Better Search Engine Rankings Is Not In Quantity It Is In Quality How To Get The Most Out Of Your Web Site Content Use Photos To Get Traffic Every Parents Vision To Work At Home The Power Of The Wellness Media Store

In order to improve search engine rankings in your web site it is proven that the idea of theme related quality links is what pushed the rankings. Not only must you target theme related links, but your content on your web site must be sticky and add a better user experience.

Most web site owners do not understand why they cannot rank websites.

The simple fact is your web site may just simply not be interesting enough for your users. There are two ways you can go to improve search engine placement for better rankings.

The first is method is focusing on some highly target link building methods. These link should be theme related and must have content that relates to your web site. If you are trying the achieve better search engine rankings gathering links from site which are not entirely relative to yours, you are wasting your time.

Also, remember link exchanges are really a waste of time now-a-days. It has shown that link exchanges with sites and even three way links are not increasing search engine rankings. With the Google algorithms changing and modifying you must be kept up to speed. The foundation of search engine optimization and better search engine rankings is about learning the correct methods. Lot’s of times, marketers who are looking for better placement, are doing all the old ways of ranking a site. Building a link exchange directory, doing reciprocal linking, and possibly black hat SEO.

Ever Wonder Why People Are Exchanging links?

This is because there site is not good enough for better placement. So they are inclined to get you to link up with them. Take a bit of page rank from your site and boost theirs. Now, linking is not bad, but a non-judgmental link from another site is really what is all about. There are ways to improve search engine rankings doing correct search engine optimization. Better linking strategies are available, now the social networks are so huge and everyone loves good content. Stick to trying to increase the user experience and you will be fine.

So if you still want to build better search engine rankings to speed up the process a little… no problem.

To improve search engine rankings is all about correct search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a tedious project, but following the correct guidelines will help your business exponentially.

To start in ranking your web page, the links that you gather from your web site must be theme related and you should not have ownership of the domains. There is a way around this which Monopolizing Marketing
Becoming your own boss by utilizing the vast and far-reaching vehicle called the Internet has become a much desired and wildly popular way to earn money these days. Through the Internet, you can reach millions of potential customers interested in purchasing what you are offering through your web site content. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to supplement your income, replace the boring job you are currently employed at, or if you are interested in becoming the next millionaire or billionaire mogul. Nothing is impossible. Knowing the best possible ways to set up your web site, and present the products you wish to sell in an interesting way, can make or break your new business venture. And it is all done through the information you utilize on your web site.

There are many ways to set up a web site, in order to make it a profitable means with which to earn money. One of these ways is to develop web pages that are available to member subscribers only. These types of web sites are one of the most popular up and coming things to hit the Internet. In today’s busy world and information overload society, people need to have an easy method available to get to what they need, without spending hours and hours trying to find it. With a subscription web site, you can generate a regular monthly or yearly income from subscribers, while providing your clientele with everything they need to know about their topic of interest, thereby cutting down the time they must spend just finding what they want. And people are more than willing to pay for that very valuable service.

For example, a couple of the resources you will find to help you, all located in one easy-to-use web site, are:

* How Do I Get Started?

* Small Business Success Secrets

* Instant Cashflow Secrets

* 100 Sizzling Business Strategies

These are only a few of the many business building resources available to you that can turn your web site content into top quality content that will make your products attractive. With the right presentation, people will not only be interested in what you have to sell, but will also want to buy them. Enterprising, would-be entrepreneurs often come up with brilliant ideas that can be turned into prospective money-making websites. However, without the knowledge of how to properly present their web site content, these ideas can fall by the wayside, bringing in very little profit for their originators, when they could become a resounding success if only they knew how to catch a prospective buyer’s interest.

Here is a great traffic-building tip: you can get tons of visitors from Google by using photos on your site.

Google has an “Image Search”, and when people look for pictures there, they will see your photos. Let’s say your website is about roses. If a person searches for a picture of a rose on Google image search will get a whole page of pictures of roses.

If the person clicks on a photo that they like, they will be sent to a page with a small version of your image along with a snapshot of your web page. A lot of people will click through to your web page.

If you use a really cute or unusual picture, you can really get a lot of traffic from it. I discovered this by accident, but I have been using it deliberately ever since.

Some ideas for using image search:

1) Make sure Google knows what the photo is about.

– Use your keywords in the file name. Don’t use some random letters or numbers. Use some words that are related to your post.

– Use keywords in the alt tag of the photo. Just use a few words. Don’t make it excessively long.

– Words found near the photo influence the meaning also. Google uses this to figure out what the photo is of. So watch what text you have near your images.

– Adding a caption to the image will give Google additional text to figure out the photo’s subject.

– For a blind person, the alt tag text is what they get instead of the photo. And for people who have images turned off, this alternate text is what that they will see instead of the image.

2) How to keep your pages loading fast while using images.

– Be sure to specify the height and width of the photo. This way the page load is not slowed down while you are waiting for the picture to load.

If the browser knows the size of your photo, it can leave room for it and continue loading the rest of your page. Otherwise, it has to wait until the photo loads before it knows how much room to leave, which slows down the loading of the rest of your page.

– Check the size of your photo file. It should be under 20-30k. This is especially important if you use a lot of images on one page. If your file sizes are too large, it can really slow down your page load.

If your image files are too large, use and image editor to save them at a lesser quality. A lower quality image will still look good on a web page.

3) Choose your photos wisely.

– Use photos that people will be attracted to and will click on. – Use keywords that are apt to be searched.

If you follow these tips, your pictures will have a much better chance of being found first in Google’s image search. If you add an image to every post you make, this greatly improves your chances of getting lots of traffic to your website or blog.

It is almost every parents dream to be able to stay home with their children. For some people, staying at home isn’t even an option because in order for their household to survive, they need two steady incomes. If one income is lost, it can mean a drastic change in their lifestyle. For some that means having to sell their house and move into something smaller, or having to get rid of one of their cars because it’s too expensive to operate and maintain two. For others it may mean not being able to take their yearly vacation to the beach. Sometimes though, a smaller house, only one car, and no vacation is worth the time spent with your kids, especially since they are only babies for a short time.

With so many home based business opportunities, being able to stay at home is at least attainable. Once you figure out how much of an income you need to make it worth while, you can find a job to match. If you have kids in daycare you have to take that into consideration, as well as the gas for your car, and any money spent during the day for coffee breaks and lunch. When all of those costs are added up and then subtracted from your daily Income, the total amount left will probably surprise you. Since it is only that amount you need to make on a daily basis to justify your working from home.

Now you need to decide what type of work you want to do since there are literally hundreds of different business opportunities for you. There are jobs where you work strictly off of the internet, which obviously means no interaction with other people, and there are home based sales jobs. The home based sales opportunities are mostly home party based. These types of jobs are mostly done in the evenings which means that your husband or partner can be at home with the kids while you work for a couple of hours. This may not seem much like a home business, but it is. All your phone calls, orders, and business related material is done

during the day, which allows you to stay home with your children. Not only do you benefit from being home, but your children also benefit from having a parent care for them during the day as opposed to outside childcare.

There is no substitute for a parent’s care. Your child could be in the most wonderful daycare where there is only two children for each worker to care for, but its still not mom or dad. There have been studies done that have showed that children who spend all day in daycare have higher levels of stress and act out more aggressively than children who are cared for at home by a parent. There are also studies that have shown the opposite. It all comes down to what type of care the child receives, meaning, how involved the caregiver is. If you are going to work at home but end up ignoring your children or getting frustrated and mad because you aren’t getting what you perceive to be enough work done then perhaps daycare is a better solution. If you can work while your children are playing, napping, or even at a playgroup down the street, then having a home based business may be the right fit for you, but only you can decide.

You can find a great deal of power in a wellness media store. What exactly is it? This is an ecommerce site on the Internet where you sell all kinds of items. Operating a wellness media store can generate a very steady passive income.

First, let’s look at what a passive income really is for you. When you set up an event that will provide money without hardly work on your part is a passive income. You do all the initial work and then almost sit back and let the money come to you.

One powerful way to make a steady passive income is by operating an ecommerce wellness media store. You primary goal will be to sell electronic media such as videos, DVDs and electronic books that are wellness related. These are then delivered to the customers.

Do you realize thousands upon thousands of wellness media is available at your fingertips? You can find hundreds of electronic books that will give you resell rights or even be given away free for you to sell in your wellness media store.

Once you have set up your ecommerce store, you will be able to sit back and watch the money virtually roll in. You can have your wellness media store set up so that when a customer pays for an item, they will automatically go to a web page to download the product. Without any direct work on your part, the customer pays for the electronic product and they download the product. If you were asleep when they shopped, you still get your money and they still get their item. What could be easier than that?

You will want to have a programmer set you up for your own very unique store. People that use the standard packages that are scattered all over the Internet become lost in the crowd. You want a site that is different and that people will remember.

To keep the passive income generating and flowing, it will be important for you to network market with other people that in complimentary businesses and organizations. You do not want to market too heavily to your competitors. Try to find a balance between the two.

Let’s say that your wellness media store has a great deal of content about fitness equipment. You will want to network with other people in the fitness industry and people that sell fitness equipment. They might even help advertise your products in exchange for helping them as well. It becomes a win-win situation for both of you.

More than likely you will be networking with people from several areas of the wellness industry. Electronic media compliments a great many of the wellness industry niche markets. It will be important to hook up with some of these people.

Yes, you will find that you will make a steady flow of passive income from your wellness store. However, you want people to find the store and others to learn about your media products. You cannot sit back and completely do nothing. If you build it, they will come only if they know it is there in the first place.

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