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In every kind of business, credibility matters. Company credibility has become a focus of business principles. It must be a priority because customer loyalty and the company’s image depends upon it.

In every first-world country, there is some sort of standard that sets ethical standards for businesses.

Search engine optimization companies, or SEO, are concerned with maintaining their integrity. Companies find it easier to attract customers if the companies are able to uphold a positive image. Doing so would also ensure a good profit, as more subscribers corresponds to better bottom lines.

The type of people the company employs reflect the totality of the company’s management. The caliber of employees also demonstrates how the staff is motivated and disciplined. The management style can be a factor for subscribers deciding whether to do business with a particular company.

In SEO, there are several methods to preserve credibility.

* Always appear polite and friendly toward the customers. Disregard any internal or personal problems so that the interests of the subscribers are not ignored. Customers will go elsewhere if their best interests are overlooked in favor of employees’ personal issues, so retain a positive attitude with them at all times.

* Do not complicate small concerns. Little problems tend to arise in running a business and it is better to discuss them immediately before they grow into larger, more difficult problems.

* Internal company problems must be handled within the company. Try to avoid circumstances that will make the problem worse. Matters that address internal concerns must not reach the other companies’ offices. Rival companies could use another company’s internals problems to their advantage and destroy its public image.

* Hire a trustworthy staff. Usually, disorder and conflict within the company flourish as a result of miscommunication. Try to hire applicants with positive attitudes and seek to ensure a good company morale. Although the role of the employees in SEO will consist mostly of computer work, morale is still very important because the work involves transactions within and outside the offices.

Some of the most infamous unethical practices in search engine optimization are cloaking, doorway pages, covert links and, occasionally, hidden text.

Search engines have forbidden these unscrupulous SEO practices. Be aware of the search engines’ rules, because being caught breaking the rules can result in a site’s ban.

Unfortunately, once an SEO site is banned the rankings are lost as well as any money invested. To avoid losing potential profits, conduct business honestly and ethically.

The company’s entire management strategy affects its ethical standards. The managers’ and staff’s individual personalities are not important, but instead their morale in the workplace.

Most Franchise Businesses are successful but invariably like any other business some do fail. Why do they fail? Most franchisors fail primarily because they took the route of franchising their business without proper planning and preparation.

Although franchising is a great way to grab market share quickly and without utilising your own funds, it requires a great deal of work to make it successful. The first and most important requirement for any potential franchisor is can the business model be taught successfully?

Many franchisees will come from a background of zero business experience. They will not only have to be taught about the franchisors products & marketing but will during the course of their training have to learn basic business skills like general day to day book keeping and proper filing techniques!

In many cases a potential franchisee without any prior business experience can become on of the top performers if s/he is trained properly and given long term support. The reason for this is because the franchisor is starting with a clean slate and the new recruit is more likely to listen, learn and utilise the systems given.

People who already have business experience usually like to try and run the franchise business in their own way. It takes a lot of effort to make them utilise all the systems and methodology of the franchisor. Bear in mind that these systems have take years of experience to create.

Another reason why some new franchises fail is that not every business model can be easily duplicated to work in another location. Some businesses might have been extremely successful in an area primarily because of the peculiarities of the people who live there.

Some franchisors fail primarily because they entered the franchise market under capitalised. Without proper access to funding and long term backing a franchise model is not going to achieve proper market penetration. A few businesses enter the franchise market place not understanding the level of capital that is required to exploit their franchises.

Capital is extremely important when it comes to marketing the franchise. Franchise exhibitions are not cheap and neither is advertising in franchise publications and on the internet. Franchise experts also command a high hourly rate when it comes to advising potential franchisors.

Once a franchisor has secured the funding required and then created a model which is easily taught and can work in most territories they have to create proper documentation, operating systems, operator’s manuals and a franchise agreement. These are just as important if not more important than the business model it self.

How can a franchisor expect their franchisees to pick the core skills required if they have not gone to great lengths to document it in an easily understood manner? Most franchisees use these daily and are almost like a bible for the successful operation of the business.

After all is said and done no franchisor is going to be successful if they lack basic communication skills. They need to be able to communicate with all their franchisees and maintain a harmonious relationship. People skills are extremely important in the franchise industry.

Franchising can be a very quick way of reaching out to new markets and exploiting the potential of your business if properly handled.

Dennis signed up for a super affiliate program and was ready to start making cash. His merchant paid out 66 dollars per commission, and calculated that with just 8 sales a week he would be making about $1,000 a month. He set up a Adwords campaign that would cost him $45 a month, wrote some articles and submitted them and waited for the money to start rolling in. Then he waited, and waited…….over a month later he ended up with three sales commissions. After adding and subtracting the numbers, he made just over 95 bucks total net profit.

This case may seem a little extreme, but it may not be as far fetched as you think. Most affiliates don’t even get as far as Dennis! 99% of all affiliates barely make a living on the Internet while the other 1% are making a killing! What is the difference? Why do so many fail?

Well, what Dennis and the other %99 don’t understand is that there is a lot more to affiliate success then just sending potential customers to an affiliates site. The next 6 steps will reveal some secrets of top affiliates. They are simple but their simplicity should not be overlooked.

Follow them and you will succeed.

First, select an affiliate program that pays out a good commission. Anything less than $20 should not be considered. Then you should buy the product and use it. A personal, honest recommendation is very convincing and will help you in your credibility.

Make sure your affiliate program provides you with enough materials to help you succeed. Some affiliate programs will actually give you a re-brand able ebook to brand with your affiliate links that you can give away. Either way you will have to have some kind of free ebook or report to give away, so if your affiliate doesn’t provide you with one you can buy one or make one yourself.

Now, you need to get an auto responder. This is how you will contact the list of people you will be creating, but don’t worry I’ll get to that. There are lot of auto responders out there, but is the best, hands down. I would say more than half of all Internet marketers are using Aweber. You will also need to make some follow up emails but we’ll get to that in a second.

Now set up your email follow up. It should be about 6-10 emails that reminds them about the report they downloaded, and introduces them to your affiliate program. For instance, you could say something like; Hey thanks for getting Top Ten Secrets of Super Affiliates! Before you read it, go get a copy of insert affiliate here before the price goes up. It will reveal all the secrets of the world’s greatest affiliates.

Your emails should be short, but effective. Oh yeah, send them another freebie that they weren’t expecting. They will love that, and it will increase their confidence in you and the chance they buy from you will increase!

The last step is to advertise for your free report or ebook. Article writing is the best way to do that for now. It’s free, and until you get a website it’s your only choice. In your article resource box, have your reader send a blank email to your auto responder to get your free report. Submit 3-4 articles a week and before you know it you’ll have a list growing. It will take a while to build your list, but it will become invaluable to you.

There you have it. Using these simple steps you can make money with any affiliate program. Now go out there and get started! Don’t get discouraged if you fail, the important thing is you go out there and do it. Here’s to your success!

Taguchi testing, also called multivariate testing, is a way to test lots of different variables at the same time. Say what? Well, testing is sometimes not a clear cut issue. Say you want to find out if one thing is better than another. There may be many different variables involved in making that decision. In regular testing, one variable may be used to test, or several different tests can be run using one variable each. But with Taguchi testing, several variables can be tested all at once, saving a tremendous amount of time and giving a much more accurate result.

So what does this have to do with online marketing? Taguchi testing wasn’t developed to be used online at all. It was started to test factory production methods, such as car makers, to improve the way factories could run their expensive tests. But what began on the factory floor has now been proven to be useful elsewhere- including cyberspace.

Taguchi testing has been found to be valuable with PPC ads, web copy, landing pages, and other forms of online advertising. To use the Taguchi testing method, choose an area that you want to be tested. If you have a sales or landing page that you are interested in testing, decide on the variables that might affect that page. This can be the font style, size, color, the layout, the graphics, anything that you are thinking about changing. Alternatives then have to be created for each item that may be changed. This would be choosing an alternative font, or alternate graphics, etc. The next step is to set up several mixes that combine the different variables into different arrangements. The multivariate testing is then done with specialized software made for Taguchi testing.

Are the tests worth it? Think about the tinkering you do to your website or sites. There are likely regular font adjustments, taking out this paragraph, adding another, updating data, adding a new graphic. Imagine if you could do it all at once, and be able to preview all of the different variations that your changes might take before committing to them. What variations might the testing uncover that you never would have thought of yourself? And think of the time that will be saved getting all of this testing over at once.

Some of the variables might not have been things you thought to test in the first place. Even page elements that you thought were fine might end up looking a lot better in combination with other changed variables. Background images, link colors, all of these things might get tested in he next year, you know, after you get around to testing that top paragraph sometime. But putting them, all together, and getting all of this year’s testing out of the way in such a short time, the time savings alone is worth exploring this type of testing. And, you may find combinations that bring in more buyers with your new and improved page.

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