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If you have accessed the internet through the old dial up system but want faster connection with a greater number of downloads then you need to look at high speed internet connections or broadband. You can choose from DSL, satellite and cable connections. Now days you can even get wireless connections in an increasing number of areas, a lot depends on your particular needs and where you are based.

Broadband is among the most popular services and is usually available on cable modem and DSL. A broadband service provides you with a very high rate of data transmission which can save your business time and money. These connections work at a hundred times the speed of the old dial up which is why it is known as high speed internet.

If DSL or satellite connections are available in your area then there are various providers who will be able to provide you with a satellite connection. You can get DSL from certain phone providers such as AT&T and this is among the most popular ways that people access high speed internet connections. Cutting edge technology can now give you wireless high speed internet access where you can get connected when you are away from home or traveling. Some people complain that unless you are in a wireless hot spot it is not easy to get that connection – or the connection can be lost if you are traveling and move from an area where there is a hot spot to one where there isn’t. Dial up connections are trying to move with the times and keep up with the satellite and cable outfits by offering a high speed dial up connection.

Prices may vary widely between one provider and another the question that you should ask yourself is what type of service you are looking for. Is your service fast enough for example, for you to be able to download streaming music and videos. How fast is your email and how long does it take to download large attachments. A lot of people also want to know if there is a free phone line for faster connection to the web. High speed internet is on many people’s minds these days and some will change their internet service provider at regular intervals to see where they can get the fastest service and the most downloads for their money.

Whichever internet service provider you choose and whatever your needs are when it comes to gaining access to the world wide web; it is a matter of fact that a faster internet connection will cut down on your research time and eventually save you money. However, before you make your choice you should endeavor to find out about the various providers of high speed internet and what the benefits and the pitfalls are with each service. Whatever you decide, the rate at which it has proliferated over the last seven years means that high speed internet connections are here to stay.

It is certainly true that the Internet is dominated by the Englsih language – it has been estimated that 75% of all Internet pages worldwide are written in English. But surprise, surprise, the world’s No. 1 language in terms of number of native speakers is also the most difficult to read – Chinese, with about three times as many native speakers (and readers) as English. China has the second greatest number of Internet users in the world, behind only the United States, and its Internet market is one of the world’s fastest-growing. Furthermore, its buoyant economy is impossible to ignore. Every year millions are added to its relatively affluent middle class.

You’d be surprised at how many Chinese can read English – they are small in proportion to total population, but large in number. You might also be surprised at how many Chinese yuppies (“Chuppies”) carry Visa and Mastercard.

Do you have a product that might sell well in China? That’s a difficult question to answer, but as a one-sentence primer: affluent Chinese gravitate towards any product with name-brand appeal, snob appeal, or that is closely associated with the United States (sarcastically dubbed the “Mickey Mouse Syndrome” by envious economic rivals). If you are going global, you cannot afford to ignore China. And if your business has a website, it should be searchable in China.

Following are the URLs for site submission to ten Chinese search engines. The sites are all written in Chinese, but if you can get past the language barrier, anything is possible…

Top 10 Chinese Search Engines

1. Baidu: https://www.coolwebtips.com Sina: https://www.coolwebtips.com Sohu: https://www.coolwebtips.com Yahoo China: https://www.coolwebtips.com Google China: https://www.coolwebtips.com Sobao: https://www.coolwebtips.com Tianwang: https://www.coolwebtips.com China-Holiday: https://www.coolwebtips.com Wangluobing: https://www.coolwebtips.com o

10. Sunwukong: https://www.coolwebtips.com first six of the foregoing are major players, but the rest are marginal and may well be out of business by the time you read this (then again, you never know…).

Accessories for shooting come in so many classifications. These consist of ammo types, eye and ear protection gear, gun cases and cabinets as well as bags or pouches and holsters or slings.

Starting off with ammo types, sub classifications include Shotshell Ammo, Centerfire Ammo and Rimfire Ammo. Shotshell Ammo or Shotgun Ammo can be purchased starting at $3.99 a box up to $28.99 with various brands to suit your shotgun needs. Centerfire Ammo, or bullets whose primer is located in the middle of its cartridge case head, can be had from a low price of $12.99 up to $64.99 a box. Rimfire ammunition cartridges usually have an extended and a widened cap and go for a price range of $6.49 to 12.99 a box.

No hunter should go without certain essentials in hunting gear which includes ear and eye protection items. Ear or hearing protection comes in different earmuff and earplug brands. Some of the brands on sale are Browning, Peltor and Radians. Remington is also a brand that carries guns as well as eye and ear protective gear. Eye protection or glasses and goggles come in brands like Smith and Wesson, which is also a popular gun brand, as well as Peltor and Radians. Some of these popular brands also sell hearing and eye protection packages, like Remington, which is selling its package of M-22 Muffs combined with a pair of T-40 shooting glasses at a reasonably priced $29.99 and its T-10 eye and ear protection set manufactured for younger users at $22.99.

Gun cases are classified into two types, the soft cases and the hard cases. Hard case type gun cases offer padded interiors and can be bought for various gun types. Soft cases are often built with fabric or leather and may or may not have some padded protection inside. These soft cases are relatively water resistant and easy to carry with sling straps often included. Soft cases are the cheaper alternative at the lowest price being a really low $11.99 while hard cases can go as high as $339.99 for the top-of-the-line watertight, crushproof security case from Pelican.

Gun Cabinets, Safes and Racks also come in your choice of brand, size and design. Racks can be bought starting from $19.99 while Gun cabinets are sold in prices ranging from $99.99 to $1199.99. Personal fire protected safes also sell for prices between $39.99 to $1499.99, depending on size.

Bags and pouches are used to carry ammo and are sold between $5.99 up to $69.99 and can carry a few bullets to as many as a few boxes. These usually come in camouflaged colors that blend in with the surroundings.

Holsters and slings are also available for sale with different designs and colors to choose from. Slings may come as padded cloth types or may be built of fine leather. They may also have decorative and colorful designs on them. Holsters come in shoulder or hip configurations and are priced at $17.99 up to $44.99, all in basic black.

Other shooting accessories for sale also include barrels and stocks, choke tubes, trap and skeet shooting accessories, targets and gun cleaning materials.

The Personal Side of Craigslist

I have a tee shirt from Craigslist. The money I bought it with goes to support community service efforts. I wear it often since I love craigslist so much. It took me a while to realize that when I wear it people who must mostly have their mind in the gutter, assume I am a regular poster on the casual encounters section. Actually, I had never even read that section until recently, but even there Craigslist outshines regular newspaper classifieds, in my opinion. I have used Craigslist to find employees, get renters, make friends, free cycle things, sell good stuff, find great stuff, find yard and estate sales, get clients, find dates for my elderly mother, do salary research, do rental research, get questions answered, find contractors to fix my house, and get entertained. I can’t remember how I ever lived without it.

Is there a “Craig” behind Craigslist? There sure is! Craigslist was started by programmer Craig Newmark as a fun project for his friends in San Francisco. Craigslist is now one-fourth owned by Ebay, although so far the corporation has done nothing with the ownership and now even seems to be creating a competing site.

Craigslist, like Wikipedia, is policed by volunteers. I personally police the section of my local craigslist that is related to my husband’s business. You can report violations of the Terms of Service by emailing the violation to abuse@craigslist.com and they will promptly take action.

Outstanding Aspects of Craigslist

An extremely popular site, Craigslist is in fact in the Top 10 list of internet sites. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Craigslist is a free classifieds service available online and sorted by location. It exemplifies the degree of popular that can be achieved for a website through word-of-mouth marketing alone. Furthermore, Craigslist demonstrates a business enterprise that refuses to have money-making as its main goal. No advertisements appear on the site, a tribute to its service-oriented nature. rather, Craigslist is more intent on doing what seems best for society rather than maximizing a monetary return. In addition, Craigslist is a leader in the open source movement, although their product isn’t open source software.

Other Craigslist Characteristics

Many users enjoy Craigslist because it seems to march to a beat all its own. A wonderful resource for many needs, perhaps its greatest endorsement is that Craigslist is spreading not only all over the country, but even to other parts of the world as well. In fact, many turn to Craigslist before ever opening their local newspapers.

Threats to Craigslist

As already discussed, Craigslist is not threatened by newspaper competition since many people go to Craigslist first, or even exclusively. The site’s reputation as a friendly community is only threatened by users who take advantage of it to post inappropriate or mis-categorized content. Spammers and scammers could potentially infiltrate Craigslist and turn it into a website full of get-rich-quick schemes. As mentioned earlier, Craigslist is policed by volunteers; let’s hope they’re able to continue doing the good job they’ve been doing so we can all continue to benefit from this wonderful resource.

So just what the heck is a content site?

Glad you asked. A content site is a site that contains content. This literal definition of a content site, however, doesn’t convey the sheer effectiveness of utilizing a content site for affiliate programs. There are several distinct advantages of using a full content site as opposed to a single-page sales format.

Using a sales page or a mini site is one way to sell a product, but even then the sales page is usually accessed from a content site. These larger sites, which can be 20, 30, 40 pages or more, have the advantage of many pages of keyword optimized content that just can’t be reached by a single page. With pages and pages of keyword articles, the content site has the potential for a much higher rank in the search engine line.

In addition to the SEO action, a content site is much more likely to be referenced again and again. People interested in the content will bookmark it and come back to read more about it. Multiple views can only increase the chance of sales, as well as word of mouth about the content that is provided. There probably aren’t that many people that bookmark a sales page, but when a content site has lots of practical information that a reader can use, it has a better chance of being read. Using a content site is like having a catalog, and the sales page is the order form.

Having pages of content also allows you to go more into depth about the items you are selling. A sales page is an obvious sales pitch. Readers come in, mill around, and they’re told why the product is a good thing to buy. A content site is seen more as information about the items- and look! They just happen to sell them here.

And, unlike a smaller site, a content site has room for plenty of products. If one of the products is failing, it can always be squashed and replaced with something that can perform better. Content sites usually are concerned with a specific topic, and within that topic there is room for any number of different products to be promoted. This creates a better chance of revenue instead of relying on only one item for the entire bulk of sales. In addition to changing around the products if they become ineffective, there is also room to change the keywords for the same reason.

A content site is also easier to promote than separate pages that each have to be promoted. An informational site can be branded to create a name for the site and its products. Creating a brand is something that can’t be done with just one product that is probably being sold elsewhere on countless other pages. A brand is the collection of pages, which will be unique to your site. A brand is a powerful thing in cyberspace, and can be wielded for good or evil. Or, just to make the highest number of conversions possible.

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