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When it comes to making money online the fastest way to get yourself over the initial learning curve, is to join a coaching or mentoring program that will provide you with the tools that you need to ensure your success.

Unfortunately, all the internet “experts” that talk about being able to offer you the best coaching package online are not always able to deliver on their promises. Being able to create success for yourself is one thing, but being able to replicate the materials that will show others how to create that success is an entirely different thing.

In the last 12 months a number of “learn internet marketing” coaching opportunities have appeared online and are being run by people who are not trained life coaches, mentors or teachers. They have the belief that their success somehow qualifies them to begin teaching someone else how to do it too. But learning success from a book or being inspired by the success story of someone, and actually being able to motivate and inspire an adult to learn something you are teaching is very different.

One of the first mentoring programs I embarked upon was with an experienced internet marketing company who charged over $6,000 and yet 6 months later, despite the promises and glossy paperwork that showed the 6 figure sums their past participants were all making, I had nothing to show for it (well not entirely true, I had acquired a lot of new found knowledge but still nothing to sell and I made no money). One of the things missing was the fact that I had no product, or any idea about what I wanted to do online, and despite being told that didn’t really matter, it actually did in the end.

My second coaching program with an experienced internet marketer proved to be more rewarding. The opportunity to connect with other people plus learn from some of the best internet marketing experts out there (I guess when you are well known you can pull in all your well known friends to help you out!) made a huge difference. This is still an ongoing program and taught me a lot about how to make money online but still lacked the structure needed to teach a complete business system. I was looking to build a business structure not just earn some money.

So when the opportunity arose to take part in a coaching program that was run by the very Life Coach who taught these internet marketing experts I jumped at the chance. Being quite clear that investing in this high end coaching program was an investment in the future of my business. I also understood that the only way to experience success is to learn from those who have already experienced success in that area – (well actually it’s not the only way, you could learn from making your own mistakes and take twice as long to experience results!). Plus, the added bonus was being coached by a qualified life coach, which for me only added to the excitement of joining.

What I was looking for was a way to build the internet structure that would run my business, not just make a few thousand dollars a month, but actually build a large company that is run by other people so I can spend my time travelling the world attending internet marketing events and bringing back what I had learnt to my team!

Many people are promised the dream of sitting on the beach while money pours into their bank account, and whilst this is possible, what they neglect to mention is the fact that it takes years to achieve, and even after achieving it you are still tied to a business that needs constant attention. Talk to any “overnight success” and they will paint the real picture for you of what it took to get them to that point. The more realistic dream is to look at building a business that is put together so that each part of your business adds value and revenue to your profit margin.

But joining these coaching programs is about so much more than just learning how to build a business, ultimately your success will depend on who you know, not what you know. You can have the best product in the world but if no one can find it then you will not be making many sales.

When you join an exclusive coaching program you will usually get access to the expert running it (if it is a decent program). They will want you to be one of their success stories so will go out of their way to help you. When you have a successful internet marketer promoting your product (if they offer that service) then people are more likely to take notice of you. You have invested in them by buying their services so they are more likely to invest their time in you by supporting you in whatever way possible.

It is important that when considering who you will be learning from you take a good look at what you will be taught and how. Forget promises on a web page, and instead focus on :

Can I actually interact with the person who is running the program?

Is it possible to earn revenue from referring the program to others?

What is the vision for all the members of this coaching program?

Are there joint venture opportunities available with other members?

What guarantees do they offer?

Do they offer the opportunity to promote your product?

Who have they successfully worked with in the past?

What resources are made available to you?

How much time commitment do you have to make to the program?

How quickly can you expect to see results if you consistently follow their program?

Are they dedicating all their time to teaching their clients or are they focused on other things?

All of these are important questions to consider when investing in a high end coaching program if you want to ensure your investment helps you create the profitable business you desire.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, learning from the experienced internet marketing experts who have successfully and consistently made their living online is an amazing experience. It saves you time, energy and money because you will not waste precious time (sometimes years) on working on something that doesn’t bring results. I highly recommend you invest in yourself and your business if you are serious about building a lifestyle that includes a profitable business.

People choose multi-gemstone accent pins for sentimental reasons on many occasions. The stones may reflect the birthday month of each of their children or a favoritism they show for stones that have a particular shade that is their favorite color. These accent pins are fashion essentials that can offer many rewarding memories to the wearer at any time of the year.

Perhaps a lavender jade butterfly pendant that is accented in small diamonds will remind a woman of spring time and make her feel young again. This is a brilliant gift choice for anyone that is affirmed and recuperating in a hospital. A sapphire and turquoise onyx bird pin would make an excellent gift for someone that has a fondness for feathered creatures no matter where they live.

Some accent pins are quite suitable for younger children because the stones reflect the bright colors found in balloons at a carnival they recently visited, and the dainty flow of ribbons encased in pure gold underneath these stones make the flowing latex bubbles so real that the child feels the carnival magic every time they view their pin.

A diamond accent star shaped pin that is filled with multi-colored stones would make the perfect gift at Christmas time. The star shape will remind all members of the family of the marvelous holiday time that was spent loving each other’s company, even for short periods of time.

When a husband presents his wife with a little love gift shaped to resemble a floral bouquet, he is sending his love to her everytime she wears it, and she will probably wear it often with a smile on her face. Accent pins that resemble tiara’s might make their wife feel very regal and is given because their loved ones do feel that they get royal treatment.

Accent pins are little reminders that you can send to people to let them know that you care about them, or that you thought about them when you saw the piece and knew that you had to get it for them for no other reason than that. The colors that are available in online jewelry malls are so abundant that it is quite possible to customize accent pins to meet the preferences of everyone in the family.

Any person in your life will feel very special indeed when they see delicate accent pins that are in their custom colors that are brilliant and pleasing to wear on any outfit of clothing that they want to ornament with these special gifts of gems. These accent pins will make friends and family think they were custom ordered just for them.

Friends and family members will be truly mesmerized by the multiple assortments of gems that can be found on accent pins. Loved ones will feel highly complimented when they realize the exquisite quality and character of the precious metals that their personalized stone accent pins are held in place by, and the work that was involved in bringing it to marvelous culmination of effort. Your loved ones will wear these precious accent pin gifts of love and think of you often. Accent pins are marvelous way of making people feel special every day.

Learning motivates work, it helps you to accept responsibility for your behaviour, for your actions and positive attitude. In reality motivation comes from a person’s belief, which helps him/her to achieve his/her goal. Purpose,Desire,Direction and Dedication are the qualities necessary to experience real motivation.

People motivate themselves by understanding their needs and wants. It could be Tangible Gifts,Rewards or Intangible growth,Appreciation,Recognition and a lot more, as it varies from person to person. How does motivation work in your case? If you Understand how motivation works for you, then your Internal Motivation will drive you to achieve your goals and lead you toward success.

People motivate themselves by inculcating in themselves, the belief responsible for actions and behaviour and creating a vision that helps them to outweigh the challenges that might come before them and accept their responsibilities in life. Lack of motivation brings life to a standstill,failure or fear of failure demotivates people and their pattern of their everyday life.On the contrary a motivated person has a spark in his eyes, always looks for new challenges and ways he can improve himself.

It could be said that real motivation starts from within a person based on how there needs are being consistently met. Without going into a long drawn out explanation of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs I will state some of the conclusions. The most basic of needs stated by Abraham Maslow was the need to survive. Until that need is consistently met the other needs for all practical purposes cease to exist. Once that need is met then the individual is now ready to fulfill the other needs that may exist for themselves. These can be readily determined by there own specific paradigm of life. A person’s paradigm is just the LENSES they tend to consistently see life through. A set of beliefs that color there experience and interpretation of all that surrounds them. There is no real change until a person’s paradigm changes. But the motivation to make a paradigm change leads us to the next section.


If you are a person who is disciplined, goal-oriented, organized and instant, it means that you have the skills to motivate yourself. It means that you have a sense of achievement and that’s how motivation actually works. For you to become the person that you are today.

Motivation is temporary and short lived and hence it needs to be strengthened constantly to succeed. Negative thoughts and anxiety come into play and we can become demotivated and dubious about our future. However,just by accepting the challenges to move forward, one can get motivated as he will have the will and commitment to be successful,Accepting the failures,learning it as a lesson in life,helps us to move on to the next stage of success.

Self motivated person knows the trick to get motivated after a disappointment and accepts the next obstacle that comes along. A motivated individual understands his thoughts and emotions,learns how to nurture them into a positive outcome,that keeps them focused on the next goal instead of being Complacent.

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