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Using a web site template right out of the box is a very common mistake new web designer’s make. One of the cool things about the web is that it’s so visual. Using a web site design template can save any new web developer a lot of time and effort.

But like any tool, you can get into trouble if you don’t pay attention.

Color combinations, layout, and graphics are the key design elements in any web site template. Each web site should be designed around the subject matter, ease of use, and accomplish any special goals or end result. A lot of new web site designers get lost in the visual effects, which can have negative effects on user friendliness and search engine optimization.

If you look at some of the most popular web sites, the common element is simplicity and ease of navigation. There are few dancing bears, flash intros, or exploding special effects. And almost everyone has text navigation for the most part. They may have some very well designed graphics, and a few design elements but keep it simple for the user.

User friendliness and easy navigation should adhere to the two-click rule. This is a simple rule that implies any user should be able to find what they want on any given web site in two clicks. With the short attention span and impatient attitude of most surfers, you need to give them what they want fast. You normally only have about 5 seconds to grab their attention.

I use templates a lot to save time and effort on a new design. Some I’ve developed myself, some I’ve bought that give me at least a 70% solution. They may have some graphics that go with my subject matter and/or some colors and layout that suit my purpose for the web site. But they also may be missing some key elements.

Most web site templates have great visual effects and good color combinations. But many lack several important elements for both users and our friends the search engines. Here’s a list of common mistakes I see all the time when a web designer uses a web site template.

1. Navigation – Menu issues

2. No Sitemap

3. Ignoring the fold position

4. No H1 or H2 designated headline and sub headlines

Graphic, pull down, popup or other methods of displaying menus can look good but sometimes confuse the user and are invisible to the search engine bots. These are two good reasons to use a text menu somewhere that show all necessary navigation links.

Sitemaps are important for the same reason as above. Both users and search engines can see a snapshot of everything on your web site and get to it quickly. This improves your chances to get indexed quickly and gives the user that two click ability.

The fold position is where the bottom of the monitor breaks off the view of the page. All important information should be displayed above that line if at all possible. Don’t make the user scroll if it’s not necessary. Any navigation, special links, attention getters, or critical information should always display above the fold line.

H1 and H2 designate important info to the search engine bot. A common good search engine optimization is to put your keywords in the first headline that the user sees. Of course the headline should also induce the reader to continue to read the web page.

It’s pretty easy to fix all these issues during the initial design stage. Even though I’ve created 100’s of web sites I still use a checklist. The devils in the details and everything you can do to make it easy for the user and the search engines, the more successful your web site will be.

A web site template can be a big time saver but you need to insure that the end result has all the necessary features both users and the search engines. Make your web site both user and search engine friendly by making these small changes or additions.

You might have heard about SEO services and how web entrepreneurs are using them to market their sites. Almost every website that provides services and has products to offer requires SEO services. These sites need visitors to promote their products and to continuously improve their sales and profits. Due to these reasons, almost all website owners are now applying and working with the SEO companies to achieve that precious first page ranking. Website owners are becoming more familiar with the benefits of the SEO services to their clients.

Through search engine optimization also known as SEO services a website is enhanced and improved in order to achieve its full function and higher search engine rankings. There are several SEO services that a SEO company can provide to its clients. These services includes analyzing the client’s website, analyzing the competitor’s website, working on the improvement of the client’s website, and continuous maintenance of the website to retain its ranking in the search engines.

SEO services start when they analyze your site. This is where the SEO services providers learn every part of your site. They study its present PR rank, competitors, inbound links and most and site’s content. They also find the flow of the audience going to your site. If and when these factors are correctly implemented they will lead to higher rankings and more traffic. These are the reasons why SEO services are needed, to be able to generate traffic and improve revenue and bottom line. The traffic is the life of a website. Remember, the more visitors that come and visit your site, the greater chances to convert them into a sale or a membership sign up. They can spread the information to others through social networking which can serve as a referral system.

There are several ways on how the SEO services help in increase the traffic of a website. These are through the Internet marketing strategies like the pay-per-click, link building and organic search engine optimization (SEO). The pay-per-click strategy is the process of purchasing space on the online where ads are displayed and the advertiser pays for traffic on a pay per performance. Further, the better the keywords that you use with respect to your products, the more chances that your site will be visited. For example, if your products are pieces jewelry, with the use of SEO services strategies, you can use keywords research and go for popular keywords like low priced diamonds, pure gold jewelry or even wedding rings and engagement rings in order for your site to be discovered first during the search. On one hand, if your products are related to travel, you can use keywords such as group package or cheaper seasonal rates and the like. SEO services providers would give you reasons why you need to use these well researched keywords that must be well written in the contents of the site.

What are all these SEO services strategies mean? Primarily, the more informative your site is the more and frequent the visits that you will receive from thousands and millions of online users globally. You’ll get all the help you need in optimizing your site’s contents through valuable support of the SEO services providers. What do these providers do actually? For one, to make the keywords more effective, SEO services try to find the keywords that are related to your products. You can also use the keywords that individuals frequently use when searching for your products through the search engines.

Another way on how to increase traffic in your website is with the use of link building strategy. Remember, SEO services aim at increasing your site’s traffic or visitors thus allow your site to be accessible whenever possible. SEO services determine that this strategy can either be paid link or free link. The paid links are usually associated with the membership for joining a certain directories or sites which offers linkage. The websites under these directories are usually high-ranking sites that make profit by accepting links. They allow newer sites to be linked with them but require payment in return. These sites usually have an area within their site where links are associated interchangeably.

On the other hand, other sites actually allow free links, as long as the site owners provide an exchange links to their site or they have to share the free links with other merchants as well. There are other sites that also offer free links but the exposure of the link is not usually that long compared with the paid sites. These sites are alternately paced with other sites that wish to be linked as well. This interlinking strategy is one of the best Internet Marketing promotion and strategy of the SEO services providers.

Finally, SEO services providers have this organic search engine optimization. This is the slow but sure strategy for websites. It is slow because it involves link building which is a very time consuming task. It is the most effective strategy among the three. This works by achieving a decent rank from the search engines and from that rank, you will slowly move upwards. The website is enhanced and improved by the SEO services applied for to be able to achieve a rank in the search engine. From its initial rank, it will slowly acquire traffic and will slowly increase in rank over time. This may take a long time compared with the previously mentioned strategies but it will last longer too. To invite traffic, your site must be attractive and filled with information needed by your target audience. It is important to consider the information written on it because it will help in the ranking of your site in the future.

SEO services needs to be continuous and used on an ongoing process in order to maintain the rank of your site.

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