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Article marketing is probably the most effective link building strategy on the World Wide Web. Yet, It is also one that is the most under used. Most marketers just will not do it.

Their claims vary, saying I’m no writer, I can’t think of anything to say, I’m new and don’t know anything!

Let’s say the reasons above happen to be true.

They overlook the obvious alternatives.

With everybody and their brother hustling Private Label Articles on the web for as little as $29.95 for a hundred or more pre written articles there is no reason you can’t pick up some of these packages, rewrite them and claim them as your own. You may even find packages for alot less. It’s just a matter of weeding out the junk from the better articles. Making sure the article content is valid. The return on your initial investment will be significant in terms of the backlinks you’ll recieve.

A couple of really good PLR article sites that come to mind and have used myself are and Once you’ve been a member and developed some writing skills you can submit your own articles to which takes care of your monthly membership fee.

Those backlinks are food for the search engine spyders. You’ll recieve those backlinks to your site by utilizing the main resource of your article. That being your author bio or resource box at the bottom of your article. This is what the search engine spyders feed on. This is where your backlinks originate.

There are alot of marketers that don’t utilize this resource to its full advantage, myself included. I’d previously been led to believe that in order to make money writing articles all I needed to do was write an article and put a link to whatever affiliate program I was promoting in the resource box and watch the sales pour in. It wasn’t happening. And I wasn’t getting any traffic to my main website. Any and all traffic was going to the generic affiliate page. Raising their ranking and leaving my site as a virtual unknown.

The purpose of the article’s resource box is to create backlinks to my main site via the anchor text I use to point to that site. It is what the search spyders use to categorize, classify and identify your site. Let me clarify that.

Let’s say you’ve got a Dog Grooming Site and you’ve written an article on that Topic. Your resource box should contain anchor text targeting the keywords you want to be categorized under. Like so,


Joe Schmo is a Professional a href=” Dog Groomer /a You can get more a href=” Dog Grooming /a Tips by visiting his site at a href=” /a


Your anchor text would be Dog Grooming and Dog Groomer. Of course the example above is missing the symbols >

If you add a resource box similar to the one above with every article you write and submit to as many article directories as you can, It will begin to bring traffic in droves, to your main site.

The rule of thumb here is this: The more sites you have pointing to your site, The more traffic your going to get from the search engines. The site with the most backlinks wins. Meaning the best placement in search results for your given niche.

Pretty simple, wouldn’t you say? More Articles = More Backlinks = More Traffic!

You’ll be able to build a list of targeted subscribers to your newsletter, make affiliate sales, sign up people to your membership site or MLM program. Your options will be only limited by your imagination.

I cannot guarantee if you submit 5 articles to a hundred directories, you’ll get 500 back links! I can guarantee that if you do, you’ll have more than if you did nothing.

Article Dashboard Directories

Here is a list of Websites where you can submit your articles:

Using articles as a method of Search Engine Optimazation is certainly viable and like anything worthwhile isn’t easy. It is not a magic bullet. It takes constant persistent effort and if you stick to it, no matter what, it will reward you beyond your wildest imagination.

In addition to your articles another great source of backlinks is by submitting your site to Link Directories such as:

Info Vilesilencer: The Original SEO Friendly Free Directory List

Search Engine Friendly List of Directories

I Wish You All The Best In Your Daily Efforts To Attain Those Precious Backlinks. Your sites Success or Failure Depends On Them. It’s time to Get Busy. Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get To It. For By Doing Nothing, Nothing Is What You Get.

Even if you are running a small business you can take advantage of a pay per click program. Pay per click search engine advertising offers any type of business a cheap form of promotion. The beauty is that a pay per click ad campaign is that it can also help bring buying customer not just surfers

A big perk to using Another benefit of using pay per click search engines to advertise your product is that you are in control of how much you want to spend on an advertising campaign. This is not necessarily true of other forms of advertising. You are in control of how much money you want to deposit into your pay per click advertising account and you can also determine where and on what keyword it is actually spent. You also determine how and when the ads were run and just how much you are willing to pay each time an interested surfer clicks on your ad. This is much cheaper than letting an agency do this for you. It also places all accountability for your mistakes into one lap – yours!

If you want to make money on the Internet, then you should be managing a pay per click advertising campaign (or ‘sponsored listing’ as they are sometimes called) on at least one of the most popular search engines.

Another fantastic benefit to using pay-per-click search engines that cannot be overlooked as a search engine optimization tactic is that you have the ability to deliver your product information only to those who are interested. Thanks to the keyword search system you can automate your ad so that it is targeted to those who are already likely prospects. In essence the search engine itself is creating leads and doing market research for you. Yet another big perk is that this naturally raises your rankings in the search engine pages as well because the search engines love ads and links that are focused!

It does not matter whether it is a pro or a con. The people will always have something to negotiate for. Negotiation will always come out whenever there is something to bargain for, whether you want to achieve something in your present career, when you want to deal with other people, or simply win out a good buy in a garage sale.

Whatever the purpose is, an individual will always try to negotiate into something favorable, otherwise, he will never succeed in this lifetime.

Most people say that negotiation is an art. It tends to bring out the individuals remarkable way of winning things on his side. It can be the most amazing thing you can do with your charm and your wits, thats why other people say it can just be all fun.

Of course, negotiation is not a game that people can play anytime. When you negotiate, you should mean business all the time.

When two or more people, with dissimilar wants and objectives, would like to agree on something that will render resolution to a particular subject, negotiating is the best solution. Since it involves two- way communication procedure, every negotiation is distinct from one another, and affected by each individuals mind- set, abilities, and technique.

The problem with most people is that they view negotiation as something that is horrible. Thats because it usually means disputes or tension.

In essence, negotiations do not call for unpleasant moods. Learning the right way of negotiating will absolutely lead to a successful finale. To know more about it, here are five tips for successful negotiation –

1. Time it right

The art of negotiating depends on right timing. It is imperative that you learn to manage the negotiation set up. Always remember that negotiations should never come off where they are not wanted. You should always consider the pros and cons of the possible results before deciding on the issue. Create a list of the most important variables that you have to deliberate such as bonuses, price, delivery times, credit terms, guarantees, training, discounts, or rebate.

By contemplating on these things, you will be able to organize and plan the negotiation.

2. Manage yourself

Before you enter into a negotiation, it is best that you evaluate yourself first. Can you manage your feelings? Keep in mind that when your emotions get in the way, you tend to weaken your ability to direct your negotiating actions in productive modes.

3. Know what you are getting into

Who are you dealing with? What are his traits, attitude, or beliefs? Is he the type that can give you a winwin situation?

It is very important that you know where you are getting at before you head for the battle.

4. Be attentive. Learn to listen well!

One of the reasons why negotiations become negative is that most people do not practice attentive listening. People are so busy stating their desires that they forget to hear out the other side.

Keep in mind that negotiating is an inter- personal procedure; hence, the communication will never work on a one- way traffic. It has two be two- way.

Experts say that in order to have a successful negotiation, people should learn to apply the so- called 7030 ruling. This means that people should render 70% of their time in listening and only 30% for talking. In this way, you will be able to understand the other side of the story, giving more rooms for considerations and proper analysis.

5. Be ready to walk away

Never be pressured to win over a negotiation. Keep in mind that it is not always a winwin situation for you. In fact, one of the greatest mistakes people commit thats why they fail to get what they want is that they are too determined to acquire their goals. It is like they have created a now or never scene.

Experts recommend that it is still best to always have a choice. Do not assume that when you negotiate, it should always be a point of no return. Be open for alternatives. If you think you can never have it your way, so be it. There is always a next time, and next times are always better.

So the next time you plan to negotiate on something, keep these things in mind. In one way or another, you will be able to foresee a positive result if you really know how to play your cards well. It should never be a gamble. Remember, successful negotiations should always be patterned with logical thinking.

There really are three different levels of marketing significance when it comes to your online business.

There are three different levels of strategy that result in three different sets of results.

1) Advertising – This role is primarily designed to elicit short-term results on a specific campaign or site performance goal.

2) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – This role is designed for long-term growth by getting search engines to recognize your site and view you as trustworthy and deserving of a high ranking.

3) Web Branding – This role is also designed for long-term growth, but may have more to do with customer confidence in your product and less to do with driving new traffic to your site.

In web branding the idea is to develop a confidence in your product and or service.

Did you know it is possible to develop a strong web brand and find customers returning even if that means paying more with your site?

Why is this true?

If you develop sound web branding strategies a customer will have no problem returning to use your services or buy your product. Customers will pay the extra if for no other reason than they are confident you can and will deliver on your promises. These customers have seen your track record and they are satisfied you will do what you say you will do.

In times past there was greater brand loyalty for house cleaning products, food items, clothing and even vehicles. Branding of most products is becoming harder to do, but it’s not impossible.

Web site owners who have taken the time to really understand the core of their business begin to gain a clearer picture of how they can take the uniqueness of the business and leverage that special something into a means of branding their online company.

This is important because there are businesses that stop at advertising. Other businesses will add an impressive array of SEO strategies that will eventually get them noticed. While both of these are important strategies the miss the mark in defining the difference between online businesses that sells a product and THE online source for a product or service.

The end goal is to have customers view you as the only reputable seller of whatever product you specialize in.

There are far too many businesses that are content to simply sell a product without ever really making a name for themselves.

Isn’t it time you started taking steps to make a name for yourself?

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