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The world has shrunk, thanks to an invention called the Internet. Communication is now made easier. Barely two decades ago, a person in Thailand has to wait for weeks for a letter from the United States.

Now, a letter can be sent in a matter of seconds, through e-mail or electronic mail. A few years ago, talking to a person halfway across the world is guaranteed to cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Now, with the advent of VoIP telephony, it costs nothing more than a local phone call to your neighbour. Sometimes, it’s even for free!

Defining VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP telephony, is the routing of voice conversations over the Internet. It allows anybody to utilize the internet as one gigantic phone line. With VoIP telephony, you can now indulge in talking until your ears heat up and go numb, even if the conversation is with someone from another continent.

VoIP telephony is very straightforward. To avail of this technology, all you need is a computer, a stable Internet connection, and a provider.

What Does VoIP telephony Have for You?

Though still a fairly new technology, VoIP telephony is capable of facilitating tasks that ordinary landlines and mobile phones can’t achieve. VoIP telephony’s number one feature is portability. It is location-independent, requiring only an Internet connection to connect with a provider. Most providers give subscribers a router to connect to their computers. Take this router with you on vacation or a business trip, and hook it up to a local computer with Internet connection. It’s guaranteed that you will never miss a single phone call, wherever you are in the world. You can even choose a phone number that’s registered to a city or state other than the one you’re in at the moment.

Most of the leading VoIP telephony providers have introduced several features that rival those of landline and cellular phones. One example is caller ID, for both incoming and outgoing calls. Some providers even go as far as providing the option of blocking caller information. Call forwarding to landlines, cellular phones, and other VoIP phone numbers is also offered. Furthermore, other providers are also currently offering toll-free numbers, virtual phone numbers, softphones for added portability, fax lines, and multiply phone lines, and only recently, text messaging service, a milestone for VoIP telephony.

What You Need to Go VoIP

To fully appreciate the wonders of VoIP telephony, a high-speed Internet connection is a must. The technology relies heavily on bandwidth, making it impossible for a slow dial-up connection to support it. Power supply is also essential in VoIP telephony. Routers are connected to computers so an outage in power also leads to an outage in phone service.

VoIP and Emergency

In the past, emergency services posed a problem for VoIP telephony. Owing to the static nature of IP addresses, a call to 911 does not guarantee a connection with the local dispatch center of the caller. Service providers have long since addressed this obstacle by requiring the registration of the physical address where the VoIP line is used. A call to 911 would then display the caller’s address, making it easy for the dispatcher to route the call to the local emergency center. This workaround is called E911 or Enhanced 911.

Like all new technologies, VoIP telephony is far from perfect. There have been reports of bad voice quality in phone calls. However, these issues are being addressed one by one and most VoIP telephony subscribers have seen a great improvement in the quality of their voice calls. You’ll be able to enjoy full voice clarity in no time at all.

Wouldn’t it be great to be a successful entrepreneur or even grow your business even bigger than it is right now? One of the most popular resources for helping people worldwide accomplish both is a website. Not just any website will do, though.

Too many people try to do it themselves or skip steps when seeking a professional quality site builder and site building tools. Results are often ugly websites too many colors, too many different fonts, navigation that doesn’t work – if there is any, flashy and noisy buttons and other tech features that pop out at readers, poor shopping carts that don’t work right and more.

Instead, here are some major points to focus on with regards to your website building:

Website Checklist

_ When possible, instead of spending so much time learning the latest technology and Internet updates for great professional-looking websites, save all that for the professionals who prefer to delve into that realm and focus on your marketing, sales and other entrepreneurial activities. Seek an affordable alternative with a support team 24/7.

_ Find a company that offers professional website templates so that you can build fast and easy, skipping lengthy tech guides and loading steps to get your pages up and activated. The templates should be available in full color choices complete with a line of premium images for selection and loading to your site pages. Features should also include the ability to enter HTML or simply key in your information in text, plus some templates with CSS or Cascading Sites Sheet web pages.

_ Special features like hosting flash, a forum and podcasts plus activating RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) feeds and other popular tech tools is best.

_ In this mobile era, boasting the ability for your users to access your .mobi-compliant website is also a bonus feature.

To find the best features you can like those listed above, searching your favorite search engines to find and interview website design and hosting companies using this handy checklist.

Then when you find a website company with a team to help you 24 / 7, let them do the work: provide quality website templates with plenty of advanced features and a professional hosting package – all at costs you can afford. And find a place with packages that grow as your company grows. Then use the rest of your time wisely, growing your business with marketing and sales efforts plus any other entrepreneurial hats you wear.

And of course, don’t forget to relax and have fun once in awhile!

Skin care home businesses aren’t a new idea. If you decided to start your own skin care home business, you wouldn’t be doing something that numerous women haven’t already done before successfully. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for one more outgoing and beauty conscious woman to come in and make some extra money.

So is a skin care home business right for you? Only you can decide that. I have put together five tips to help you decide if a skin care home business is right for you.

1. You must have an interest in what you are selling.

If you don’t wear makeup or use skin care products on a regular basis, then you might just want to consider another home business. Successfully selling beauty and skin care products is something that should be fun for you. If you don’t know eyeliner from mascara, it will probably be very difficult for you to be successful.

2. Keep yourself up to date on trends in fashion and beauty.

Skin care home businesses can be really successful. Can you convince your clients that they need this season’s newest colors, or why they should try something that they wouldn’t normally wear?

3. Skin care home businesses require organization.

Having a skin care home business will require you to have an excellent filing and ordering system. Don’t worry if you aren’t very organized now. Just remember, if you want to start a skin care home business you will need to be organized.

4. Know your stuff.

Whatever brand of beauty and skincare products you are selling, you must be using it yourself. If you don’t trust your product, how can you expect your customers to do the same? When you go to pick up or drop off customer orders, tempt them with a great looking lipstick – the same one that you are wearing.

5. Always remember to be friendly and helpful.

If you want to be successful in your skin care home business, you must be willing to help your clients. Make sure that you can give them recommendations based on their skin tones and personal style. Always remember to be courteous, even if they only order one product. If your customer has a positive experience buying beauty and skincare products from you, they will likely buy from you again. Not to mention, tell their friends about their pleasant experience buying from you. Being friendly and courteous will definitely help your skin care home business grow and be successful.

You should now have a much clearer picture to help you decide if a skin care home business is right for you. Remember, cosmetics, skincare and beauty products are a huge industry. Every year women are trying to do more and more to keep their skin looking young and healthy.

If you are interested in starting a skin care home business, there are many to choose from. Always research any company before joining and investing your money.

Finding a free home based Internet business opportunity is not as easy as it sounds. Sure, you might think you can just go ahead and Google the term, and out of the wealth of information displayed on your screen you will be able to pick the one that is most likely to spell success for you, right? Not necessarily! Sadly, there are many scam artists on the Net who are just waiting for someone to come by and subscribe to their get-rich-quick scheme. Get-rich-quick schemes are now on the Internet by the hundreds. If you are not careful you can fall victim to one of these scams.

For example, how often have you searched for avenues to supplement your income with a free home based Internet business that would provide a little something extra every month. Maybe you would like to save up for a wonderful family vacation, or find a home based Internet business to take the place of a part time job that is taking you away from your children several times a week. Then you discover that many of the of websites that talk about these wonderful opportunities forget to mention what the product or service is? The next thing you know you will have a mailbox filled with all kinds of unwanted and less than desirable spam mail. Other times the goal is to get you to talk to a personal phone representative and suddenly the free opportunity turns out to not be free at all.

If you do not want to be taken in by a scam artist and these false get-rich-quick schemes but you want to find a genuine free home based Internet business opportunity, it is important that you know how much money you need to make – bottom line – and how much time you are able to devote to the business. When you have this information you will be able to find different avenues of success. Perhaps your free home based Internet business could be that of an affiliate, a sales rep, a freelance writer, a survey taker, or a host of other occupations.

There are scams but there are also legitimate ways to find honest home based Internet business possibilities.

Blogging is all the rage nowadays. It is a fun and inexpensive way to make your voice heard on the Internet. Through blogging you can make your daily thoughts (intimate or not) publicly known – and with a greater audience.

This makes the service great for diary keeping (if making a public diary is your cup of tea), marketing (blogging is a great way to perform marketing – more of that later), and information sharing and updating.

Why Blog?

Blogging is a way of life. It is probably one of the most enabling forces of technology to hit the Internet in the last few years. Curiously, it has allowed a greater involvement of people with technology and information. The great thing about blogging is that it is easy to learn and easy to get into – especially with a blogging service like Blogger.

Blogs are, in a technical sense, content management software that helps you effectively organize and catalog a chronological journal of information that is posted regularly. It is a lot more effective than static websites that, however well managed, cannot exude a sense of intimacy, and urgency as a blog. Setting up AdSense on your Blog is a breeze, and you can complete the whole process in less then an hour. Free $97 Adsense Secret Ebook on Adsense Tips here.

In some sense, a blog can be likened to a diary, which for many people, especially those in the online world, can be much more interesting than a regular newspaper.

Blogger Comes into the Picture

After years of treading water, piece by piece Pyra studios was able to keep the members of the already formidable Blogger community happy. In time, Blogger boasted of a community of 100,000 members. In 2002, Google stepped in to the picture and purchased Blogger. Pyra continued to exist as an entity as a department within the Google family.

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