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The choices for graduation parties are pretty much endless and you are only limited to your own imagination. Decide whether you’d like to have an open house type of party with a lot of friends and family milling about or if you’re interested in a more intimate gathering. Perhaps a formal dinner or brunch is more your speed, or alternately, a graduation picnic or cookout can be a great way to celebrate the end of your high school career.

If you’re headed to college, consider decorating for your party with the school’s colors and serve foods that are specific to the local area.

Preparing for your high school graduation is actually a lot more than just choosing the invitations and the color of the balloons for the party. It’s realizing that this is the final step into adulthood and into the stressful but rewarding world of responsibilities, duties, and obligations. Learning personal survival skills are as essential in preparing for your high school graduation as are getting good grades and SAT scores. Although, getting good grades and taking as many electives as possible without compromising those grades is a great way to prepare yourself for graduation, and ultimately, for college and life in the “real world” as an adult.

Personal survival skills are those vital, necessary tasks that self-sufficient people must do for themselves in order to survive. Some of these include getting a part-time job before graduation if possible, getting a driver’s license, volunteering in the community, and learning the basic financial skills needed to function in life such as balancing a checkbook.

A “part-time job” can include household chores and various tasks such as babysitting, mowing lawns, shoveling snow and doing odd jobs for friends and neighbors. Many high schools offer work-study programs that are beneficial to students in that they allow them to earn money while working toward their graduation and college goals.

Once a graduate-to-be is sure that they are capable of taking care of themselves without help from their parents or family, they should be confident in their abilities to succeed in college as well. By learning the basic skills that are necessary to function as a responsible adult before graduating from high school you’ll be prepared for college, work, and life in general. You’ll also be able to attend your graduation with the confident knowledge that you’re ready to successfully take on all of life’s exciting challenges.

Portland Schools started to make some significant changes to the diet of its children in 2006. At that time, Portland Schools eliminated all soda, sports drinks and junk food from vending machines in the schools. This was part of the district’s wellness policy in response to some federal nutrition mandates for schools receiving federal subsidized lunch money. But the Portland Schools went even further than just taking the junk food out of vending machines.

The Wellness Advisory Committee recommended significant changes to school lunch menus, advertising and fundraising sales. And Portland Schools listened. Fundraising items like doughnuts and candy cannot be sold until 30 minutes after school ends. Lunches at Portland Schools include more local and fresh produce, often grown at the school itself. And the district removed any ads for soda or sports drinks and replaced them with healthier images. Why does this put Portland Schools ahead of the curve?

The Oregon House voted, 46-11, to ban the sales of most junk food in all schools by fall of 2008. The mandate is expected to pass in the senate and has the approval of Governor Ted Kulongoski. Rep. Scott Bruum, R-West Linn, has stated that studies show that obesity in this country has tripled in the last three years. National attention given to the statistic of 1 in 6 children being overweight, and of a huge increase in childhood and Type II Diabetes also added to the sense of urgency.

The fact that Portland Schools have already addressed the issue is helpful in more ways than one. The current bill doesn’t affect school lunches, as that program is federally mandated. Also, other Oregon districts will now face a financial loss from partnerships with Coke from having the vending machines in schools. Portland Schools have already dealt with that.

Sugar, sodas and junky food have also been shown to have a severe impact on the behavior of many students. Some react with sugar highs, other with lethargy from a lack of protein and healthy whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The Portland Schools’ model has an answer for that. Abernathy Elementary School really made the grade for good nutrition. It was one of many Portland Schools to make changes, but the alterations there were huge. The school started a made-from-scratch kitchen, a hands-on school garden, and many educational programs. Portland Schools funded the pilot program through grants and district support.

If the largest school district in the Pacific Northwest made these changes voluntarily, many parents are asking what’s taking the rest of Oregon so long to catch up with Portland Schools. Of the opposing votes to last week’s bill, some representatives said they were against letting the state make decisions for individual districts. Well, Portland Schools seem to be making their own decisions, and the parents and teachers seem pretty happy about it.

Extra academic help in the form of tuition is a essential and viable option if your child needs help with classroom assignments, or supplemental work. All kids have some areas that they need help with, and if you feel your child can get advantage from it, it might be just what they need. Check out the different Internet tutoring options available, and decide the best for your child. Online tutoring offers so much that you might not realize.

Retired and substitute teachers use it. In fact, some teachers have left classroom teaching, and now teach full time through online tutoring. Before you sign up your child though check out the credentials of the Internet classroom. Write or call your local state governments to find out if there have been any complaints from the Internet Better Business community.

In today’s busy 24 hour work society, kids often get home before parents, and they can profit by going online, and starting their online lessons. Quality online services offer help everyday of the week, including the weekends. When you’re shopping around for a top rated online tutoring service, make sure to ask about schedules. Also, question if their system is secure, so your child won’t be exposed to just anyone that can hack into their online tutoring.

Any of these services should offer ways for you to be able to check in on your student’s progress. Any service that you pick should also give you the choice of being able to talk with a teacher on what your child is having trouble with, and how you can help them at home to do better. Other services that you should find before you sign up for your child should be a pre-assessment on their abilities, and testing for their style of learning. It won’t do your child or you any good if you don’t know what they can do, and what areas they need help in.

If you can find a program that encourages one on one help and training for your child outside of the classroom or online this is perfect. Success for students means that they’ll find others to interact with that are on their level and that they can feel comfortable talking with them. It might be helpful to speak with your child’s teachers for help in locating not only an online tutoring system of help, but also a local center. They know what works for kids, but with your input about your child they’ll be better able to understand the full picture for online tutoring.

Finally, remember to look at any educational help as a blessing. Only a few years ago, kids that needed help didn’t get a lot of it. The fee of tutoring is affordable, and technology has provided kids the chance to get more assistance when they need it, at home or the library. Online tutoring has come of age in the 21st century.

Economics term paper is difficult to write for most students because of the complexity of this subject. This kind of assignment requires a sound knowledge of the various terminologies related to this subject. You should also have some working knowledge of other related subjects like business, commerce, marketing, entrepreneurship, sales etc. in order to produce a good piece of work.

Lots of brainstorming is required while writing this kind of assignment. Writing in this subject is good for you as it sharpens your analytical skills. Don’t assume that the reader knows all the terminologies related to this subject. Explain each and everything in a layman’s language. In addition to notes you might have to use charts, diagrams or graphs. Be sure to put an explanatory note under each of these diagrams to explain what you want to prove through these. Don’t clutter your graphs or charts with too much of figures. It will confuse the reader. If including so much of figures is absolutely necessary then increase the size of the diagram or graph so that it is easier for the eyes to make out their meaning.

You should make your writing explanatory, even when the nature of the assignment demands lots of figures and symbols. This is because in future you might work into an organization where there are not many people who have the technical know-how of this subject. At that time you will have to write a number of explanatory notes to make a point clear to everyone.

You might be asked to analyze a situation or find a solution to a problem in this kind of assignment. While doing analysis or writing the solution write down every point in an easy to follow style. This is because those who specialize in this field are there to educate the masses about the complexities of this aspect of their living. You cannot get successful in future if you are not able to explain all this in a common man’s language.

Divide the assignment into three distinct parts – introduction, body and conclusion. In the introduction introduce the main idea to the reader. In the discussion write different secondary points related to the topic in separate paragraphs. In the conclusion sum up all that you have written and also present suggestions or implications if any.

The subject is such that you would have to consult lots of different kinds of sources to do full justice to the assignment. Apart from books and journals you would have to keep track of the current affairs to produce a well-researched and up to date piece of work. Discussion with your friends who have a keen interest in this subject would give fresh insights to your mind. So deal in all kinds of brainstorming activities and consult both contemporary and conventional sources.

Economics term paper should be written according to the citation style instructed by your tutor. Never cross the word limit and always use clear and simple language to put forward a point of view.

You don’t know where to begin when you are looking for certain online classes. The search results are ultimately endless. Even if you search a particular topic the online classes for that subject search results are going to keep you busy for a while choosing the right one.

In some cases the online classes offer e-books and other materials for training, however in other cases the online classes are actually a virtual schoolroom on the Internet. Online classes, depending on which one you choose most of the time carries a fee of one kind or another as well as different options as far as payment plans, and these choices are left up to you. You can even enroll for these online classes by using the web site in which class or classes you have chosen to take. In a lot of circumstances, even the testing and exams are done on the Internet via the online classes.

Yet, you should be careful, and read the web site well on whichever of the online classes you are checking on, some will cost more as time goes on, after the initial fee, it’s the small print that gets you at times. Also read the terms and agreements form as well. This is really important when it comes to online classes, because when you are actually taking these online classes, you want to be sure they are legitimate and not superficial. You want to get that degree or diploma, certificate, whatever the end result would be. There are ways of reassuring that the online classes you are looking into are legitimate through other web searches.

Some online classes are offered through actual colleges, while other online classes are basically offered by an independent web site institution of some kind, but they all should have some form of proving they are legitimate.

As far as cost, of course that is all going to vary depending on what online classes you want to take, how many you want to take, and of course from where you are taking the online classes through.

Having general access to the Internet helps in these procedures as well as gives you the variety of finding the online classes you need. If for some reason you do a search and can’t seem to find certain online classes in your search, try looking at various colleges, sometimes they are listed that way by the search engines.

Taking online classes today is as normal as walking into a classroom. There is such a high variety of subjects and career opportunities and with the use of technology more people are taking advantage of the Internet and signing up for more online classes.

Ultimately, there are some online classes also available where you can train or learn at your own pace. You aren’t shoved into one phase to another until you are ready. With this type of online classes you can do it in your spare time or after work, whenever you get the chance. By simply using online classes.

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