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Making decisions is hard. You need to know how to plan and prepare before jumping to conclusions. You should be rational.

You should think about the pros and cons as well as advantages and disadvantages. Many people make wrong decisions when it comes to buying things – especially when it comes to expensive and fragile things. They always say that all the items they bought are worth the tag, but then after how many days, it is disposed.

Hot on the racks right now are the cellphones. There are just a lot of brands to choose from. People tend to buy the most expensive one without looking at its features because of the “belief” that the more expensive an item, the more durable and reliable it is.

Cell phones have a wide array of brands to select from, and a whole lot of different features to choose from. You have to note different things to consider before buying and when you buy it. It is called the pre-buying procedures and buying procedures.



Before going to the malls or your cellphone shops, list down all the features you would want to have in your mobile phone. If you want further sources than the gossips of your friends and relatives, check the internet. Browse some mobile phone specifications and write it down in your handy journal. Because your money does not buy the cellphone housing only, you also have to buy the features.


Money is a huge factor nowadays, right? Set your floor and ceiling prices for your mobile phone. Always make your budget allotment practical and reasonable.

Comparison Shop

People often miss out comparison shopping for prices. They usually jump into the stocks and bring the cellphone they want to the cash register. After getting the features you like and the decided budget allotment, go to the different stores and list down their prices. When you reach home, format the prices in a compare and contrast outline. Take out five of the cheapest prices.

Durability and Portability

After you have canvassed and chosen the five cheapest prices, decide on three stores that you think sells durable mobile phones. You always have to trust the seller.


Need to Bring

Do not be too excited in leaving your house to buy your cell phone. Remember to bring the handy journal where you wrote the features you want and most importantly, bring your money. Without your cash, you went out for nothing.


Going in to your three chosen stores, check the availability of the cellphone which has all the features you desire. If they do not have stocks, do not force it.


Make sure that the cellphone you buy is within the bracket of your allotment. Do not go beyond.

Always be insured with the warranty of the store in terms of parts and repairs. This is included with the price you pay.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is designed to bring targeted customers to an individual website. The ecommerce business owner pays an agreed upon amount to have this advertising placed on the web. Many PPC affiliates are beneficiaries of this type of advertising.

In essence, whenever a PPC ad is clicked the advertiser is charged a fee. From the business owners perspective this is advantageous because it is intended to bring a more targeted consumer to the site. The information does not cost the consumer anything while those who place the ad and those who agree to run the ad receive a portion of the income from each click.

Let me paint a picture for you. A competitor notices your PPC advertising on several sites. They understand the possibilities represented by your PPC advertising. They consider the possibility of making multiple clicks on your PPC advertising in an effort to drain your advertising revenue while making sure very few have the chance to actually be impacted by the advertising effort.

Some individuals have done this very thing in an act of sabotage. Why is the problem not more widespread?

The first response to that question has to do with improved detection systems within the PPC advertising community. If they can detect problems with sabotage they can work to eliminate the issue before it becomes problematic. If the PPC advertisers aren’t happy then the PPC advertising agencies aren’t happy. These firms continue to work toward better methods of tracking and identifying inbound traffic.

The second response to the question is that in a growing number of areas this type of activity is being prosecuted as fraud and in some areas is classified as a felony.

When you couple online pressure to provide a measure of security in PPC advertising with a judicial system that can prosecute this activity the result is a system that may not be 100% foolproof, but it does essentially level the playing field. By making PPC advertising a trusted advertising method the benefits are felt in global online business.

This type of fraud can be likened to cyber graffiti, Businesses can see the evidence, but may not be able to easily identify who caused the problem.

There may be clicks that were committed in error, but will still be counted toward your advertising payment. A person familiar with a website owner may also inadvertently cause problems by clicking on the PPC advertising knowing that the website owner will receive some income from any click-throughs on the site. Often it is the site owner that is called into account when this type of activity is noted.

If you know someone who accepts PPC advertising on their site, resist the urge to make multiple, but meaningless clicks. When you try to help a friend you are hurting a business that is paying for the clicks you commit.

While hunting can be traced back to the time of the cavemen, modern sport or game hunting emerged much later in time, with its roots seemingly coming from ancient Greece. Divided into two types, recreational and trophy, sport or game hunting has long been a pastime of choice for a lot of outdoorsmen.

As with other sports, hunting often requires specific equipment. One of these necessities is the hunting get-up or outfit. Built to withstand certain weather extremes as well as be versatile enough for a variety of terrains, these outfits have to pass certain quality standards and meet consumer tastes and specification as well.

Some prime examples of these kinds of outfits are the Redhead CWS Parka and Bibs for men. These are built from a windproof and waterproof material that also boasts of breath ability. This breathable fabric facilitates the transportation of sweat out of the clothing while keeping outside moisture at bay. This technology also ensures that this fabric can keep out stiff, bone chilling winds and cold weather to keep you warm and focused while you hunt.

The Redhead CWS Parka is designed with the serious hunter in mind. Incorporating certain design elements such as its ultra-efficient pocket scheme and thermal liner, the Redhead CWS Parka is indeed a piece of hunting clothing you shouldn’t do without. Other features of this remarkable piece of hunting clothing include taffeta lining, a polyester shell that is ultra-quiet, under-arm gussets, an insulated hood that is removable and has snaps and a full-zip front complete with storm flap. Adjustable wrists, shock cord tighteners, cargo pockets equipped with hand warmers and a 7 inch accessory pocket and a whole lot of other features complete the Redhead CWS Parka.

The Redhead CWS Bib for Men is the perfect partner for the Redhead CWS Parka. Built with the same cold weather system as the parka, the Redhead CWS Bib for Men keeps the cold weather out while keeping the warmth in with its insulated interior. This tough piece of clothing is also remarkably easy to wear, wasting none of the hunter’s time in dressing. Like the parka, the bib also comes with multiple features that include numerous pockets and non-glare snaps. It also has a 2-way 17 inch zipper complete with storm flap, a partially elastic waist, hip-high leg zippers also with storm flaps and 2 zipper pockets that are lined. Other pockets for the bib include the security flapped back pocket and 2 more cargo pockets. All zippers on both the bib and the parka are reliable YKK brand zippers.

These outfits come in the camouflage designs aptly named Mossy Oak and Real Tree Hardwood. Available in sizes: ranging from Medium to Large and all the way to 3XL. Other outfits included in this line are the Redhead Deluxe Overalls and Redhead All Season Jackets, which are also for men. These hunting outfits can be had for prices ranging from $69.95 up to $139.88, with some outfits currently on sale.

If you love to get lost in a book, but don’t have a lot of time to read, audio books may be just what you are looking for. These are great for people who are really busy, or those who have lost some or all of their vision. They can listen to a book online or on a CD. This can be done at home, while in a relaxing bath, or during the long travel to and from work. If you aren’t sure here to buy, there are a great number of audio books online you can buy or download.

When searching for audio books online, be careful about where you decide to download. If you download a book for free, you might be getting spyware along with it. Just like with music, there are places where you can find audio books online that are not registered copies of the book. This means that if you download that book, you are doing so illegally. Try to stay away from this.

If you have found audio books online that you are interested in, but don’t have a lot of room on your computer, see if you can buy the book on a MP3 CD. These can be sent to your home, and many times, after you pay for the book, you will get free delivery. You may also find a program where you can rent the book for free, and have it mailed to your home. This works much like a library does.

You are going to find a huge selection of audio books online, and all you have to do is search by book title or author to find them. You may find many of the same books you will find at your local library. There will be creative writing, true life, history, educational, life story, autobiography, and reference books at your fingertips. If you can’t find what you are looking for, chances are someone can help you find it if you email the place directly.

If you find audio books online that you can download, remember to keep them to yourself. Don’t allow friends to copy and keep the copies for their own personal use. This is the same as giving away free music. The author of the work receives no compensation for their product when you do this, and you can get in a lot of trouble if you are caught. If the service is ill treated, you may find that it disappears altogether.

The internet is full of millions of self replicated websites, and if you’re a Network Marketer you probably have one too! So how do YOU get noticed in this sea of duplicated websites?? Well to be absolutely truthful you do not! Have you noticed that people do not magically show up on your site, sign themselves up and start building a business?

I thought you might have noticed that!

Your company or team could have the most fantastic replicated “website that sells” but that alone won’t bring you customers! My primary company has some of the most brilliant and effective marketing tools I have ever seen. They work REALLY well, to the point that we often get our prospects signing up as distributors automatically!

But even this kind of amazing marketing system will not bring you success in network marketing without the most crucial ingredient to the WHOLE puzzle!

Did you know that MOST people do NOT join a Network Marketing business because of the great company or products? Most people join because the TRUST the person who introduced them to the business! It is YOU that are your own best business asset. Yes, you!

Take a moment and go look in the mirror! That is who is going to attract people to your team. Your own unique, beautiful self with your own special talents, gifts and contributions to the world.

We are all given a gift, a contribution to make to the world, and as you find that, you will more and more find what your unique contribution is to Network Marketing, to your team!

And you will find that you begin to attract other like minded, like hearted people!! Ooops … you looked in the mirror and don’t like what you see? I understand … I feel that way too sometimes. None of us are perfect! And that’s where personal growth and development comes in.

That’s one of the greatest parts of this business… you get paid to grow personally. How cool is that? (I’ll tell you more about that another time!)

Think about it … why did are you reading this report? You probably found my article while surfing the web. You read a little and felt enough of a sense of trust to spend your valuable time with me.

In network marketing, building relationships is your key to success. When people get to know you, like you and trust you, when they are ready to start their home business they will seek YOU out.

You will be their first choice, rather than Jane Anonymous who they know nothing about, or Joe Hard Sell who is always “pitching” his opportunity but never bothers to build a relationship with people.

AND because you DO have a fantastic business opportunity with great products, great pay and so forth, you will be an outstanding choice for them as a business partner! If you offer real VALUE to people, not just a sales pitch, you will build long term trust with people. So how do you build trust, offer real Value, and share more about yourself with people?

1. Offer something of value to your prospects. Share things that YOU find valuable. Don’t give away junk! I have a page on one of my websites on free eBooks. I actually spent a week researching the net to find materials that I felt were valuable, high quality, and offered useful information.

I’ve seen so many newsletter publishers or websites on the net giving away junk. Maintain quality and your prospects will appreciate you and trust you and stay in touch with you!

2. Be a Real Person. We have discovered what we feel is the most fantastic and effective prospecting tool ever developed … the Face Page. A Face page is a unique web page that is about You! It about your values, your vision, and the things that mean the most to you! You can create one for free at many web communities such as, or you can get an industry specific page at

Your Face page offers useful information to people with no strings attached. It has links to your business websites … and through this page you can offer people valuable free gifts, like complimentary eBooks, audio training, e-mail training courses.

On the internet, one of the ways to build trust is to give people valuable information that they are looking for. The Face page helps you to do this. I have found the Face page to be a very effective Viral Marketing tool as well. My husband loved what I wrote on my Face page so he passed it around to our friends and family and his family!

Now several of these folks are looking into my business as a result of his sharing the page. Whenever he or my family tells their friends about my business, they send them to my Face page. I have made thousands of dollars through my Face Page, and it’s NOT because it sells anything!

3. Brand Yourself. You’ve heard of branding? Except in network marketing branding is a little different. Instead of branding your product or business, brand yourself! Branding yourself creates a consistent personal presence both locally and on the internet so people can get to know you.

Use the same name and e-mail on different internet forums. You can even get a domain that is your name! Then people can type in your name and get to your Face Page.

When talking to your prospects you can tell them where to find you on the web, at That way, when people type in they will get to your Face page and get to know you. Best of all, as you do this consistently, people will begin to seek you out and begin to call you! That is when network marketing becomes REALLY fun!

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