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Motor vehicle crashes cost US employers over $60 billion annually in medical costs, legal expenditure, property damage, and lost productivity. While costs by state and Industry vary, on-the-job crash injuries (fatal and non-fatal) amount to about 6.5 percent of all crash injuries.

As a result, the cost of workers’ compensation, Social Security benefits, health and disability insurance continues to rise. An investment in a comprehensive motor vehicle accident prevention program can be a winning approach to reducing these expenses and an effective tool for helping limit your company’s liability exposure.

Consider the Savings

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s report entitled “The Economic Burden of Traffic Crashes on Employers” (request a free copy of the 35-page report on the author’s web site), the average crash costs an employer $16,500. An employee that has an on-the-job crash resulting in an injury, costs their employer $74,000. In the case of a fatality, costs often go beyond $500,000. Additionally, off-the-job crashes not only affect individual employees, they are costly to the company as well. The aforementioned NHTSA report had this to say about potential financial benefits, “Traffic safety programs are an alternative to reduce health care expenses to employers without reducing the benefits offered to employees. Protecting employees from motor vehicle crash injury can be a profitable investment of time and resources”.

Companies that utilize a crash avoidance program often realize immediate benefits due to the positive return-on-investment (ROI) from a well-designed safety agenda. Consider the findings of Liberty Mutual Insurance Company’s report entitled “Executive Survey of Workplace Safety”. In their study, they found approximately 61 percent of questioned business executives think their companies receive an ROI of $3.00 or more for every $1.00 spent on improving worker safety.

Protecting Valuable Assets

Most well informed employers understand their employees are critical to the success of their business. Showing a commitment to protecting the safety and welfare of valuable workers can go a long way to help improve employee work satisfaction and retention. If your company happens to be a professional transportation or delivery business, the benefit can be even greater. With the extreme shortage of qualified truck drivers, focusing on employee wellbeing can aid in the reduction of a major cost and time encumbrance…truck driver turnover.

“The costs associated with hiring and training new drivers is much better spent on furthering the safety and wellness of our employees’, noted Mark W. Kadlec, VP of Human Resources & Safety at Distribution Technologies, Inc. ( Headquartered in Newbury, Ohio this bulk transport company is an example of a professional carrier benefiting from a highly focused vehicle safety regimen. Consistently recognized by the National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) for operating one of the country’s safest fleets, DistTech has received the prestigious NTTC Outstanding Performance Trophy six times. Kadlec furthers, “Documenting procedures, on-going safety training and the use of advanced technology allowed DistTech to improve its safety record for 15 consecutive years. Investing in state of the art driver fatigue monitors and video camera systems to alert our drivers of a potential collision, are just two examples of how we protect our employees, our assets and our customers.”

Establishing an Accident Prevention Program

Depending on the size and scope of your organization, there are several things to think about in order to best accomplish your safety objectives. Obviously, for any program to be a success, it has to be committed to, and supported by company management. Once the commitment is made, consider the following measures as a part of your complete risk reduction plan:

1) Setting Goals, Documenting Procedures

Consider appointing a program manager with the task of overseeing the safety initiatives, including vehicle add-on product evaluation and written company policies specific to vehicle safety. Documenting the goals, as well as the results, should be an integral part of the program. To maximize results, share pertinent information with the employees that drive either a company owned or personal vehicle used for company-related work. You may wish to instigate both an incentive and a disciplinary action program to raise the awareness of everyone involved. Once you begin to realize measurable improvements, consider rewarding individuals for their personal commitment to improving the company’s safety.

For those organizations that do not participate in any formal regulatory compliance, consider drafting key documents of your own, such as a written driver agreement, a vehicle inspection and maintenance handbook, along with an accident reporting and investigation procedure. Utilizing this documented information can help minimize further liability; be sure to amend your company policy as necessary to help eliminate reoccurring incidents.

2) Employing Aftermarket Safety Technology

Currently there are several aftermarket products available to aid drivers in the safe operation of their vehicles, many of which are cost-effective and easy to install on most trucks, vans, SUV’s and cars. While it is beyond the scope of this article to address the broad array of safety solutions available today, you might consider learning more about the following:

a) Sensor Based Obstacle Detection: Backing-up sensors utilizing Doppler radar technology are extremely reliable and impervious to the affects of whether. While these devices can be more costly than the parking aid sonar-based products, they are far superior in performance for safety applications.

b) Camera Based Video Systems: Today’s camera technology is extremely effective in giving visibility to blind spots that are often impossible for the driver to see. A common application is to monitor the rear of the vehicle via a color LCD display, helping to prevent reverse backing accidents.

c) Lane Departure Warning (LDW): Often camera based, these devices are most effective when used on highways and long distance driving. If the driver becomes distracted or fatigued, a warning goes off if they begin to drift into another lane.

3) Safety Education & Training

Launching your program with an initial training is an effective way to get a running start. Take the opportunity to impart your company’s safety goals, employee expectations and reasons why everyone can benefit through active participation. Employee drivers should receive ongoing training; also consider offering access to an internet based driver-training course. In addition, think about adding vehicle safety content to your company newsletter, furthering education and continuously reminding employees that safety is not a part time job.

Understanding the financial burden associated with motor vehicle crashes makes for a compelling case to take action to reduce the impact. It is a known fact that many traffic crashes are avoidable; investing in a company wide motor vehicle safety program can help save lives and reduce costs, ultimately providing benefits that are hard to ignore.

You’ve heard the stories of eBay success and probably even deemed some of them unbelievable. EBay has taken internet sales by storm and many people around the world are now making a great full time living from eBay alone. I began selling on eBay in April of 2006 and quickly found just how profitable eBay can be. EBay became my primary income only 3 months after my first sale. I now make a 6 figure full time income generated only by my eBay Powerseller accounts. Here are a few tips to follow to help you get started on the road to financial freedom for yourself.

Start selling items from around your home

Go through your closets, garage, cupboards, attic and basement and look for things you don’t use or no longer need. Remember, trash is trash, but things you might think of as trash actually can be sold on eBay very easily. Selling items that you no longer need or want will help increase your feedback and allow you to build your reputation on eBay. You probably won’t get rich selling the stuff you don’t want, but it sure is a great way to remove clutter from your home and make you some extra cash.

The Feedback Score is Very Important

As mentioned above, you want to build your feedback. Shoot to get your feedback score up in the double or triple digits as quickly as possible. This will make a huge difference to your potential customers. Feedback scores are grouped together into one category whether you are buying or selling. If people want to view your feedback score (your reputation) they can visit your feedback profile area and read the comments that are left by previous buyers and sellers that you dealt with. Do people really do that? YES they do.

Sign Up With PayPal

95% of all payments I receive are made to me through PayPal. PayPal accepts credit card payments and electronic checks so you don’t even need to get a merchant account to sell on eBay or anywhere else online. PayPal is set up to be a simple and fast funding source for eBay customers and is quickly becoming one of the primary payment sources all over the internet.

Communication is very important!

EBay is all about how well you can communicate. Your item description is one of the most important factors in whether or not your item sells. Your description should tell the buyer everything about the item you are selling. Lots of quality pictures are also a very important factor to determine whether or not you make a sale. Once again look at what the other sellers are doing and take note of why some sellers just seem more credible than others. It is OK if you are selling something that is flawed or scratched as long as you tell the buyers about it in your ad. Do not be afraid to point out the condition of the item. If it is not working it can still sell. There are people looking for what you are selling. It all comes down to price and whether or not they find you a credible seller.

Be sure to communicate with the buyer before, during and after the sale. Messages sent letting customers know what is going on at all points in the process will help assure you receive a positive feedback. Be sure to send a thank you message when the item is won or purchased and additional messages when you receive payment and ship their item. In all your communications be polite and courteous. When you do this you will build an incredible reputation and people will be spreading the word about you as a great eBay seller.

Don’t get discouraged

It is likely that it will take a while to become accustom to selling on eBay and build your reputation to the point that you see regular sales. People are bargain hunting on eBay, so find items you can afford to sell, and price them so you can make the profit you want. If you have items that are hand crafted or homemade, decide if the price you can sell them at is going to be worth your time and effort. Search eBay for items similar to your own and get an idea of the price things sell for. Check your competition. Find out if hundreds of people selling the same item? Can you compete with them? Are your suppliers selling the same products on eBay? Millions of items sell on eBay daily so don’t limit yourself or get your heart set on selling one specific thing.

You can make great money selling on eBay just like the millions of eBay sellers all over the world. Whether you want to be an EBay seller part time as a hobby, or turn it into a full time business will be up to you. These 5 basic tips will help you set the foundation to build a profit producing eBay business of your own.

Many ponder the question of how to get one way links pointing to their site, well one way to do this is by placing your links on web directories. In the technological world of websites, search engines and web directories have a long-standing relationship. Search engines look at directories and place a high value on them because they are human edited.

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Using reciprocal link exchange is a great strategy but should not be the only strategy you use, search engines give some weight to reciprocal link exchanges but one way links are looked upon as more important, try to have a diversified strategy when building you link campaign, don’t stick to one method.

Many webmasters feel they are able to receive traffic by listing their sites in web directories, so will even pay a fee to get their sites listed quickly and place the web directories link on their site to get listed.

There are many benefits associated with gaining free traffic from web directories. An economical way of building traffic is to place your links on free web directories. Basically web-hosting directories are of two types: paid WHDs and free WHDs.

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There are many free directories to submit your links to; one of the most important directories is If you haven’t submitted your website(s) to this directory you must do so. Make sure you follow the guidelines when submitting to The other free directories you can find by going to the search engines and doing a search under free link directories, once you have the list start submitting your site(s). Make sure you don’t reciprocate the link because this defeats the purpose of the one way link.

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