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Usability is a measure of the quality of a user’s experience when interacting with a website, people have been focusing on website usability since the explosion of the world wide web in the 1990’s, but it is unfortunately an aspect that is frequently overlooked when it comes to eCommerce site design.

The increasing availability of shopping cart software has lead to an increase in the number of people launching internet stores, many of these people are inexperience with advanced web design techniques and theories and many more purchase cheap design work that doesn’t focus on what the store customer’s wants and needs. What the customer wants from an online store is to be able to find and purchase the products that they want as easily and quickly as possible.

When a customer visits your site it is more than likely, if your marketing has been successful, that they wish to purchase a product from you. As a store owner you need to remove every possible barrier between them arriving to your site and completing your purchase, the more barriers you make your customers climb over the more likely they are to run off your competitors.

This article contains will focus on a number of areas of usability and how to apply them to your eCommerce store, there are many many areas of usability that need to be considered when designing an eCommerce store and this article could be multiple pages long but we are going to focus on four factors that we feel are the most important. These areas are navigation, searches, validation and checkout.

The Navigation that you implement on your site is probably the most important aspect of usability, if your visitors can’t find their way around your site your dead in the water. It is imperative that you make sure your navigation is clear, simple and in a prominent place on your pages. Although navigation is an area that is normally implement quit well in eCommerce solutions where they normally fall down is their user of markers to make sure the user knows where about in the store they are, if they get lost and can’t find their way out they are going to get frustrated. There is a number of very well tested web design standard to get round this issue. Category tabs, dynamic menus and breadcrumb trails all help your customer find their way around your site.

If a customer lands on your front page and cannot immediately see where the product they want will be more surfers initial actions it to reach for the search box so make sure that your search box is obvious and easily accessible. The other area of your sites search facility you need to pay attention to is the results it is important to make sure that your customers are getting the right results when they do find the search box. It is normally a good idea to ‘adjust’ the search results on internet stores to allow customer to be presented with the products they’re looking for.

Making sure your site validates against the W3C Standards is important. Making sure your site follows CSS and XHTML/HTML guidelines will make sure your sites appearance is replicated accurately across different types of web browsers, non-valid pages have their errors corrected by the browser, how this works varies radically across different browsers (and even different version of the same browser).

In order to minimise shopping cart abandonment the usability of the Checkout component of your shopping cart software is important. There are a number of important steps to take to make sure your checkout process is as usable as possible.

– Make sure your checkout is as short as possible, people get bored quickly on the internet

– Don’t ask for any information you don’t need, people are weary of giving away personal information

– Remove all distraction from the checkout, if they click away from the purchase they might never come back. This includes removing any unnecessary internal site navigation

There are many more aspects of usability you will need to consider when looking for shopping cart software but these should get you started in the right direction.

A discussion of search engine algorithms and how different search engines use different formulas to determine page rankings.

One of the most frustrating aspects of search engine optimization is that the formulas that determine it do indeed change. There is also no one single formula for “beating the system” that works because each of the big search engines uses its own algorithms to determine suitability. This makes it a bit impossible to just “crack the code.” In fact, cracking the code is a really dated concept. A better way of putting it might be “cooperating with the code”. It truly is an never ending, eternally time consuming process to keep with trying to beat the system when it comes to trying to stay in favor of the search engine algorithms.

It is very true that search engines doe have slightly different algorithms that can change their criteria without notice but there are some elements that all of them consider precious and that all of them may be looking for that may not necessarily change. For instance, you can’t go wrong if your website as a simple, functional design with “clean code.” Clean code is basically HTML that does not have any mistakes out.

If you have well thought out descriptive copy that can help you rank better as can an intelligently designed site that has user-friendly navigation. This can also be augmented by titles and meta-tags that are emphasized for the search engine spiders with keywords or keyword phrases.

In essence, effective search engine optimization is less about “cracking the code” and more about using every day practical common sense to make your web site as informative and functional as possible. Don’t think you have to overdo it to attract the attention of the search engine spiders! In fact the latest trend with regards to the different algorithms used by the search engines is to ignore those sites that are over-optimized.

File compression is something that many of us use everyday. Maybe you have a bunch of photos to send to a distant family member and you want to archive them all into one file. In business, co-workers can be found zipping up files and sending them to each other all the time.

Zipping up files has many benefits. It saves valuable disk space, reduces the overall file size of the archived files, and helps keep the speed of your processor.

If you aren’t great with fumbling with different zip programs but you need to zip up and send multiple files, then an online zipping service is perfect for you.

An online zip service will allow you to easily add files to an online zip archive and then send them to anyone you wish, via e-mail.

This kind of service is also perfect for people surfing the web on a public computer, like at a library or school. Many of these kinds of computers don’t have any kind of zipping program, so this is where that kind of service really shines.

If you have a domain name and want to offer this kind of service to your visitors, you can be sure that a tool like this will bring back many return visitors to your website. You’ll also be able to profit from it if you want to as well, every zip file sent has a header and footer with links that the owner specifies. These viral links can be offered up for sale to potential advertisers for an additional income stream. It’s very easy to install, and configuration is a breeze.

Using this online zipping tool is great because it will ultimately save the user disk space as well. You don’t have to worry about your privacy with this tool, either. An auto delete function deletes your zip files after a specified period of minutes. See if it works for you, check it out.

There is no doubt about it, if you are going to wear glasses they should be polarized sunglasses. The idea behind this type of product is that they will protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and they will also be less likely to break. Often this type of product costs more than those that are not polarized, but they are worth the extra money at the end of the day because of the quality and level of protection that they provide to consumers. This type of product is available for men, women, and children in a variety of styles.

If you aren’t sure where to shop for polarized sunglasses, chances are you don’t need to go very far to find them. Your local mall probably has a reputable provider of this type of item where you can check things out and try them on. While this is a good place to browse and find the styles that most appeal to you, you may want to stop there. Shopping at the mall or in local specialty stores generally means that you will be paying more for the same product that you can buy elsewhere for much less. Most consumers are willing to shop elsewhere to save a few dollars, and generally this is a good idea. While you may not want to buy where you browse and try pairs of specs on, it is good to get up close and personal to the styles that appeal most to you.

After you have sort of honed in on the styles that appeal to you, you can begin shopping online and at discount retailers. When you shop this type of store you will simply want to be sure that you are looking at new items that have not been compromised in any way. Also, if you are shopping for the big brands such as Oakley, Gargoyles, Action Optics, or Bolle, you will want to be sure that you are looking at authentic selections and not just imitations, as the quality as well as the price will vary accordingly. The brand name products will cost a bit more but will provide a lot more in the way of results and protection. Remember that polarized sunglasses will cost more than those glasses that put a piece of tinted plastic where a lens should be.

The peak stirring you’ll requirement to velvet is deciding what country name you want. It all depends on what your netting site’s objectives are. If you spirit to sustain your lacework site heavily offline, then you will want to register a domain name which is short and memorable. Web sites that focus on digital content, products and services can generally use a longer name successfully as they generally stick to linking methods.

Whether your lacework field dynasty propose is abundant or lilliputian though precisely doesn’t foundation unless you are a ultra sky-high business or corporation with a wide presence in the marketplace. For those with longer domain names, there are services which will give you a shorter url which redirects to your web site. Most of today’s internet users are a lot more familiar with the routine of typing domain name urls into their browser, so it is much easier for them to find you.

If you’re brainstorming for ideas on what suzerainty offer you demand to swindle sheet for your website, the comp Nameboy backing is a deserved settle to start.

When you are swift to diary a web locale dominion name, your to come modification is to treasure trove

a useful province name registrar. Perhaps the best place to evaluate domain name registrars and compare prices on domain names is a site called RegSelect.

If the field advance you wanted to ledger is coeval taken, you can have buying a sovereignty name in the lands mention aftermarket. This is where nation name owners and speculators buy, sell and trade domain names. The biggest and best source of domain names is Sedo Domain Name Marketplace – which will help you through every aspect of finding and buying a domain name.

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