Internet Hosting Services Finding A Quality Labor Union Website Why Every Smart Marketer Should Have Their Own Information Product Why Strategic Planning Is Important Even For Small Businesses An Interchange Plus Pricing Structure Can Greatly Reduce Your Credit Card Processing And Merchant Account Fees

When you use your business dollars wisely, you end up choosing Internet hosting services that meet not only your business needs, but your personal needs as well. The services that you are paying, for most are the services that you do not have to giving a second thought to during the course of doing business with these Internet hosting services month by month.

If you have to worry about the amount of downtime that the web hosting services has experienced during any given month, then you are not getting the best deal for the money you spent choosing Internet hosting services that you thought you could rely on.

These web hosting services companies should have provisions in place to ensure that your customers never have to realize the amount of downtime that their servers had at any time of the day or night.

The provisions each web hosting services company will have in place at all times, when you are conducting online business transactions with them, should be taken into consideration when you go about choosing Internet hosting services companies. If web hosting services company has back up generators then one of their provisions in place would mean, that their servers will never have downtime when storms come and cause power outages in the web hosting services companies buildings.

The amount of downtime, that an Internet hosting services company experiences, can be translated into lost revenues for you and should be considered “No Sale” time for you and your customers. The customers that rely on you for their shopping needs also suffer because of the error you made when choosing Internet hosting services from a company you could not count on.

When your site is not available for access, then a domino effect begins to occur. Not only have you lost access to the files and business information that is stored online on the web hosting services companies databases, but the lost online presence that your business has on the Internet, might make your customers think they made a bad decision in choosing Internet hosting services that included doing business with you.

To protect your business interests, when choosing Internet hosting services, take into consideration the web hosting services provisions for policies that promise zero downtime, and the web hosting services that can provide you with the web mastering tools to project a great image through the type of websites that they offer.

If your website is poorly planned and projects a low priced image, then it will be hard to get people to shop at your virtual storefront. Without the web mastering tools, you will have no way of marketing your company. When choosing Internet hosting services, check to see if they might offer any type of business marketing services.

If your web hosting services feature the latest technologies, then the quality of your website presentation preview will be absolutely stunning when your prospective customers access your storefront. Their positive comments and continued business will be a direct reflection on the amount of work that went into choosing Internet hosting services that will meet everyone’s needs. If customers see that they are doing business with a company in touch with the needs of the modern day business and consumer, then they will pass a recommendation on to all of their friends through word of mouth advertising techniques.

If you have been looking all over the internet for a quality labor union website that will give you timely and accurate information you may feel quite frustrated. There are many sites out there that claim to provide you with this information, but when you visit they always seem to fall short. This isn’t something that is intentional, there is just a lot of information to cover and if the people who run the site are not dedicated to getting all of the information out there to you, you’ll find that it simply cannot give you the data that you are seeking.

When you find a quality labor union website you will find that it has up to date news on it. This may involve information on boycotts as well as information from different counties. There is simply a lot of information that you could glean about your member status and the benefits that are available to you, but only if you have an accurate and up to date resource. While you may be frustrated with your efforts to find such a place, there is hope that someone could get on top of this information and keep it updated.

A labor union website will also provide you with information about all of the services and resources that are available to you because you are affiliated with such an organization. These services may include discounts on legal services, insurance services, mortgage and real estate services, health and dental care, and even help buying a new car. These are services that will potentially provide you with unlimited savings and it would be good to have this information in hand when you need it. The problem that many people, like you, have is that they don’t want to have to jump through hoops to find the benefits and then have to jump through more hoops to find the providers that will give you this help or discounts.

There are lots of reasons why you should be selling your own information products online. If you sell standard products but don’t have a lot of money to invest in new stock or inventory then Information products allow you to add a new product with little expense.

Now you may be thinking, “But I sell candles how can I write an information product about candles?” Well you don’t necessarily have to write about candles, people interested in candles may also be interested in home organization or aroma therapy. Talk to your customers and readers and find out what information they are craving.

If you sell personalized candy wrappers you may be able to write about how to throw the perfect kids party. Or you might even give them ideas on how to start their own candy-wrapping business…and show them how they can buy all their supplies from you!

You can write information products in just about any market. People go on the net to search for information and often times they’re quite happy to pay for the information rather than spend their valuable time surfing through a ton of sites to find the freebies. Huge sellers like are testament to this fact.

Here are a few more reasons why every online business owner should have their own information product:

– They add great value to your customers and readers and they’re relatively easy to put together.

– You do the work once and you’ll have a product that will keep producing for you over and over again.

– You can create an affiliate program and get others to promote your product.

– You can take a short portion of the product, turn it into a free report and use it to build your mailing list (and of course promote your paid product).

– It’s an extra passive income stream for your business, especially when everything is downloaded right off the Internet. There’s no need to go to the post office.

Information products can be a great added income in your online business.

Small business owners mistakenly believe that the size of their business negates the need for strategic planning but the opposite is actually true. Its inherent size is actually what makes strategic planning more important because it can be means for a small business to gradually evolve into a huge and thriving multinational corporation.

What Small Business Owners Need to Know about Strategic Planning

Planning is one of the five important functions of management, but it’s arguably the most important of all because it’s the first function that any manager or business owners should focus on. Planning sets the goals, mission-vision, and direction for the company. Without it, the other functions may be impossible to achieve.

A business can’t, however, benefit from just any kind of planning. It must be strategic in essence to be effective. Strategic planning is a methodical process of deciding where you want your company to be in a given time frame and what you propose to do to get there.

There are different ways to let your company benefit from strategic planning so don’t worry about following the so-called rules. Whatever works for your company is good enough.

Elements of Strategic Planning

Internal and External Assessment of Strategic Planning – A coach of a basketball team won’t be able to map out an effective play if it doesn’t know its players well, which team it will be playing against, and other related factors. The same can be said for any business manager. Before you can start working on the details of your strategic plan, you must first focus on compiling data about the external and internal environment of your company.

Outside your business, politico-legal, economic, and socio-cultural factors can affect how your business will fare in the next few years. Inside, factors such as management style and the type of workforce you have can also help or hinder your company from attaining your goal.

Setting Your Company’s Goals – Small or big, the important thing is for your business to have goals. If you’ can be satisfied with small and short-term goals then that’s good; if you secretly desire for bigger goals then that’s even better. To know if the goals you plan to work on are indeed workable, determine if they adhere to the SMART rule – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

Rule of Majority – Of course, as owner or manager of a business, you reserve your right to approve or naysay any suggestion but as much as possible, allow the rule of majority to stick. Plans can only come to fruition if everyone in the company works together and you can assure yourself of their cooperation by showing them that you care about what they think.

Devising an Action Plan – Finally, it’s time to concentrate on the nitty-gritty of your strategic plan. List down possible and specific courses of action then choose what all of you deem as most suitable. Make sure that you set a definite schedule or timetable for everything but give allowances for unexpected delays and concerns. Set a budget as well.

The Ever-So-Popular Plan B – Last but not the least, devise a Plan B in the event that your first plan doesn’t work and list down indications to know when’s the right time to put Plan B to action.

Good luck on strategic planning for your business!

Traditionally small to mid sized businesses have been set up with what is called multi-tier pricing for their credit card processing. This system is usually set up with three tiers (qualified, mid-qualified, and non-qualifed.) Occassionally, if the business owner has negotiated well, there will be a fourth tier for qualified offline debit cards. While this system has worked well for many years, the increasing number of rewards and corporate cards being issued has made this type of pricing obsolete.

Visa and Mastercard have many different interchange categories for the multiple card types that are issued. Tier pricing takes a large number of these categories and lumps them into one of the three tier buckets available to the merchant. If the merchant only ever takes standard credit cards then this system will work well for them. Once they start to see more debit, rewards, and corporate cards being used in their place of business they will notice that their merchant services bill has increased dramatically. This is because many of these transactions are falling in to the mid or non qualified transaction categories.

Some of these cards are actually not that much more to process than a standard credit card, but the underwriting company for the merchant account needs to make sure that they are profiting on every transaction. They can ensure profit if they charge a large mark up for any transactions that are not qualified. So you may pay 2.9% for a mid qualified transaction and 3.5% for a non qualified transaction (These numbers can range much higher and lower.)

The fact is that some of the cards that fall into these categories may only cost an additional quarter of a percent to process. So the merchant may over pay by 1-2% to run certain card types. The business owner can avoid this if they are set up on interchange plus pricing.

What interchange plus pricing does is pass the true cost of running the card right through to the merchant. So the fees associated with that individual transaction will be put through at the lowest possible cost. The business owner pays a mark up at the end of the month based solely on their number of transactions and the sales dollar volume. (typically .25-.50% plus $.10-$.15 per trnasaction.)

This system will almost always prove to be a better deal than a three tier structure. Make sure to check your latest credit card processing statement to look for a high number of mid or non qualified transactions. If you see them, then setting up an interchange pluse pricing system may be the way to start saving your business money.

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