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One method of search engine marketing techniques widely used today is pay per click advertising and many website owners are questioning the cost of such ads and whether the return on their investment justifies the expense. Other forms of advertising online, including regular search engine inclusion, banner ads, cross-linking and listing with directories, can have decent result but few are as effective and affordable as pay per click. This doesn’t mean you should choose pay per click and avoid other forms of advertising, a good combination is always the best decision for any business, whether on the net or in the real world marketplace.

Pay per click advertising has been slowly gaining popularity as the way to go in online advertising since its start in 2002. Many search engines offer pay per click ads based on the sale of certain keywords, and there are also networks offer pay per click as a means of gathering more customers to their sites. The minimum cost to set up an account has really come down which some believe makes pay per click advertising one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise online.

The major benefit of pay per click advertising is that you don’t pay unless a visitor clicks your advertising link. This usually means a higher percentage of your advertising budget actually leads to customers. I suggest that you read the terms of any pay per click site that you’re considering. Both pay per click and other form of online advertising have their strengths and their weaknesses. Other forms of advertisings may not take as much time to perfect as pay per click advertising. With pay per click you can expect to spend an amount of time every week reviewing your keywords and revising your ads and the keyword they are linked to. Although pay per click advertising may cost less but it also takes up more valuable time. The results are targeted to an extent but may not necessarily lead to interesting customers so weekly revising is needed for each keyword account. Other advertising may cost more but are usually intended for superior targeting of customers. Moreover, they don’t call for quite as much upkeep as Pay Per Click advertising requires.

When you are deciding to participate in any pay per click advertising, there are factors to consider such as keywords you will have to buy to be assured coming up on the first page of search results and how much those words will cost. Depending on the popularity of the keywords, they can be pricey and too expensive for many websites. However, for the bigger sites with deep pockets it can mean generating a lot of traffic. Others see it as a way to buy their way onto the front page of search results, often considered an envious position and plan on increased sales making up for the cost of the keywords. And most advertisers do not limit themselves to just one word, however and the cost can quickly escalate, making the pay per click program a questionable investment. They ended up spending more on pay per click, than making sales on the products they advertised.

With network advertising such as Google’s Adsense and Yahoo’s publisher network when a person visits a site, ads are automatically generated to that site with information related to the site they are on. The advertiser pays a similar scale for every click of their ad and the website owner receives percentage of the income the search engine receives from pay per click advertisers.

Additionally, with many network pay per click programs, if the owner of the website clicks on a pay per click ad it could result in termination from the program and the loss of any income previously generated. Even if the site owner is interested in an ad, it is in their best interest to find it another way as opposed to the risk of losing the program.

When you work form home, it is very easy to simply get out of bed and go to your work in your pajamas and not worry about what you look like. After all , if all of your clients are in different locations, and you aren’t seeing anyone, what is the harm in being lazy and not dressing up for work?

Be Professional

There is no harm in your business, per say, if you simply go to work dressed in whatever you feel like, but the harm is going to lie in the long term affects that you are going to see on yourself if you don’t’ dress for work. Now, you don’t’ have to be wearing a fancy suit or a glamorous outfit, but even if you are working at home all day, part of what you need to be doing is getting dressed for work.

IF you are working at home in whatever you wore to bed, you are sending yourself the message that it is okay to be lazy and that it is okay to simply slack off and not do what you should be doing. You are also sending a message, if even to yourself, that you are not professional and should not be treated as such. If you do this for a long period of time, your business is going to start to feel like just something else you do at home, and you are going to lose site of the fact that you are actually running a business.

There are some things that you can do to make sure that you always stay professional and that you keep this in your head at all times, which will make your business run much more smoothly.

First of all, be sure that you dress for work each day. It doesn’t have to be as fancy as you might if you worked in an office building, but you should be able to feel like you are at work, and you should wear something other than the clothes you would wear if you were simply at home.

Also, you should set hours for yourself to be at work. Working from home is something that can be great, but it can also turn into something that means you have to be at work all of the time. If you set yourself business hours, and stick to them, you are more likely to treat your business as a business, and not as something that is taking over your life. Something else that you have to be sure to always do is to answer the phone and emails in a professional manner, so that whoever you are communicating with will know that you are taking yourself, and your home business, very seriously.

With the Internet business booming more and more with everyone who wants to be someone is seeking to gain both repute and money through the Internet. As a result, everybody is now busy investing. No, this investment is not in real estate, but in cyber estate… in domain names. Everyone seeking a place on the World Wide Web, will sooner or later decide to buy a website address, and watch that piece of virtual estate grow.

Now, every domain name owner needs to avail of good hosting services. While the best web hosting may not be considered affordable by new entrants into the business, do remember that your fundamental need is to cut costs and maximize revenue. However, in view of the millions of web hosting service providers that swarm the Internet markets, finding a web hosting deal has never been easier, while choosing a good one has never been more difficult.

As it is with all the deals that you get into, you must keep your requirements in mind. What kind of web hosting are you looking for? How much are you willing to pay? More importantly, how much will you be able to afford? And these are not the only questions that you will be asking. For instance, you would have to decide about the number of email addresses that you would be requiring for your website. Is it two, or twenty? How often would you need to update your site? Would it be daily, weekly, or monthly? Moreover, what kind of technologies would your website be in need of?

Does that seem like too many questions? Well, if you are looking for the best, and nothing but the best for your site, you will have to ask many more questions that will be equally relevant.

Web hosting services may provide you with a package that includes a variety of services, or you could choose which services you want. If you are new to the world of domain names and web hosting, it would do you a world of good to check up on the questions that people often ask. Most sites will give you a list of FAQs.

Once you have decided what it is exactly that you are looking for, narrow down your choices to the ones that seem the most suitable. Try contacting these web hosting service providers and make a few more specific queries. Make sure that you pick out a web hosting service provider that you find reliable.

Many Internet gurus will lead you to believe that you can make a ton of money as an SEO marketer without making any initial investment into it as a business. This is completely false. Although it is true that you can write a blog strewn with affiliates on a free site, or make yourself up a fancy online business card on a build it yourself website you are probably not going to make much money unless you have a little bit of money to invest in a high quality website with a decent domain name.

Many gurus who write books about this stuff will tell you that you can optimize your site for free by using certain keywords to describe your site etc. This is simply not true. In fact the trend in marketing is for the search engines to start penalizing sites that have too many keywords repeated throughout the main body of the page. This is why you need to be quite clever about your SEO marketing.

The reason is that it is completely impossible to make money on the Internet without an investment is because you must count your time as an investment. Surely your time is worth something and if you don’t value it, who will? Even if you have arranged not to pay for anything online, you need to pay yourself something. So if you pay yourself ten bucks per 500 word SEO article and write eight a day then you need to factor in the cost of your time as eighty bucks a day.

You can make money on the Internet as a SEO marketer without a big investment, but you will not make a six-figure income! You are probably looking in the below $5,000.00 region in that case. The intelligent thing to then do is invest part of that $5,000 back into your SEO business.

If you wish to blog, upload photos, videos, music files, write reviews, and post your social calendar online in just one website, all you have to do is sign up for an account at Multiply.

Thumbs-Ups: Photo uploading is virtually unlimited, and images can be classified by albums, and given captions. Skin choices are provided to give your blogs more color and life. The URL is pretty easy to memorize – Lastly, RSS feeds are allowed.

Thumbs-Down: On writing reviews, Multiply doesn’t give users much freedom on customizing content by font type or color. Layouts can be edited…but only if you have CSS knowledge and even with that, customizing is still somewhat limited. Smiley list is pitifully inadequate.What are the percentage of people earning on Adsense Blogs? And how much do they earn? Get your special $97 report on Adsense Tips and Tricks!

Live and Write Freely at LiveJournal With a hip nickname such as “LJ”, LiveJournal is a website that’s especially suitable for the fun-loving crowd that’s always on the go.

Thumbs-Ups: Bonds forged online are strengthened by LJ’s email notifications for commenting. Thus, if someone comments in your blog, an email will be sent to inform you about it. Likewise, an email will be sent to you if your comment on someone else’s LJ receives a reply – whether it’s from the blog owner or another blogger doesn’t matter.

Thumbs-Down: LJ however is less easy to customize than other blogs. Some features that are already offered free by other blog hosting sites are on the other hand available only for LJ members with paid accounts.

Be In Vogue at Xanga Teenagers seem to be absolutely enamored with Xanga. If you desire a blogging process that’s easy and stylish at the same time, Xanga is definitely the blog hosting site you’re looking for.

Thumbs-Ups: Besides having community-based blogging to look forward to, each post you make will allow you to inform your readers what you’re presently reading, watching, or playing. You can also upload photos, music, and write categorized reviews. A guest book is automatically offered to users.

Thumbs-Downs: Although Xanga allows users to make use of RSS feeds; it would take them some time to properly integrate it in their blogs. The customize layout options is sadly limited, the URL provided for members is a mouthful, and commenting is exclusive for Xanga members only.

So, what do you think? Which blog hosting site do you plan to choose? Wherever you end up blogging, we wish you well! Blog on!

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