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Running a small business is tough because the buck stops at you for absolutely everything. The difference between success and failure can be a fine line. A small mistake in the first two years can knock a small business owner for six whilst a large new customer can propel you very quickly to new horizons.

Small business owners need to deal with all aspects of the business from book keeping, marketing, innovation, distribution, finance and customers that refuse to pay. Large companies have a separate department for each of the above tasks.

If you make a mistake in your record keeping the Inland Revenue comes knocking on your door. They work on the rule that you have read all their pamphlets and do not class ignorance as a defence. What a bunch of losers!

Countless sleepless nights, arguments with bank managers, disputes with suppliers and angry customers can all lead to stress overload.

And this is just the start, especially if you have gone into business with a friend! Make sure that everything you have agreed on is in writing so that further down the road there are no disputes about what was agreed. Better still do not go into business with a friend!

The first couple of years are the hardest as most banks have very tough lending criteria for small businesses. Do not hesitate to change your bank manager or even your bank if you are not getting a sympathetic response. Not all banks are the same. Some even offer free banking for the first couple of years!

Having a good accountant who will not start billing you the second you call, can help a lot. If you have friend who also happens to be an accountant then this could prove invaluable. Do not be scared to change your accountant or lawyer at the start. Building the right relationships at the beginning is critical.

Another problem small business face is absenteeism. If one member of staff is of ill it can reduce the entire workforce by fifty percent! It’s a great idea to have someone you can rely on as a backup. Another great idea is to possibly take on two part timers rather than one employee. They can both act as back ups for each other.

It’s important that you plan your growth. Obviously we would all like to see really good growth but if a business grows too fast it can lead to disaster. In some cases you might have to rein it until cash flows allow for another spurt.

Factoring your debts – where a finance company pays you upfront 80% of any outstanding invoices and then does the job of chasing payments can really help here.

Never be afraid to change tracks if the something is not working. If you are selling products that are not making you money – change direction. If you have a customer who takes up too much time for very little profit – dump him. If you have a supplier who keeps letting you down – find a new one. If you have an obnoxious employee – find someone else now before you waste too much time training the wrong person.

Be creative and always on the lookout for that special idea, promotion material or something different to get your customers talking about you.

Once you have run your own company successfully and got used to making your own decisions, it can be very exhilarating & chances are that you will never work for someone again.

Taking care of your body both inside and out has become one of the most talked about and read about topics in the news these days. There are so many products on the market that a person could go crazy trying to figure out which one is the best. When it comes to organic skin care, there is only one that uses the most natural and virgin properties of pure vegetable oils and essential oils. That is the one with lemon myrtle, so reminiscent of lemon, lemongrass, and lime.

When you use the organic skin care products with lemon myrtle, you gain three essential benefits. The first is the way that it smoothes away dry irritation and leaves the body feeling clean, soft, and youthful. The second is in its antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. The third is the emotional upliftment and wellbeing you feel as lemon myrtle essential oil soothes and cheers you up.

When using these products every day in your bath or shower, you automatically get the added benefit of helping to protect yourself from disease naturally. Natural anti-bacterial action is gentler and more wholistic than chemical anti-bacterial action.

There are just so many different viruses and bacterial infections that a person can be exposed to that it is great to be able to protect yourself with something so simple as the soap or body lotion you use every day. What could be easier?

Why not try using a lovely natural handmade soap, which is cold processed so that it retains the natural moisturizing ingredients found in the coconut and olive oils that are used. This soap also gently exfoliates through the use of finely ground lemon myrtle leaves. And the wonderful lemony fragrance of lemon myrtle just cannot be beaten.

The final benefit that comes from using a line of organic skin care products is the soothing, uplifting feeling that comes from its wonderful citrus fragrance. And if that was not enough, it also is a natural insect repellent.

Or if dry, cracked lips are something you have to fight off during the dry, winter months, then there is simply nothing more soothing and healing than the lemon myrtle and virgin coconut oils that are used in the skin and lip balm. It is also great for those annoying little bites, stings, and irritations that you body can be exposed to on a warm summer night.

A very special ingredient you will enjoy when using Lemon Myrtle Essentials’ organic skin care range is Australian Bush Flower Essences, very emotionally healing, especially when you just need to kick back and forget the problems after a long, hard day. It is time to treat yourself to the very best when it comes to feeling nice in both mind and body.

So, you’ve decided to start a home based business. Congratulations, and welcome to the high energy world of entrepreneurship. I have owned and operated my own home based business since 1994. While is takes some time to learn, one of the fastest ways is to role model someone who is achieving their goals. I learned fast that having a success coach or mentor will help you succeed at much faster pace. One of the biggest thrills of owning your own business is the flexibility of your work time, deciding when to work, go to the beach or spend time with your family. The financial rewards can be numerous. The nice thing about owning your own business is you get paid what you are worth.

Now that you’ve decided to start your own business, you might be thinking “How can I become successful, what does it take and what do I have to do?” These seven secrets will help:

1) set up a separate working area in your home. All you need is an area that you can maintain your focus in and get your work done. I remember a person whose home based business was doing 7 figures a year say to me,” Ron when I work I work, but when it’s time for family time it’s time for family time, you have to separate the two.”

2) Set Goals that you want to achieve in the coming year. Make your goals crystal clear, put them up on the wall, and set annual, quarterly and monthly goals. The clearer your goals are the better chance you have of achieving them. Put up a Vision Board in your home office, look at it everyday and see yourself accomplishing your goal.

3) Your third step is marketing. Decide who your target market is, what is the best way to reach them. Determine the best way to attract your target market. Who is your ideal client? Invest at least a week and go to your local library and read some books on marketing to see what the experts are doing. I myself invest in one marketing book at month to keep up to date on current marketing trends.

4) Time management is crucial to the success of your home based business. We all have 24 hours in a day but how you invest them will determine your success at the end of the year. A good thought is to work on your top priorities when you are the freshest, so you accomplish the most towards your goal.

5) Network with other like minded people. One of the fastest ways to grow any business is to promote Joint ventures with people who can introduce you to your best clients. I’ll never forget one of my first joint ventures that resulted in a 6 figure income in 90 days, the feeling and financial rewards are what make owning your own business exciting.

6) Look the part. If you want to be treated professionally, act like a professional. Set up a separate bank account for your business. Have a dedicated phone line and fax line for business. Outsource the creation of your marketing materials so your business has that high tech look.

7) Automation is the key. Learn how to become a prospecting machine. The number one things most successful home based business has are good high quality leads. Have automatic systems in place to help you identify and attract your ideal client. Target marketing is where your profits are at. Focus on adding value to the life of your clients and you will be reward handsomely.

These seven secrets will jump start your home based business in a hurry.

Webmasters know that it takes more than putting a website online to call it a success. You need to build links to achieve popularity and search engine rankings.

Link popularity is achieved through link building and is an essential part of search engine optimization. If you have a passion to put forth the effort to build quality inbound links to your site, it will in turn achieve higher rankings in the search engines. If your website is marketing products or services you need the traffic this will bring for success. By consistently earning more quality inbound links to your web site your search engine rankings will improve.

Links from the more popular websites definitely are more potent and effective than links from less popular sites and can carry your site to the top of the search engines. Link popularity plays a vital role in popularizing and categorizing the internet. The more websites you have that link to yours, the more traffic you will receive. We all know that it takes visitors to your site to achieve sales and success for your business.

There are various methods for link building including quality directory submissions, reciprocal linking, link baiting and newsletters. Link building is a part of search engine optimization that every webmaster takes part in by attempting to build quality, relevant inbound links to their website.

The three basic types of link building consist of reciprocal, one way and three way link building. Reciprocal link building has been decreasing in popularity due to search engines getting better at detecting them and discounting the value of those links. The method basically involves you linking to a related site and them in return linking back.

One way link building efforts are still going strong as this is where you can get the most value from your linking efforts. It is a great way to improve your search engine rankings, but the links are much more difficult to obtain. You can achieve these links through submissions for directory review, providing unique article content and blogs.

Links should be used properly in pointing surfers looking for content relevant to you site. The key factor in link building should be to achieve an easy way for web traffic to find the content on your site that is relevant to their searches. Web sites and their promotion should be done with the visitor in mind.

Relevancy of the site linking to yours is a determining factor in how much weight that link will be given in the search engines. A site that is within the same niche will help you achieve better results than a link from a site that has no relevance to your niche.

The web exists for links between web content. Employing a strategic link building effort to achieve good exposure within that environment is essential to your businesses success. When done properly it can bring relevant traffic to your website to view the products or services offered there. This will help to reach new heights in your business.

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