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Cell phone companies tend to market their product toward young people and young families. They are missing a logical market by not marketing more specifically toward the elderly. Cell phones are a life saver for many elderly individuals.

Those elderly individuals that still live independently but alone have the option of tucking a cell phone in their pocket if they are venturing outside or even clip it to their clothes when wandering about the house during the day in case of a slip and fall. A cell phone in the hands of the elderly right after a fall can literally save their life.

A cell phone in the hands of the elderly that can’t be effectively utilized is nothing more than false hope. False hope is more devastating that lying there in hopes of being found. In most cases, the numbers on a cell phone are too small to read. Even a preset button on the face of the cell phone can be too small to read, especially if something such as glasses are lost or broken in the fall.

A cell phone in the hands of the senior citizens after a car accident or when they get a little confused about the destination the originally set forth toward when they got into their car can be a huge benefit.

There are a couple of elderly friendly cell phones on the market, but they have a few flaws. One of the greatest flaws of these cell phones is that the elderly do not know about it or realize their benefits. There needs to be more direct marketing aimed at senior citizens to inform them about how beneficial a cell phone may be for them.

Large number buttons on cell phones are a step in the right direction. However, the rest of the buttons need to clear and easy to interpret their basic functions. A basic on button is clearer than the little symbol that most cell phones use. The simpler a cell phone is to use the simpler it will be to convince a senior citizen that they can truly benefit from having one.

Family members can rest a little easier with a cell phone in the hands of an elderly family member. Calling a home phone that doesn’t receive an answer can make family members a little nervous. If an elderly family member can be reached on their cell phone while wandering through the grocery store, the family will worry a little less.

Go into any mall in any location around the world and conduct a survey. Here are a few questions you can ask.

1) On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the least important and 10 being the most important, how important is customer service when choosing a product?

2) Answer the following question. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being “I strongly agree” and 10 being “I strongly disagree”. When you have a problem with a purchased product it is reasonable to assume you must endure the financial loss associated with the product purchase.

3) Consider the following statement. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being “I strongly agree” and 10 being “I strongly disagree”. I do not believe that businesses should be accountable for issues related to my purchase. I subscribe to the philosophy of buyers beware.

I could include other questions, but I think you get the general idea of what the survey results might indicate. Each answer is typically going to be answered in the vicinity of ten. Consumers want some assurance that the products and services they pay for are going to work and if they don’t work the customer wants to be equally assured that the business owner will make things right. But will they make it right?

Since customer service is highly valued virtually anywhere in the world why are there so many businesses that seem to treat customer service as an afterthought?

In defense of business owners let me say that for many businesses it is not that they are disinterested in customer service they simply have not factored that into their time budget. These business owners have so many duties in relation to marketing and management that handling customer service issues simply intrudes on the act of conducting business.

Now in defense of the average consumer let me say that most businesses have learned to make customer service a priority, so even if you have a solid business plan and are working through complicated issues related to your business when you have a failure to deliver on implied promises related to the quality and usability of a product you may find one time customers abandoning your business in favor of another. These individuals will never have anything remotely positive to pass along about your company.

Is it fair?

Maybe not, but it is fact.

Do you have a return policy? Do you have a replacement policy? Do you have a price guarantee policy? How much effort is too much in working to ensure a satisfied customer?

Some businesses will not only refund money or replace the product, but they may also supply a generous discount on the customer’s next purchase if there are justifiable issues related to the consumer purchase.

With the Internet, less than satisfied customers may make you aware of problems quickly. For many online business owners 24 hours may be too long to respond to a customer’s grievance. When it comes to customer service your quick response can spell the difference between success and failure in your business.

Many individuals and groups in Britain set up their own businesses every day. According to Companies House, almost 25,000 new businesses are set up throughout the country every month.

There are various reasons as to why people may choose to start their own business. Firstly, many people like to be “their own boss” and not have any one to answer to at work. This allows people freedom to leave behind the hierarchal structure of the common workplace. Secondly, a lot of people create their own business so they can be in control of decision making and steer the company in the direction that they wish it to. Thirdly, new businesses are often set up as the result of someone following a new idea or passion that they wish to take to a new level and offer to people. This allows people to enjoy work more and this passion often translates into exceptionally hard work and lots of effort being put in.

The setting up of a new business in the UK is a relatively straightforward process as long as all the legal requirements and red tape are negotiated correctly. A number of items need to be considered in order that a new business is set up correctly and will not in the future fall foul of any legal mistakes or issues.

Firstly, if the likely or actual turnover of a business is going to be over
T1 technology provides a better option for communication than the technology available over what is these days called POTS (Plain Old Telephone System). The crucial difference between the two is while T1 depends on digitization of voice and data, POTS depends on analog conversion and re-conversion of the same.

Digitization of traffic and use of optic fiber cables makes this new system approximately sixty times faster than the conventional phone system.

The capacity of carrying high volume of traffic also makes this line many times more efficient than the older one. In fact a single T1 line is capable of supporting twenty four simultaneous conversations in place of only one which the older system is capable of.

Moreover, in this new system, the channels are not restricted to any specific telephone. Instead they are considered as a pool and whenever there is a requirement, a particular channel gets busy. The moment it is free it reverts to the pool and is once again to the requirement of another user in the system. Thus a 24 channel T1 connection can service about 100 to 150 users without any of them having to wait for a free line.

This speed and flexibility and greater load carrying capacity make it a worthwhile option of communication in today’s fast moving world of business and commerce.

Another very important facility which T1 long distance service offers is that it can avoid the local telephone provider and can directly connect you to your long distance provider. Long distance dedicated T1 services usually are toll free services. That is, the caller does not have to pay anything for the call. The receiver enjoys this facility by paying a monthly subscription which depends on the usage.

Many business establishments are opting for this new system even though installation of it is a time consuming and costly process and the monthly usage charges are also not cheap!

The current scenario of long distance telephony has become extremely competitive and the rates are tumbling down steadily. So, negotiate to the last penny and try to squeeze the maximum concessions you possibly can from the service provider.

They claim of an extremely high ‘availability rate’ of 99.99%. In simple terms it means that out of 100 hours of usage, you will be able to use the system for 99.99 hours without any breakdown. Do not forget to include in your contract a punitive clause if the service fails to keep up to that level of efficiency.

If you browse the net, you will find that there are many telecom consultants who claim that they can provide you with complete solution ranging from choosing the option which best suits your need to choosing the provider and finally negotiating the best rates possible. They also claim that they can substantially reduce your telecom bills by intelligent choice of schemes and providers.

It is not a bad idea to interact with a couple of them to verify whether they can really cause a difference.

The meat of any sales letter lies in its ability to make readers pull out their wallets and buy a product or service. Making a sales pitch is difficult enough off paper; on paper, it has to be quick, terse, and convincing. A sales pitch has to be brief, but neither too short so that it appears hurried, nor too long so that it becomes less and less believable as the sentences run by. A sales pitch also has to be eager, but neither too eager so that the reader is tired out reading it, nor too staid so that the reader ends up bored to death.

Writing a sales letter pitch is difficult, but you can practice writing it by following these simple tips.

– If you are in the marketing or sales department of a company, writing a sales letter will be inevitable business for you. You might not be assigned the job at once, but this should be no excuse for you not to practice. Do not wait until you are given a sales letter to write. Start practicing, so that when you finally get sales letter writing duties, you are already an expert at the art and craft.

– Buy a good book of style and usage. Writing a sales letter does not merely mean putting together sentences and disregarding grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules. You need to watch your language, and now, more than ever, simply because it is your only weapon in fighting your big sales battles. A poorly-written sales letter can turn off customers faster than a poor product or service. After all, customers will not care about what you sell until they know that you care about them first. If you cannot care for your grammar and writing skills, then why should they buy anything from you? The last thing anyone needs is a careless person, and your customers know that.

– Practice the craft on products or services that you are familiar with. Start practicing writing sales letters on a product or service that you actually like and use. Although this sounds easy, it can actually be difficult. How do you make a product or service sound good without sounding like you are hollering your praises out? How can your favorite shampoo sell without you having to showcase how beautiful your hair has turned out? How can you make your potential customers get that spa treatment of their dreams without you sounding like the spa paid you millions to make the endorsement?

– The best writers are those who can sound interested in something that they do not even remotely like. This can be a good practice exercise for you if you have already sharpened your writing skills for the previous exercise. Pick a product or service that you do not like, and try to endorse it. This can prepare you for the times when you might be assigned to do a sales letter on a product or service that you do not believe in; you can always opt out and tell your boss that you do not want to get in the way of your principles, but this option is one of the biggest no-no’s in the sales and marketing world.

– As soon as you know how to get your sales pitch out, it’s time to trim it down. The best sales pitches are no more than a few hundred words long. When writing a sales letter, you need to keep your words convincing, but to a minimum. Remember, not all your readers have all the time in the world to listen to what you say. You need to make your little letter worth their while.

Look back at all your previous exercises and count how many words you used in describing a product or service that you liked, or did not like. How many words did you use? Did you use five hundred or two thousand words? Keep exercising: write the same sales pitch over again, with fewer words this time, but with the meat of your pitch still in it. Keep on trimming your pitch until you are left with nothing but the convincing summary of your endorsement.

Writing a sales letter can be difficult if you do not know how to make a sales pitch. As with any other letter, you need to be formal and respectful, but not stiff and boring. You need all your skills as a writer and salesperson, and you need to put them all into practice. So what are you waiting for? Pick up that pen, or get to that keyboard, and start writing a sales letter!

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