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There is lots of common wisdom regarding how one must sit at work with the monitor at what height and the elbows at what angle, in order that the average office worker can feel physically comfortable during their workday and not develop any short or long tern injuries. Some of the advice commonly thought to be good is in fact right on, while other commonly accepted tactics for combating pain while seated at your desk sound good in theory but do not actually work.

Many people will have back injuries whether it’s in their youth or adulthood.

This statistic alone should drive us to take as good care of our backs as we possibly can. Whether your job involves lifting and moving all day or simply standing or sitting, the risks to your musculoskeletal frame are the same. In fact, sitting and standing can sometimes be more difficult to do over prolonged periods of time. Though common wisdom supports the idea that they best position of the body when you must be seated is to “sit up straight”, studies have shown that a slouch will actually be more comfortable in the long run and will do less damage to the intervertebral discs. Reclining slightly is also healthier for your back as it parlays some of the pressure from sitting onto the chair and off the discs.

The chair itself can also play a big role in the comfort of the worker. Seat height and depth adjustability are key for comfort. The height adjustability is important because the worker’s feet should (ideally) be flat on the floor. If the chair is too high or too low they sitter is unable to accomplish this posture. Seat depth adjustability is important because it decides whether or not the sitter is able to make ample use of the backrest, taking even more pressure off the lower back of the sitter. Armrests aren’t often used, but can provide support to the shoulders and upper arms. Armrests mustn’t be too high however and can incite pressure on the undersides of the elbows and upon the forearms while the worker is typing.

The lumbar is the area of the lower back with which most people have problems when sitting for long periods of time. Many chairs have adjustable lumbar support to avoid the flattening of the lower spine. Most lumbar support in chairs has a slight curve, promoting a natural curvature of the spine and relieving pressure on the discs in the lower back.

The more indebted we feel, the more motivated we are to eliminate the debt. Pre-giving makes us feel like we have to return the favor. Greenburg said this feeling of discomfort is created because the favor threatens our independence. An interesting report from the Disabled American Veterans Organization revealed that their usual 18 percent donation response rate nearly doubled when the mailing included a small, free gift.

The Law of Obligation also presents itself in the following situations:

* Taking a potential client out to dinner or to play golf

* Offering free tire rotation or fluid fill-up between services

* Someone washing your car windows at a stoplight whether you want them to or not

* Generating money at “free” car washes by asking for a donation after the service is rendered

* A carpet cleaner offering to clean your couch for free

A film-developing company thrived on the Law of Obligation. They would send a roll of film in the mail along with a letter explaining that the film was a free gift. The letter then outlined how the recipient should return the film to their company to be processed. Even though a number of local stores could process the film at a far lower price, most people ended up sending it to the company that had sent them the film. The technique worked because the company’s “pre-giving” incurred a sense of obligation to repay the favor. We often see this method at work when companies give out complimentary calendars, business pens, T-shirts, or mugs.

In a local clothing store, the sales staff are trained to ask customers whether they want to have their suit jackets pressed at no charge while they are shopping. Of course, hardly anyone ever refuses. While they wait on their jackets, they naturally have to spend more time in the store, whereby they occupy themselves by checking out all the merchandise. Because the store is pressing their jackets, the customers feel more indebted to buy. Moreover, when they do decide to buy something, they are more likely to buy it from the salesperson who pressed their jacket.

The same principle applies when you go to the grocery store and see those alluring sample tables. It is hard to take a free sample and then walk away without at least pretending to be interested in the product. Some individuals, as a means of assuaging their indebtedness, have learned to take the sample and walk off without making eye contact. Some have taken so many samples, they no longer feel an obligation to buy or even pretend they’re interested in the products anymore. Still, the technique works, so much so that it has been expanded to furniture and audio/video stores, which offer free pizza, hot dogs, and soft drinks to get you into the store and create instant obligation.

In the early 1980s, the Hare Krishna movement encountered difficulty in raising funds through their traditional means. The rebellion of the 1960s had given way to the more conservative 1980s, and the Hare Krishna members were now considered almost an affliction to society. To counteract negative public opinion, they developed a new approach that utilized the Law of Obligation. Their new fundraising strategy worked because it prompted a sense of obligation that outweighed the dislike or negativity felt toward the Hare Krishna movement.

The new strategy still involved solicitation in crowded, public places, but now, instead of just directly asking for a donation, the potential donor was first given a free gift–a flower. If someone tried to turn it down, the Krishna follower would, under no circumstances, take it back. The Krishna gift-giver might say, “Sir, this is a free gift for you to keep, and we welcome donations.” Often the gifts just ended up in the trash cans, but overall, the strategy worked. In most cases, even individuals who ended up throwing the gifts away donated something. Although lots of people were extremely annoyed by the high-pressure gift giving, their sense of obligation to reciprocate was too strong to ignore.

Another study found that survey takers could increase physician response to a long questionnaire if they paid the physicians first. When a $20 check was sent along with the questionnaire, 78 percent of the physicians filled it out and sent it back. When the $20 check was promised to arrive after the questionnaire was completed and sent in, only 66 percent followed through. The pre-giving incentive increased the sense of obligation. Another interesting result of the study was this: Of the physicians who received the $20 check in the initial mailing but did not fill out the questionnaire, only 26 percent cashed the check. Of the physicians receiving the $20 check who did fill out the questionnaire, 95 percent cashed the check! This demonstrates that the Law of Obligation works conversely, as well. The fact that many of the physicians who did not fill out the questionnaire also did not cash their checks may be interpreted as a sign of their psychological and emotional discomfort at accepting a favor that they were not going to return.

Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, Christmas, an anniversary or birthday Mother’s Ring is an ultimate gift for any occasion. Many customers are unsure as to how to build a Mother’s Ring, especially when they’re purchasing online. Because customers don’t actually handle the ring, they don’t have a complete idea of how the ring will look like once completed.

Although, some companies offer sample rings. These sample rings are made of copper with synthetic stones. This is just to give customers an idea what ring’s and birthstones are like before placing an actual order. I strongly suggest ordering the sample rings especially when purchasing an expensive ring.

I’ll share 5 easy steps to build the perfect Mother’s Ring online.

1. Select the Style: This is all about preference, whether you like a vintage or contemporary look. Do you prefer the ring with name/s engraved next to the birthstone/s, or a style with just birthstones, which tend to be more popular? A simple design or a more an abstract design etc… Also, there are many Mother’s Rings that have matching Mother’s Pendants; they make beautiful mother’s jewelry sets.

2. Select the Karat Gold and Color: Almost all mothers’ rings are available in 10 karat or 14 karat gold, white or yellow gold. Find out what color of gold she likes, if this is a surprise gift see what other jewelry she wears because you don’t want to ruin the surprise. Although traditionally the yellow gold is the way to go, nowadays white gold is very popular, and has a more contemporary appeal. Also, some birthstones have a better appearance on white color gold, such as sapphire or diamond. I think ruby has a better appearance on yellow gold.

3. Select the Ring Size: Finding the ring size should be easy. Some websites offer free ring resizing. Also, you should be able to print printable ring sizer. If you really want to find the accurate ring size you should order a metal made ring sizer that indicates the finger size or go to a professional jeweler. I strongly suggest to order you Mother’s Ring from an online store that offers free resizing, because you’re not seeing the ring before ordering, and the ring size could be little off and resizing a ring could be hustle. In my opinion you shouldn’t spend more money for resizing after you purchase the ring. Any professional jeweler would offer this service at no charge. Unfortunately there are businesses e-tailers, who are not jewelers that sell Mother’s Rings and leave their customer hanging.

4. Select Number of Stones: Here you will decide which family member you’re going to include on the mother’s ring. Some customers prefer to order with mother’s and father’s birthstones, but there are customers prefer just the children’s or grandchildren’s birthstones. For example, the very well known the Original Mother’s Ring is generally ordered with children’s or grandchildren’s birthstones because it’s made with 2 wedding bands representing the father and the mother and in the middle children’s birthstones.

5. Select the Birthstones: From manufacture to manufacturer birthstone selections may be different. Although some months are all the same, such as diamond for April, ruby for July or sapphire for September etc… Manufactures offer alternate birthstones for expensive birthstones, such as white sapphire or white zircon instead diamond etc… You need to select simulated or genuine birthstones. Mother’s rings accommodate different shape stones such as round shape, princess cut (square), oval shape, baguettes or even heart shape stones. The most popular and traditional shape are round shape stones. On the website the diagrams of the ring is being presented for you to choose which birthstones to be set on what position. My suggestion is you don’t need necessarily following the order of the diagram, try to be more creative and find harmony between stones. Let’s say 2 of your children are born in May and you want Emerald for their birthstone, you don’t set next to each other, separate it with brighter stone such as diamond, it gives more appearance for the birthstones.

Finally purchasing a Mother’s Ring online should be very easy and fun. She’s going to use her ring every day to keep close to her. It has sentimental value, because symbolically the ring represents her family, and there is nothing more valuable than the family.

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