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The website came up in the search engines in an unlikely place, a keyword search for reselling health supplements, a curious Internet surfer clicked on the link and to her surprise found over a 150 free internet marketing books to resell!

A well-known internet marketer, Cody Moya was giving away products that once sold as much as $97. According to Moya this isn’t a deal that will last forever. Moya said he can “only offer these products for free for a short time, and then the deal is off.

When asked what is the catch, Moya said, “This is my way of saying thank you (to my subscribers,) and I hope that (they) will make lots of money selling and using those products.”

The Giant Package of 200 Products with Master Resell Rights are internet marketing and home based business resources, which could potentially lead to thousands of dollars in revenues for someone, as stated on Moya’s site.

Some of the free ebooks include: Business Goldmine: 100 Low Risk, High-Return Internet Business Models!, Million Dollar Emails, Online Stealth Marketing, Website and Ezine Promotion Made Easy, How to create a website in 5 days, How to Earn a Full-time Living on Ebay, Auction Sources Exposed, Autoresponder Secrets Exposed, Instant Meta Tag Generator(PD Source File), How to Write, Create and Sell E-book and more!

These quick downloads are simple to read. The information is current and in some cases provides extensive detail for newbies in affiliate marketing. People interested in auctions and forums will also find the free literature impressive. Others may be interested in finding free business tools to help with their future ebooks and websites. Overall, the information is definitely worth a look!

Click on the link with this article to take advantage of the offer while it still lasts, for how long the freebies will last Moya never states.

Autoresponder software has become a meaningful tool in plowing fertile soil for a marketing harvest. The whole notion of autoresponders has grown beyond a simple means of connecting with anyone who seeks to get in touch by email.

One area of autoresponder growth that may be worth mentioning is a web-page autoresponder. In this scenario a webpage is developed that will list various free informational products you have available. Your visitor can check the appropriate box and begin receiving the timely delivery of informational items that can inform and create a level of trust between the visitor and your online company.

Some of the autoresponder information you may wish to make available to your visitors may include informational articles that have a good track record with your customers, an e-course on your product or service, an e-book, and a listing of your RSS feeds. You might also consider a welcome message through autoresponders that provides general information about you and your company.

Autoresponder software can allow you to send your message in plain text or html. Autoresponders can also allow you to place photographs or logos within the body of the message and they do so in a way that allows for meaningful follow-up with limited personal oversight.

Some of today’s best autoresponder software is priced under fifty dollars and there are multiple business options available. While the use of autoresponder software may not be essential to the delivery of autoresponder messages these resources can help you keep track of recipients in a more comprehensive way.

Probably the most intense work involved in the marvel of autoresponders is setting it up and developing a series of informative articles for your visitors. The last thing you want to do is simply throw something together and hope it connects with your clients.

You should spend quality time in the development of whitepages, articles, e-courses or ebooks. These can be a valuable tool for your company, but not if they are riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes or if they are composed in a way that is more hard sell and less informational.

Many companies have benefited greatly from autoresponders, but care needs to be taken up front to ensure their long-term usability.

If you are not a writer it is in your best interest to locate a freelance writer to develop the autoresponder information you believe to be most important to your company’s growth. Many of these professionals can create an e-course or even an e-book that has the potential of providing significant ROI.

Okay, you are a webmaster struggling for website traffic. You may have tried all the tricks in the book but nothing is working so I would suggest that buy yourself website traffic. Believe me, the minor investment that you need to make is nothing compared to the heavy targeted traffic you are going to get in return.

Buying website traffic is nothing new and with each passing day it is not only becoming simpler but also does not have to cost the sun and the moon. Read on for some fantastic advice as to how to drive visitors straight to your shopping cart.

I know I digress, but before you set out to buy website traffic one thing that you need to do is really consider your site. Does it have a professional look? A brand logo? The reason I ask you to scrutinize your website is because there will be no point in getting customers to your site if you can’t hold them there. Make sure that your site is really well spruced with content and design before you really start to market it and once visitors start to flow in they will recognize you by the signature look you create.

Also a site that looks great and functions smoothly tends to project the correct image about you and the brand. Also one thing that you must not miss out on is the personal touch; don’t make people feel they are interacting with a machine.

If you are not sure you can always hire third parties like SEO companies who will optimize your site the correct way not just for search engines but also help you to project the company image in a positive fashion. Remember you are doing all this to promoter your site and increase your business so you can also purchase some traffic for your site with the most cost effective method there is – Pay Per Click Advertising.

If you are trying this out for the first time and you don’t have a very large budget you will find that not only is it effective but you are also paying less for paying customers. The best part about PPC ads is that they are linked to the kind of product you are offering and thus you can be assured that you are going to be driving some much targeted traffic to your site. If your site is really attractive and is able to inspire trust that you are a good company with genuine business you are going to snag a customer who is definitely going to return.

And combining PPC advertising with other means of advertising and marketing policies like giving away freebies and offers are just going to do wonders to your site. Remember that if you are really considering buying traffic for your website, Pay Per Click campaigns are what you really need to invest in and sit back while you get visitors with no sweat at all. As long as you have the keywords right and you are able to use them in a minimalist fashion to drive home your message you can be assured of motivated site traffic.

The great idea is the most important thing for making your blog. The way to discover the good strategy is looking at the websites or blogs that have successfully. Blog or Weblog is easy to build and organize. Almost blogs on the internet are text. But some blogs are photo, video and multimedia blogs. It is not necessary to have the knowledge about the programming for your blog. Of course, you need to add the quality contents and unique subjects to your blog. The great contents will keep the visitors comeback and the personal blog like the online community is a good idea, too. To get traffic to your blog, you need to draft a smart marketing plan. It will make your blog to stand apart from the competitions.

There are a lot of blogging tools and blogging services on the internet. The learning of the free blogging tools is the good idea for you. They will change your blog to the new looking and more interesting. If you decide to use these tools, you should be plan about the benefits of them. You can use a lot of the free blogging tools in your blog but it does not mean that you want them.

The common tool is the visitor counter. It will track the number of the visitors, the keywords on your blog and more statistics about the visitors. You will using the search engine to find the free visitor counters on the internet.

The other tools such as media player, special effect and flash should be used if you have assessing what tools will help you realize the looking and increasing the traffic. But you should known that the free tools may not be used in the long run.

The basic factors for build the blog are the platform, the web hosting and the domain name. These factors are discussed here.

1. The platform

The software program which is the main program for control and organize your blog such as blogger and wordpress. There are many functions that you should to realize such as write the posts, update blog, blog theme, font style (CSS style) and more.

2. The web hosting

This is the data storage for your blog. You will communicating with the web hosting when you upload the pictures, edit the post and more. There is the free web hosting for your blog with the free blogging service. But they will limit some features of the service such as the bandwidth, data storage space, database function and some scripts (PHP, Email, Cron job, etc…). If your blog have a lot of traffics, you should pay for the web hosting service to get the more benefits. The cost is varying from 1.00 to 100.00+ per month.

3. The domain name

This is the online address of your blog. You can get the own domain name by registering with the domain registrar. Or you can get the free domain name with some blogging service website as blogger and wordpress. But you will get the subdomain with this service.

For blogger: you will get “”

For wordpress: you will get “”

Your ability to start a home based business or to work from home for someone else is increasing daily as new opportunities come available every day. Entrepreneurs, sales representatives, customers service reps and many others are now more than ever working at home or from their homes. Finding the opportunity that fits you can be as easy as asking yourself a few questions. They are… What do I truly enjoy doing? What can I readily afford to allocate toward this opportunity if necessary? What resources and tools can I bring to the table that will help me build my business or do my job productively? Am I coachable, teachable, and willing to acquire new knowledge that can help me succeed? Asking yourself these questions can help you to narrow down which industry or areas of home business would best match your needs and what interests you.

Enjoying What You Do

If you hate your job or have no passion for your chosen home business field, in a short time period you will find it difficult to do the things necessary to succeed. Even if you are working from home, you will find it difficult to “drag yourself to work”. Motivating yourself to do those things you know you need to do will become harder and harder. And if you are working from home, distractions that are inherent to being at home will easily detract your attention from the job at hand. Being honest with yourself about what you truly enjoy doing will allow you to enter a home business or home job with the confidence that you can perform every day. Sure there will be days when you don’t feel like working even if you are doing what you love, but enjoying what you do will help ensure your perserverence and longevity.

Financial Concerns

When starting a home based business or when considering accepting a home job position, you should take the necessary time to understand your budget and income requirements. Having ample savings is certainly prudent. This is true no matter what you are doing, but especially in this case if you are building a new home based business from the ground up as your income source or if you have accepted a commission based position that takes time to get momentum. You need to know that you can meet your family’s budget needs comfortably in order to eliminate any possible money stress that can hurt your productivity. Being able to survive comfortably for a 3 month period is a good rule of thumb. This allows time to establish yourself and produce a flow of income. You should also have a firm grasp on the money needed to fund your business. What are the cost of materials, necessary advertising, web hosting and so on? Most home based businesses fail within the first year from the lack of a realistic budget or the failure to budget at all.

Resources and Tools

An important consideration is to take inventory of the tools and resources that you may need for your business/job. You may have some things already on hand. Like your computer, internet access, and home phone line. A fax machine that doubles as copier can be a valuable tool. A hands free headset for your phone isn’t a must, but if you’ll invest in one you will be glad you did. Especially if you will be spending any amount of time on the phone in your home business or job. Having a dedicated phone line for your business and fax are nice, but not necessarily required. I have used very successfully a service called “distinctive ring” through my phone company. My phone has a different ring for business calls so I know when a business call is coming in. Also, my fax machine recognizes a different ring and answers those calls. Distinctive ring is great if you have access to it AND it’s cheaper than having dedicated lines added to your home.

Being Coachable And Teachable

I once read where the word “teachable” is the Biblical word for “coachable”. I don’t know if this is theologically accurate, but I like it. In many ways, as this would indicate, the words are interchangeable. Both are key factors in evolving and succeeding. Those who shun these principles usually plateau while those who continue to be coachable and teachable continue to grow and reach higher levels of success. Successful home business people, home workers, and all other successful people from all walks of life not only learn but they apply what they learn. To simplify all of this… be willing to learn, be open to the idea that there is always knowledge out there you can add to your base of knowledge, be willing to take direction from those who have been or are where you want to go. That says it all. You don’t have to be the best from the start, just be good at being coachable and teachable and the rest will come with time.

Once you’ve honestly answered of these questions, you will be able to make the most informed choice for your home business. This will allow you to begin your business by putting your best foot forward. Take the necessary time to prepare for your work at home job or home based business, and you will ensure that you thrive and succeed.

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