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It is all right to let people talk about what they want to talk about. You should only censor obscenities and defamation. Let your customers speak to you directly and grow your business.

Don’t try to use your blog as another form of advertising. Blogs not be treated like newspaper ads or brochures. Your customers will see through corporate spin. The less you worry about creating a perfect copy more honest your message will sound. That of course doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t write professionally but make sure you worry about the content.

Don’t ever use your blog to praise yourself. If your company does a good job your customers will take care of that. If you sell quality products your customers will be eager to spread the word. Be ready for negative feedback too. Companies must be willing to accept unfiltered feedback. Receiving honest customer feedback can be a humbling experience, but it is part of growing your business.

When you blog you have two audiences. Your most important audience is your website visitor, hopefully your future customer. Your other audience is the search engines. Without the search engines your customers would not be able to find your blog. So, your blog will not only have to be interesting but it has to be structured correctly too. For example, it’s important to write headlines and subheads with key words that can be crawled by search engines.

The key element of business blogs is interactivity. Blogs can function as online diaries, news outlets, training tools, or standard communication platforms. While most blogs are textual many contain audio and video.

Real world example: An accountant may create a video blog dedicated to educating her clients about the most recent tax codes. Blog videos are usually short clips. Such service would differentiate the business owner from the competition, and it would build credibility.

The blog movement is the epitome of Web 2.0 technology where interactivity is of paramount importance. Blogs are not here to replace any part of your business; they are to compliment it in its entirety. You could use your blog to engage your employees or announce the details of your latest product line. Anything and everything you ever wanted to communicate to your customers can become part of it.

1. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for new businesses or businesses in need of replacing their existing phone system. With a Hosted VoIP PBX companies get full use of a PBX without the costly expense of equipment, upgrades and maintenance. Small businesses can have the appearance of a large centralized business with a Hosted PBX by utilizing the span of features available.

2. No need to purchase new equipment or lose your investment in your current legacy system. VoIP providers over the course of time have spent so much in product development of their Hosted VoIP Solution that many of them are not offering SIP Trunking and many businesses do not realize the benefits of SIP trunking. SIP trunking allows businesses to keep their existing analog PBX and telephones.

3. Lower Monthly Recurring Charges. Bundling voice and data on to one network provides one solution, one bill and one provider. Most VoIP providers offer unlimited local and long distance calling and a good bundled solution should also provide a fast business class internet connection. The benefits to bundled services are that it maximizes the dollars a small to medium size business is spending on telecommunication services.

4. Over 70% of traditional phone bills are wrong. VoIP customers know ahead of time every month exactly how much their bill is going to be for all services except international calling. There is very little room for billing errors and crammed bills full of services not requested or required.

5. Cuts Operating Costs. VoIP solutions are software based and is easily updated, changed and expanded without further capital expense. The hosted PBX is completely maintenance free because there is no hardware. It is a virtual system. Unlike conventional legacy phone system that is hardware based and are expensive to make changes and require costly equipment purchases to expand calling capacity.

6. Streamline Communications. With VoIP companies can take advantage of simple 3 digit transfer to any supported property or office. No matter if one office is in Boca Raton and the other office is in New York the call is transferred as if they were in the same building. Furthermore businesses can consolidate call answering from a central location too. Eliminate the need and responsibility of every office location having to manage their incoming calls with centralized call answering.

7. Disaster Proof a hosted PBX phone system coupled with an IP telephone is disaster proof. Companies lost several thousand dollars because of the loss of communication during and after the hurricanes. The PBX is hosted off site in a secured facility with multiple back up systems and reroutes.

8. QOS stands for “Quality of Service” gone are the days of dropped unclear calls. Business class VoIP maintains a high QOS and technological advances in IP telephony transportation have made Internet calling as good as or better than normal PSTN connections. This is true for high speed Broadband connections and dedicated internet connections, whereas dial up services have some way to go before delivering the quality of PSTN calling.

9. Hybrid VoIP Solution. There are a few VoIP providers that deploy a hybrid VoIP solution that automatically reserves or routes resources for optimal bandwidth allocation. The system automatically ensures that the VoIP call has the bandwidth needed allocated from point to point before the conversation takes place. The second is prioritization: Here, the end point suggests a priority on the packets and each router decides if it will honor this request or not. Voice will always take a priority over data. A hybrid solution furthermore distributes the bandwidth that on a traditional system is not dynamic or flexible.

10. Multi Layered Security Unlike traditional service VoIP attacks are prevented because of the multitude of layers and encryptions placed within the provider’s networks. The layered security approach not only prevents attacks, but the probability that if broached it will meaningfully reduce the probability that the attack succeeds.

For most of us, video games represent a pleasant break in the day and a source of some entertainment. However a consumer concern group is seeking to raise the understanding in the general public that computer games misuse posses a significant and growing source of addiction in our society. This addiction is real and threatens the lives of many adults and children. It is not limited to children and young adults but affects members of the population at all levels of society and many occupations. However, the biggest threat is to children because they are vulnerable and they may be unable to recover from a serious addition formed at a young age.

People with true video game addictions substitute playing them for normal interaction with friends and family, and the time spent playing them is excessive to the point of interfering with work or school. The time spent at this activity steadily increases as the addiction grows and ending play can bring about withdrawal symptoms of irritability and moodiness. Addictive individuals can spend and average of 70 or 80 hours a week playing these games, reserving little time for work, social life, school or even sleep.

The signs of an addiction in children are easy for a responsible parent to spot. The biggest symptom is the time spent on the computer playing games. Video game time should be monitored just like television watching and the parent must make certain that both activities take place after the normal activities such as family socializing, homework and chores have been satisfied. If a child falls asleep at school often, it may mean that he or she is using sleep time to pay computer games. The child may then lie about the cause of tiredness. The child may also be irritable when not on the computer playing games. If these symptoms are spotted, it is time for the parent to enlist the child’s teachers, friend’s parent and a professional to help the child overcome this problem.

Adults are harder to monitor but a boss who notices an employee asleep at work or failing performance will certainly discuss the reasons with the employee. It is unlikely that the employee will admit his activity since video game use is usually characterized by feelings of guilt. Friends who notice a person dropping out of activities and becoming irritable or sullen should become involved and discuss the possibility of this problem frankly with afflicted person. It is not acceptable to sit by and wait for the problem to pass. Video game addiction can advance to physical addiction and symptoms such as Carpal tunnel syndrome. Sleep problems, back and neck aches, dry eyes and an increasing failure to maintain personal hygiene. The video game addict has replaced his or her real world with the virtual reality of the game. This person needs all the interest and help friends and family can give him and probably a healthcare professional and support group as well to surmount this problem.

In order to achieve the benefits of search engine optimization, an effective SEO strategy is necessary. One of the biggest SEO strategies is link popularity, keyword research and website marketing.

Doing the proper research and finding the correct keyword combination will bring you’re the proper rankings in the search engines and a traffic that is targeted to your site, and the added benefit is that it is free traffic. As you heard many time before content is king, your content should be structured to include the keywords that are relevant to your site, and your website needs to be SEO optimized so the search engines can spider it with ease. All the other pages on your site should revolve around a central theme and all be related in some way.

When visitors come to your website the text on the home page should explain and reflect the theme of your site and all of the other pages should relate to it. Search engine optimization or SEO is the hottest way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Your investment in the future of your website will be worth while. The reason you need to optimize your site is to get rankings in the search engines, by concentrating on search phrases and by promoting these keywords you will begin to build your rankings in the search engines.

Billions of sites are updated daily and they all need to be crawled on a daily basis. You can purchase high PR links and shorten the waiting period of getting your site in the serps. Check you site for broken links, not having links that work will have a negative effect on your sites ranking if the links stay broken for a period of time.

High quality articles are quickly snapped up and published prolifically. Every time you write an article and you get it published you receive another link pointing back to your site which will in turn increase your link popularity. Traffic is generated to your website from your signature box. This article can be freely published on a website as long as. With this wonderful innovation in web writing, each article will surely be given ample attention in terms of engine optimization and accessibility. The natural listing depends on the optimization techniques employed on and off the web site. A single article can be reprinted hundreds of times, and each time is another link back to your site. Ensure that each web page of yours would focus on a particular keyword or key phrase. If there is an article in that page, make sure that the article will only discuss and include one keyword or key phrase from the list you have made.

Getting more traffic is pointless if your site isn’t an efficient sales machine. Since there are only a “handful” of search engines that everyone uses (the major ones), this is where we place our best promotional efforts. If you encourage them to link to your site, join your newsletter, read your articles, and so on, then the traffic will increase your search engine popularity. If you only sell product, then that is what you get money for products. Traffic is a must if any online business is to succeed.

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