Deep Web And Travel Industry Exclusive Interview With Marcus P Zillman Internet Marketing Can Make Or Break Your Home Business The Business Value Of Relationships

Today we are interviewing Marcus P. Zillman, International Internet expert, author, keynote speaker, corporate consultant and one of the most renowned expert on Deep Web, information retrieval and Internet.

Marcus is currently the Executive Director of the Virtual Private Library.

He is a member of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, and is also actively involved as an internationally known speaker and author.

Marcus will talk about Deep Web, search engines’ future and their relationship with travel industry.

To start our interview…: what is your definition of Deep Web?

The simple definition of the Deep Web is the area of the World Wide Web that is not searched consistently and therefore not readily available to the searcher and researcher. It may be files, databases, .ps documents et. al. that the major search engines are not programmed or have algorithms to search.

Is it possible to estimate the real width of the Web? What’s the ratio between Invisible and Visible Web?

I have seen numerous studies and discussions on this that state the Deep Web represents 500 billion pages to 1 trillion pages. I would lean to the higher side as content is being developed at a tremendous rate with blogs, wikis, etc. The traditional web searched by Google and others normally searches in the area of 20 to 30 billion pages depending on you speak to. Now you can see a very large ratio between traditional web and the Deep Web… on the high side 30 billion versus 1 trillion.

The travel industry is extremely affected by consumer generated media. In your opinion, how relevant is to understand and monitor the Deep Web for a travel operator?

It is extremely important for the travel operator to not only understand the Deep Web but know how to work within the Deep Web to discover new knowledge as well as to gain competitive knowledge and learn what the consumer is thinking.

I was a guest speaker at a national travel operator conference in 1995 and told them that the Internet is coming … the Internet is coming …. and soon consumers would be purchasing tickets direct online!! Needless to say I was not well received but of course I was invited back in two years to show them what they should be doing …. interesting times then and now!

Do you think that search engines accuracy will improve in the next future and that the gap between indexed files and invisible ones will narrow?

Very good question! I would hopefully say yes but in the real virtual world it is more likely to maintain to the same ratio as new types of files and knowledgebases are constantly being developed not to mention all the video and multimedia files types currently being added to the Internet that would fall into the Deep Web.

Do you think that the new Universal Search algorithm will significantly improve Google’s performances in terms of its capacity of investigating the deep web?

As the founder of BotSpot and long time bot builder the ultimate goal was and will always be a Universal Search Algorithm! If this algorithm is created and all the files on the Internet are receptive and designed to accommodate the Universal Search Bot then it will allow improved Google’s performance in the capacity of investigating the Deep Web… I think we need to be concentrating on teaching folks how to search and how to write search queries first … many times search results are based on Garbage In, Garbage Out…

Do you think that a really semantic search engine as powerful as Google will ever appear on the market?

Google has gained significant market share since its inception in 1996 at Stanford. I have seen and continue to investigate a number of semantic search engines as this area is of high interest to me. In fact I have created a special section on semantic web resources in Deep Web Research Subject Tracer Information Blog showing how this area is growing and will be part of the future of searching. Other areas include RDF that allow for significant better tagging to help better identify the content.

One of your most successful keynote is “Searching the Internet in 2007 and beyond”: how do you see the information gathering process to evolve in the next future? Will the search engines remain the main doors for information retrieval or will they be replaced by other tools (RSS, e-mail alerting..)?

Searching in the future will be a truly exciting adventure. We will be seeing far more exacting answers with less final scrolling! We will be obtaining information that will be close to 100% relevancy and allowing us to then compare resulting finds to obtain what we truly desire. In my just released publication Current Awareness Monitors, Alerts and Information Traps for 2008 I show all the monitors, alerts and information traps that are available now on the web. The future will even have more of these to keep folks current in their business, profession or special interest! Every travel operator needs to be monitoring for their business name, personal name and competitors name not to mention other special interests area… this should be done now and be part of your on going market intelligence program!

How will users manage the information overload of the Web?

The key to managing information overload on the Web is EDUCATION! I have listed many resources to help overcome the information overload on the Web and they are freely available from my Manage Information Overload presentation resources page.

What are your three top advices for travel operators in order to monitor the online reputation?

You must understand the Deep Web, you must set up bots to monitor your name and competition and you must have current awareness information traps set to bring you the latest information in your field or niched area of your interest/profession!

In this post, “Google Aquires Internet”, the author imagines a possible future (2017) for Google, Internet, Microsoft and the others search engines: do you think it could be an insightful article or a joke?

Future articles are always insightful but if one knows and understands the original creation of the Internet (1969) and how the Internet Engineering Task Forces were set up… then one would understand that not one person, not one company, not one country will ever be able to acquire or even control the Internet! We truly live in exciting times where the world has truly become a global economy and the Internet has ignited a global collaboration capacity that has never been seen before in all of mankind!

The technology behind the World Wide Web allows us to get access to information on any topic we desire. We are also able to conveniently purchase items online from various websites. Various business entities including government agencies offer access to their permits and paperwork online. You can even file your income tax returns from the convenience of your home.

It is common for most homes to have a personal computer to access the internet with. The trends of consumers continue to evolve and that can make finding effective internet marketing strategies tricky at times. It is essential that you have the right tools in place to assist you with online marketing. This one area will make or break your online business no matter how good of a product or service you have to offer.

You will find the internet is a great place to sell goods and services, yet there is also plenty of competition. Engaging in the right internet marketing will help ensure that it is your information people come across so they can make a purchase from your online business. Advertising online gives you access to thousands of people, but you want to make sure your information is reaching those in your target market. You want to focus on increasing the number of individuals who see it and decide to make a purchase than just the volume of people your information reaches.

Most home based online businesses are able to be in place due to the convenience of only needing a personal computer and a fast internet connection. You can start a home based business online with less income than you need for a traditional business. Since you will have less overhead the sales you do generate will result in more profits for you. It also means you can offer your goods or services at a lower price and beat your competition.

These days it isn’t difficult to create a website either on your own or by hiring a freelancer to do it. You can get someone to create a very user friendly website for you with less than a couple hundred dollars invested in the project. As you advertise your goods or services online, you will need to include links. These links should take the consumer to the right web page that has the information that they are interested in.

If you don’t have your own goods or services to offer, you can still have a profitable online business from home. There are many excellent affiliate programs offered where you can sell the goods and services that other people have to offer. In exchange you earn a set amount of commission for each sale. You don’t have to pay to join affiliate programs and you don’t have to invest in merchandise.

Another option for a great home based online business is to offer services that other people need to successfully market what they have to offer. You can design websites, create blogs and articles for their sites, work in the area of customer service, complete online surveys for money, and be a consultant for online marketing. These are all great opportunities for you to use the skills you have to make a good living.

There are literally millions of people using internet marketing strategies to get information to consumers about what they have to offer. Everywhere you look, you will find success stories of those who have been able to make plenty of money with their home based internet business. All it takes is the right skills, motivation, dedication to meeting the needs of the consumers, and the right marketing in place to make sure your information gets into the right hands.

Sadly, for every one home based internet that is successful two more fail. This often has to do with the fact that they haven’t planned out their marketing before they jumped into it. They may not have taken the time to evaluate the need for what they have to offer or identified their target market. Too many people are in a hurry to make money from their home based online business so they try to cut corners in these areas. As a result, they don’t have the right foundation in place to build on and everything falls to pieces before their eyes.

It is important to understand that basics of effective online marketing. If you aren’t comfortable doing it on your own, hire a freelancer to take care of it for you. Take a close look at their own advertisements online to see how creative and effective they are. With a small investment you will be able to benefit from internet marketing and have a successful online business from home instead of one that fails.

Business is about relationship building. That is what is called networking in the formal sense. Success in business starts with good relationships with those around you. This is really connecting with the people around you in a friendly and trustworthy manner. If you are going to work a business and make a living out of it this matters.

You know where you want to go, but how to get there is another matter. Most opportunity comes about because of contacts. Self made millionaires usually did not do it alone. They had some very good opportunities come their way by having some great contacts. They know that everyone that helps is their business team.

The real fun of business is that you meet a lot of great people along the way. Everyone you meet has a wealth of experience that is invaluable. Now more than ever relationships and networking happens in real time. Phenomenal growth has a lot to do with the relationships with customers, vendors, and strategic alliances. Creative ideas are tossed around when you interact with clients, vendors and other people. A lot of times in a matter-of- fact way a reflexive comment changes your company. Live and learn sure applies to business.

Involvement is the key word in any business. Obligation is not the same as a social connection that stresses the importance of relationships. Aspiring to profit from a business is not always the same as succeeding in business. That means the value you bring to your relationships has a paramount impact on your business. People who are passionate about what they do are usually the most generous with sharing their expertise

The ability to partner with your customer, distributors, vendors, and other businesses is what will help make your business a success. The knowledge you add to your service and communicate to your customers is what makes a long lasting relationship. Success in any field is about working with the people that are there. No one does it alone, only by connecting with others can you expect to reach your goal. People you meet can work as mentors by offering help, guidance and opportunities to grow your business. This is your business team that will help you reach your goal.

Let people enrich your life and transform your business. Consumer connectivity both literally and figuratively creates a strong brand for a company. You build one person at a time until you have enough connections to forge an identity. Create, collaborate and share in a wide variety of ways your business, yourself, and your knowledge. It is always good to remember you are part of a business and social community that are drawn together for survival.

There is a new breed of businesses that really count on both the interactive and traditional. Remember the web is a community of businesses connected through links, affiliations, and testimonials. The web is a growing success because of its interconnections. This new media has one important message that delivering to, and reaching a wide audience is the way to nurture a business. Relationships are the key to unlocking a treasure trove of support and access to resources.

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