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I’m sure you’ve heard that the popularity of online auctions is going up at a dramatic rate. Current volume of online auction sales is already in the tens of billions of dollars and this amount is predicted to rise within the next few years.

The lure of online auctions is due to their convenience for buyers and sellers alike.

They are also easy to use even for newbie’s, with most of it being quite self-explanatory.

Where there is this kind of sales, it doesn’t take rocket science to realize there is money to be made with online auctions. In fact, selling at online auctions is fast becoming a great new way to work from home for many. The popularity of online auctions is prompting hundreds of thousands of users to take a serious look into eBay as more than a hobby. It just might make the perfect home business.

Making money with online auctions is actually one of the easiest home businesses to start, run, and turn a profit with. Even with a part time effort, selling through online auctions is a great way to earn extra cash. Overall, the cost it takes to participate in online auctions is quite little. Online auctions work for virtually any type of product you can think of from crafts to art to information products.

The largest of the online auctions is eBay. The best way to learn more about online auctions such as eBay is to just jump right in and get started. If you are new to online auctions, you should first get your feet wet and participate as a bidder. Once you are familiar with how everything works from a customer’s point of view, you can look into selling.

The power of online auctions is quite real. Once you decide what to sell, you can do the actual listing of your items on eBay quickly and easily. One of the best ones for managing your online auctions is eBay’s Turbo Lister. Using Turbo Lister helps you be efficient and organized and staying organized and on top of your online auctions is crucial to providing good customer service. Swift communication and honesty are important qualities of successful eBay veterans.

From eBay to Yahoo, it’s easy to learn how to use online auctions to increase your sales, or sell exclusively to auctions profitably. Many are working from home, selling on online auctions every day. Master the skills and you too can work from home selling on eBay!

The world of the Internet seems to be expanding by leaps and bounds lately – so much so that you might be thinking about putting up your own Internet Marketing Company so you can compete in this field. But before you start shelling out your hard-earned money to put up that Internet Marketing Company you have been dreaming about, it helps to find out what the ground rules are first.

First, you really cannot get around the fact that you need pretty extensive awareness, knowledge, and maybe experience in the Information Technology aspect side for your Internet Marketing Company. Why? Simply because IT will dictate the capabilities of your Internet Marketing Company to a significant extent. If you yourself are not an IT person but is passionate about building a powerful Internet Marketing Company, then perhaps it’s time for you to scout around for some top brains in IT to hire as consultants and staff for your Internet Marketing Company.

The Real Business of an Internet Marketing Company

In the world of advertisement, conventional advertising and promotion approaches are no longer the typical newspaper and TV or radio formats. Promotions of goods and services are now more appealing online especially that now that many have access to the web 24/7. Understanding the benefits and challenges of establishing an influential Internet Marketing Company will help you prosper in this online business. So what do you have to do primarily?

1. Hire a Smart IT firm

Artistic and business focused IT professionals can be your best assets during the establishment of your Internet Marketing Company. The reason is in this age of advanced and well-designed websites, your Internet Marketing Company needs to be aggressive in terms of advertising and promotion. Understand that competition is getting tougher, Internet marketing companies and firm need to be more than just the typical ads and design promotion.

Yourself you will have to choose the best Internet Marketing company or provider, then create a professional assessment. Get yourself involved during the creation of the firm. Therefore, when dealing with your Internet Marketing Company provider, consider just a user-friendly layout and navigation. Plus, you’ll get an attractive layout with the appropriate use of colors. You should use those schemes intelligently and instinctively; and be able to manipulate content like images and video so that the end product looks good enough to please the client and bring in visitors in droves.

2. Identify a reliable content writer

You have to have people who know how to write content in your Internet Marketing Company. That means getting people who are skilled in language skills, who know how to work with the language and how to pick topics so that they can create unique and original information for your future clients, and who know when to stop writing about one topic category and switch to others when the client needs these.

If you can get people for your Internet Marketing Company who are strong in both IT and writing, that would be a bonus. Also, an Internet Marketing Company needs people who are skilled in other disciplines. For instance, every business needs an accountant to manage the finances of the Internet Marketing Company. If you yourself know how to do simple accounting, that’s a start but there will come a time in the growth of your Internet Marketing Company when you need someone who is really trained in this discipline. Hiring an accountant is a good business decision so you can concentrate on other competencies of your Internet Marketing Company. You may need MIS personnel in addition to your regular Internet Marketing Company techies so that your techies don’t wind up using their precious time managing your IT systems in-house and can concentrate on serving your clients instead.

3. Marketing resource person

Yes, you have your techies and you have your writers, but Marketing is something that is a specialty in itself. If your Internet Marketing Company team of techies and writers seems to be able to cope, you might want to give them opportunities for continuous learning by sending them to marketing seminars. It may cost you a pretty penny, so try sending one representative at a time who will then educate the rest of the staff of your Internet Marketing Company when he returns with a wealth of knowledge.

An Internet Marketing Company has to be competitive so you really need to spend a lot of time, energy and resources trying to find clients who will hire your services. The field is dominated already by quite a lot of players so you have your work hard for you to at least join the growing bandwagon. This is why your Internet Marketing Company has to function like a close-knit fraternity or sorority of like-minded people who work in conjunction with one another. People are people though so expect some clashes to happen at time, but always make sure you develop a strong Internet Marketing Company culture so that your staff is able to iron out any differences before they escalate into bigger problems.

The big question is how do you keep in touch with your customers without being accused of spamming or just making them unhappy with all of your emails? There are a couple of easy ways of doing this while building a stronger relastionship with them.

The first way is by doing a series of follow-up emails to your customers. Here is how I have mine setup. First let me tell you that I use eBay’s Blackthrone auction porcessing software. It still has some bugs in it since it is new but I think it may be the best product overall. There are dozens of other services out there that do the same thing. Anyways, using some kind of auction processing software just makes life easier but you can do everything yourself.

I take every chance I get to document each step in the post auction process by notify my customer through email. I send out an email when payment is received, when I ship the item, I wait one week before telling them I posted feedback and two weeks after shipping I send out a survey to make sure the customer was happy.

This whole process keeps my name in front of them for almost one month. You will never get one complaint about spamming but just the opposite. Your customers will thank you for the great communications. Oh yea, I wait until Friday to send out the feedback and survey emails so they will get them just in time for the weekend auctions. Sending these out in the middle of the week won’t get that good of a response.

At the bottom of each of these emails I have three links. Something like this (links are not real):

This weeks current auctions

stores (dot) ebay (dot) com/xxxxx

Join my Newsletter of interesting Postal History Facts

mynewsleter (dot) com

Visit my Postal History Blog

blog (dot) com

I use tracking url’s in my emails so I know how many people click on these links and trust me a lot of them do.

You may have noticed that I also have a newsletter, which is a double opt-in newsletter. This is not the newsletter feature that ebay offers but from a third party service. Of course I also take advantage of the ebay newsletter feature but use it more as a weekly announcement email.

Between the emails and the two newsletters I can reach out to over 500 people each week. For me that really helps kick-start my auctions each week.

Free Power Sellers eCourse

Website owners have a desire to get the word out about their website as soon as possible. This is an understandable desire. The feeling is a bit like knowing what you want in the “day after Thanksgiving’ sales and having to wait in line to get into the store. You want something to happen they way you want it to happen – and you want it to happen NOW.

The problem with this line of thinking is that when you submit (or have someone do it for you) to search engines you have one chance to make a good first impression. If your site isn’t complete the initial spider technology will only rank your site based on the information that was actually on your site. It could be awhile before spider bots come back through your site to reevaluate your ranking.

When an entrepreneur jumps the gun on site promotion tools they may find a lack of success in site rankings. In most cases these sites aren’t ready for that first dance with search engines.

When entertaining different site promotion tools you want to be sure to maximize every step you take. When you pursue marketing exposure prematurely you can wind up minimizing the effectiveness of the tool.

Imagine using a hammer to strike a nail. The hammer can’t do its job if when it’s ready to swing the nail hasn’t been manufactured yet.

What I’m saying is the hammer of search engine rankings is being called into play and the nail of a finished website is still in the design phase.

A website can be in production for an indefinite period of time, but when you call on the search engines to evaluate the site you’ve set a significant machine in motion that has the ability to help you launch your site successfully or leave you at the bottom of the pile.

Because marketing is a work in progress in the same way a website can be, it should be noted that you will be refining your website for as long as you have it available. The search engines will continue to monitor your website through back links and other standard methods. Don’t be afraid to fine-tune your site. Just make sure the mechanics of your ecommerce business are functional and well-tuned for its initial ride into cyberspace.

Moving your idea from dream status to online store is an exciting part of ecommerce. You should be thrilled to be moving in this direction. Just make sure to make use of available site promotion tools that can give you the boost you need for your launch party.

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