How Do Your Business And Your Creativity Intermingle Host Wars The Battle Of Space Disk Space 7 Criteria For Associate Programs Five Internet Marketing Strategies Proven To Work

When you hear the terms business and creative, you may realize that often these are oxymorons. It takes someone who thinks and works by structure and regulations to work in most businesses, while creativity brings you to think of artists and unstructured interpretations of things. There are some areas where creativity is used in a business world.

However, if you have a creative personality and you are stuck in a job that does not allow you to use these creative talents, you may begin to feel suffocated in your current position. The extent of your creativity maybe limited to listening to a particular type of music or adding a little extra flair to your work attire. One way to break out of the monotony is to build your own business, one which allows you to think creatively and practice thinking and working outside of the box.

You may want to consider using the Laws of Attraction to build and base your new found career. These laws emphasize that the amount of effort and creativity that you apply into your life, then more you will receive it. The laws state that what you focus on will cause it to be attracted to you and enter your life. One way to use this knowledge is to begin to think positively, to add more positive things into your life and business.

You must begin to focus on the positive and creative aspects of your life, to ensure that you receive more positive and creative things from your business and life. You should focus on the things that you have natural abilities at, whether it is painting pictures, building furniture, photography or a million of other areas. Each of us has our own talents and abilities that are unique to us. Some of these talents may be in areas that you do not realize you have abilities in. You can consider studying more about these areas and focusing more on the areas that you would like to be able to accomplish. By focusing more on it, you will allow yourself to expand on your new hobby or trait.

This works on areas in your life or business that you may not enjoy, but would like to expand on. If you do not enjoy budgeting for your company, but it is something that has to be done. Perhaps it is best to find someone who is budget or account oriented, and together the business will work smoothly, as you both desire for the business to flourish.

Setting up a business that gives you a chance to work on your natural talents, and that you think positively about accomplishing, and then your business can show the creative aspects of the business world. You will feel more confident and happy in your life, because your work is less stressful and something that you enjoy doing.

Just recently, I received an email from one of the twenty hosting companies that I’m affiliated with and before I even opened it I knew what it was going to say. Pretty much the same thing that the last five emails from other hosting companies have said. “Dear Affiliate, we’re happy to announce that we’ve included more disk space to our basic hosting plans which now offer over 20,000 Mb (mega-bytes) of disk/storage space to your customers.” And the Hosting companies battle on!

Now don’t get me wrong, from a marketing and advertising viewpoint, offering my customer 20,000 Mb of disk space instead of 5 or 10 thousand is something that just “sweetens the pot.” Why not have extra space? Sometimes more is better. But unless you’re the only person on an island with an internet connection and a hosting account thats going to be used by a small third world nation, or unless you’re Ebay (TM), I don’t see where the average company, even with a website that has 100 or more pages with many graphics, is even going to come close to using 20,000 Mb of disk/storage space per month.

My modestly small website wbwebhosts dot com has twelve pages that get a total of around 200 page hits a day. Last time I checked I was averaging 2 Mb of disk/storage usage per month. Naturally, I’m sure that if everybody who was hosted with a certain company was somehow able to use 20,000 Mb of disk each month, the hosting company would run out of server space.

But thats OK though! Advertising all that storage space is a “Hook” to lure people in. Nothing wrong with that. As I said above it’s better to have too much storage space then not enough. But look for other things that the company offers they may set them apart from other web hosting services. Is the set-up and Domain free? Where are there servers located? C-panel control (very easy control panel for beginners)? Price per month? Transfer (monthly traffic allowed)?

Well the Host wars will continue! Maybe by this time next year they’ll be offering 30,000 Mb to attract new customers. To most unsuspecting people this will seem like a great deal and will be happy and feel lucky that they have found such a hosting company. By offering more disk/storage space, the hosting companies will lure more customers and affiliates, affiliates in turn will gain more customers and the customers will be happy with the excess of space. Oh well, as long as everybody is happy…..

An associate program is an online marketing method used by a lot of small and large scale electronic businesses to generate additional sales. The method involves making a deal with another web site whose content is often related to that of the main merchant’s website. Simply put, the associate web site posts advertisments for the merchant web site, and also offers it’s readers links to the merchant website. For each person who purchases items from the merchant via the associate link, the associate gets a commission. From this simple system, associate marketing has grown rapidly to become larger and more elaborate so that today, entire books are written revolving around creating and operating successful associate programs. Here are 7 basic criteria that both merchants and potential publishers should take into consideration when choosing or designing an associate program.

Compensation System – there are different types of compensation, and associate programs often use more than one in combination when making a package to offer to their merchants. The smallest and simplest types get paid a small, fixed amount every time a viewer from the associate page clicks the merchant’s link and gets redirected to it’s website. Others are strictly commission basis and require actual successful sales to earn a percentage. A well designed compensation system should be fair for both the associate and the merchant.

Publisher Type – the type of associate program is very important in marketing. There are different categories, most notably Product Review Sites, Loyalty and Rebate Sites, Comparison Shopping/Online Directories, Cross Merchant Associate Sites, and Personal Forums/Blogs. Choosing the right type of publisher to get as associates can allow a merchant to tailor different marketing strategies to suit.

Program Compatibility – this is a natural consideration to take for any web based endeavor. The compatibility of the associate web site’s programming with the merchant’s web site is extremely important. Imagine if, for example, the merchant web site could not be properly displayed on certain browsers that the associate web site actually supported! To this end, both merchants and associates are advised to make their web sites compatible with as wide a variety of different programs as possible.

Marketing Approach – this is one area where marketing can get a bit sticky. While there’s nothing wrong with advertising through the use of reviews, personal recommendations, and web based graphic ads, some associate web sites use more aggressive marketing methods that may actually give the merchant a negative reputation. For example, rampant spamming and pop ups can get really irritating for most people and can cause both an associate and merchant’s web sites to get registered as “spam” on someone’s firewall. Needless to say, this is counter productive.

Niche and Demographic Coverage – special interest niches and certain demographics are always the target audience of a certain merchant. Because of this, the associate programs chosen should cater to the same groups. This does not need to be an exact match; for example, a publisher of fire arms magazines can approach magazine review web sites, gun enthusiast forums, and the personal web sites of gun shops as viable options to take as associates.

Online Interactivity Options – associate web sites MUST have a certain amount of online interactivity for users. If it exists simply for the purpose of advertising affiliated merchant web sites, an associate web site would quickly run out of traffic going through it. Good associate programs keep the interest of their visitors through various means, like having discussion boards, offering reviews and helpful articles, and publishing downloadable monthly e-magazines.

Multi Tier and Two Way Affiliate Marketing – these two types of associate programs differ slightly from normal associate programs because they extend beyond the regular merchant-associate type of relationship. They actually involve multiple associate websites connected via links to each other. Multi tier marketing is often seen in referral programs like multi level marketing, and in this case associates can also gain commissions by recruiting to and linking with other “lower tier” associate web sites. This provides larger exposure for a product. In two way affiliate marketing, two or more merchants act as each other’s associate programs, so that both offer their own sets of products and at the same time provide links to each other’s web sites.

There are so many different internet marketing strategies and products online that if can be difficult to know the best one to invest in to ensure your online business success.

The new internet marketing strategy for some is to create a product telling people how to make money doing something without the author having actually made money doing it themselves.

Even worse with the huge number of private label right products available where you can create yourself as an instant author simply by adding your name to the front of the eBook you can never really tell whether the author has actually made money or not and who’s going to ask!

That might seem a little cynical, but it is true that hosts of self-proclaimed experts are willing to offer you their special “insider secrets” and “millionaire strategies” for internet marketing. Whilst some of the information and programs are valuable others are filled with exaggerations or simple restatements of principles already proven successful.

In order to separate the wheat from the chaff and to understand how to put new information to use as part of your marketing strategy, it pays to understand a few of the proven techniques for producing significant sales figures.

Below are five internet marketing strategies worth considering that have proven to work time and time again.

Selling to the List

As a marketer it is important that you spend time creating a targeted opt-in list of potential, current and former buyers and prospects that you communicate with and provide value to on a regular basis.

As well as providing value you also teach your list how to buy from you by offering a P.S. with a product link or including a product that is relevant to the information you have provided as a “for more information buy this product” type recommendation.

Sometimes when there is a product launch or special promotion you will actually just send an email to your list relevant to that product.

This tried and true method never seems to fail. The conversion rate from lists is very high, as all people on it are pre-qualified prospects for the materials being offered.

The expression “the money is in the list” is an internet marketing mantra because of this fact.

Offering a Bonus

Internet marketers learned long ago that customers love getting something for nothing.

The “free bonus” has developed because of that longing on the part of consumers. Instead of simply selling the primary product, the marketer bundles it with one or more other products that are offered along with the main item of interest at no additional charge.

A good free bonus offer can turn a mediocre campaign into a massive success. Bonuses are used frequently by the most recognized names in the industry. That is not a coincidence. They work.

Back End – Cross Selling and Upselling

Successful marketers don’t let products get into their customers’ hands until they are equipped with a potential back-end moneymaker. The back end of your product and/or business is the area after someone has bought something.

Back end in an ebook could involve adding a series of affiliate links embedded into an ebook, a special offer coupon for another project, a chance at a one-time deal for another purchase or something else. The idea is to give the product residual value so that it continues to sell while meeting the customer’s needs at the same time.

Cross selling is the process of saying “you bought that so you might also like to consider buying this” It provides you with a way to promote similar products to your customers.

Upselling is the process of saying “you bought this for that price, how about buying this package that includes what you already paid for plus these other things”

It’s like being super sized in Macdonalds and is an excellent internet marketing strategy that has become an essential component for all successful internet marketers.

Information Only Websites/blogs

Some people just want information, they want to find out how to care for their new kitten or places to visit when traveling to Australia. The most that they require is to read some great information at their leisure without being sold something.

Of course that doesn’t mean you don’t have products for sale on the website or blog because you do. An image strategically placed that will catch their attention.

You also fill these information only websites and blogs with Google Adsense to help you monetize them for extra profits.

I once met a marketer who makes a lot of money using Google Adsense and he said it is all about volume. Having one information only blog on golf will not exactly make you a six figure monthly income in the short term but having 100 blogs out there, all providing information on different areas will definitely help your online profits!

Use a linking strategy

One of the most important things I learnt during an internet marketing conference I attended in Atlanta was to get noticed by the search engines by developing a linking strategy.

One way links is the best online strategy there is because your site is seen as an “expert or authority” on the subject if all these different websites are linking in to you.

A great way to do this is to have a number of websites online that are hosted on different hosting platforms, which all link into one main website. They can be blogs or websites but the important thing is to ensure they are on all separate hosting accounts.

Its important that you don’t do two way linking by linking all your websites/blogs to each other, but that you have all 15 (or more or less but at least 10) linking to one main site that you want to promote.

This is great if you want to set up the information only sites mentioned above.

Better still, if you have friends who are willing to link to you then get them to do that and use one of your 15 information sites to link to them but not the main one you are looking to promote.

Keep your eyes open for new strategies and idea. The internet marketing world is active and always in a state of flux but it is still important to approach new options with an understanding of what has worked in the past. There really are very few new ideas anyway just re-written versions of classic internet marketing strategies that work.

Techniques like those listed above are proven means of improving sales figures. This list, obviously, is by no means exhaustive but it does demonstrate that there are known and tested systems for marketing success.

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