad and trying to use it to make the business better.

Good businesses focus on three basic things-teams and people, marketing, and strategy and planning. If these basics are not in place then the business will not be sustainable.

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Wiser I grew as an year passed, I labored my way up to get a working website, having a helpful lovely support team. I knew what I wanted for my website. How did I achieve it? I had the advantage having a lot of wonderful friends who are working for several web hosting companis. But what about you? You see a world of opportunity waiting to be tapped and just dive-in into the vicious circle of money loss and disappointment!

I don’t seek to be the angel of all odds, but I thought some useful tips and hints on how to get started in the web might help the ignorant and also save you from the misfortune. So what is it? I don’t want to repeat the “Know what you want” statement because that’s too clich
In this article I’m going to point out the things you should look for when you are trying to promote a website.

First you should know that this is a real home based business opportunity and that a growing number of people are starting to do this.

The first thing you should do before you get started is scout the market. Find a website you are interested in promoting and start gathering information about the products or services offered by the website. You should take your time here, because this step is really important.

The next thing you need is to choose your website name, careful what name you choose for your website. It should be something that implies or is very similar to the name of the website you want to promote. You should keep your .com domain name within 2-3 words – it is recommended that the domain name contains your major keyword, for better SE placement.

Now you can start putting together your web page. There are a few things you should look out for though. Try to keep your pages between 60-70Kb, as Google ranks this kind of pages higher. Don’t use borders or tables unless they are necessary, avoid spasm such as hidden text or a keyword density bigger than 10% (this could get your site banned) etc. Make sure you have a sizable number of HTML pages before you upload and it might be a good thing to validate your web pages with something like “https://www.coolwebtips.com that you have your site you will need a web host. There isn’t s shortage of those around so this should be such a difficult task but here are some pointers when choosing one. Look for response times and the committed up-time, check for PHP support and of course technical support and also for how long have they been in the business.

Now that you have a host, upload your web site to the web address. FTP is the most commonly used protocol for uploading web sites. After the upload, check the website and see if it works properly and all the links are functioning.

Now you can start using this real home based business opportunity to make money. Promote your web page to search engines. You should start by submitting to Google Yahoo!, DMOZ. Also you should promote to Fast, Altavista, Lycos, Hotbot or Teoma. Don’t be upset if nothing happens for the first 2 months, that’s the time it takes for your web site to be indexed. Bring as many backlinks to your site as possible, as this will increase link popularity and give you a higher ranking in the search engines.

Now you need to bring customers to your website. Do this by always updating the content of your web page, posting in forums, using PPC (pay per click) advertising and by exchanging links with similar topic sites. Take your time evaluate the market and learn how to market your web site wisely, and you will get pretty soon to thousands of customers each day.

If you own or work for a business, chances are that you regularly hold or participate in meetings. These meetings would normally include presentations, e.g., of reports, product concepts, issues for discussion and/or decision making, and other business-related topics. These presentations are more effectively done with the help of a piece of equipment that is fast becoming a standard fixture in most businesses: the multimedia projector.

Thanks to modern technology, the multimedia projector has shrunk in size and is much lighter than it’s “ancestors”, yet is many times more powerful and feature packed. What is even better is that this superiority comes with a price tag that is a mere fraction of what the bulkier, higher maintenance and less user-friendly predecessors used to cost. With the presence of several competitors, these prices are destined to decline even more. No wonder then that even a small business can afford to have one.

What are the things you need to consider when investing on a multimedia projector? Consider the following factors:

Many home business owners are failing to have business success. There is an alarming stat which shows 90% of home business owners are not making any money. Many home business owners quit do to fact that they cannot make any money with their home business at all. Why are home business owners failing to have any real business success? Well I will go over a few of the reasons most home business owners are not having any business success. If you are one of the home business owners who has not had any success, do not worry I will give you a few tips in the link below to help you have some business success. One important fact to remember is this, home business success does not come over night,you will have to build your home business. Just because you are running a home business does not mean your home business will not have the ups and downs other businesses face.

First I will focus on the MLM type of home business. Now MLM’s are a tough sell and for a very good reason. First if you are in a MLM you need a product, if there is no product then it is a pyramid, plain and simple. Next you will need to recruit a downline. Most MLM companies teach you to market to your warm market which is insane. Maybe you will have a few signups but that is no way to build a downline. Most of the time what happens is you go tell a close friend or relative to come to a workshop and from there you hear nothing but negative feedback. If you still haven’t quit yet you may be told to go to malls, colleges, and door to door to recruit new members. Which will not land you anywhere. Normally the last step is to start buying leads which is not very effective at all either. See here is the problem for the average home business owner joining an MLM. In order to be effective you need to sponsor huge masses of people, the average MLM owner does not have a clue on how to prospect this many recruits. Most MLMers are focusing on recruiting maybe a coulple of new signups a week if that. The turnover rate in MLM is extremely high and maintaining an active downline can prove to be very difficult.

Now home business owners who are selling products fare much better than MLMers. Why? When people purchase a product they are not purchasing it with the intent to make money. They purchasing your product for the information, item or service it provides. And as long as you can show your potential customer the benefit your item, service or product will have, you will make sales. Trying to build a huge downline is very possible but you must prior experience or it will take you sometime. With a lot of trial and error. So instead of trying to build a downline first focus on selling your home business products. Build yourself a loyal customer base and then when you have cashflow coming in, you can start to build a downline and you will find you will have more business success.

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