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If you want Google to rank your website highly, you must avoid all appearances of spam.

Many webmasters unknowingly promote their websites with methods that Google regards as spammy. It’s easy to fall into such a trap, because technology allows us to automate and speed up the process of doing things to promote our websites, and not all these things seem to hurt anybody as ordinary email spam does.

But any action you take that substitutes automation for the efforts of a human being, makes you and your website suspicious to Google. Rightly or wrongly, they regard all such automation as subject to abuse. So it can get you banned, your Page Rank reduced to 0 or your pages exiled to their Supplemental results.

Here are some spam flags to avoid:

1. All the usual on-page black hat SEO techniques. Most people today know to avoid most of them: invisible text, hidden images, keywords stuffed metatags and so on. Don’t use automated web page generation software. Cloaking is one which is still is still in widespread use. But Google is working hard to detect and ban sites using it.

2. Spam blogs or splogs. You can buy software which can create up to 10,000 blogs, post some keywords of “content,” create links back to your website, and then ping the blog directories. Google owns Blogger and actively patrols it for blogs it deems suspicious.

Google can’t take down blogs hosted on other servers, but it can and does ban sites linked to by splogs. Google is not stupid. It knows that a site with a one-month old domain is not going to be written about by 10,000 people on brand-new blogs.

3. Duplicate content. This is an easy trap to fall into, because many people have been promoting their sites by writing articles and getting them published on many different websites. Keep your own website content all-original. Don’t even reprint your own promotional articles that you submit to article directories or other websites.

4. Any large, sudden surge of links to your site.

Yes, links to your site are good things, and Google likes them and uses them to increase your Page Rank. But Google also believes that it takes time for other webmasters to find, notice and link to the content pages on your site.

If this month your site has no links and next month is has 1000 — that’s not natural. And Google knows it. You’ve been doing something spammy.

5. Any large, sudden surge of pages on your site.

Yes, useful or entertaining content is good. Google loves it, but Google also knows that you can write only so many words a day. If your site has only 10 pages this month, but 10,000 next month, Google knows you didn’t write them all.

So even if you obtained that content through legitimate outsourcing, don’t upload it to your site all at once. Add only 10 to 20 pages a week.

Some of these spam flags may seem unreasonably restrictive. Unfortunately, there’re many webmasters who make these rules necessary by abusing the system any way they can.

Perhaps you can call me a man’s man. Well, no – that is not quite true. That sort of implies that I am a dude – I am not. For starters I don’t enjoy watching football; neither do I like to sock my friends in the arm except if they really have it coming, nor do I have any trouble talking about my feelings. It is just that, well, if it is a difference between living in squalor and taking the time to clean up and decorate my room, 9 times out of 10 I will chose the squalor. Surely what a difference getting engaged has made.

A few days back, we had gone out for shopping. All along the way to the store, my wife couldn’t help but talk about the 800 thread count sheets that she wanted. In spite of her insistence, I had no clue about what 800 thread count sheets are. Oh no, they sure cannot be the 300 thread count sheets, like the ones that I had when we first met that she was so grumpy about from about the time that we got serious. Frankly speaking, I really can’t see the difference. In fact she has 800 thread count sheets on her bed, and at all times asserts that they are so much nicer than mine. As far as I m concerned a sheet is a sheet. Well I suppose if it really makes her feel content to get 800 thread count sheets, God bless her shopping trip, but it is a bit of a hassle to be dragged along on such an outing.

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This article is going to show you how to extract the maximum value from each of your visitors. The lifetime value of a customer is how much they spend with you over the years until they stop buying.

Most internet businesses have very bad lifetime visitor values. This is because a lot of online marketers only offer one item to their customers and then never approach them again. This is like a massage therapist never getting a repeat customer. Think about all the extra work of only selling to new people, and having to constantly rely only on new people to support the business. You don’t have to make this mistake.

The key to increasing the lifetime value of your visitors to the max is email marketing. This includes marketing to those who haven’t yet bought, and marketing to those who already bought.

You should have two email lists at the minimum. A list that has opted to receive messages from a signup box on your sales copy. And a list of people who have already bought from you.

You should have the intention of capturing as many visitors’ names as possible using an opt-in email form. This is best accomplished with a popup box that displays as soon as someone pulls up your website.

Once a person is on your list you can slowly warm them up to your and build a relationship with them. Do this by providing them with valuable, unique information about your niche, and you will become an expert in their eyes.

You can take many people who would have never bought from you and turn them into lifetime customers who spend thousands of dollars with you over the years.

You should have a back end system in place, which strongly markets your customers after they make their first purchase. Offer them not only your own products but other related affiliate products.

You can easily find dozens of products for any niche with high paying affiliate programs. Offer these products to your list and you’ll make great commissions on every sale. The combinations are limitless. However, always be sure you only offer items your list will truly appreciate.

By using a dynamic sales funnel approach such as this, you’ll squeeze every bit of profit out of your customers while providing them with real value and benefits. What a great process. Try it for yourself and watch as your online business takes off.

It must be stated that you must first find a good niche.

How do I find a profitable niche? This is the question many “would be” internet marketers are asking now a days. And the answer is simple. This article is going to explain how to find yourself a great niche that will bring in substantial money on an ongoing basis.

Choosing the right niche is possibly the most important step that you will take. If your niche is overly competitive, you’re not going to make many sales, if any. Likewise, the same holds true if your niche has no buying customers. A perfect niche will have enough people willing to spend money, while not being overly competitive.

Offering Coffee and donuts as the headline of your Presentation will bribe the attention of most investors but in order to win over any potential investors for funding your business you have to impress them with your business. Acumen and not try to dazzle them with exaggerated information. In most instances for every goal you present their response is going to be asking how you are going to achieve that step. This will continue through every step of the process until they are satisfied that your business proposal is sound and that you can meet the goals established.

Most investors are savvy in the ways of business and can quickly see right through hyperbole and hopes. They may agree with you potential on the surface but they are gong to need reassurances that if they put their money into your business plan their investment won’t be dashed along with your hopes. They will be looking for contingencies if the road map you present in the form of a business plan runs into a dead end street.

Establishing bullet points and datelines for each goal to be met will be a good starting point on your business plan, but will nothing to impress investors. They not only want to see what the goals are that have been established, they want to see how you plan to meet each goal. Any steps along the way will also have to be explained as well as contingency plans in the event that one of the steps is not made.

In addition to your business plan there are two other things investors want to see including your attitude and the product or service. Even with the best business plan if the product has a very limited customer potential base, and lacks the possibility for repeat business most investors will not look upon your plan favorably. A few investors may be in it for a short term profit spree others will be in a project for a long run hoping to realize as much profit as possible. It will be up to you and your products potential to impress them with the long-range goals and profit potential to even get their attention.

Your attitude will also be a key to unlocking investment funds. If you walk into a meeting with potential investors with a negative attitude, chances are their response will match your attitude. Showing enthusiasm for the product or service will indicate to the investors that you believe in your product and are willing to stake your future on the future of the company you are trying to create or advance.

Be prepared to discuss your personal experience and expertise with the type of businesses you want to start as well as your personal stake in the process. You will have to document everything you tell them and by being prepared to answer any question they may ask about you, the product and company without having to promise to get back to them with an answer, will go a long way towards impressing your investors.

When was the last time you took a serious look at your life insurance coverage. Life insurance was created to provide cash for your family in the event of your death. The goal being to provide your beneficiaries a means to ease the financial burden that results from the death of a parent or spouse. The beneficiaries may choose to use the benefits of a life insurance policy in any way they choose, such as paying for funeral expenses, covering mortgage payments or investing the proceeds and taking systematic payments to augment income. Generally, the death benefit from a life insurance policy is paid free of any federal tax.

One of the most important questions to ask when evaluating life insurance needs is the amount of coverage needed. Many financial planners recommend an amount of five to seven times gross annual salary as a guideline when purchasing life insurance, but as with all things in life, each family’s goals are different. It is always best to take an inventory of your family’s current financial situation and then try to evaluate future needs. Listing current and anticipated future expenses, as well as income sources is a good place to start. If there are children, you might want to consider the cost of their education. The younger the children, the more of a need for coverage, due to the length of time they will be dependent on one parent, in the event of a death of a parent. Of course, this is exactly the time when a family may have the least amount of income available for insurance!

This is why there are different types of policies available. The two broad categories of life insurance are :

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