Major Search Engine Submission How To Get Listed In Google Yahoo And Msn How To Use Free Reports To Promote Your Website Franchise Resources Which Are Required For A Successful Franchise Running A Work At Home Internet Business

Bloggers often ask how to get their blog listed in the major search engines.

Here’s how:

1. Submit Directly: Submit your blog via Google’s free submitting form. Submit your sitemap to Google. Submit your site to DMOZ, the Open Directory Project. Keep in mind that is run by volunteers; therefore it may take some time before you are listed and a submission does not guarantee listing.

4. Get a Qualified Backlink: Get linked from a website that search engines crawl regularly and add your link to forum signatures. Google states, “Google’s robots jump from page to page on the web via hyperlinks, so the more sites that link to your pages, the more likely it is that we’ll find them quickly.”

5. If your blog isn’t already listed in Google’s Blog search engine, you can submit it manually. Add your blog to Google’s Blog Search. usually takes a new website about a month before it’s fully indexed by Google. Google Blog Search indexes blogs by their site feeds, so be sure that you publish a site feed.

Keep in mind that, while Google dominates the web, it isn’t the only search engine on the web.

Yahoo Search is one of the major search engines and directories online as well, so you are going to want to submit your blog to Yahoo’s Directory. could take eight to ten weeks before you are listed in Yahoo.

Yahoo Site Explorer allows you to explore all the web pages indexed by Yahoo Search. your blog to Yahoo Site Explorer. Your Feed to the Yahoo! RSS Browse-by-Topic Directory. your Media RSS Feed to Yahoo! Search - can submit your blog to Msn at will submit your blog free to the top 20 + Search engines.

If you don’t already have a Technorati account, sign up for one at and claim your blog at Technorati. Technorati is a popular weblog search engine. offers a list of blog directories where you can also submit your blog to increase your exposure online. submitting to directories, be sure to take the time to read the submission guidelines provided by each blog directory.

Getting listed in the major search engines alone doesn’t guarantee traffic. Your blog content guarantees that. Update regularly, provide interesting content and the visitors will come, as will the spider bots.

Viral Marketing is the method of creating something that people will want to share and pass around. This type of buzz, or word-of-mouth advertising can be incredibly valuable. Not to mention relatively inexpensive to launch, if not free.

This quick tutorial outlines a method to start a viral marketing campaign, build a highly targeted and responsive mailing list, and improve the conversion rate of your landing page… all by using free reports.

Start A Viral Marketing Campaign With Free Reports

The goal with your report is to impress your reader, and gain their trust and respect as an expert in your niche. The more you give away, the more people you will attract in your target market. This is a great way to build a highly targeted and responsive mailing list, which is an incredible asset to any online marketer.

1. Write your report

It doesnt take long to write up a Special Report for your niche. Start out by listing 7-10 tips or solutions for something of great interest to your ideal reader. If you have a hard time coming up with ideas, simply visit discussion forums in your niche to see what interests them most or what topics they are asking about.

Your report can be as short as 5-10 pages, as long as it makes valuable points and presents a solution for the reader.

2. Set Up a Landing Page

This step is important, as it allows you to connect with your market and also compel them to subscribe to your mailing list. The main purpose of the page is to give away your free report and make a personal connection with that visitor.

You may use a photo of yourself and a brief description of the report they are about to download. Keep in mind that you still need to use sales copy to sell people on free things. Their time is valuable, and so is their hard drive space, so make it a no brainer for your visitors!

On that same page, offer them another freebie. This can be a follow-up report, a free trial, or something that your readers would want as much as they want your Special Report. Invite them to sign up for this second offer, by joining your mailing list.

Be sure to let them know what they can expect from you in the future (ie more great tips & resources to [insert solution]). You can also include a link back to this page at the end of your report, offering the second download if they did not have an opportunity to download it when they got your original report.

3. Send Traffic to Your Landing Page

– Write a 600-800 word Article that relates to the topic of your Special Report. You may want to write several articles, but start with at least one. Submit this article to niche article directories, and to webmasters and ezine publishers that reach your target market. Include a link to your landing page in the Byline or Resource Box and include mention of the special report that readers can download free for even more information.

– Try to land a spot on a niche internet talk radio show, or an interview with a popular expert in your niche. Create a personalized version of your landing page for these readers and/or listeners, such as: or They will be compelled to click to see what you have put together for them specifically.

Another method that you can use, particularly if you write an in-depth Special Report of 20 pages or more, is the “bonus method”. Instead of giving your report away freely, you can approach product developers in your niche about giving your Special Report to their buyers as a Bonus. As long as your report is not available freely on the web, this will increase the value of their product and most will gladly include your Report.

The key with this method is that you are getting in front of buyers in your target market. The people who receive your Special Report as a bonus have already ordered something online in your niche. These are highly valuable readers, and you may want to put more emphasis on getting them to a landing page for another freebie or tip sheet… encouraging them to sign up for your mailing list.

Either way, Special Reports are a great way to gain exposure in your target market and build a responsive mailing list… You will want to keep this list warm by continuing to send them valuable tips and resources.

Once you have established a trusting relationship with your readers, you can introduce them to your own products, or products that you recommend as an affiliate.

When purchasing a franchise, there are a lot of things to consider. Often times, many franchise resources get overlooked which can help you make a smart decision in purchasing a franchise opportunity. In this article, we will discuss the franchise resources that are available for you to make the proper decisions in your next franchise investment.

The number one resource for franchise success is your financial position. What resources do you have in place to purchase a franchise? Depending upon whether you can finance the project completely yourself, or if you need to raise capital or get a loan, you can utilize different franchise resources. Also, it depends upon the franchise you’re looking at. Some franchises have little franchising fees involved for investment, while others need not only franchising fees, but real estate and inventory investments as well as employee cost and so on. Your financial resources will determine to a great degree which franchise you can invest in.

Also, what resources do you have in place to keep your head above water before you to return on your franchise? Do you need to see an initial cash flow return, or can you wait months or even years before your franchise opportunity begins putting money in your pockets? These are things to consider when purchasing a franchise.

I recommend for an prospective franchisee to visit a financial planner before making this life changing investment. By rule of thumb, I always recommend that the franchisee have 6 months of income backed so they do not have to dip into the franchise profits. The first couple years of opening your franchise are critical. A good amount of franchisors will simply take out all the profits that their franchise makes without worrying about spending money on marketing, staff, or improvements to their location. The smart franchisors are the ones that spend money to improve their location before taking out the profits. Ten years down the road, who do you think is ahead? The guy that reinvested his profits for the first 2-3 years is reaping the benefits I guarantee. It’s simple Business 101, which many franchisees have not taken the time to learn before getting a real life dose at how business works.

Some of the best franchise resources to consider are the expertise of others and experience you have. Depending upon your experience and personality traits, different franchise opportunities will produce different results. A home-based opportunity will do no good for somebody who needs to be socially active, or vice versa. Also, if you have little experience in the industry that your franchise opportunity is in, or unable to higher good help, you could be in trouble. Sometimes the best resource is the expert opinion of others in the industry to franchise opportunities in.

In conclusion, the franchise resources that are available to you vary greatly depending upon your circumstances and which franchises you’re interested in investing in. By taking the proper steps to research the resources that are available to you based upon your experience and resources, you’ll make better informed decisions in purchasing franchise opportunities.

Running a work at home internet business is something that requires dedication and plenty of skills. Many people are led to believe that anyone can run a work at home internet business. They are told it is easy and so simple that it will practically run itself. What people do not often understand is that internet businesses usually do run themselves, but it still takes plenty of work on the business owners part to get the business started and to keep it up and running.

A work at home internet business is really no different from a physical business in that it takes time to get it started. A work at home internet business still requires plenty of marketing work that needs to be done by the business owner. No automated system will take care of marketing. It also requires the business owner to maintain the records and to watch over the operations of the business.

When people hear that a work at home internet business runs itself, they are usually being told that the actual sales and customer relations are handled by an automated system. Additionally, automated systems can handle aspects of marketing. However, automated systems can not handle everything, so that still leaves some work for the business owner.

The internet marketplace also lends itself to many automated features. The internet is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so the business is selling all the time. This is why automated systems are so popular, but as mentioned they can not handle everything and the business owner will have to be responsible for things like marketing and handling some customer issues.

Automated systems can help with a lot of the responsibility of running a work at home internet business. However, there are still many things the business owner has to be responsible for in order to run their business successfully. Running a work at home internet business will require work no matter if it is using an automated system or not.

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