Drum Lifts Gardens List Building And Organic Choice The Power Of The Podcast

Despite their convenience as containers, 55 gallon drums are a fairly unwieldy and heavy item when full, and moving them around can be a tricky proposition without the proper drum lifts and other handling equipment. In order to ensure that all processes that involve moving and handling drums can be carried out as safely and efficiently as possible, it is important for any employer to provide their staff with the proper handling equipment.

There is an extensive range of different products available from most companies to ensure that your staff are able to move equipment properly and without exposing themselves to any excessive risk.

One of the most cost effective drum lifts available is the forklift mounted Eagle Beak drum lifter. This ingenious piece of equipment mounts on the forks of a standard lift, and uses a hydraulic system to grab the drum and hold it in place securely.

Two separate versions of the Eagle Beak are available. The lighter version of the device holds a single barrel weighing up to 1000 pounds, while the dual barrel version can lift up to 2,000 pounds of weight with separate clamps to hold two separate 55 gallon drums. The drum lift holds the barrels in place using their top lip, and is only suitable for complete drums, although thanks to the fact that it is mounted on a forklift, the height that drums can be lifted to is only limited by the specification of the forklift.

The clever design of a regular drum lifter is both simple and effective. By using the shape of the drum to hold itself in place by securing the hooks under the rim and then bracing the whole unit against the side of the barrel, these straightforward drum lifters can carry either 30 or 55 gallon drums weighing up to 1,500 pounds. The lifter can either be mounted on the forks of a standard truck, or attached to any crane equipment available. The drum lift can then be controlled using the normal equipment, and the drums stacked into place as needed.

One of the main things to consider when selecting the right drum lift equipment for your needs is to think about how high you need the drums to be stacked. If it is only deemed necessary to lift drums one on top of the other, then the lifting equipment will not need to be able to manage very high lifts, and now ill it need to be too precise in operation because items can be guided into place manually, whereas if you need to place drums very high, then a greater deal of built in control will be needed to ensued that drums are lifted into place with the maximum precision to maintain safety.

A crane hoist system can be used for drum lifting, and is simple to mount on any regular chain lift system. The standard design of this unit has a pair of arms that swing into place under and hold the drum in place with their own weight. They fit under the lip at the top of the drum, giving a firm grip and making it simple to move the drum into its ultimate location without any problems.

Having the right drum lift equipment on hand will make your workplace safer and more efficient, and ensure that your staff are protected, your products are held in the most space conscious manner possible, and also give you the reassurance that your assets are being looked after.

To garden is to purposefully and thoughtfully create some form of live artwork. Whether the goal is to grow neat little rows of vegetables or to create a delightful visually stimulating environment, gardening is art.

Gardens can be grown nearly anywhere. When one thinks of a garden they typically think of a residential home with a garden in the back yard. The art of gardening has grown well beyond the basics. You can now plant a garden nearly anywhere, rooftops, porches, and patios. People who live on boats are planting gardens in garden boxes. Gardens have become almost non-restrictive and capable of growing anywhere a person can contain dirt.

Indoor herb garden have become increasingly popular with the rising interest in alternative medicine. Vegetable gardens as well have become more popular than ever with the keen interest the public has in organic foods.

Gardening is an art form that can be a solitary practice or a family affair, depending on the garden and the level of people’s interest. Even those who aren’t gardening enthusiasts will typically at least have a garden as it is very “modern” to do so. Gardens enhance properties, increase property value, and provide a centering activity for those who enjoy the process. Most gardeners say that they do it for a sense of peace.

Children make enthusiastic gardeners. They love to watch their creations grow, and they can literally see the effects of their efforts. While most plants require a little patience, gardens tend to not require enough patience that children quickly lose interest in their gardening projects.

Gardens help to replenish the earth, giving back just a little bit of what we take out of it every year through construction and development. Gardens at the very least return a small percentage of the foliage we destroy annually.

There is remarkable beauty in a garden. People will drive great distances to look at some of the world’s more luxurious gardens. Their peaceful and colorful effects attract people of all ages. The older an individual gets, the more precious the ability to go outside and garden becomes. This mild form of exercise can help an older individual stay fit and healthy, encouraging plenty of fresh air and an appropriate amount of physical exertion.

Gardens beautify the earth, create pleasant and stimulating atmospheres, and bring gardeners of all ages a sense of joy and even wonder. Learning to have a green thumb can be a remarkably rewarding experience. Gardens are universal and can offer people with nothing in common a solid base to understand each other.

What if you were able to develop a much more efficient and targeted email marketing campaign simply based on your approach to list building?

I not only think it’s possible, but I believe the end result may be a more satisfied group of customers and site visitors. Furthermore I will go so far as to say that you will experience an improved bottom line simply by changing your list building approach.

One of the key changes you will need to make is to try to develop a means of understanding the interests of your site visitor. By making this change you can develop a campaign using more than one list that will reflect the actual interests of your site visitors. You may be surprised at how this approach can help you pinpoint areas of interest by your motivated potential customers while minimizing potential inbox clutter for these same individuals.

Let’s say, for the sake of example, you have a company that sells lotions, shampoos and conditioners. You could work to develop list-building techniques using a broad range appeal, but for a more focused approach to email marketing you can develop a separate list service for each broad category.

In this case you may have one list for shampoos, another for lotions and a third for conditioners. It may be that you have site visitors who have an interest in all three, but there will also be some that are interested in one specific product line. You have the ability to keep them happier by developing a means of alerting them to sales and product information related specifically to a product line of their choosing without the need to sort through emails that are not reflective of their actual interests.

If, hypothetically, the product line is shampoos then you provide an opt in link that allows the site visitor to sign up for information about shampoos only.

This list building procedure allows you to better grow your email-marketing list in an organized, yet laser focused manner.

This may seem like more work than you may want to do, but the truth is this gives you greater control and flexibility in satisfying the informational needs of those on your list. It can also help stagger your email marketing so you are actually sending additional email marketing pieces, but to a more satisfied client base.

By targeting your online list building efforts you are letting your customers know you are aware of the value of their time and are willing to do what it takes to ensure they are only contacted when there are sales, coupon code offers or new information about the product line they chose.

You can use phrasing like, “Click to be alerted to sales and discounts on this product”.

Some visitors may want to be included in every list you have available, but for those who may have limited interest in most products, but large interest in a particular product, a more focused approach could help you retain these individuals as consumers of your product line.

In list building it may appropriate to get specific and stay focused.

Podcasting is an equal opportunity venture. You have homespun hobbyists and longtime professionals developing their own bit of audio for worldwide consumption.

You can find podcasts on politics podcasts, tax tips, music of the 80’s, original drama, humor, classic automobiles, and guitar instruction. In fact, the list of additional podcasts is limited only by your imagination.

Some producers use a simple USB microphone attachment that is picked up and recorded by software in your computer. From there it can be manipulated, mixed and saved as an mp3 file.

Many podcasts do not rely on studio equipment and mixing. The audio creator is simply using the simplest means of recording intelligible thoughts and then allowing site visitors to consume the information at will.

Podcasting is to mp3 downloads what web cam videos are to YouTube. They can be entertaining, informative or simply background.

As the idea of podcasts continues to grow the prevailing mystery of producing, saving and distributing an audio file is essentially fading away too.

There was a time when many computer users were intimidated by the thought of trying to upload a text file then photos, but as a familiarity with computers continues to improve the exploration of new ideas makes audio distribution a highly personal way to deliver a point.

For Fred and Eric this means shutting the door to their computer room every Friday night and spending a couple of hours producing a fifteen-minute podcast.

They both have indicated their wives wonder what they do for two hours and why they spend time developing a podcast if there is no pay involved.

Both men chuckle when they relate the marketing potential wrapped up in these free podcasts. One has a small record label and the audio he produces points listeners to the label website to purchase some of the material presented. The other does voice work for clients and his podcasts highlights his skills while he gives free advice about how to do voice work for clients.

Neither of these gentlemen is interested in discontinuing their podcasts. It is true they do not see tangible revenue from the download of their audio, but the their work is essentially an entertaining and informative advertisement for their primary sites where purchases can, and are, being made.

The best news is they don’t make their podcasts blatant advertising. In both cases they utilize something that encourages listeners to come back, and they are.

Each of these podcasts are subject to an RSS feed and one has even moved to offer the feed as a phone download if the listener is on the go or may not have immediate access to a computer.

The truth about podcasts is they are not only for the broadcast professional. All around the world these audio elements are created in basements, cottages, mansions and studios.

The acceptance of podcasts is generally strong and while your weekly listenership may not be as strong as a national radio program it does offer something that some of these programs don’t offer – the ability for consumers to listen when they want to listen.

The notion of on demand listening and viewing is changing the way the world thinks about how they accept material and it is having an impact on traditional radio and television stations.

This is the power of the podcast.

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