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You are thinking about starting an online business. The idea of working from home is very appealing to you. You want to do it but you don’t know what products to sell.

Everyone who sells on the internet has approached this dilemma. So, how do you decide?

1) Brainstorm

The first step to choosing the right product is to sit down with pen and paper. Make sure that there are no distractions so that you can concentrate. Make two columns on your paper with these headings:

a) Enjoy

b) Passionate About

Put pen to paper and let your ideas flow. Try to list at least ten possibilities under each heading.

When your are done, look at your choices. Narrow your list down to three in each column. Now you are ready to see if these ideas might sell on the internet.

2) Niche Market

What is a “niche” in internet jargon? A “niche” is an item INSIDE a larger product arena. This is where many successful internet entrepreneurs have found their fortune.

Let’s consider PDAs. There are thousands of websites selling PDAs. A good “niche” product inside the PDA market could be the jackets that protect a PDA. How about computer headphones? Again, thousands of websites are selling this item. Why not focus on the audio splitter. This is the device that connects to the back of a computer for using two headphones at one time.

Take a look at your list. Can you see any “niches”? If you can, you have found the product that you can sell inside your internet home business. The idea behind this concept is to have a laser focal point on a target audience.

The arrival of the internet has produced a world wide market for an assortment of products. Niche marketing can be very successful if you put in the time and effort to market your items correctly. There is a learning curve that you will have to conquer but if you are committed to success you can do it. Who knows? Your “niche” might be the next internet fad.

3) Selling What You Like Or What You Are Passionate About

Having a difficult time finding a niche inside your list? Sell a product that you like or that you are passionate about.

Re-vist your list. Take a look at your choices under “enjoy” and “passionate about”. Pick one that you think will sell on the internet. Do you BELIEVE that you can make money from this item (or service) in your home business? Do you think people will BENEFIT from this product (or service)?

Answer these questions: How well do you know the product (or service)? Can this product (or service) improve people’s lives?

Your knowledge and your passion could bring you the prosperity that you are looking for. When you are ready to develop your marketing campaign, the main focus of your strategy should be to communicate your expertise and your fervor to your customers. If you can show your clients that your product (or service) can improve their lives, they will want to buy it.

4) Become An Expert

You have chosen your product, now what do you do? Become an authority! Make a commitment to be someone that your customers can trust. Make sure that you spend the time to know and understand every facet of what you are selling. The success of your work at home internet business depends upon it. More importantly, your clients depend upon you.

When you enter the marketing phase of your endeavor, purpose to give your customers reliable and accurate facts that they can trust.

As you refine your expertise, your understanding of your product is expanding as well. Communicate this to your customers. In time, you will know the information that your buyers want. As you satisfy this need, you are now building a relationship with your clients. If you are someone they can trust, you are someone that they will continue to do business with.

Brainstorm. Choose a product. Believe in your product. Communicate your conviction. Become an expert. Follow this formula and you will increase your chances for success in your work at home adventure.

“Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success.”

Eighty percent of the people in online business fail because they quit. This is a well known fact. This article is written to help those who have the ability to succeed to do one thing and one thing only: not quit.

I have found that there are many leaders out there who are giving up to soon in online business. Often I’m puzzled as people who in the beginning say: “I’m with you all the way Don, even to the end, I know I’ll never quit.” But then six months or six days, or six hours later you get an email from your MLM that this person is no longer a member of your organization.

Well, first off, you don’t go chasing after the person, because as well noted speaker and author Jim Rohn has stated: “Just say, isn’t that interesting?…and don’t go chase the birds because when you do that you leave the field!”

However, this article is written to those with genuine people, sales, or communication skills, who are quitting without giving themselves a chance from the start.

Since this article is written for potential birds, my urging to you is don’t fly away before you see your ocean view penthouse or your 2007 Corvette! Write down your dream, and then stick to it like glue, and do as Johnny Wimbrey, up and coming incredible motivational speaker says: “Make it your Must.”

So many people get into online business thinking that it’s going to be get rich quick. Perhaps they should title get rich quick schemes “get rich quit.” Because it’s really true that the guys at the top of most scams are getting rich quick while you quit after investing your money. It’s a vicious cycle. One that must be obliterated and dealt with.

So, how do you know if you should stay with your current MLM online business or if you should quit? Number one, if you’re not sure of your company or stability, perhaps you have a good reason to quit. But for the 90% of you out there who are sold on your company or opportunity, I have one message: Don’t quit!

The online opportunity I’m involved with has over 20 years of online experience, and they were the first affiliate program ever offered online, so they have quite an immaculate background. But, even though that’s true, it still takes me “work” to make it happen. Greg Ankeny, one of the top health company MLM leaders has been quoted as saying: “I went to work.”

That’s the problem and herein lays the solution. Most people quit MLM’s because they are not willing to go to work or to keep on working. Comments like: “Oh, this is too hard, and oh, I didn’t know I’d have to talk to people, are running rampant in MLM. Yes you have to talk to people, yes you have to follow your companies marketing plan, to the tee, doing everything your leaders tell you to do, and then you may just end up getting rich!

The internet today keeps making it easier and easier to market your online business, but yet it’s amazing when you look at the statistics that fewer than 5% of those who join MLM’s actually ever advertise online! Isn’t that interesting? Even with the advent of cheap or low cost free ads, forums, pay-per-click advertising, and much more, people are still afraid to step out and just let others know about their site. That’s just crazy!

So how do we stop this nonsense?

It’s easy; I need all of you out there who are in an MLM, or looking for an MLM home business, to do three things. Number one never quit. Number two; find an online business that you love. Number three, when things get tough in your home business, I want you to remember the accomplishments in your life. For example, did you ever win an award for selling something, did you obtain a diploma your proud of, and did you win the Congressional Medal of Honor?

Just simply thinking of your prior accomplishments in life may indeed help you to hang on to this awesome MLM online business opportunity you’ve been blessed to participate and succeed in. In conclusion, my hope and prayer is that someone will read this article that is about to quit their MLM, or who needs a stable MLM home business, and they will make the choice to do one thing: Never quit. Ever.

Then I want you to write me and let me know what happens. In addition to never quitting I want you to follow the instructions of your upline leaders to the tee, without inventing your own tangents, and then keep going with your company for three to five years.

It just might be after that amount of time where you “go to work” you may become financially free, and better yet, you may be involved with your MLM for life and your family may never have to worry about money again. Never forget what happened to a friend of mine Joel Buchfeller of Excel Telecommunications. He enrolled one guy names Al, on his second level, which made him an income for the rest of his life. He never fell below a $5000 per month income, and most of the time it was two or three times that. So don’t give up, because you never know when you’re going to find your “Al” who enrolls under you!

So please, take my advice, and don’t quit. Remember your prior accomplishments, and in the words of our Lord, please remember that: “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26. If you know you belong with your MLM company, stick with it, and who knows, you may be the next online business internet millionaire, and you’ll be the one all of us are listening to for advice. Never quit.

Okay, that’s a good question. While everyone who starts a business looks to make an income, the most successful of these will do it for another reason. I could give you a list of how much money changed hands in the field, but that would only give you what you may already know. If you are looking to make an income, either part or full-time, then you have already done your research when it comes to how much you can earn. But you may still have doubts before you get started; so you know that money can’t possibly be the only reason to become a distributor. One of the best reasons to begin your business hinges on you. Yep, you got it. It all comes down to what you think of the product, how much you believe in it, and what your goals are.

What do you think of the product? In order to effectively sell something you must believe in it. Granted your personal tastes won’t matter in the actual selling. Let’s face it, we all know someone who can sell just about anything. But to be believable you have to have faith that the product will sell nicely. If you are looking to join forces with a certain company to become a distributor, then you should know that company well. So well that you are currently, or have been in the past, a customer yourself. That much belief and dedication to a product will give you a good head-start on being a distributor for them.

How much do you believe in the product? If you are familiar with the product, then as previously mentioned, you already have an advantage when it comes to this question. Your motives for wanting to become a distributor are clear. But if this is a new product, and you’re thinking of getting in on the ground floor, then you still need to know the answer. Know the benefits of the merchandise. Know all there is to know about it. You will be asked some tough questions when trying to make a sell. The more of them you can answer, and truthfully, will correlate to how well you will do in the business.

What are your goals for your business? Well, sure, you want to be successful, but how are you going to achieve that objective? How much time, money, and effort are you willing to pay out? Just wanting it to work will not be enough to make it work. If you don’t think you can give it the enthusiasm that it needs to be successful, then put it on the back burner for now. Give yourself the time to come back to it at a later date. Besides, if it’s a good product it will still be around, and with a better client base.

Consider what we’ve discussed as the other reason to start a business. Know your product. Know the company. Know your limits. If becoming a distributor is something that you think you could be successful at, then give it a go. But do it for the right reasons. It makes no sense to do it any other way.

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