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Coupons have becoming integral to retail marketing. It benefits both consumer as well as the vendor. By using coupons, consumers get more value for their money at the same time vendors get benefited by the increase of sales volume.

Many people realized the value of coupons in their saving and started hunting for the in all available sources.

Traditionally people look at Sunday newspapers for coupon clippings and discount circulars. But with the advancement in internet technologies online retailing become a household name. People now look for internet to locate the coupons and discounts for their desired products.

If you want to buy a suit or blazer or a coat, visit online retail sites, such as that send coupons to those who registered with them through email. Many coupon and rebate sites offer beneficial savings depending on product type and brand. posts 30 coupons every week online and also via e-mail. One can save substantial amounts in all products ranging from olive oil to allergy medication by using these coupons. Coupons are personalized by specifying the supermarket, drugstore, and discount chain you visit often. You have to download a little bit of software called coupon print manager to view and print these coupons. offers coupons for groceries, baby needs, pets, beauty, and also even for travel and accomodation. One can receive customized coupons by answering some personal questions such as homeownership, education, income, children, and pets. This site offer discounts for plenty of items including butter, toothpaste, and ice cream. offers hundreds of free Internet coupons for all the best stores and services for toys, groceries, baby items, clothing, books, and music. provides coupon for branded products at your doorstep,

CouponBar enables to download the free Coupon Bar and get quick and easy access to dozens of free grocery coupons of different brands.

eBates provides discount up to 25% back when shopping online retailers with a free sign-up.

eBay enables to bid online for coupons like you would their regular auctions. Popular coupons of interest to moms that usually pop up are for diapers, baby foods, baby toys, baby cloths and baby formula.

Entertainment Book provides local coupons for eating out, movies, entertainment, travel and more!

Keycode offers printable coupons from merchant partners like Sears Portrait Studio, plus online coupon code listings and many more. enables to find coupons for your specific area by entering your zip code.

High site rankings on the major search engines are the end-all and be-all of web site owners. Increasing your site rank is why you attend seminars, participate in online forums, and meet with other website owners and designers. You walk away with a lot of new ideas, many of which you use to “improve” your site – only to realize, to your horror, that your page ranks have actually declined rather than increased.

Before you blame other people, consider this – why have your pages been penalized? Did you overlook something in making your changes? Maybe there are some SEO rules that you were not aware of. There is a saying that “ignorance of the law is no excuse for violating it.” In the same way, ignorance of some basic “rules of thumb” in search engine optimization is not an excuse for losing page rank. Here are five of the most commonly overlooked ‘rules’ in search engine optimization:

— Enough Text Content —

Many owners design – or redesign – their websites to be sleek and stylish, with eye-catching layouts and heavy graphics. What you may not realize is that you are reducing the amount of text and visible links you have – leaving nothing for the search engines to index. As a rule of thumb, a web page should have at least 200 to 300 words with keywords scattered within them. Navigation should also be accomplished with text links using well-focused target keywords.

— Keywords as Navigation Links —

Most websites use the generic “Click Here” as icons for website navigation. This is a wasted SEO opportunity. Avoid this waste by replacing your generic hyperlinks with keywords. For example, use “Panama Photos” if you want visitors to look at the pictures you took during your summer vacation. Your visitors will appreciate your thoughtfulness – and the search engine bots will have something to use when indexing your site.

— Redesign Welcome Page —

Rather than the typical “Welcome to our Site” page, give each page on your website a meaningful keyword-rich title. Also, pay attention to the meta description and meta keywords. A unique set of keywords and a distinctive page description will separate you from others of the same genre and content. Search result pages will also use the meta description word for word – which will, again, easily catch the attention of potential visitors.

— Changing Web Page and Directory Names —

Bear in mind that changing web pages and directory names may lose you your link popularity statistics or Google Page Rankings – search engines will index your changed web page and directory name as a new one and dump everything associated with your previous website. The best approach is to retain your URL page and write new content for it. If you have no option but remove or rename the web page, redirect the old one to your new URL.

— Link Popularity Issues —

If you own a number of domains, there will be a strong temptation to link your websites together, without regard to content and keyword focus. One problem with this approach is that you most likely house all your websites on the same server – search engines will group your web sites into the same C IP class which will start their spam radars pinging.

Another tactic is linking websites with a diverse keyword focus; the downside to this is that you may lose any linking gains through unrelated keywords. At the same time, getting unusually high numbers of inbound links with exactly the same keywords can also spell trouble. If you make use of link exchanges, paid links or other sources, watch out for those with unusually high keyword repetitions in the anchor text so as to avoid the spam detectors.

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A home Internet business that is operated from a farm homestead can provide some real benefits for many farmers around the world.

The world-over is suffering global warming and this is considered a main reason why droughts are increasing in severity. This is a worrying sign for farmers who depend on the land to provide a stable income. Farmers are constantly up against hardship. Droughts always make fodder scarce and also drive up the cost of keeping farm animals alive. Vegetable and fruit growers have similar problems from lack of water in dry times.

Many farmers are at crisis point and are being forced off their land because they can’t meet loan repayments. But there is a way out of this dilemma.

What most farmers need is a backstop income, or what is known as off-farm income. This off-farm income source is becoming the saviour for many farmers. When conditions deteriorate on the land, farm income dies away to nearly zero. However, if you have an off-farm income this then covers all the running costs such as loan repayments, food for livestock, fuel and household provisions.

I was a farmer for forty years in Australia and I know how difficult it can be working on the land. I only wish I knew then what I know now.

I have found a way to make money even during droughts, where a farmer or his wife can create a good home business opportunity right from his or her homestead. And it is not going to cost much.

For many farmers, even considering creating an Internet Business seems daunting. And I understand that many would be weary of trying. And being cautious is a good thing, because there are a lot of scam artists out there that will tout their get rich schemes and are happy to take your money and give little in return.

I know because I had some bad experiences. But there are some very good services that are genuine and provide all the help and training you need to become very successful. And surprisingly, they don’t cost much. The two services I use provided my websites for FREE because when I make money they also make money. It’s a win-win situation. They have provided the means for me to retire in comfort with a sizable income for the rest of my life.

If you are a farmer and would like to create a safe and thriving Internet Business I recommend you look at my website: you are on my site look for the Plug In Profit section near the top left corner. Click on that and have a good look at what Stone Evans is offering. Also, while on my site look for my blue blog link a bit to the right and click on it to check out articles that could help make your decision easier. Look for a ‘Blog Article Index’ and click on ‘Business in a Box’. This is the other service I use and is also very professional and will provide a great deal of help for a very small outlay, but will teach you everything you need to know about creating an Internet Business.

There are now a few farmers that I know who are no longer worried about droughts. They now have ample off-farm Internet income to cover any contingency. However, it did take them about 12 months to earn substantial income from their off-farm source. Like any business you have to put it together, piece-by-piece as you develop your systems. But the two services I use teach you everything and within 30 days you can be earning some income. This will then increase month-by-month as you grow your business.

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