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One of the hobbies that are fast catching up the attention of many American’s is Ant Farming. An Ant farm is typically a man made artificial ant colonies used as a habitat for ants. Ants, these small insects with their well organized social world and divisions of labor has always fascinated most of us and have drawn more attention in the recent times.

The development of an ant farm depends on the choice of the person intending to build them but at the end of it becomes quite a learning experience that stimulates our mind. In most of the cases, ant farms are built as a hobby by fascinated individuals and children or and in the other cases are built for the purpose of research. Whatever the purpose of building an ant farm is, it truly offers exciting disclosures into the captivating and complex life of ants.

The development of ant farms is taking place in many households. Most of the ant farms can be lidded or lidless and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The design of most of the ant farms involves the use of glass on the sides and top for visibility. While considering these farms as a hobby, it is advisable to be cautious regarding the variety of ant’s one uses for colonies.

If you are starting your farm, it is better to avoid the potentially precarious types like harvesting ants and fire ants. These kind of ants can create chaos if handled improperly. Now the question is from where to gather the material and most important, the ants. Some of you might consider collecting the ants from under dried logs or if this seems futile the ants can be ordered.

If you are still insisting on collection your own ants, the simplest way to attract them is to drop some sweet syrup and wait for them to turn up. For a good collection you will need one or more queen and broods apart from workers. This way, your farm can keep bustling with activity for a longer period of time.

But while you opt for collecting your own ants, it seems far more difficult to collect a queen and broods unless they are ordered.

Moving on to the design of the galls farm, you should use sand or composite depending upon the color of ants used. This will definitely help in easy viewing of the ants. Before you start deporting them into their new habitat, make sure that you have dampened the sand so that they can make tunnels.

Now, once they are set up in their new home, you can feed them with food particles, sweet sugary syrup like maple or honey and dead insects. Ants cannot starve to death without food, however, water, is vital for their survival. The general advice is to keep the ant farm moist and away from direct sunlight.

To make sure that they always have water available you can use a cylindrical tube filled with water and sealed with cotton on the top. This ensures that water doesn’t leak and flood their colony. It is better to seal the farm, to prevent the ants from leaving it. In such case, the lid should be removed everyday for a short duration to allow for air.

Presumably you have a website because you want people to visit it. Visitors are traffic. And generating a constant flow of fresh traffic, both unique and repeat visitors, will take up more of your energies than probably any other website-related task, including website maintenance and sales. It is with this imperative in mind that web hosting companies have begun offering their customers assistance in generating that traffic.

URL Submission

One of the most basic and common ways that web hosting companies help you get traffic to your site is by offering to submit your URL for you to the major search engines, such as Google or Ask Jeeves, for free. While this is certainly a nice convenience, submitting your URL to the major search engines is already free and doesn’t take all that much time. So to impress you with their traffic generating wiles, a web hosting company is going to have to do more than just this.

That said, some web hosting companies include with their free URL submission services, free submission not only to search engines but to directory websites (web portals), classified pages, and blogs. That’s a bit more useful, as your time can be much better spent. Just make sure you know exactly where the web hosting company does submit your URL to and where it does not.

And it’s not as simple as submitting your URL once to each place and leaving it at that. To remain competitive (not to mention relevant), you’ll need to resubmit your URL to each place on a recurring basis. Conversely, however, it is frowned upon and may even be detrimental to your traffic-generating efforts, to resubmit your site too often or too frequently. If your web hosting company offers free URL submission services, find out how often they resubmit it to each place and what guidelines they use to set their submission schedule.

Search Engine Optimization

Many web hosting companies offer free Search Engine Optimization tools and tips with their web hosting services. The object of SEO is to catapult your free listings on the major search engines to the top of the first page of results for your chosen keywords. There are a number of excellent methods for using SEO to dramatically increase traffic to your website, including website review and SEO analysis, keyword and keyword phrase suggestion and selection, and header/footer/meta-tag generation.

Any web hosting company that offers free SEO tools with their web hosting packages is well worth considering.

Reciprocal Linking

Web hosting companies may also offer Reciprocal Linking services, where they help you find other sites that already receive the targeted traffic you desire and arrange to post a link to each other’s site on your own respective sites. This is another of the most effective and beneficial free forms of targeted lead generation. If a web hosting company offers you free reciprocal linking assistance, it’s a definite plus.

Tracking and Reports

Quite possibly the most valuable traffic tool a web hosting company can provide you is tracking. And simple click tracking (tracking how many clicks your homepage/landing page gets) isn’t enough. You want to know and compare the number of unique visitors and repeat visitors. You want to know the paths visitors took clicking through your site. And you want to know your conversion rate, or how many of each type of visit resulted in a signup or a sale.

The best web hosting companies won’t merely track these statistics for you, but they’ll generate reports comparing and evaluating the results and making suggestions on how to improve your traffic generating campaign.


The benefits of heavy traffic (namely: more traffic) don’t come just by getting people to click to your site; you also have to keep them there. One of the best ways to hold a visitor’s interest is with interesting content relevant to what they’re looking for.

Many web hosting companies will help you create compelling and relevant content to post at your site which will serve to key ends; it will captivate visitors to stay at your site (and even click around to explore more of what you’ve got) and it will give you better and better search engine rankings.

Website Building

With that in mind, don’t underestimate the power of a well-designed website. People don’t spend much time on a site that’s unattractive, error-filled (whether textual or graphical) or difficult to navigate. At the absolute least, a web hosting company should give you a website editor/builder that helps you design the kind of website loved by search engines and visitors alike.

“One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

The fabric of American home-based businesses is made up of a multi-colored tapestry that includes a wide range of experience. Statistics indicate that women and an aging workforce are finding a new career path in home-based businesses.

One of the primary points of sale in many home-based businesses is in the commodity of knowledge. You will find many home-based businesses providing informative reports as a bonus for purchase. Other sites will provide ebooks on a particular subject for sale.

Before you dismiss your knowledge as a selling tool you should consider the following.

One needs only look at the success of mentoring to gain a picture of the need for information on living life well. reports, “For several hours each day, millions of children in this country are talking to, playing with, learning from and generally in the care of the adults in their after-school programs. Over time, these relationships can grow and deepen into caring connections that positively influence children’s well-being.”

Further, indicates, “Caring adults represent a key component of any such efforts to help adolescents succeed in the transition to adulthood.”

You may wonder what mentoring has to do with a successful home-based ebook business, and you’d be correct in asking what connection might exist.

The fact is we live in a society that is fractured and disjointed. Where once families lived primarily in one locale and those family members routinely were employed in the same occupation, today we see single parent families with little in the way of family support attempting to teach children some of the things they might need to know for the future and feeling inadequate to the task.

“Unless we think of others and do something for them, we miss one of the greatest sources of happiness.” – Ray Lyman Wilbur

Essentially we are at a place in history where knowledge of things once common is now desired in many ways by those who, as adults, have come to the place where they want to fill in gaps that were missed in their formative years. Since most of this generation has a strong familiarity with the Internet, the cost effective distribution of knowledge through ebooks can assist a generation thirsty for knowledge you may have thought too common to find an audience.

The ease of automating the sale of ebook downloads makes this one of the most hands-free home-based business opportunities available. Even if you chose another home-based business the implementation of ebook sales can provide a surprising amount of residual income that does not rely on personal product fulfillment.

Though travel is a major part of modern life, almost unavoidable in some vocations, this was not always the case. Most modern men and women consider the speedy travel from one place to another to be a most commonplace and normal event. We think nothing of getting on a plane and finding ourselves, six hours later, across an ocean in a foreign country completely different from where we left off. In fact, most modern men and women will travel frequently in their lives, whether it be on bus, train, plane or even car, making travel accessible to all those who would like to partake.

There are a few basic reasons for travel. One of the most common and oldest reasons to travel is to make money. Whether a traveler is hoping to sell spices and silk or to get a commission on a supermarket in Kentucky, this basic need to travel for business has stayed consistent and present for hundreds of years. Another reason to travel is to engage in the exchange of information. The most famous kind of traveling that matches this description is probably the traveling undertaken by missionaries. Missionaries travel to distance locales in order to share information about a spiritual institution. Early on, many travelers went on journeys in order to discover new lands. Some travelers still do that, although they are not discovering them for the first time as the early explorers had the pleasure to do.

Though the reasons for travel have not changed fundamentally, the ways in which travelers get from one place to another have changed quite a lot. Beginning with traveling under animal steam (preceded only by traveling by foot) we have advanced past ships and cars to include planes and the famous Concorde.

Just one thing has remained fundamentally the same throughout the entire history of travel: luggage. Luggage is the traveling companion that protects our treasures, preserves our identities and connects us to our homes. It allows the traveler to bring back pieces of their new experience to share with friends and family. Luggage alone is the single traveler’s companion. Inside are all the comforts and smells of home and ourselves, not matter where traveling may take us. In this way, the traditional role of luggage has been one of comfort and familiarity, allowing the travel to cross the globe while looking and feeling like relaxed, confident and free.

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