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One of the biggest challenges that face new and established business owners is marketing their enterprise. Surprisingly enough, this is something that many new entrepreneurs do not take into consideration before they start their business. This one fact alone spells disaster for a new business.

Understanding how to market your online small business:

Understand your market: First, you will need to understand the market you are promoting to. Analyze your visitors. Find out where they go, (which websites they visit,) and what publications they are interested in- this will give you an idea of where to advertise. It will also help you to understand your market’s specific wants and needs so that you will be offering them the right products and services.

Basic promotions to begin with:

Website promotions-search engines: Build an optimized website: when you do this you will be able to take advantage of many cheap website promotions. Make sure you have good optimized content so that you can submit your site to the search engines. You will get good quality ready to buy visitors from search engine traffic.

Article distribution: You should write or have written a variety of articles about your industry. Submit at least 2 per week for article distribution. You will get valuable back links from article distribution. Plus, you will get highly targeted traffic who will convert well to sales.

Free newsletter: Use some articles for your newsletter: build your business list by offering a free newsletter on your website. This is a very valuable list in that you will be able to build up a good relationship with your subscribers so that over time, they will convert to your life long loyal customers.

Start a Google Awards campaign: This is a little tricky, so do some keyword research and read all the tutorials at Google before you begin. Keep a close watch on your campaigns and remember not to bid too high. Understand how many clicks through are converting to sales and adjust your bidding on this knowledge.

These few marketing methods will help you to get a good start on your promotions and allow you to drive good quality traffic to your website. It is very important to plan your promotions carefully and always be testing them.

Budget your promotions: Make sure you have a special budget for your promotions. The most common mistake in small business owners is not taking care of the marketing budget. Keep a certain amount of money aside from your regular business budget to take care of your promotions. Do not expect to make any real money your first 3 months, so budget for this. The above marketing methods are very cost effective, but most will still cost money. Therefore, start with a small amount of money, test, and when you know there is good sales conversion with a promotion, then channel some more money into it.

Do not forget to keep good records. Test and record each promotion and be sure to have multiple streams of marketing in place. Keep records of everything that is spent and the money that comes in. You can use a software program like ‘quicken’ to help you keep the budget straight.

Investors always want to know what the odds of losing their capital will be. Investors want to know when they will begin making money after sending funds to participate in any investment offering. This is the development time risk. Three, Investors want to know how good the profit structure is, or more specifically, how much money will they make during the life of the investment? I would add a fourth and fifth concern which would be what tax write-offs are there, and finally, what liquidity is there going to be in the investment, or in other words…what’s the exit strategy, if any?

Risk is of primary concern to anyone who is expecting to make money, and the deciding of who with, and where to invest hard earned money are the key questions. Upside, downside, and everything else in between are all factors when an intelligent investor analyses any investment, and determines how much, or little to choose to invest. There are many types of risk…I would like to list some of them based on my own experience, considerable research done during the past 24 years, and based on some failures I’ve also had over the years.

There is a people risk…finding the right people is absolutely essential, in fact I believe this to be the single most important requirement before doing any business with anyone…bad people screw-up great deals. Finding trained, experienced, and highly motivated professionals who don’t quit until the job is done right, and in a reasonable period of time can be difficult. People who can work together while finding the crews, and equipment you need to develop the leases, and fields you have so carefully selected, is not easy. It can make or break-you. Relationships based on years of working together is your best insurance of getting the necessary, and correctly accomplished development work you need done in timely fashion.

Track records are important, but hard to quantify in oil & gas, simply because like the movies, you are only as good as your last picture show. Well meaning, and extremely competent professional people, working with great teams, and putting a great deal together can lose, or not succeed with every endeavor, irregardless of their desire to do well, or regardless of their wonderful technical abilities and experience. It’s always really important to keep this in mind…however, working with incompetent people, or people who don’t know how to get the job done right, or regularly finish what they start isn’t an acceptable outcome. You need to avoid these often fairly confident sounding people when you first begin talking with them, and there are some excellant clues to look for when trying to decide who to avoid.

The deal is of paramount importance of course, but how it’s structured to provide you with upside, while minimizing downside, providing diversificiation, and being achievable at the same time, and in a reasonable period of time is still a significant challenge…the premise of any oil & gas deal has to be supportable with good history, logic, geology, engineering, and just plain has to make good sense, for both area and the time.

Some oil & gas drilling, and developmental areas in the US are intrinsically very risky for example…the Gulf Coast is one such area, and it’s where the faint of heart should not venture…costs are extremely high, as are the technical risks of failure, of which there are many. The statistical track record for most participants in the Gulf Coast area is less than a 50% hit rate of completing commercial wells, even when finding recoverable reserves. Competition in the Gulf Coast areas is brutal, and the big boys control the lay of the land…you’ve all heard of the expression, ‘my way, or the hi-way’?

Previously drilled and developed older areas which have historically produced many millions of barrels of oil in the past, and are still doing so right now. These areas are being re-visited by large independents, and the majors, because they often have much less risk than new exploratory offshore areas. Wells can be placed into production for far less money, and much quicker than the big new fields being discovered elsewhere. Many of these older fields may not have such exciting upside, however higher prices in oil and gas now support the return to some of these areas even though they have been depleted of their primary recoverable reserves of oil & gas. Secondary drilling and recovery methods can rival, and exceed the outcomes relative to both rates of return, and upside you might get in the Gulf Coast states, or with offshore drilling programs. Actually, since the late 70’s most of the middle east oil fields are in secondary recovery, and are being water flooded, which is the principal means of recovering the last remaining reserves in place in an oil field.

Finally, there is the price risk, or volatility risk…oil & gas prices are high, particularly oil prices, which are going-up in the foreseeable future, or within the time lines we are investing, and developing new oil & gas projects being planned during the next ten years…there will be alternate energy sources, and conservation efforts, but demand will be greater than supply capabilities based on my research.

When buying a discount watch on the internet their are several things one needs to watch out for. If you are buying a brand name watch like a Casio, Timex, Citizen, Seiko or even a higher end Watch Like an Omega or Movado make sure that the company you are purchasing from is reputable. See if they offer any kind of a return policy as well as any kind of warrantee on the watch. Many discount watches online these days are knock offs or gray market watches which do not carry a warrantee by the manufacturer.

Cheaper brands like Timex and Casio are usually gray market goods which means that they do not carry a manufacturers warrantee at all, therefore it is important to see if the online site owner offers any sort of a warrantee at all. If the watch does come directly from the manufacturer then you don’t have to worry and if any trouble arises you can then just send the watch in for repair or replacement. Their is a lot of gray market goods on the internet especially Ebay. The watches are the same quality as what you would get from the maker directly. What is done is that buyers will bypass the watch company directly and approach the actual factories. By buying from the factory direct they can get a much better price. The quality is the same. The only draw back is that you do not have a warrantee therefore if the watch is defective you are not covered by a manufacturers warrantee. Usually the way you can tell if the watch his gray market is by the price. If you go and look on the internet use something like froogle and see what the current price seems to be. Anyone undercutting that price by a great deal is usually selling gray market or knock off watches. If you think about it this way everyone is selling to make money so if someone is selling at a price that is so greatly reduced that they cant possibly make anything you should be asking yourself why.

Finding a higher end watch at a discount online can be quite tricky, it is actually easier to find a knock off. Most of your high end watch companies like Rolex, Movado, Omega, Rado and Tag do not allow selling of their product on the internet, therefore many of the online sites that sell these higher end watches will sell the watch to you, but before they do they will take the serial numbers off to hide where the watch came from. Since most of the higher end models have unique identifying serial numbers on them. They can be used to track the watch back to a particular watch seller. Since a lot of the hihger end makers don’t want the product sold on the web they will go and make purchases online to see if they can track the watch back from the account that it came from which will get the account closed. For this reason the serial numbers are removed. In doing this the manufacturer will not honor the warrantee. If you decide to buy one of these watches online make sure the site you buy from offers a warrantee. Most will offer a 3 year warrantee which replaces the one of the manufacturer.

So if you do want to buy a watch online at a cheaper price please make sure you look at these factors so you are not disappointed by your purchase. Lately knock offs have become very popular and they are a viable alternative to buying a high end watch. You can get a good knock off for 2 to 300 dollars. Most of them even come with a 2 year warrantee. I have seen a few of these and they are difficult to identify as a fake unless you are a horologist you will not be able to tell the difference until you actually crack the case open.

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