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For most people there is only two reasons to be in business. They either love what they do and they want to make money doing it. If someone claims they aren’t in business for the money they are either independently wealthy or not being honest with you.

You may have heard people claim that if they didn’t have bills to pay they would do the job for free. They’re lying.

Many people honestly care about their family, their employees and the community in which they do business, but they also believe that profit is not a dirty word. They are providing a needed product or service and should expect to make enough of a profit from their activities to meet their financial obligations and have some left over for extras.

There are some employees who may believe the business exists solely to work them to death for poverty wages while the owner basks in the sun on the beach. If this is true, they need to find another job where the boss shares all of the profit with the employees or quit complaining. Very few bosses will take that kind of attitude and if you work for one like that, perhaps you should seek employment elsewhere.

In survey after survey employees rarely list their income level as the number on thing they like or dislike about their job. Most want to be trained to do their job and be made to feel good about performing their essential job functions. A pat on the back will go a long way. However, it won’t be too long, if the profits are rolling in, for that employee to start questioning their real worth.

It is has been found that when a business that is making money shares the success with others who make it possible, the loyalty increases greatly, enabling them to make even more money. What a cycle that begins. Your business makes money, your people are happy and the customers are happy.

There are some groups, however that may believe that even the slightest profit should be shared with everyone, regardless of their contribution to the business’s success. They will push the business owner to pay for things that may not be the owner’s responsibility until they believe the owner is making no more money than the lowest employee on the totem pole.

What these folks fail to understand is that the owner probably spent years of hard work building the business from the ground when there was no one else to share the pain and the hunger of the early years. The people that are the recipients of the new generosity did not suffer the consequences of bad decisions in the early years and now that it’s time for the owner to be able to relax and enjoy their success, there is someone trying to take it away.

Do you want to know the best way to get the word out about your business? Start with your Web site. Your website should help promote your business explain, who you are, what you do, how you are different than your competitors.

Use your website to build your identity, to help increase your visibility, to create name recognition, to get your message across. Most importantly use your website to convince your visitors to buy your product. Your website can help you to put your business in the spotlight. Your website is a tool that must be able to tell the world who you are, what you have to offer to the world, and how your website visitors can benefit.

One of the most important parts of your web presence is the content you create for your site. You have complete control over your content and you have to make sure that each projects an accurate description of the services or products you offer. If you are an accountant, writing useful content is an excellent way to position your self as an expert. The more selling your site can do for you that last selling will you have to be doing.

In addition to content for your site, you should be writing articles on an ongoing basis. When you write an article you immediately differentiate yourself from your competition. When your customers will read the articles you write they will consider you an expert.

If you have any video of any of your presentations, you should consider making it available to your website visitors. Video is quickly becoming the standard and web presence marketing. You may think that you have to be a pro to have your video or audio on your website, but it is easier than you may think.

Another important strategy to get the word out about your business is linking to related websites. Links are what the Internet is about. Creating an effective linking strategy can be time consuming but it is part of a successful online presence.

There are many ways to get the word out about your website. There is not one way but many. It is worth the time invested. Now go and get the word out!

A discussion of splash pages and how they are not a design element that supports a profitable search engine optimization strategy.

One of the hottest web site design crazes on the Internet are “splash pages.” A splash page is a web page that is completely or partly animated. You could think of it as being an animated book cover. These pages can consist of just a few words, just a graphic, a company’s logo and also many shifting images. Music is also usually a component of a well-designed splash page.

Usually your user has to do a lot of clicking in order to get through the “splash page” process. If you are on a web site that starts with a long introduction and there is a link called Skip Intro on it then you have encountered a true blue splash page.

There is some debate about whether or not splash pages are a good idea. It is good if you are a bigger company that needs to branded then the addition of an introductory splash page to your site is not necessarily going to hurt your business. However if your site is not a household name it is probably best to stay away from splash pages. Splash pages displace the first page (which contains your real content) and the search engine spiders then read these flashy intro pages as blank space.

The problem is that splash pages lack content that can indexed, contain zero links, usually and often display a “redirect” to the real home page. Search engines algorithms think you are trying to trick them if they see a redirect on what is supposed to be a home page. The bottom line is that you must avoid redirects if you are serious about being found by search engines. An introductory splash page is not recommended for businesses that are not known as not only can they sabotage your SEO efforts but often they are quite expensive to be designed too.

When autumn blows in, adults don’t have to worry about going back to school. This does not mean, however, that they don’t learn new things at the start of a fresh business year. Business meetings, seminars and workshops that teach employees and bosses alike about new policies and business models will begin as September approaches. These events are supposed to be attended, but employees occasionally decide not to attend them. Giving an incentive to go to these events can make attendance higher and possibly, make employees happier. Fall brings many new opportunities for businesses to reconnect with their customers and employees. Articulate that you care about your employees by giving them personalized gifts that will make them feel like they are wanted and belong at your company or institution.

As the cooler months begin approaching, warm beverages are consumed at a high rate. Custom-made coffee samplers can be given to employees at raffles or conferences and they are appreciated by most everyone. With assorted flavors and personalized packaging, the coffee will look as good as it tastes. While your employee is enjoying their warm cup of coffee why not give them a travel mug to take it to a football game. The chilly weather won’t be able to discourage them from going. Finally, why not also provide a stadium cushion to employees who have really gone above and beyond this year. People can use these cool seats for tailgating on game day or for extra seating at the last company picnic of the year. With coffee and a seat, there is no way the employee will forget the comfortable outing you helped them have!

Bosses and executives work hard year round to produce and maintain company profits. Show them appreciation by giving them nice corporate watches, casual watches or sport watches. These watches will guarantee that they will never be late to another meeting or golf date. Speaking of golf dates, another idea that the bosses will surely love is golf ball markers or divot tools. These items are things that will have the boss remembering your appreciation while both on and off the clock.

The last great thing that would be a good idea to present to any person at your business or institution would be a desk calendar. Although electronic calendars are available, they are at times unreliable. Systems can crash and important dates can be lost. In the article “The Master Plan” by Cynthia Graham in Promotional Marketing, Jeff Taplin of PlannerStores said “Calendars and planners are far more portable and reliable than their electronic counterparts. People are either reverting back to paper planners or using them in conjunction with their electronic organizers.”

These fall promotions will help all employees and bosses stay dedicated to their work while reminding them they are appreciated.

It seems there is a misconception about what web hosting means. Many website owners think web hosting is simply the server where your web site is stored for access by online consumers.

A web host DOES provide this service, but web hosting is essentially a provider who makes a variety of services available to move your site from dream to reality. Web hosting is about much more than just hosting your website.

A quality web host will keep up with new technology, monitor website uptime, improve existing hardware and provide the tools you need to launch your website.

Let’s see if this makes sense; a web host can provide design services, but a web designer can’t always provide quality web hosting.

If the impetus of web hosting is to provide a superior level of services then the common view of web designer as a separate function of web host may need to be challenged.

If a web hosting solution can provide the following perhaps a separate designer is an unnecessary step.

1) Updated software technology.

2) Website monitoring and uptime guarantees.

3) Regular upgraded hardware.

4) Comprehensive design templates with broad options for customization and growth.

These options make a full-service web hosting option a cost effective mechanism of managing multiple aspects of your site design and hosting function. This solution also allows you to operate as the ultimate decision maker in site design.

Web hosting has been denigrated to a separate function of web design, however this need not be the case – it should not be the case.

Web designers are typically thrilled to see ecommerce businesses view the two functions as separate and unique from each other. In most cases the web designer will indicate hosting is free with design services. This may sound like a good deal, but you could pay more in site design and maintenance in the first month than a year of a web hosting package that also provides web design functions in a template rich environment.

Understandably this may be a different way of looking at the role of a web hosting option, but it may also provide a welcome environment for site development and growth in an affordable package.

In many cases a web designer spends the majority of their time designing and maintaining sites and have little time left over for website monitoring, uptime guarantee and regular hardware upgrades. In their defense, this has a lot to do with the workload they are under. In a web-hosting scenario you become the primary site designer allowing the host to make sure your ‘cyber creation’ is available to a global audience.

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