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A person can find a UK broadband test very easily on the internet.

The key to using these tests efficiently is to understand how they work and how to interrupt the results. These tests can be very helpful for a person who has had internet connection or speed issues.

It can also be a great tool to use to show proof to a resistant ISP that is not taking internet issues seriously. A UK broadband test is easy to use and most are free.

Online tests are not highly technical and can not replace the specialized testing of a professional. However, they are a very good indicator when a connection is running slow. They can give a pretty good reading of the exact speed at which a broadband connection is running.

They should be the first step for someone who suspects they are having problems with their internet speed.

Online UK broadband tests work in a fairly simple manner. The web page captures and records how long it takes for the connection to download the page. More goes into it to make it more precise, but that is the basics of how it works.

It is recommended that a person runs the test more than once. It should be ran at a few different times of day to get a good range of speeds.

Most likely, each test will have different results. This is because the internet can run slower at certain times of day than others.

For example, if a user runs the test around 6 pm, then they are hitting a peak time, when many people are also going to be online and creating a cramped information highway. The early morning hours of a weekday will produce the best speed rate.

It is also important for a user to understand that their internet speed will not likely be the top speed their ISP says they can provide.

Rarely does a connection run at the top most speed. It should be close, though, and if it is very low then there is a definite problem.

However, a person must remember to run several tests throughout the course of a day or few days. Weekends are the busiest time and so a person is likely to get low speeds no matter what time they run a test on a weekend.

UK broadband tests are great tools for any internet user to try. They can often help a person narrow down a connection issue without having to waste time on the phone with their ISP.

If the numbers are running low after several tests then the speed is the problem. If the speed is pretty good then the problem lies elsewhere.

Playing a musical instrument is a long held dream that many people nurse in their imaginations. They will attend concerts and live shows and dream of the day they can get on stage to perform themselves. These same people often do not believe that they have the ability to take on the challenge of music because they have the false impression that it is too difficult.

Learning a new instrument is no different than learning a new sport. With enough practice and the right instruction, anyone can master the skills that are required to perform really well. In fact, learning musical instruments is even easier than sports because they require less natural ability. This means that you can learn to play guitar even if you never believed it possible before.

In addition to those who have never tried to take lessons to play an instrument, there are also people who have tried learning, but have simply not progressed as far as they would have liked. Often this can result in a feeling of failure, or a desire to quit. But before you give into these negative thoughts, there may be a solution so that you can learn to play guitar like the pro that you dreamed of becoming.

With the right education program, anyone can master a skill so long as they are willing to put in the time and effort. The beauty is that with the right program, the time and effort will not even seem like a forced effort.

The difference between the amateur and the professional musician is not as much in their skill or ability, but rather the difference is in their hands. Every instrument requires that the musician have flexible, strong, and agile hands. This is why music and sports are actually very closely related. If you are looking to learn to play guitar or to improve your skills, then you need to work your hands.

We use our hands each and every day, but rarely do we pay much attention to them or how strong they are. People join gyms to work out and build muscles in their arms, legs, and stomach, but few trainers think to address the hands. When you are a musician, your hands are your greatest asset. If you want to learn to play guitar, then you need to start building up the strength of your hands.

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The concept of affiliate marketing is simple. As an affiliate (you), send traffic to a companies website, and the company pays you a commission whenever someone makes a purchase through your link. As an affiliate marketer you can make money from commissions for almost anything sold on the internet.

For example, let’s look at a web hosting company. There’s one web hosting company that pays their affiliates a $40 commission for each new web hosting account an affiliate refers. Ok, so one sale a day is not going to let you quit your day job. If you can image for just a minute, getting 1 sale a day on ten or fifteen products, what would that translate to? With a bit of work you can easily see how to get yourself up to $400 or $500 a day.

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You don’t have a website. Not a problem, with a Wealthy Affiliate membership you can use one of their pre-built or feeder sites. Or if you do want to build your own website you can use one of their website templates.

How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost? First, I want you to think about how much a class similar to this would cost at a university near you. On average it’s going to cost you over $400 a semester for a single 4 credit hour class.

Wealthy Affiliate costs $29.99 a month or about $120 a semester. You can have a membership to Wealthy Affiliate for a year and it’ll still cost you less than one class at a university. Plus, you have access to all the guides, tutorials, members only forum, and other tools to help you make money on the internet.

‘Spoofs’ are also called ‘phishing’ emails. ‘Phishing’ refers to any email that attempts to get you to share personal or financial information that can be used to commit fraud.

While ‘spoofs’ pretend to be a known business or institution, ‘phishing’ emails also include offers to collect prizes, requests for help, charity donations or false notices that you have won a lottery or a trip. They tell you that to reserve your prize you must give them a credit card number for verification or as a deposit.

Some emails request your help by offering you a portion of a fund that will be deposited into your bank account. These are often sent as requests from rich foreign (particularly Nigerian) nobility or government officials. They are dangerous groups and should never be contacted or replied to.

Similar scams are also done over the telephone and are called ‘pretexting’. Always contact the organization or business directly if you are contacted for charitable donations or account information.

Special Concern: Online Privacy

While many suggestions have already been listed to protect your identity online there are a few areas that require special attention.

Email Fraud

Email fraud was thoroughly explained in the preceding chapter about steps to take to prevent identity fraud. Treat every unsolicited email with suspicion and exercise caution when sending information that contains personal or financial details through email.

Protect Your Computer

Computer viruses and spyware can enter your computer when you click on a link in an email or by accessing a website that downloads the program without your consent.

While no person can prevent all exposure to these viruses and spyware you can protect your computer by installing a firewall as well as purchasing anit-virus and anit-spyware programs that routinely search your computer and remove these threats. What can you do to prevent identity theft? Get free adware download and protect your online privacy.

Viruses can spread through your computer, corrupting files and information as well as being passed on to other people through your email. Spyware can track your movements on the internet as well as collect information that you enter while using the internet including passwords, banking information and personal data.

Online shopping malls, the newest shopping destinations in the face of the planet composed of 100% electronic goods and shoppers. It may look quite novel for most people but enter unprepared and you just might find yourself ripped off must faster than in the real world.

It’s true, being somewhat new to most of us and thus populated with relatively wide eyed naive people; the internet is fast becoming a melting pot for crooks, thieves and criminals out for easy targets. The absence of any sort of internet police also doesn’t help.

Nevertheless, knowing nothing about the complexities of cyberspace doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re weaponless against these kinds of people. Armed with a bit of cyber smarts, you can even pass for a local in this electronic frontier.

Cyber Smarts Start at Home

Nobody goes into the wilderness without some sort of survival kit, which is why you must be equipped with the basic tools and weapons before making your first foray into this world. Here’s what your Cyber switch knife should contain and what they are for:

Anti-virus: Against online Viruses that may corrupt your files and make your computer

vulnerable to other malicious software.

Anti-Spyware: Protection against software that could monitor your online transactions

and hack personal data from your computer.

Firewall: Your computer’s security guard against intrusions from outside your network.

With these three basic tools, you can improve your online security a lot and make it much safer to shop online.

Know who you Deal With

The advent of online shopping has made it a lot harder for people to verify who they are dealing with. One thing most people forget to do before going on an online shopping spree is to check the credibility and reliability of the online store. Remember unlike a shopping mall in the real world which may have cost millions of dollars to build, online shopping malls can be built for as low as a hundred dollars maybe even less. Moreover, anyone can build these sites for whatever purposes they might have.

For this reason, do a little background check before paying for the products. Does the website contact information include an address and a customer service contact number? If not, chances are the store is not a legitimate one. You can also look up Better Business Bureau to cross check the address written on the website.

Minimizing Risk

It wouldn’t hurt too to use low risk cards for online transactions. For this reason use credits cards with low maximum withdrawable balances. This way, if someone gets through and hacks your account, you will only lose a small amount of money. Refrain from using debit cards for your online transactions too as debit cards have less protection against fraud.

Likewise, stay away from online stores that ask for your social security number as a prerequisite or requirement before making an online purchase, this is because online merchants do not need this information to process a sale. Moreover, refrain from sending sensitive information to merchants asking for your bank account number and password. Some of the letters they may send might look official but keep in mind that passwords are never meant to be shared.

Make sure that the site is secure. You can check this by looking if the RL has an s after http. The presence of this letter means the site is encrypted and thus all information that passes through will be protected. Moreover, check if the website has a padlock or key icon, an open padlock or a broken key symbolizes an unsecured site vice versa.

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